bell and ross br v3-94

Being a brand specialized in pilot’s watches – and not only aeroplane pilots, but also racing pilots with a Formula 1-based partnership – Bell & Ross is no stranger to the chronograph complication. In fact, you can find this kind of movement in pretty much all its collections. And today, there’s a new member coming to the Vintage family, with a case design that doesn’t feel familiar (at first…) Meet the new, robust, more masculine Bell & Ross BR V3-94 Black Steel.
The “Vintage” collection is B&R’s take on the classic, round watch – opposed to the signature, iconic BR01 and BR03 collections, with the typical “circle within a square” design. As such, it is more traditional and plays on the retro trend, with smaller proportions, highly domed sapphire crystals and clean displays. There are even some pretty cool editions in bronze, as this JPS-inspired model. As such, it is less of a tool/instrument piece than the rest of the collection… but today, the Parisian brand brings some robustness and boldness to the collection with a larger case and a redesigned shape. This is the new BR V3-94 Black Steel – compared below with the other classic chronograph of the collection, the BR V2-94.
As you can see, we’re not just looking at an increase in size but a complete overhaul of the watch… Basically, a new concept with a different vocation. The new Bell & Ross BR V3-94 Black Steel now has a 43mm case, with more massive shoulders and lugs, as well as an integrated inner-lug module. In fact, it isn’t entirely new to B&R, since this case was used in the past for Renault F1 Limited Editions only, and it now finds its way into the permanent collection.
More evolutions are noticeable. Other than the shape and size, the bezel is now bi-directional with a 60-minute scale printed on an anodized black aluminium insert, the layout has evolved from a bi-compax to a 3-6-9 display and the chronograph pushers are simple pumps instead of (not so practical) screwed buttons. All in all, this watch is better adapted for racing and action. A tachymeter scale is also present, printed on the inner flange.

In classic B&R style, the dial of the BR V3-94 Black Steel is matte black with highly contrasting white numerals and markers, and all the elements (hands and indexes) are filled with Super-LumiNova. This makes for a very monochromatic, technical and sporty watch with a more instrumental look than the BR V2-94. A date is positioned at 4h30 in a circular window.
Powering this new model is the Calibre BR-CAL.301, an automatic modular chronograph based on the tried-and-tested ETA 2894-2 architecture. It runs at 4Hz and stores up to 42 hours of energy. It is visible through a sapphire caseback. The BR V3-94 is available in two versions, on a black leather strap or on a steel bracelet. Both are equipped with folding clasp.

BR V3-94 R.S.20 For watchmaking enthusiasts, Bell & Ross is a leading brand in regards to design. To create the R.S.20 collection, the design studio started by researching the “topic” to give form to their inspiration. This year, the collection drew its inspiration from different sources.
BR V3-94 BLACK STEEL. Bell & Ross is expanding its Vintage collection with the introduction of the new BR V3-94 Black Steel. A modern touch has been added by redesigning the diameter of the case. The model sports the classic circular case of this range, now tuned-up to 43 mm ‘XL’ proportions.
The Bell & Ross BR V3-94 R.S.19 is priced at S$6,400 (for the calfskin strap version; S$6,900 for the steel bracelet model), and it is limited to 999 pieces. For a racing enthusiast, the R.S.19 offers collectors an interesting timepiece with a rather handsome aesthetic.

Replica bell and ross br v2-92 military beige

The United States Army Air Corps standardized paint colors to be used on military assets in 1939. The Joint Aircraft Committee’s Subcommittee on Standardization elected to implement the the ANA (Army Navy Aircraft) color standard. This color standard created ANA 616, otherwise known as “Desert Sand.” Much like Olive Drab, this color has come to define military equipment, and to the general public it’s instantly recognizable as something purely tactical, as well as functional.
So it’s no surprise that bell and ross br v2-92 military beige chose the color scheme for the dial of the new BR V2-92 sports watch. The company has made a name – and defined an identity – with large square-cased watches designed after cockpit instrumentation. But the V2-92 is nothing like those – instead it thoughtfully straddles a number of traditional watch categories. The V2-92 has the face of a field watch, the bezel of a dive watch, and the personality of something straight from Operation Desert Shield.

There’s a certain balance to this watch that’s hard to come by; the models typically associated with Bell & Ross don’t quite exemplify the same sort of utilitarian design that the V2-92 gets right. It’s a total military mash-up, with design elements borrowed from field watches and dive watches packaged in a thin case. The domed crystal adds some additional thickness, for a total of 12mm thickness overall, but thanks to the thin case and high domed crystal you still get a very wearable watch.
The late ’80s saw the arrival of the Desert Battle Dress Uniform as the US military presence in desert regions increased. It was nicknamed “cookie dough camouflage” for its hues of tan and brown. The V2-92 feels like it could have been issued right alongside this battle dress uniform, but could it stand up to the same rigors?
One hundred meters of water resistance puts it closer to field watch territory than in the dive watch camp, and the bi-directional bezel doesn’t offer the same sort of safety as a unidirectional bezel, but I don’t think this is the watch to take diving anyway. It’s a sort of do-it-all watch; a jack of all trades that sacrifices doing one thing really well in order to do a good job at the mix of situations an everyday watch is used for. I don’t think the target demographic will take any points off for the one-in-a-million chance that a bezel gets knocked off by a few clicks underwater. From a purely practical standpoint, a bi-directional bezel makes more sense anyway; when you have gloves on, you want to turn the bezel the least amount of distance possible. What this also means is that typical “bezel slop” isn’t present, instead you get an affirmative click in either direction. A display caseback may also contribute to the level of water resistance, but it frames the lightly finished BR-CAL.302 nicely.
While the enthusiast world might have trouble with date wheels, the Swiss industry as a whole just doesn’t seem to want to let them go. Naturally, there is a date wheel on this model, but it’s integrated so thoughtfully that it shouldn’t bother even the most cranky no-date purist (I’m one of them). The date wheel is color matched, and this isn’t a standard black or white-dialed watch, either. It’s a very specific hue of military beige, and the window is rather small. Again, this watch strikes an admirable balance between typically competing camps.
The V2-92 wears the same typography as other Bell & Ross watches, but it appears softer, and the domed crystal distorts and diffuses it in a way that tones down the boldness found of some of the better-known models in the line. The bracelet also features polished center links. It balances out the hardcore tool watch aesthetic, but it’s also something you would never find on a watch that was actually engineered for the military in the modern era, anyway. You will, however, find an elastic canvas strap made famous by the Marine Nationale, included with the V2-92. Originally, the legend goes, paratroopers fashioned straps for their issued watches from the stretchy parachute webbing. The Bell & Ross strap features color-matched desert tan-accented black paracord.
The “vintage-inspired” branding is perhaps manifested in the domed crystal, but this watch certainly channels an earlier era of Bell & Ross, an era when the nascent company released watches like the Type Démineur, a watch designed for bomb disposal units, or the Space 3, a chrono that just screams “shuttle era.” Bell & Ross watches were initially produced by tool watch maker Sinn; the V2-92 shares a lot of the same design language as the Sinn-era Bell & Ross models, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Collectors are now considering watches from the ’80s and ’90s as “vintage,” and the V2-92 is branded as a vintage-inspired timepiece. The design of the watch, much like that of the A-10 Warthog that shined during the Desert Shield conflict in 1990, works just as well in 2019.

Replica bell and ross br v2-92 aeronavale

The Aeronavale is the aviation branch of the French Navy. Breguet famously equipped the Aeronavale with the battle-ready Type-20 pilot chronographs, which have been, and still are, ceaselessly coveted, collected, and copied. However, with the new bell and ross br v2-92 aeronavale 41-millimeter, Bell & Ross has created a watch suited not to battle garb but to the French Navy’s beautiful gold and blue full dress uniforms.

The Aeronavale is not a “real” military watch. In fact, the French Navy had nothing to do with it. Rather, Bell & Ross simply dreamed it up. Bell & Ross can get pretty conceptual this way, with recent examples including their copper-dialed Bellytanker (designed for an imaginary vintage land-speed-record scenario) and their sporty Racing Bird (meant to accompany a computer-generated high-speed plane).
On the surface Bell & Ross’ concepts can seem lofty, but I’ve found that the concepts help bring these watches down-to-earth by eliminating the pretense that a mechanical watch is, today, a real tool. When you consider that a life-long American civilian like me regularly wears a watch that Bell & Ross dreamed up to complement the French Navy Air Division’s full dress uniform, the whole enterprise takes on an air of delightfully absurd costuming. But, somehow, overtly acknowledging that we’re all playing dress-up seems to temper the absurdity.

But why would I—or anyone for that matter—fall for a watch like the Aeronavale? Typically there’s some personal connection that sets the heart aflame, and I’m sure others who enjoy the Aeronavale will have their own story. For me, it goes back to childhood.
One summer when I was around 12, the US Navy’s sailing team borrowed my Dad’s sailboat for a tet-a-tet against a crew of scrappy yahoos from the Buffalo Yacht Club. Predictably, the Navy’s clean-cut sailors breezily command victory. Later that night the Navy Band played the most badass funk—all of them in full dress uniforms like some strange spin-off of The Village People; the horn section lock-stepping to “Ladies’ Night” by Kool & The Gang; the dangerously handsome lead singer flirting with everyone’s wives and daughters. Utterly gobsmacked, Navy-cool has enchanted ever since.
Funny, though, that I didn’t fall in love with the Aeronavale’s predecessor, the 42-millimeter BR123 in the same colorway that Bell & Ross released in 2016. That watch has a significantly larger dial, and I felt like a poseur sporting such a huge blue and gold billboard. Thankfully, Bell & Ross has been following the trend toward smaller watches, and this new 41-millimeter 92-V2 Aeronavale is one of the best fitting, most elegant, and properly proportioned watches I own. It delivers just enough Navy-cool.

All of the B&R 92-V2 watches run on the BR-CAL.302, an adaptation of the increasingly ubiquitous Sellita SW300-1, which itself is a near-clone of ETA’s 2892. The “-1” indicates that this movement has beefed-up teeth on the gear train, which Sellita claims reduces inaccuracies introduced by shock. Bell & Ross doesn’t disclose whether they’ve made any mechanical upgrades, and the only visible modification is the engraved logo and other subtle touches on the rotor. As with all SW330s, its a-magnetic Nivaflex hairspring oscillates 28,800 times an hour, it includes an Incabloc anti-shock system, and it can store up to 42 hours of power. The movement is visible through a sapphire crystal mounted in the handsome screwed-in case back.
Being vintage-inspired, the entire case is polished to perfection, its shape traditional and elegant, its connections seamless and sharp. This is high-quality metalwork, as impressive under a loupe as it is at arms length. Like all of Bell & Ross’s vintage-inspired pieces, the lugs are long and leave a sizable gap between the strap and the case, which affords a clear view of the excellent connection where the bezel, case, and lugs meet. This can be a contentious detail, but I adore it.
The crown threads in and out like it’s dipped in butter, and the robust crown guards—which match the case so well that they look like a third pair of lugs—are visually and ergonomically unobtrusive. The crown is signed with the iconic “&” that’s come to stand for Bell & Ross, and even the minute details of that signature exhibit flawless brushing and polishing.

The bezel has a polished coin-edge which slightly overhangs the case, thus providing ample grip and a classic look. The bezel clicks 120 times per rotation, and, because the Aeronavale is a flight-oriented watch, the bezel is bi-directional. Though it moves into position with perfect alignment, like most bi-directional bezels there is a bit of play when stationary. The blue anodized aluminum of the bezel insert matches the dial to a tee, and the gold 60-minute markers similarly match the gilt markers on the dial.
The curved, anti-reflective sapphire crystal is a thing of true beauty, almost indistinguishable from acrylic other than the deadened sound it produces when I drum on it with my fingernail (acrylic is more resonant than sapphire). The crystal’s curves produce creamy, dreamy visual distortions, and, although neither the edge of the dial nor the tip of the hands curve downward—as so many vintage dials and hands do—at certain viewing angles the crystal’s distortions create the illusion of curvature toward the polished steel rehaut. All told, the Aeronavale’s crystal is among the most convincing sapphire imitations of acrylic I’ve seen.

I know I’m supposed to join the chorus lamenting the ills of date apertures placed at 4:30, but I’ve grown to love these discrete, circular date windows. And thank you, Bell & Ross, for not interrupting any of the Aeronavale’s gloriously legible gold numerals and markers with the date aperture (a big pet peeve of mine). On the Aeronavale, the date wheel is rendered in the same radiant blue as the dial, and the numerals are in white paint that matches the minute track, logo, and three lines of spec text on the dial.
The Aeronavale is rated to 100-meters of water resistance, so I will SCUBA dive in it, though I can’t recommend doing so to anyone else because watch brands claim that you need a better rating in order to dive deep. The WR rating has me questioning what qualifies as a Dressy Tool Watch, or DTW, a category that Ilya and I, in true Bell & Ross fashion, simply dreamed up. We disqualified rotating bezels as too “tooly,” but because the Aeronavale is dressy enough for full dress military uniforms—arguably the dressiest outfit a person can wear—I am tempted to make an exception and declare the Aeronavale a full-on DTW.
Attributes that make the Aeronavale so dressy include the fully polished case, the radially brushed blue dial, the vertically-brushed gilt numerals and markers, the dual-tone beveled hands, and the unique “ice-blue” calfskin strap. Tally that all up, and you’ve got quite a fancy presentation. The whole package looks like something you’d wear to meet a dignitary.

The dual-tone hands deserve a closer look, as they are brushed on one half and polished on the other. This treatment—which is found on a few watches including some of Mido’s offerings—creates the illusion of a much more deeply beveled hand while also shortening the stack of hands on the central arbor. The visual trick is quite convincing—so convincing that I missed it entirely until Ilya pointed it out. Bell & Ross has skeletonized those hands and filled them with Super-LumiNova, though, as with many of their watches, the small quantity of lume makes it seem like an afterthought. The upshot is that the Bell & Ross made no concessions to lume as they loaded the dial with those vertically brushed gilt numerals and markers. Lastly, the relative lack of lume reinforces the notion that the Aeronavale is more costume than tool.
If you’ve still got doubts about its dress watch status, check out the Aeronavale’s “ice blue” patent leather strap. It fades from deep dark blue at the edges to a muted mid-blue at the center, and the white stitching picks up the white paint on the dial and date disc. I adore this strap, though its something I’d never have leaned toward outside of this context. The signed deployant clasp is mirror-polished like the case, features snail engraving inside the buckle, and it is a cinch to open and close. Deployant clasps on leather are often a bit bulky on the backside of the wrist, and this one is no exception. That bulk doesn’t bother me, however, and it’ll be a personal choice between the steel bracelet (which I’ve only handled in a boutique for a moment), a standard pin-buckle on the leather strap (which is easy enough to convert), or a third-party strap that suits your fancy (which is half the fun).

replica bell and ross br v2-94

We have come to like the Bell & Ross brand more and more with added exposure to the watches. At first blush, they seem to be a second tier brand, but with closer examination, the watches are certainly quite nice. Like the BR X1 RS17 we reviewed and wore for a week. The more we wore it, the more we liked it. These are watches to be worn to be appreciated. The third generation of the Bell & Ross Vintage collection is no different from the BR X1. The Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Black Steel Chronograph charmed its way into our hearts during the two weeks it was on loan to us. We review it here.

The Vintage family made its début during Bell & Ross’ early years. The watches of this collection are characterised by the classical round case with a collection in a range of complications, ranging from chronograph, flyback chronograph, dual timezone to the simple date and small second hands. The collection draws its inspiration mainly from the military, and as the name suggests, with a vintage kind of feel.
The collection features two watches, a time only watch with three hands, and a chronograph. The bell and ross BR V2-94 replica is the chronograph.

Both come in a 41 mm case, which is flatter than the previous generation. And available in a new polished and satin finished steel bracelet.
The case is in 316L stainless steel, with a polished and brushed case finishing. The case shape is round curving gradually around the sides to a graceful and elegant lug. The bezel is black with a graduated tachymeter scale.
Allow us first to address the elephant in the room. Many casual observers would accuse the overall look of the BR V2-94 dial to be reminiscent of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. While at a quick glance this may have a hint of truth, but on close examination, they are like chalk and cheese.
As they say, the devil is in the details, and here we observe that the markers for 12 and 6 are Arabic on the Bell & Ross, while the Speedy features bar markers all round. The hands are also dis-similar, with the B&R’s hour hand larger and thicker. The two watches also glow differently in the dark. The Omega’s bezel incorporates a lume, but the B&R does not. However, we feel the B&R lume is possibly applied thicker on the hands, and the result is a good, clean, very legible lume on the dial side, as this photograph illustrates.
On the case sides, the chronograph pushers, for example feature screw down crowns, and perhaps remind us more of the old Rolex Daytona like the Ref. 6263.
The BR V2-94 is available in two versions. One is a leather strap, and the other is a steel bracelet. We had the bracelet version for our review, and found it to be very handsome, well made and comfortable. We switched it around with some vintage-inspired straps and found that it looked as good on a leather or fabric strap. We have some pictures of this on our Instagram @Deployant.

Testing with a Scanning Acoustic Microscope
Of interest, and a nod to the vintage inspiration is the use of an ultra-curved sapphire crystal, almost a box at the very edges. Curiosity got the better of us, and as uber geeks, we could not help but to make an image scan of the crystal through a Scanning Acoustic Microscope. The image we got from the scan is shown below, taken by our Chief Technical Elf, Sharon Tan. The image is a composite scan as the probe traverses from the top of the crystal to the bottom. For a fuller explanation of the SAM and the images, we have prepared a corollary article here. Must read for the geeks!
The movement is the BR-CAL.301, which is a chronograph module under the dial powered by an ETA 2892 base movement. This is the same movement as the one used in the BR X1 RS17 we reviewed earlier. The movement features a column wheel system as the heart of the chronograph. Column wheel chronographs are more highly regarded by connoisseurs. The activation of pushers to start, stop and reset are usually more precise and have a more crisp feel. And this is the case with the BR V2-94. The activation of the chronograph, though requiring a firm push, is smooth, crisp, and the force needed to start, stop and reset are quite similar. There is a small jump of the seconds hand as the chronograph starts, but this is not unusual, especially in chronographs equipped with a horizontal clutch.
Movement finishing is adequate to allow the watch to function properly without any issues. The base ETA is robust and has sufficient torque to be easily up the task of driving the chronograph module.
A chronograph at this price point is perhaps more suited as a style statement rather than a technological tour de force or an appreciation on the haute horologie aspects of the chronograph. The movement powering the VR2-94 is a capable workhorse. It is not designed to win beauty contests, or excite horology geeks, but to work quietly and reliably. The styling of the watch is what makes it attractive and perhaps what makes it charming. We took the watch out on a photoshoot, incorporating the vintage concept. Please enjoy the following photo essay.
As we reflect over the two weeks or so we spent collectively with the Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 Chronograph, we feel a bit like Professor Higgins in the 1913 stage play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. As he reflects over the warts in his relationship with Eliza, he suddenly realises that he is has indeed grown accustomed to her face, and in love with her. So it is with us. The watch made its rounds among our writers. Most were not immediately gushing to try on the watch at first blush. Most had the initial feel of the apparent similarity to the Moonwatch, but we dispelled that. But after a day or so with the Bell & Ross Vintage, all our staff who tried the watch came away loving the BR V2-94. Mostly for the way it looks. Quiet, discrete, handsome. The vintage aura is pervading. So as we conclude our time with the BR V2-94, we shed a little tear and will miss this watch.

Bell and Ross BR V2-93 GMT Replica Watch

The search for a good GMT watch never ends – and one of Bell & Ross’ latest entrants to this crowded two-time zone arena is the replica BR V2-93 GMT. Continuing on with Bell & Ross vintage and military history-inspired modern day luxury timepiece tradition, the BR V2-93 GMT blends a series of design elements into one rather cohesive product. One of the most popular types of watches for enthusiasts, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) watches are useful because they show two time zones on the same dial allowing them to serve as ideal travel companions. Given that people who enjoy high-end timepieces also happen to travel quite a bit – the popularity of GMT watches for the enthusiast should be easy to understand.
Bell & Ross is no stranger to GMT watches and the BR V2-93 GMT is the newest design flavor more so than adding something radically new from a technological or material perspective. Detailing on the BR V2-93 GMT watch is very good and it is interesting to investigate the various classic wristwatch designs that Bell & Ross pulled from as inspiration for this product. In my opinion, this BR V2-93 GMT replica is a design amalgamation mixing elements of classic Rolex timepieces and the cockpit instrument design favored by major Bell & Ross military and aviation-themed watches.
It’s the curation of design elements, as well as the elegance of the design which is novel here, and I think Bell & Ross did a good job. If only because even though there are a lot of recognizable parts on the BR V2-93 GMT – it doesn’t immediately look like any other GMT watch currently on the market. That is always a challenge because a brand like Bell & Ross thrives by finding the sweet spot between “familiar” and “novel.” That means they are at their best when a customer associates a new watch product with the right type of aesthetic theme but does not confuse the new watch for something which already exists.

The orange arrow GMT hand is probably the most recognizable element borrowed from the world of Rolex – being similar to those used on various Rolex Explorer II models. The rest of the dial very much fits the cockpit instrument clock aesthetic which has been tied to Bell & Ross since the 2004 release of the BR01 Instrument collection. Since then Bell & Ross has rendered this dial design in a vast number of ways and in a range of case designs. The flat, slightly glossy black dial used high contrast thick-printed hour markers and attractive lume-painted hands. Note that the faceted hands are satin-finished on one half and polished on the other. I love this look and tend to gravitate toward this type of hand design. This mixture of elements offers a bit of a dressy look combined with the functional heritage that such a Bell & Ross dial is best known for. The dial is elegant, legible, and very distinctly a Bell & Ross while at the same time it evokes classic design elements beloved by generations of watch enthusiasts.
Over the dial is a “box-style” domed sapphire crystal design to mimic the shape of some traditional acrylic crystals. An effective application of AR (anti-reflective) coating ensures a glare-free viewing experience when you look at straight-on. Around the dial is a bi-directional rotating bezel with 24 positions. The bezel turns assuredly with solid notched for each of the 24 positions. This is the only scale for the GMT hand, but turning it can help you reference an additional third timezone if you know how to use this feature correctly. Bell & Ross gave the GMT bezel and attractive two-tone design mixing black with gray. I think it was a nice way to offer the “AM/PM” look of a bezel without making it too colorful. The color on this watch is sparse (on purpose) and limited to a bit of dial text and the matching orange GMT hand). My only gripe about the bezel is that it is in traditional anodized aluminum. That makes for a nice vintage look, but today’s watch buyers are increasingly interested in modern bezel materials such as ceramic which boast far better scratch resistance. The good news is aluminum bezel inserts are inexpensive and easy to replace – if you scratch up your bezel on the BR V2-93 GMT replica watch badly.
Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2893 automatic movement which offers the time, GMT hand, and date. Bell & Ross calls this their caliber BR-CAL.303. It operates at 4Hz with about two days of power reserve. Not unheard of but a bit uncommon for Bell & Ross in such models – this watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal display back which allows you to view the movement. Bell & Ross chose movements with a nice level of decoration and on the sapphire caseback is printed a novel design which has a plane flying around the globe and the statement “GMT 24H.” If that alone doesn’t categorize this product as a traveler’s watch, I don’t know what would.
The BR V2-93 GMT replica watch exists in Bell & Ross’ “Vintage” collection where you can find other “BR V2” models that share this case and bracelet design. Currently, this is the only BR V2 model with a GMT complication – and the price premium for it above the collection’s three-hand models is modest at about $300. That also means if you like this watch overall but prefer a non-GMT model, you can explore the Bell & Ross V2-92 models.

The polished and brushed case is beautiful and comfortable being in all steel and 41mm wide. With the crystal, the case is about 12mm thick, but it wears slim in my opinion. Lug-to-lug distance is a very wearable 48mm. The case has a screw-down crown and is water resistant to 100 meters. Bell & Ross offers the BR V2-93 watch on both a steel bracelet or “canvas-style” rubber strap. The bracelet costs $300 more than the strap which is not unreasonable.
Design-wise the BR V2 bracelet evokes the look of the Rolex President bracelet, but in a unique design for Bell & Ross. I really enjoy how the bracelet gracefully tapers from 22mm wide where it connects at the lugs to 18mm wide at the fold-over deployant clasp. The well-made deployant clasp is attractive and sturdy, but simple in its design. Today watch lovers demand bracelets with tool-less micro-adjust features. The BR V2 bracelet doesn’t have that, but it does have a few spring bar micro-adjust holes in the deployant which offer a more precise fit – crucially important in my opinion for any everyday sports watch on a bracelet.
Mixing the world of vintage sports watches, aviation instruments, and world travel, the Bell and Ross BR V2-93 GMT is a sturdy, all-purpose two-time zone watch with an elegant and masculine personality. It’s a high-end fashion watch for those who are attracted by vintage sport watch designs but hardly want to fuss with something actually old and finicky. I support Bell & Ross’ mission (along with others who offer similar modern-made vintage-inspired sports watch) in producing such watches if only because they are so satisfying to wear and own. For those who love the look of an orange GMT hand, want a comfortable round 41mm wide case, and appreciated a timeless aviation-inspired dial – the Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT will be a satisfying timepiece acquisition

replica bell and ross br v2

The BR V2-93 GMT replica watch exists in Bell & Ross’ “Vintage” collection where you can find other “BR V2” models that share this case and bracelet design. Currently, this is the only BR V2 model with a GMT complication – and the price premium for it above the collection’s three-hand models is modest at about $300. BR V2-93 GMT BLUE
Bell & Ross had to evolve. This was the mission of the “Vintage Collection”. Entirely redesigned in 2017, this year the brand adds a few vintage elements to make this collection even cooler, with the Steel Heritage. Today, we take a closer look at the BR V2-92 Steel Heritage. Bell and Ross BR V2-94 AÉRONAVALE BRONZE
The Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Military Beige: 41mm x 12mm, 100 meters water resistance, with domed sapphire crystal and sapphire caseback. Steel bezel with anodized black aluminum ring; bi-directional with 60 minute scale; screw-down crown. Movement, BR-CAL 302 (Sellita SW-300-1 base) 28,800 vph, 38 hour power reserve. Bell and Ross BR V2-92 MILITARY GREEN
The Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 on the bonnet of a vintage Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior circa 1973 which is prepared for racing. The car features roll bars in the cabin which is stripped of most creature comforts. On the dashboard of the Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior. The vintage feel of the BR V2-94 blending in with the early 1970s feel of the car. Bell and Ross BR V2-93 GMT BLUE
Since it was founded, Bell & Ross has been passionate about military history and its functional and aesthetic archetypes. Flight instruments will always be a source of watchmaking inspiration for its designers. As such, military specifications provide Bell & Ross timepieces with rigorous and exacting standards in terms of legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. Modern-day codes also drive Bell & Ross to revisit historic pieces to create new models whose design and technology are in line with current trends.

It is in this spirit that, this year, Bell & Ross has unveiled three singular watches that evoke its three realms of expression: Sea, air and land. Both classic and modern, all three are driven by a reliable Swiss mechanical movement with automatic winding and are equipped with a “NATO Stretch” strap with a practical closure system, created using parachute straps. The practical strap makes for a very sharp, on-trend look and is in line with the neo-vintage trend which is popular with its fans.
Following on from the BR V2-93 GMT 24H launched in 2018, this year, Bell & Ross has completed its range of watches targeted at modern frequent travellers – both professional and civilian – in search of a chic and functional timepiece. The contemporary design of the BR V2-93 GMT Blue is perfectly suited to 21st century travelers.
Its 41-mm round steel case is characteristic of the Vintage series, with integrated protection for the screw-down crown. With a galvanic blue case-back featuring a sunray pattern, the dial is a nod to the world of air travel and long transatlantic trips, while the second hand counterweight is subtly styled in the shape of an aircraft. The bi-directional rotating bezel in two-tone anodized aluminium (grey for daytime and blue for night-time) means the time in a second time zone (shown on a 24-hour scale) can be read instantly thanks to the fourth hand, or the “GMT” hand, with its stand out red arrow.
For optimal legibility, the four faceted hands and the decal indices and numerals boast a photo-luminescent coating in white Super-LumiNova
Based on the principle that the essential should never give way to the superfluous, with this new BR V2-92 Military Green model, Bell & Ross engineers and watchmakers have designed a practical watch perfectly suited to all uses.

Paying tribute to the men on the ground who were the first to use the wristwatch as fundamental instruments for their missions, Bell & Ross has unveiled a sport-chic civilian version of its BR V2-92 which evokes nature and wide-open spaces. Staying faithful to the military technical specifications, the anti-reflective matte khaki dial is legible both day and night, the sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant and the Swiss mechanical movement with automatic winding is highly precise and has been tested for all types of missions.
To ensure optimal legibility, the BR V2-92 Military Green shares the same lineage as watches from the Bell & Ross “LUM” collection which are treated with green-coloured Super-LumiNova C3 to maximise their luminescent qualities. Playing on both the discreet nature of the khaki camouflage dial and its functional design, it is aimed at professionals and daily adventurers searching for a timepiece which is robust and timeless.
Faithful to lines from the Bell & Ross Vintage collection, its 41-mm round steel case with a crown guard is equipped with a glass dome, or “glass box”, and a black bi-directional rotating bezel in anodized aluminium to measure short periods.
In a nod to well-known Bell & Ross “Military Type” references, the BR V2-92 Military Green continues this connection both on a technical and stylistic level. The date is displayed in a round window at 4.30 – one of the brand’s signature features – the khaki disc inside being the same colour as the dial. Adventurous and urban, the BR V2-92 Military Green goes back to basics yet continues the great tradition of professional timepieces.
In a nod to the Vintage BR Aéronavale collection, this year Bell & Ross went a step further and unveiled a new BR V2-94 Aéronavale Bronze in a limited edition of 999 pieces that combines functionality and elegance while subtly reflecting the prestigious ceremonial uniform of French naval officers.
This elegant chronograph is clearly aimed at lovers of beautiful timekeeping instruments. In stabilised CuAl7Si2 bronze (91% copper, 7% aluminium and 2% silicon), its 41-mm case stands out with its distinctive yellow gold colour. Known for its changing nature that gives it its unique character, bronze – a material cherished by Bell & Ross – provides a whole palette of unique shades.

Similar to the other chronographs from the Vintage series, the BR V2-94 Aéronavale Bronze is equipped with a fixed bezel, here in navy blue anodised aluminium. Its ocean blue dial is decorated with gilt metal indices and numerals and baton-shaped skeletonised hands in white Super-LumiNova for optimal legibility.
The functional, ultra-curved “glass box” sapphire crystal reinforces both the classic style of the piece and its resistance. In this sense, the BR V2-94 Aéronavale Bronze meets all the criteria of the military technical specifications intended for such a timepiece. This refined chronograph featuring screw-down pushers will appeal to collectors looking for a model with a vintage feel which evokes the “bi-compax” chronographs from the 1960s which featured two sub-dials.

Bell and ross BR V2-94 R.S.18 black calfskin BRV294-RS18/SCA

Bell and Ross replica, the official watch partner of the Renault Sport Formula One Team, celebrates reopening the French Grand Prix with its first presentation of a Vintage model from the collections linked to the partnership.

To mark the return of Formula 1 to France, the BR V2-94 R.S.18 will be featuring a black rubber strap stamped with the French flag during the French Grand Prix. It features a 41 mm case in satin-finished steel, a carbon fiber dial and black and yellow in reference to the colors of the Renault Sport Formula One Team.
The BR V2-94 R.S.18 has a yellow internal minute track and two counters, one in red for optimal legibility of the chronograph function. The bezel also features a tachymeter scale which allows a car’s speed to be instantly calculated over a given distance. This chronograph model evokes the sporting world of race tracks and paddocks, with its numerals adopting the typography used for the Renault Sport Formula One Team.
This chronograph watch is powered by a Swiss mechanical caliber with automatic winding. The sapphire case-back bears a metallized depiction of the Renault car and its serial number.
The BR V2-94 R.S.18 is available with a micro-perforated calfskin strap with carbon fiber effect and a yellow lining, or a bracelet in satin-finished polished steel. The design and color code used for this timepiece allow the time to be read quickly and accurately.

bell and ross brs diamond

In 2016, watchmaker Bell & Ross launched the BR S Diamond Eagle women’s watch. This elegant timepiece was hugely successful. In response to its popularity, the brand has decided to launch a complete collection this year. The dials on the models in this collection are inspired, as previously, by the celestial sphere.
Bell and Ross BRS Blue Diamond Eagle . Details: This watch is blue, it uses a quart’s movement model, it has a 39mm diameter and is loved by ladies, as it is made for them. This watch was made between 2018-2019 it has all the known features that the Bell and Ross brand are known for. The face is a sapphire scratch-resistant crystal.
Bell & Ross Instruments Diamond Eagle BRS-EA-ST/SCR men’s watch. Features a brushed stainless steel case and blue leather strap with pattern. Brushed stainless steel fixed bezel. Blue dial with Aquila constellation represented by 7 diamonds. Powered by a battery operated quartz movement. A scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective …
The New BRS models are not the first ceramic watches to be released by Bell & Ross. They recently came out with black and white ceramic BR-03 watches (even with diamonds), but the BRS watches are smaller yet (though still large enough for men) and have a totally new face for the series.
Faithful to its aeronautical origins, Bell & Ross releases a version of its iconic model, in its smallest (39mm), lightest and most elegant version: the BR S. The BR S White Ceramic is designed in reference to stealth bombers- undetectable, yet never totally invisible. The integral white dial is discretely legible.
Bell & Ross Instruments Diamond Eagle BRS-EA-ST/SCR men’s watch. Features a brushed stainless steel case and blue leather strap with pattern. Brushed stainless steel fixed bezel. Blue dial with Aquila constellation represented by 7 diamonds. Powered by a battery operated quartz movement.
Bell & Ross BR S Diamond Eagle model family has two different variants. The version we have here for review is the Ref. BRS-EA-ST/SST with the plain bezel. The Ref. BRS-EA-LGD / SCR version comes with a gem-set bezel decorated with 66 pieces of diamonds with a total value of 0.99 carats. The case is equipped with an anti-reflective treated
BRS DIAMOND EAGLE. TIME FOR A JOURNEY TO THE STARS. The latest women’s watch from Bell & Ross is inspired by the celestial sphere, the vast ocean littered with stars, like clusters of shimmering islands in the dark. The BRS Diamond Eagle features a midnight blue dial studded with diamonds, like a slice of the night sky tethered to the wrist.
Bell & Ross launched the BR S Diamond Eagle women’s watch. This elegant timepiece was hugely successful. In response to its popularity, the brand has decided to launch a complete collection.

replica bell and ross brs watch for women

Afew years ago Bell & Ross released their first women’s version of the BR 01 style watch called the bell and ross BRS replica (which I first discussed here). The idea of the watch was to be a smaller, more fashion oriented version of the BR 01 done in ceramic. Available in black or white ceramic, it is hard to argue that Bell & Ross wasn’t at least partially influenced by the success of the Chanel J12. Lovely in its design the BRS cannot really be categorized as strictly a woman’s watch, but that is the intended market as I see it.
Bell & Ross experimented with ceramic before the BRS, and since the BRS has continued to offer good looking ceramic watches in various forms. The hard material makes for a good looking case that when polished retains the sheen forever really. The BRS case is a 39mm wide square and is very thin. I believe that originally Bell & Ross wanted to include a manually-wound mechanical movement in the BRS, but later decided that a Swiss quartz movement was best. I tend to agree as women often prefer the convenience of quartz movements, especially if they have a range of watches that they wear.
Unlike the BR 01, the BRS has a removable caseback which shows that the design of the case is different as opposed to being merely miniaturized. Though visually that is how it looks. The iconic square case is here complete with the large screws on the top of the case. You will however notice that the lug structures are different and better designed for the small case dimensions.
The white ceramic BRS is certainly more feminine that this black version and combines white ceramic with polished steel. On a patent leather strap all versions of the watch are rather feminine, but you can alter that look by placing the BRS on a different strap. For example, imagine this black one on a NATO strap and you can see how that can make it more unisex in design.

Water resistant to 50 meters, the case has an AR coated sapphire crystal. Looking at the dial you can see the evolution from the BR 01. The BRS has a more elegant dial with a subsidiary seconds dial. True to the theme, the hands and hour markers are all coated in SuperLumiNova.
For those wanting more of a jewelry look Bell & Ross offers the BRS watch collection (both the black and white models) with diamonds on the bezel. I’ve seen BRS watches for women “out in the wild” and I really like the look on feminine wrists. It isn’t something for everyone though due to the size and style, but I think Bell & Ross makes a rather persuasive argument for a nice looking womens’ collection with the bell and ross BRS.


The BR 01 Laughing Skull has been created for those who love original timepieces. It is symbolic in more ways than one, making it a powerful statement piece. Its automaton movement places it in the category of exceptional watches. Produced in a limited edition of 500, this model will appeal particularly tocollectors of Haute Horlogerie watches.
Like all BR-01 watches, the case is 46mm wide, but it is a tad thicker than the static skull watches at 13.5mm high, but that’s a functional requirement, a result of the automaton on the movement. In short, it is a large watch, but that’s exactly the point.
The BR 01 Laughing Skull White (left) and the BR 01 Cyber Skull Both the case and skull are made of black ceramic, while the movement inside is the same calibre found in the Laughing Skull featuring a lower jaw that opens and closes as you wind the watch.
The Bell & Ross BR-01 Laughing Skull is a statement piece, both due to the dimensions of the case and to the looks. A true “hate-or-love” piece. The skull face used in this watch is close to the one employed already in the Burning Skull watch, with a 3D effect and the traditional sword-shaped hands.
The Bell & Ross BR-01 Laughing Skull is a statement piece, both due to the dimensions of the case and to the looks. A true “hate-or-love” piece. The skull face used in this watch is close to the one employed already in the Burning Skull watch, with a 3D effect and the traditional sword-shaped hands.
The BR 01 Laughing Skull replica has been created for those who love original timepieces. It is symbolic in more ways than one, making it a powerful statement piece. Its automaton movement places it in the category of exceptional watches. Produced in a limited edition of 500, this model will appeal particularly tocollectors of Haute Horlogerie watches.
BR 01 Laughing Skull : BR01-SKULL-SK-ST Stainless steel “Clous de Paris” design, dark brown alligator strap with tang buckle, stamped ‘Laughing’ metal skull dial, manual wind (BR-CAL.206), display back, jaw moves when winding, limited edition of 500 pieces, Ref. BR01-SKULL-SK-ST, Bell & Ross 2-year warranty dated June 2018, 46x55mm, Retail = $9,900, Like New in Box with Papers
The BR 01 Laughing Skull however, departs from this playbook, and attains a whole different level of coolness, being an evolved form that is very much unlike the others that preceded it. You could say that it is akin to the appearance of those prehistoric fish that crawled out of the water a long time ago, the first important step in the beginning of the evolutionary lineage of our human species
Bell & Ross BR 01 Laughing Skull White (Ref. BR01-SKULL-O-SK-ST) Like its predecessor from 2018, whose dial-side cranium rendering was more metallic in its surface treatment, the 46-mm square case of the BR 01 Laughing Skull White is made of micro-blasted steel with surface areas enhanced with an engraved clous de Paris guilloché design.
The Bell & Ross BR01 Laughing Skull comes in the brand’s signature squared micro-blasted steel case. The matt finish fits excellently to the watch’s theme. The 46mm case is further adorned on top with a “Clous de Paris” pattern finish.
Reminiscent of José Guadalupe Posada’s satirical work with the laughing skull, the Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull revisits its famed motif with a design far from the vintage style that is usually associated with the Skull.