Bell & Ross BR 05 Red Steel

When Bell & Ross BR 05 Red Steel debuted their new BR 05 collection in 2019, it immediately caused a stir among watch aficionados. A stylish new spin on the classic B&R formula – which takes the brand’s iconic square case design, rounds off the sharp corners and mounts the case on a sleek integrated bracelet – the BR 05 has truly been a paradigm shift.

Now, in 2021, Bell & Ross BR 05 Red Steel have unveiled two awesome new iterations of the stylish new BR 05, which might just be the best yet. Sleek, different, practical yet luxurious, these two watches are masterpieces of French design and more than deserve a spot on your wrist ASAP.

First up we have the BR 05 GMT. For a brand that’s all about aviation, a GMT complication for the BR 05 just makes sense. An invaluable tool for both pilots and passengers alike, a GMT watch displays the local time in two different time zones – typically your home time zone and the local time zone wherever you’re flying to.
The BR 05 GMT’s core complication is elegantly executed: an arrow-tipped, red-accented second hour hand points to a white and black two-colour flange with 24-hour scale, making it a breeze to keep track of time in two places at once. It’s easy to use but doesn’t detract from the clean overall aesthetic of the BR 05.

We also have the BR 05 Horolum: an eclectic limited-edition variant of the BR 05 with a very unique look. Inspired by the minerality of concrete, the BR 05 Horolum is crafted from bead-blasted steel, with the case, dial and bracelet all featuring this textural spin.

Bead-blasted titanium is commonly used in luxury timepieces but bead-blasted steel is rather unusual. It provides a unique textural and visual quality to the BR 05 Horolum that’s quite unlike any other watch on the market. The contrast between the highly luminous indices and the uniform bead-blasted finish is dramatic and futuristic; making it a real ‘future relic’ of a watch.
Both these stunning BR 05s feature screw-down crowns, sapphire case-backs and a water-resistance rating of 100m – they’re not just wrist candy. They’re also both available either on an integrated bracelet or a sporty rubber strap.

Stainless steel watches with integrated bracelets have never been more popular, and the Bell & Ross BR 05 Red Steel is a particularly handsome example of the genre. Purposeful and slick with the mechanical bona fides to back up its no-nonsense appearance, the BR 05 is emblematic of the renaissance of French watchmaking… And whether you opt for the BR 05 GMT or the BR 05 Horolum, you know you’re choosing a winner.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Skeleton Gold

Bell & Ross reinvented the aesthetic codes of contemporary watchmaking with the launch of BR 01, a distinctive and singular watch directly inspired by onboard flight instruments. A square case, a round dial, and one screw in each of the four corners… more than an original concept, the utilitarian design of this watch revolutionized traditional watchmaking codes. Over the years, this timeless timepiece has continued to evolve without losing its origins and strong identity. Being the ultimate reference in aeronautical watchmaking ever since, Bell & Ross launched – in 2019 – a tool watch for urban explorers, BR 05.

The BR 05 belongs to the family of watches with an integrated bracelet: the bracelet fuses with the case to create a unified piece. Since its launch, the BR 05 has already been adorned with gold on several occasions. Whether in a steel and gold version, or by combining gold with deep blue.

This year, like an ingot, the BR 05 is dressed entirely in rose gold to make the wrist of its wearer sublime. To amplify this precious look, it is in its skeleton line that Bell & Ross has chosen to embody this new model. When the 05 SKELETON turns into gold, the mechanism becomes a gem housed at the heart of its precious design.
Lovers of mechanical craftsmanship will be seduced by this exclusive edition of 99 pieces. The all-gold finish accentuates the monobloc aspect of the model. In total, 155 grams of gold make up the new BR 05 SKELETON GOLD.
The open dial features 18 ct rose gold gilded appliqué indices and forms a clear window through which the 18 ct rose gold-plated skeleton movement can be admired. The skeletonized hour and minutes hands are also gilded with 18 ct rose gold. For great legibility both at night and daytime, the white Super-Luminova of the indexes and hands contrasts elegantly with the gold of the dial.
To highlight the sophistication of the mechanism and its functioning, the engineers at Bell & Ross have cut out the bridge and the plate in a graphic and refined style.
The BR05 SKELETON GOLD is equipped with a BR-CAL.322 mechanism, wound by a 360° 18 ct rose gold-plated oscillating weight, open-worked to showcase the movement designed by Bell & Ross. The brand’s logo is metallized on the sapphire case‑back.
The 40 mm geometric watch, made of surfaces and angles, ensures the bracelet can adapt seamlessly to any wrist. Equipped with a satin-finished and polished 18 ct rose gold bracelet for a true jewel of masculinity look, or a black rubber strap that will lend this timepiece a sporty edge.

Like a gold ingot with a mechanical heart, the BR 05 SKELETON GOLD is a precious gem of advanced technology.

Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT

For its first dual time zone model in its 05 range, Bell & Ross offers a more urban interpretation of travel and time. Non-mobility has made the travel experience highly desirable, as has the environment of airports, and aircrafts. The dynamism of lounges and the joyful noise of the schedule board are the background of globe-trotters on the move – Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT.
They will be landing in different capitals, connecting to different time zones, keeping multiple temporalities in mind: the road is that of the sky leading to new directions and life experiences.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT widens the field of possibilities, awakens a glimmer of hope, brings us back to our dynamic reality.
Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT was created with respect to its soft solidity. Its proportions are large but measured. It is virile without showing its strength. It alternates between curves and strong lines. It is robust without being abrupt. It is a fluid and supple object.

While the functional approach is assured by the omnipresence of the brand’s DNA, this instrumental tool also features the trend of the new icon: the jewel of strength. It embodies the idea of the contemporary man. A watch with a strong personality dedicated to men in motion, who make the city their playground and adventure.
As a matter of fact, this new watch creation in the BR 05 collection becomes the talisman of this assumed vigor. A distinctive design inspired by the professional world of tools designed for a specific mission. An elegant and ergonomic steel timepiece-armor. The engine set to two time zones. These are the codes of the new instrument of the urban explorer.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT is designed to travel and accompany the transition between different urban realities. It is the ultimate globe-trotter’s tool.
BR05 belongs to the family of watches with an integrated bracelet. In the aesthetic line, a square steel case and a dial reflecting the brand’s architectural DNA. The bracelet fuses with the case to create a unified piece.

Its articulated links are exemplary in their flexibility, almost as much as the ribbed black rubber strap, also available. Wearing comfort is optimal thanks to the attention paid to every aspect, in particular the radius of curvature of its bracelet and the perfect alignment of all components.
Carved in steel, it captures the energy of the city and all its possibilities. With this new functionality, the urban meets the desire to escape. The steel then echoes with the mineral atmosphere of airport hangars with concrete, metal, contrasting surfaces, white lights and graphic signs.

Thanks to its integrated design, robust comfort, and precious finishes, the BR05 is a loyal ally for any active, urban lifestyle.
The Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT is a combination of stainless and robust materials encasing the finest Swiss watchmaking mechanics. Equipped with an automatic calibre with GMT function, wound by a 360° oscillating weight, the new model reveals the beating heart of its movement through a sapphire glass case back.

The dial of the BR05, radiating with a subtle sunray finish, offers optimum legibility. Its black colour contrasts with the large numerals, indices and hands coated in white Super-LumiNova

. This colour scheme is ingrained in Bell & Ross’ DNA. It echoes the colours used for on-board flight instruments. Cockpits are dominated by black, which prevents reflections, and white, which guarantees optimal reading. Intended to inform the traveller with the utmost clarity and precision, its graphics are very elaborated and the display is as rigorous as those of airport clocks. Echoing the principles of airport signalling, the skeletonized hour and minute hands are made of metal appliques.
The GMT hand can blend in perfectly with the BR 05 aesthetic and stands out here with its red arrow. White, black and red – symbolic colours of Bell & Ross – ensure perfect legibility both day and night.

More than a simple GMT hand, this arrow is mostly a symbol of orientation in time and space.
While the white hands on the main dial indicate the time at the wearer’s current location, the red arrow-hand on the 24-hour graduated inner bezel shows the time in his country of origin.

To read time at a glance, the black semi-circle on the flange corresponds to the night-time hours, the grey semicircle to the daytime hours. To feature this 24h-scale and add the flange, the Bell & Ross creative studio worked on increasing the diameter of the dial and therefore the dimensions of the case. With this new function, and its – 41 mm – mid-size dimensions, the Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT makes it the ideal complement to the collection.
The brand introduces its flagship features within this collection launched in 2019. 2020 was marked by the launch of the chronograph version. This year, Bell & Ross enriches its range with a new function and new proportions. A GMT on a 41 mm case. A GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function displays the time at two different points on the globe simultaneously…A function that is intimately linked with its source of inspiration to create an invitation to travel.


Bell & Ross has dropped a black ceramic chronograph to mark its involvement with France’s national aerobatic display team.

The Franco-Swiss brand announced it had become the official watchmaking partner of the Patrouille de France earlier this year.

The new BR 03-94 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE uses a 42mm square, matte black ceramic case with bidirectional rotating bezel with engraved 60-minute scale housing a BR-CAL.301 automatic chronograph movement.

Bell & Ross have reflected the colors of the Tricolore using a blue dial (with recessed running second and 30-minute chronograph counter sub dials at the three and nine o’clock positions), white Super-LumiNova markings and red tipped chronograph hands while the Patrouille de France logo sits at the six o’clock position and is also engraved on the caseback. As well as the 500-piece mechanical edition, Bell & Ross will be producing a near identical 100-piece limited edition using a quartz movement, which the pilots of the patrouille de France will wear.
In its quest of excellence, the brand has made aviation, especially aeronautical instruments, its main specialty. Sharing the values of performance and precision, Bell & Ross supports elite units by designing watches that fea- ture specific functions or celebrate special occasions and anni- versaries. The brand is proud to see members of these forces and cutting-edge institutions wearing its watches today.

To name a few, the anti-magnetic case of the Type Démineur made it safe to wear during mine-clearing operations. The Pilot Type Aéronavale – with its chronometer and notched bidirection- al rotating bezel graduated for 60 minutes – was ideal for fighter pilots during their missions. The photoluminescent indexes and oversized numerals of the BR 03-92 GIGN, BR 01 RAID and BR 03-92 TORNADO echoed the need for day and night read- ability. With its multifunction movement, the BR 03 Type Aviation fulfills the requirements of French fighter pilots.

Being chosen over the years by many air, land and naval forces is an incomparable recognition of the brand’s technical exper- tise and the quality of its watches, which are perfect for pro- fessional use. By participating in the design and manufacture of professional watches and by serving the most prestigious elite corps, Bell & Ross contributes to history. The year 2021 marks a new milestone for the brand…
The reference brand in Aviation watches was chosen by the armée de l’Air et de l’Espace (French Air and Space Force) to become the official watchmaking partner of the patrouille de France.

Patrouille de France is the French Air and Space Force’s official aerobatic display team, created in 1953. Its mission is to represent the French Air and Space force abroad, acting as an ambassador for French aviation and for France itself. Considered as one of the most precise and aesthetic acrobatic flying team in the world, the patrouille de France has flown around the world with grace and elegance for more than 67 years. Every year it continues to impress and move new generations of spectators.

Comprising 9 pilots and 35 engineers, the patrouille de France manages an annual agenda with a military precision approach. Its time is split between winter, which is dedicated to training, and summer which is spent demonstrating at air shows. It traditionally opens the Bastille Day parade in Paris, with nine Alpha Jets.
Bell & Ross is honored to raise the patrouille de France insignia amongst its professional accolades. The professional instrument that Bell & Ross has designed for the patrouille de France prove its ability to meet very specific needs.
The armed forces’ requirements and specific demands pushed manufacturers to go even further regarding reliability, readability and functionality.

Each parameter —case diameter, special functions, water- resistance, day and night readability, legible indexes, oversized numerals, precision, autonomy, shock and temperature resistance, anti-magnetic cases, rotating bezels— becomes a key factor when a military institution chooses a watch.

The life as a military or civilian pilot is punctuated by time. During aerial shows, the pilots travel at speeds of between 300and800kilometers per hour and are spaced just two to three meters apart. At these speeds, the slightest error could be fatal. Every second is critical to the pilots. Time is a crucial factor in allowing maneuvers to be executed flawlessly in complete safety. Their watch is the essential tool for piloting and mastering this millimetric time.

Bell & Ross worked closely with the pilots and designed a chronograph which is perfectly adapted to their operational
Produced in 500 pieces, this limited-edition is made available to the public. The dial of the BR 03-94 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE proudly and elegantly bears the patrouille de France insignia.

The circle represents the cohesion of the operational unit and its ability to tackle every aspect of a situation.

The gold of the emblem’s background is a color widely used in military insignia.

The nine jet silhouettes evoke nine Fouga Magister (former patrouille de France’s aircraft before the Alpha jet) and represent their signature aerial display formation also known as the “Concorde”.

The tricolor banner which wraps the logo symbolizes the French colored smoke and acrobatic evolutions of the flying team, “ambassador” of the French Air and Space Force.

More than just a logo, this emblem is highly symbolic and depicts the values embodied by the pilots that are accuracy, reliability, discipline, control along with solidarity and humility. In partnering the patrouille de France, Bell & Ross associates itself with these values, and join them as an ambassador for excellence in French aviation.

The patrouille de France logo is printed at the bottom of the dial and also engraved on the case back.
Bell & Ross has created both an emblematic and functional watch that meets the specific requirements of patrouille de France pilots: the BR 03-94 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE.

The case for the new BR 03 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE is made of high-tech ceramic. This material holds a privileged position in the aerospace sector, with uses including the manufacture of parts subject to high temperatures, exposure to acids, corro- sion, and erosion. It is also found in the design of heat shields and noses for rockets. Almost as tough as a diamond, ceramic is extremely hardwearing and has an unchanging color as it is dyed in the mass. It is also lighter than steel, hypoallergenic and has thermal control properties, which increase the wearer’s comfort.

The BR 03-94 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE houses a mechanical chronograph movement with automatic winding which offers tried-and-tested reliability. Available to the public, an identical limited to 100 pieces quartz edition version of this watch will outfit the patrouille de France flying team.
When on their mission, time measurement is the determining parameter. As an essential tool in aerial navigation for measur- ing short time periods, the chronograph is the main complica- tion of aviation. It is equipped with a bi-directional bezel with a 60-minute scale to mark intervals in time.

Synchronization is fundamental for these pilots especially when, they chain together several scenes with 2, 4, 6 or 8 jets. Their safety and quality of the show rely on that. Having general- ly, eight pilots sometimes nine flying as one at over 600km/h, subjected to accelerations exceeding 6g, precision must be ab- solute. It is the same for their watches. Thought for an optimal readability of the pilot while flying, the chronograph seconds hand features in the centre of the dial which is the most im- portant time measurement tool.

The new chronograph timepiece is both a tool and an icon. By adopting the distinctive design features of this iconic French acrobatic patrol, the BR 03-94 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE asserts a strong identity from the very first glance.

Precision and legibility are the two key criteria for the pilots. The colors used on the dial provides a visual contrast to offer optimal readability.

At 600 km/h each second counts. Each of them must be iden- tified rapidly. To enhance its legibility, the hands used for the chronograph functions are distinguished by red tips. In avia- tion, this is the one of the colors of essential features and test flights, known for its frank, clear and dynamic properties. The dark blue dial echoes the color of the sky as well as the patrol’s color identity.

The numerals, indexes and hands are white and photolumines- cent to ensure perfect visibility both day and night. Designed for a professional use, the insignia was placed on the dial, so it does not disturb the readability. This logo also features on their dashboards’ plane. Pilots use their watches mainly during the ground phases until take-off. The BR 03-94 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE is equipped with a black natural rubber strap. In the summer, rubber is the ideal material to preserve the wrists of pilots throughout the season.
Bell & Ross has always been passionate about military history, design, and values. In its quest of excellence, the brand has made aviation, especially aeronautical instruments, its main specialty. That ethos continues till today with the BR 03-94 Patrouille de France.

Patrouille de France is the French Air and Space Force’s official aerobatic display team, created in 1953. Considered as one of the most precise and aesthetic acrobatic flying team in the world, the patrouille de France has flown around the world with grace and elegance for more than 67 years.

Chosen by the armée de l’Air et de l’Espace (French Air and Space Force) to become the official watchmaking partner of the patrouille de France, Bell & Ross worked closely with the pilots and designed a chronograph which is perfectly adapted to their operational needs.

Bell and Ross A521

The Bell and Ross A521 watches come amidst the French GP race weekend, which saw Alpine’s veteran driver (and 2-time world champion), Fernando Alsonso, take P8 after starting in P9. The team also announced a new contract for their young French driver, Esteban Ocon (who finished P14) this week, assuring him a seat in the Alpine through the 2024 season. In light of this, I’d say B&R have picked an opportune time to release their Alpine F1 collection, which gets its A521 name after the cars competing on track. Quick tip of the hat to Red Bull and Verstappen on the win. The three A521 watches fall within the V3, 03, and X1 families, and while the cases are all different, they share the same dual register chronograph layout and black, blue and white colorway. The V3 and 03 models are both limited to 500 examples, while the X1 will see just 50 made.
Bell & Ross has dropped a trio of limited edition twin-register chronographs to mark the 2021 debut of the Alpine Formula One team.

The French watchmaker has been associated with the Renault F1 team since 2016, but when Renault relaunched famous French marque Alpine, and later decided to rename its Formula One team after the sporty brand, Bell & Ross needed to go back to the drawing board to take into account Alpine’s more restrained signature blue, black and white colors and its “A” logo, which serves as the counterweight on each watch’s chronograph second hand.

The Bell and Ross A521 watches trio of watches, named after Alpine’s new F1 car, include the BR V3-94 automatic normally found within Bell & Ross’ Vintage collection. Limited to 500 pieces, the watch uses a 43mm stainless steel case, black dial and bi-directional rotating tachymeter bezel. Its sub dials take the shape of spoked wheels by using cut-out sections to reveal the BR-CAL.301 movement underneath, while the watch is available on either a polished and satin-finished steel bracelet or a perforated carbon-fiber effect calfskin strap.
These styling queues are carried across to the square-cased 42mm BR 03-94 with its distinctive cantilever chronograph pushers, for another limited run of 500 pieces.

Bell & Ross’ high-end BR-X1 also gets the Bell and Ross A521 watches treatment in a more limited run of just 50 pieces. The 45mm grade 5 titanium watch’s open dial reveal the inner workings of the skeletonized BR-CAL.313 automatic movement and its X-shaped upper bridge, while rubber-coated titanium paddle-style chronograph pushers reflect the motorsport-inspiration behind the design.

Bell and Ross BR 03-92 RED RADAR CERAMIC

First introduced exactly a decade ago, the BR 01-92 Red Radar was one of the brand’s first wristwatches to reproduce a fighter jet’s instrument display, using a red-tinted sapphire crystal and rotating discs to create a dial resembling a flight radar display. A striking and clever idea, the flight-radar time display was unique even amongst the numerous aviation-instrument watches of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 RED RADAR CERAMIC(B&R).

Now B&R is revisiting the concept with the BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic, which once again features a radar display but now in the more wearable BR 03 case.
On the surface, the new BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic isn’t especially novel. The ceramic case is essentially the same used for last year’s BR 03-92 HUD, while the radar display is modelled on the 2011 original.

However, the new Red Radar is a clever rendition of the idea, and a substantial improvement over the earlier version. For one, the case is now 42 mm, making it significantly more wearable than the 46 mm original.

And the original also had a black-coated steel case – which typically shows wear and tear as the coating separates from the metal below – while the new model has a ceramic case also that’s scratch-resistant and generally more durable, meaning it will seem pristine even after years of use (though hard knocks or drops can chip or crack ceramic).
And the new Red Radar has a more practical dial design than its predecessor, which had hands printed to mimic the sweep of a radar scan, which didn’t help legibility. The new model has a more practical display that has a pair of plane icons serving as minute and hour indicators.

Nevertheless, the Red Radar still possesses the fun factor that made the original a success. I’m a fan of the radar aesthetic, as well as the combination of the red dial and black ceramic case – the watch looks unlike anything else on the market.

Priced at US$4,300, the Bell and Ross Red Radar Ceramic is a tad more expensive than last year’s BR 03-92 HUD, but remains relatively affordable, considering the case material and novel display. This is one that’s worth the price, and likely one of the coolest watches that B&R has released in recent years.

Instead of conventional hands, the Red Radar Ceramic utilises a pair of rotating discs, each printed with a plane emblem on its underside to indicate the time. The commercial jetliner on the outermost disc indicates the hours, while the jet fighter on the inner disc shows the minutes. The dial also incorporates a seconds hand that sweeps across the dial the way the scanner on a radar would.
The discs and hands sit underneath the tinted sapphire crystal that has the hour and minute scales are printed on its underside, creating the radar display with “floating” hands. Though different in style, the concept that reminds me of the dials found on Ming watches.
Under the hood is the BR-CAL.302, essentially a Sellita SW300 that’s in turn a clone of the ETA 2892. It’s a prosaic movement, but one that is robust and slender. However, it does have a short power reserve of just 38 hours, though that isn’t an inconvenience if the watch is worn daily.

Replica Bell and Ross BR 03 Diver Military

Bell & Ross BR 03 Diver Military (Ref. BR0392-D-KA-CE/SRB)
Bell & Ross announced its new model added to its successful diver’s watch model family, BR 03 Diver. The model, arranged with a military theme, is limited to 999 pieces.
The Replica BR 03 Diver model family, which was added to the product group by the famous French brand in 2017, continues to expand with a new version. The model, which successfully represents Bell & Ross’s “Tool Watch” philosophy, draws attention with its military inspired color theme.
Matte black ceramic material is used for the 42mm x 42mm case (and one piece bezel) of the model. The case, which has sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the front and a bezel with luminous numbers on it, and a ceramic cover on the back, also features a screw-down crown. As expected from a professional diver’s watch, the model offers a water resistance value of 300 meters, which also meets ISO 6425 standards.
The military theme, which is also included in the model’s name, is completed by a khaki green dial. The dial, which promises optimum readability in almost any environment with its Super-LumiNOVA filled large hour markers and thick hands, has a date window at 4:30 o’clock, displaying with a disc in the same tone as the dial.
The new model is powered by the Caliber BR-CAL.302 based on Sellita SW-300-1. Te 25-jewel automatic movement beats at a frequency of 4Hz (28.800vph) and offers up to 42 hours of power reserve when fully wound.
The model, which is limited to only 999 pieces, is accompanied by a black rubber strap with the B&R logo. There is also a khaki colored synthetic strap in the box set of the model. Both straps are secured to the wrist with a black PVD coated stainless steel buckle. The list price for the model, which is planned to reach the sales points in the coming days, is EUR 4,400.

Bell & Ross BR V2-94 FULL LUM

Following in the footsteps of the recently launched BR 03-93 GMT, Bell & Ross has released its latest luminous experiment. Using a now relatively familiar case design and configuration (via the Vintage collection chronograph style seen in the base BR V2-94 design), the new BR V2-94 Full Lum nonetheless presents a novel take on the look with its contrasting, super-luminous style. The watch comes as a follow-up to 2020’s luminous novelties, most notably the BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum and BR03-92 HUD Limited Edition, the former of which, like today’s model, also uses multiple contrasting colors of lume to produce its namesake “Full Lum” look.
While not as significant as the first external-bezel, square-GMT from the brand, it does nonetheless signal Bell & Ross’ continued interest in both uncommon colorway options within its greater catalog and the use of highly luminous, contrasting dials to create these unique colorways. This model joins an already diverse set of watches currently offered within the BR V2-94 Full Lum series and the larger Vintage collection produced by the brand. While stark in its look to the outside viewer, it fits right at home in the context of Bell & Ross’ other creations.
Taking a closer look at its details, we first come to a familiar case silhouette, as seen in other V2-94 chronographs. With a case diameter of 41mm, 100-meter water resistance, tapered lugs, screw-down pushers, and a fixed bezel with an anodized black insert, it feels like a sturdy, diver-adjacent chronograph working to channel a novel take on the classic tool-watch format.

For the straightforward look of the case, it’s once we get underneath the domed, anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal that we see the true star of the watch. With a dial completely painted in luminescent green, even in full light, the surface has a bright, attention-grabbing style. Then, when introduced to low-light conditions, the style really shines, with the black paint starkly contrasting to the bright Super-LumiNova green. Reading the time is a highly legible exercise, accented in small degrees – though most noticeably at the nine o’clock 30-minute chronograph sub-dial – with a contrasting lume color.
As for its other, less luminous details, the configuration of the dial is in line with previous BR V2-94 Full Lum chronographs by the brand, complete with oversized Arabic numerals on the top and bottom of the dial, large sub-dials at the other two quarter-hour positions, a small non-luminous date window at the 4:30 position, and aviation-inspired hands at the center of the face. It might have been interesting for Bell & Ross to add one non-green element, possibly in a red-tipped seconds pointer or something along those lines, but the brand may have decided the style of the look was stark enough and left it be.

As for its movement, Bell & Ross stuck with the standard BR-CAL.301 they have used to great effect in the series (the caliber is based upon the ETA 2894-2 and provides 42-hours of power reserve). Like the mechanism used in the previously released GMT, this automatic chronograph caliber helps provide easily serviceable, no-nonsense mechanical power to the watch, helping keep the focus on the functionality of the highly luminous wearer.

Bell and Ross BR 03-93 GMT Replica Watch

2021 is the year of further strengthening the bond with its core business and 1st passion, Aviation. It is also the year Bell & Ross rethinks its GMT Instrument and launches a new version. Redesigned, more modern, more functional, more readable.
Its black sunray dial contrasts with its large white photoluminescent numerals and indexes. This color scheme is ingrained in Bell & Ross’ DNA. It echoes the colors used for on-board flight instruments.
The new Replica BR 03-93 GMT timepiece provides the time in three different locations around the world. For the first time, the iconic square shape is completed with a bi-directional bezel.
Reference: BR0393-BL-ST/SCA

· Case: 42 mm in width. Satin-finished and polished steel. Bi-directional rotating bezel with 24-hour scale and black and red two-colour anodised aluminium ring.

· Dial: Black. Indices coated in Super-LumiNova. Metal skeletonised Super-LumiNova-filled hour and minute hands and 24-hour hand.

· Crystal: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating.

· Water-resistance: 100 metres.

· Movement: Calibre BR-CAL.303. Automatic mechanical.

· Functions: Hours, minutes, central seconds, second 24-hour time zone and date. Quick setting of the GMT hand, independently of the hour hand.

· Straps: Black coloured calfskin leather and ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric.

· Buckle: Pin. Satin-finished and polished steel.
Being a brand specialized in aeronautical instruments and pilot’s watches, Bell & Ross somehow needs to have GMT models in its collection, being probably the most useful complication for aircraft pilots… and frequent travellers. And, without surprise, this complication was already found onboard the BR instrument collection as well as in the Vintage line. Today, the Paris-based brand is updating its square traveller’s watch, with a new version of the BR 03-93 GMT. Redesigned, more modern, more functional, more readable… Let’s have a look at this new edition.
So what you see above is the version of the BR 03-93 GMT replica watch that you could get until now, and the one that’s being replaced by the watch we’ll discover below. What we have here is a 42mm x 42mm stainless steel watch, with a matte black dial, orange accents on the central GMT hand and a fixed, engraved stainless steel 24h scale. But GMT watches at Bell & Ross have recently evolved to offer more functionality and better legibility. For instance, the BR V2-93 GMT from the Vintage collection is equipped with an identical central GMT hand, but also benefits from a third time zone display with a rotating, bi-directional bezel. And that’s what comes now on the updated BR 03-93 GMT.
Being part of the instrument collection, you won’t be surprised to find back the emblematic square case of the brand, which is still measuring 42mm across. If the overall shape hasn’t changed much with the update, the case appears slightly more refined in its execution. The case is circular brushed on top with its 4 aligned and functional screws being polished. The sides of the case have a large polished bevel to add dynamism. The central case is vertically brushed. Identical in proportions to the previous iteration, the new BR 03-93 GMT remains also identical for its specifications, with a 100m water-resistance, a solid steel caseback and a screw-down crown.
The most important difference in this update, you’ve probably guessed, is the presence of a bi-directional rotating bezel. Allowing to display a third time zone, it is made of stainless steel with 24 clicks, and the insert is anodized aluminium with a two-tone red and black colour scheme. Thus, it means that in addition to the central hand that displays a second time zone, the bezel enables reading a third time zone. Rotating it clockwise subtracts hours and anti-clockwise adds hours.
The dial has also been refreshed. It now comes with a sunray-brushed pattern. The Arabic numerals are applied and vertically brushed and the hour markers are now filled with Super-LumiNova. Classic B&R luminous hands are still used for the hours (local time) and minutes, and the additional hour hand (home time) is now painted red to match the bezel. The date is displayed at 4h30, in a circular tone-on-tone window.
Inside the case of this updated Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT no evolutions, as it is still powered by the well-known and robust BR-CAL.303 – which is based on a Sellita SW-330. This automatic movement, with 4Hz frequency and 42h power reserve, is what we typically call a desk GMT, as the crown independently sets the GMT hand by one-hour increments, and not the local time hand (as in a Rolex GMT for instance).

Bell and Ross BR 03-92 DIVER RED BRONZE

Bell & Ross diving watches offer the perfect solutions when exploring an environment that is as fascinating, as dangerous. The maritime expertise of the brand is born from the convergence of the knowledge and skills of designers, master watchmakers and underwater experts. Each timepiece is designed to adapt to its specific surroundings.
Bell & Ross has developed Diver Bronze timepieces that are perfectly in-keeping with the marine depth. After releasing a black version in 2018, a green version in 2019, and a blue one last year, the brand is now completing its shade card with red.
Its case and bezel are made of satin-polished CuSn8 Bronze, an alloy combining 92% Copper and 8% Tin, that is deeply linked to diving history as it was used in the past for deep-sea helmets and naval construction. Adorning hints of pink, the bronze will age well. The patina will emphasize the authentic and unique character of this Diver watch, much-loved by collectors.
Anodised red for the bezel, red lacquer for the dial and a reddish-brown strap. The 3 shades work in perfect harmony and feature a high-quality finish. As on previous versions, all the metal parts of the case are made from bronze except the case-back, which is made from stainless steel, and the anodised aluminium bezel ring.
Available in a limited edition of 999, the Bell & Ross 03-92 Diver Red Bronze sports the watch‘s emblem, a deep-sea diver’s helmet that is engraved on the case-back. Precious yet resistant, the BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze is full of character and designed to accompany the gentleman adventurer both on land and at sea.
The brand’s constant strive for excellence, challenge and innovation is confirmed in this elegant BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze that meets all the standards for diving watches set by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, ISO 6425. Water- resistant to 300 metres, it is ready to conquer the depths of the ocean.

The matte brown leather strap and beige stitching confirms the watch’s authentic vintage spirit but can be replaced with a rubber strap for use while diving.
Bell & Ross has decked out its Replica BR 03-92 Diver Bronze in a striking, limited-edition shade of red, rounding out an series of annual color drops dating back to 2018.

The eye-catching pairing follows a full bronze, black dial from 2018 which was followed with a green bezel and dial in 2019 and blue bezel/dial in 2020.

The hue is applied to the dial as a lacquer and on the solid bronze bezel as an anodised aluminum insert ring.

While bronze dive watches are a relatively new concept, the material is certainly authentic, having been used in boatbuilding for hundreds of years and, more pertinently, diving helmets since the 19th Century.

Bell & Ross uses a CuSn8 alloy, a mix of 92% copper and 8% tin, so the bronze watches it produces will develop a patina over time as opposed to, say, Tudor’s bronze watches, which have been stabilised with the addition of aluminum to the mix.

Bell & Ross’ 42mm BR 03-92 collection, which is rated water resistant to 300m, also shows how far manufacturing techniques and tolerances have come in the last few decades as square watch cases were historically difficult to make waterproof.

The watch is supplied with both reddish brown calfskin leather and black rubber straps with 999 pieces being made. Available now via Bell & Ross, the BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze is priced $220

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