Bell & Ross, the specialist in aviation-inspired instrument watches, soars through the skies in surprising aircrafts. Sometimes, its watches leave the stratosphere undertaking more distant journeys.

Paradoxically, women’s models are the ones that reach the highest heights: the recent BR S Diamond Eagle led women on a voyage to the stars. Like a miniature Milky Way on the wrist, its dark blue dial features the Aquila or Eagle Constellation formed by scintillating diamonds. This chic model met with great success. Now, Bell & Ross enriches its family of stellar watches with a new collection for women, which is just as heavenly. The seductive and glamorous BR S Novarosa is inspired by the pink hues of Supernovae, the stars that explode in the vastness of space. It comprises three highly refined models that feature the BR S case, the smallest of the square watches. The design reinterprets the brand’s iconic model by introducing precious features that will delight women. The stunning pink of the dial evokes the explosion of a supernova that reveals a striking pink halo. These timepieces are true jewels of the watchmaker’s art.


Continuing the voyage to the stars of the Replica Bell and Ross BR S Diamond Eagle, the BR S Novarosa takes its name from a rare and spectacular astronomical event: the explosion of a star. This occurs when it reaches the latter stages of its life. It starts shining very brightly before exploding in an enormous cloud of dust. The shock waves are big enough to encompass an entire galaxy, which typically contains around 100 billion stars. This extraordinary phenomenon can last several hours. It is estimated that the star releases the same amount of energy produced by the Sun over thousands of years. These supernovae are some of the brightest phenomena of the universe and only two or three occur each century. Despite such rare occurrence and the difficulty in observing them from the earth, they astound and amaze those who have the chance to witness them.


For this new family of contemporary watches with a refined design, Replica Bell & Ross watch chose the evocative name «Novarosa.» This neologism can be unpacked as follows:
First comes the prefix “nova”, taken from supernova, the stars that illuminate the sky with unparalleled brightness at the end of their life. Next, the delicate suffix “rosa”, a tribute to the most feminine color. No matter the tone of pink —cotton candy, pale, dusky or fuchsia —it is synonymous of seduction and romance.
It is also the color of ingenuity, sensitivity, candor and purity. Finally, the expression “la vie en rose”, life through rose-tinted spectacles, evokes an existence filled with happiness and pleasure.

Bell & Ross has chosen this color for the dials of the three watches, which are subtly decorated with a “deep sunray” pattern. Lastly, “rosa” recalls the stardust caused by the explosion of a supernova, which often takes on this hue. This mysterious cloud sometimes regenerates and triggers the formation of a new star.


These three heavenly watches house a quartz movement displaying hours, minutes, seconds and the date. The mechanism is designed to be practical and ensure user comfort. As a result, this trio of watches is perfect for everyday wear.

The steel case features a streamlined design inspired by the shape of the BR family and by aviation instruments: “a circle within a square”. It belongs to the BR S collection, the smallest available and ideal for women’s wrists. Chic but resilient, these steel watches are water-resistant to 100 meters. The case is polished and satin-brushed finished, which gives it a sense of refinement and purity.

The bezel on the diamond versions is set with 66 sparkling round diamonds, with a total weight of 0.99 carat.

All the dials have a pink sunray decoration that evokes the shimmering halo of dust formed by supernovae and are adorned with a sunray brushed finish that evokes the beams of the Sun. This painstaking technique is further proof of Bell & Ross’ expertise.

On the version without diamonds, the indexes are baton-shaped metal appliques. This stylish and contemporary variant is ideal for everyday wear and is in perfect tune with the brand’s quest for purity. The two versions with diamonds feature twelve indexes formed by round diamonds set in faceted chatons for a very trendy look.

These watches are true pieces of jewelry and radiate luxurious refinement. The three models feature incredibly stylish hands.

For the very first time at Bell & Ross, BRS-PK-ST-LGD/SCR the Novarosa collection is paired with a Milanese mesh strap. This intriguing name refers to the refined technique of interwoven steel strands. To ensure absolute comfort, they are polished on both sides. This elegant strap is a delight to wear: it is flexible and adapts to every wrist shape and size. Its metal blends perfectly with the cases, which are made from steel of the same color. A folding buckle firmly secures the watch. This Milanese strap, feminine, contemporary and timeless, enhances the character of this very personal series of watches. The collection is also available with pink alligator or grey calfskin straps.

BR S White Ceramic or BR S Black Ceramic Phantom Diamonds



True to its aeronautical origins, Bell & Ross has re-imagined its iconic model, the BR01, by introducing a sleeker,
thinner and more elegant version: the BR S Ceramic 39 mm.

• The BR S Ceramic collection is a more urban interpretation of the BR 01 (46mm).

• Its size is suitable for everyday use with an ultra-slim ergonomic case, and its design is rooted in Bell & Ross’ four fundamental principles: readability, functionality, accuracy and water-resistance.

• The scratch proof high-tech ceramic is both lightweight and durable. It weighs a mere 55 grams. The pristine white color throughout the body of the watch is fade-resistant. The intense black will not lose its radiance with time. A chic, yet technical trim.

• The equally lightweight and ergonomic ceramic strap is a further design innovation. The ceramic links are attached to an elastic rubber strap for optimal comfort and strength.

• With a guarantee of reliability and precision, the BR S Ceramic has a quartz movement.

The BR S Ceramic line  
Black or white ceramic, steel or pink gold, matte or polished finish, the BR S Ceramic is synonymous with high-technology and elegance. 
The BR S Ceramic with its polished finish attracts women in search of a precious signature watch. Men generally prefer the matte anti-reflective version.

The BR S Ceramic Phantom line  
With a totally black or white case, dial and strap, the Replica BR S Ceramic Phantom epitomizes simplicity with its monochromatic look. The tone-on-tone dial, index and hands blend elegantly into the case for a unique and striking effect. 
The black or white diamonds harmonize with the tone of the watch, infusing the singular color with sparkle and sophistication.

Dressed in black or white, with or without diamonds, the Replica BR S Ceramic is both elegant and innovative, combining new materials and the latest technology.


Because he wants to reach for the stars and explore the ocean depths, because he lives out his passions to the full, man has always measured himself against time… to turn a few seconds into a moment of eternity.
Master watchmakers, engineers, designers and professional users combine their skills and experience with a unique objective in mind – to create a utilitarian watch – with the motto being that the essential is never compromised by the superfluous.

2008 welcomes a new addition to the INSTRUMENT family with the birth of the BR-S Ceramic collection.
With a diameter of 39mm in an extra-fl at (6.8mm) and ultra-light (55g) version, the BR-S Ceramic is a more urban interpretation of the BR 01 Professional Instrument (46mm).
A size that is suitable for everyday use, an ergonomic case with a remarkably fl at profi le, in accordance with the four fundamental Bell & Ross principles: readability, functionality, accuracy and water-resistance.
The guaranteed-reliable BR-S Ceramic has a quartz movement.

The unscratchable, high-tech ceramic combines both light weight and strength. It weighs a featherweight 55g.
The immaculate white colour throughout its volume is fade-resistant. The intense black will not lose its radiance with time.
A chic, yet technical trim.

Different materials ranging from black or white ceramic, steel or gold, with or without diamonds, pure dial, the BR-S Ceramic is synonymous with high-technology and elegance.
Refined, sleek, luxurious and supremely comfortable to wear, the Fake BR-S Ceramic will become a part of everyday life for demanding men and women.

Used Bell and Ross BR X1 Tourbillon R.S.17


Since its foundation in 1994, Bell & Ross has helped fighter pilots keep time. Over the years, the brand has become a leading benchmark in the world of aviation. In February 2016, in its permanent quest for new universes to explore, Bell & Ross made its first foray into the racetracks by joining the highly exclusive world of Formula 1 and becoming the official watch partner of the Renault Sport Formula One Team. The prestigious world of motor sport shares many similarities with aviation, Bell & Ross’ first love. In both fields, engineers seek extreme performance, speed and mechanical accuracy.

The collaboration with the French F1 team led to a first collection of watches named BR X1 RS16, in reference to the car unveiled that year. In 2017, Bell & Ross is strengthening its partnership by releasing a series of three new high-performance watches inspired by the steering wheel of the new Renault RS 17 F1 car:
BR 03-94 RS17
BR X1 RS17 Skeleton Chronograph
BR X1 RS17 Tourbillon Chronograph

The design and color codes of these high-tech timepieces allow the time to be read quickly and accurately. The principle evokes that of an F1 steering wheel, on which each piece of information is paired with a different color. This enables the driver to recognize them instantly, without any risk of error. The materials used – Carbone Forgé®, titanium or ceramic – are identical to those used in Grand-Prix racing cars.


Designed for racing drivers, the new Bell & Ross BR-RS17 collection is made up of truly exceptional watches. Their design, inspired by Formula 1, brings together the latest technological advances and the most innovative materials used in the racing world. These quintessential sports timepieces also take the lead in terms of legibility and finishes.

This series includes only chronograph models. This complication was invented to measure short periods of time and is considered the most important one in the race world, since it enables the performance of the vehicles on the track to be measured with great accuracy, turning these timepieces into indispensable tools for drivers and timekeepers. They have long since become a key instrument in cockpits, circuits and paddocks.

Their mechanism is complex. It often requires a third more components than a conventional watch caliber. Highly sophisticated, their movements are similar to those of highpowered engines, the gems of technology that propel racing cars to incredible speeds.


The new Replica Bell & Ross BR-RS17 collection features a wide range of color shades. These vivid hues are found on the steering wheel of the Renault F1 single-seater. For example, the flange on the two BR X1 chronographs features the same shimmering tones as the dial wheel at the center of the F1 RS17 steering wheel. These complementary primary colors, rarely used in high-end watches, allow functions to be identified and prioritized. The time, chronograph, date, seconds and power reserve (where applicable) have each their own color. This ensures the display is exceptionally clear and easy to decipher, and read reliably at a glance.
On the three watches, the elements relating to the chronograph complication are partially coated in “Renault” yellow. Ever since the French constructor entered F1 in 1977, its single-seaters have sported this shade.


Aviation and motor racing have many points in common: both rely on innovative materials, just as the latest Bell & Ross’ collection. The case of the BR X1 is made of Carbone Forgé® and the dial of the BR 03-94 is crafted of carbon fiber, both of the models being inspired on the steering wheel of the Renault F1 RS17. This lightweight and highly resilient composite material is used in aircraft fuselages and in bodies of racing cars. It is perfectly suited for the structural components subject to extreme mechanical stress.

The engineers at Replica Bell & Ross Watch have reworked this material in order to meet the quality criteria of watchmaking. They redesigned its fibers, the resin that holds them in place, and the tooling needed to create its finish. The results are perfectly
watertight cases for the X1 models of impeccable quality.

Both the aviation and automotive industries use ceramic, which is mostly used in the brakes of racing cars because it does not heat easily. The case of the BR 03 is made from this very hard material used to create components that are resistant to high temperatures.

Racing car tires are made from rubber. This material, with a very powerful grip, is used on the rim of the case and the push buttons of the BR X1 ensuring an excellent handling of the timekeeping function and a greater accuracy.
The straps are also made from innovative materials. On the BR X1, rubber is paired with carbon fiber for a very sporty look.


The hand-wound chronograph of the highest level of complication and a tourbillon make this watch an outstanding piece. This movement is considered the most impressive in Haute Horlogerie. Its flying tourbillon compensates for the detrimental effect the earth’s gravitational pull has on the mechanism and increases the accuracy of the watch. It is incredibly complex, built with miniscule pieces and housed inside a “floating” cage that is fitted on a hub but appears to float in the air. The chronograph function is activated by a paddle-style monopusher positioned to the right of the case. The key component of the system, the column wheel, coordinates the starting and stopping of the chronograph. The timer indications are red and yellow. The 4-day power reserve is shown in green, and white hands coated in SuperLuminova indicate the time. This special coating guarantees legibility, even at night.

Bell & Ross INSTRUMENTS BR05 Skeleton


Bell & Ross, leading brand in the aviation watch market with its iconic square BR 03 model designed for professionals in extreme environments, is now unveiling its Bell & Ross BR05 collection. Faithful to the brand’s watchwords of legibility, functionality, reliability and precision, this new model boasts a resolutely urban look and feel. The lines of its case combine round and square, the basic geometric shapes that form part of Bell & Ross’ identity. The construction of the BR 05 surpasses the rigor of the square and transcends the perfection of the circle to define its own individual character. Its confident style harnesses the energy of the city, its rhythm, its richness. BR05 is the time measuring instrument for the urban explorers.


The BR 05 belongs to the family of watches with an integrated case: the bracelet fuses with the case to create a unified piece. In the words of Bruno Belamich, Replica Bell & Ross’ co-founder and creative director: «This integration of case and bracelet is not only in line with the brand’s visual identity, it also brings another dimension to the watch: the first link forms part of the case. This type of design harks back to the Seventies, and when transposed to Bell & Ross, it creates a result with a graphic style which is both striking and modern.”


The rich finishes of the BR 05 draw the eye. Its 40 mm case is angular. The satin-finished surfaces are perfectly flat. The polished bevels emphasize and enhance the volumes they contain.

These alternating satin-finished and polished surfaces  are also found on the remarkably flexible steel bracelet.

Particular attention has been paid to the arc of the curve, allowing all the components to be perfectly aligned and ensuring the bracelet can adapt seamlessly to any wrist.

The new collection is also available with a ribbed rubber strap, a truly stylish alternative.  The dial of the BR 05, radiating with a subtle sunray finish, offers optimum legibility. It is available in silver grey, navy blue or deep black. These different colourways are complemented by another model, with a skeleton dial and mechanism.

Limited to 500 pieces, the BR 05 Skeleton effortlessly showcases the caliber BR-CAL.322 designed by Bell & Ross.

The BR 05 range is equipped with a BR-CAL.321 mechanism, wound by a 360° oscillating weight.

An 18 ct rose gold version of the case completes the first chapter of this new story.


Thanks to its integrated design, robust comfort and meticulous finishes, the BR05 Skeleton is a loyal ally for any active, urban lifestyle. Full of character, this instrument exudes strength and elegance. It is the latest jewel of masculinity from Bell & Ross: sculptural and captivating. It is ideal for the man about town, eager to face the challenges of modern life and in control of time and his own destiny.



The VINTAGE collection, inspired by the 1940s 

Replica Bell & Ross created its VINTAGE watches to pay homage to the military, in particular the pilots of the 1940s who were the first professionals to use the wristwatch as a tool to assist them in carrying out their missions. In keeping with this spirit, the new VINTAGE watches are simple, functional and timeless. 

The VINTAGE HERITAGE, inspired by the cockpit 

Copy Bell & Ross has combined the authenticity of vintage watches with the legibility of cockpit instrument panels, all in a single watch. Each aspect of the watch is a testament to these design principles : 

A vintage casing for a modern watch 
• The round casing, traditional in form, evokes memories of the wristwatch of a bygone era, ergonomically adapted for the comfort required by today’s men. 
• The anti-glare matte black carbon finish is inspired by the color of an airplane’s instrument panel, which uses contrast to facilitate the reading of the dials, eliminating any glare. 
• The vintage curved glass is produced from sapphire crystals using techniques perfected over the years. The choice of this highly scratch resistant material is reminiscent of materials used in on- board instrumentation. 
• The natural leather strap, like the watches of old, develops a rich patina over time. 

A vintage dial with perfect legibility 
• The dial, with its classic design, optimizes legibility, taking its inspiration from an airplane’s dashboard clocks. 
• The finish of the hands, index and the numerals is sand-colored, evoking the color of the dials in older watches. 

Two complementary movements 
The VINTAGE HERITAGE collection includes two quality movments : An hours, minutes and seconds version (BR 123) and a chronograph  (BR 126). 

The rebirth of a classic 

A magnificent example of Bell & Ross’ know-how, this new VINTAGE collection shows the coherence and cohesiveness of all of Bell & Ross’ watch collections. It perfectly illustrates the Bell & Ross philosophy of creating watches for professionals for whom legibility, functionality, accuracy and reliability are the priority. A new Bell & Ross grand classic, the VINTAGE HERITAGE announces a complete collection in the spirit of the VINTAGE models.

Bell & Ross VINTAGE Watch Replica BR 126 Heritage BRV126-HERITAGE Black Microblasted Steel

Bell & Ross VINTAGE Watch Replica BR 123 Heritage BRV123-HERITAGE Black Microblasted Steel



Replica Bell & Ross has designed the VINTAGE COLLECTION as an homage to the aviators of the 1940’s, who were the first professionals to use the wristwatch as a tool on their missions.


The Fake watches in the Bell & Ross VINTAGE COLLECTION share the same characteristics, particulary their inspiration, shape and movement:

• The traditional shape of the round case is reminiscent of period wristwatches while its ergonomic design is compatible with the comfort expected by modern wearers.
• The domed crystal recalls the crystals of the 1940’s. Unlike the original, however, it is produced using extremely strong sapphire as a result of improved production techniques.
• The refined dial graphics optimize readability, taking their inspiration from cockpit instruments.

BR 126 Sport BRV126-BL-BE/SCA

WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir Ivory



2011 stands out as a key milestone for Used Bell & Ross. the firm is bringing the first timepieces worn during the First World War back into vogue: the PW1 (Pocket Watch 1) and its wristwatch version, the Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1).

Military history’s ultimate master watchmaker, Replica Bell & Ross is particularly passionate about aviation, which made precise timekeeping one of its key navigational tools. now, the firm is again demonstrating its expertise, with the creation of an exclusive model illustrating the unique parallel between the history of aviation and that of watch-making.

The creation of the Vintage WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir is part of this history. A true ode to the past, it is the worthy successor to the first wristwatches used by pilots in the 1920s.


During the 1920s, in the early days of military aviation, chronographs addressed aviators’ need to calculate short time periods. They were not simply wristwatches, they were an instrument for achieving their mission.


The device very accurately reinterprets the authenticity of period aviation chronographs, which originally only had one button.
The epitome of Bell & Ross’s watch-making expertise, the WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir is a complication that is as practical as it is functional.
This type of chronograph facilitates the measurement of short periods of time by pressing a single button. Perfectly incorporated into the crown, the single button operates all the chronograph’s commands: start, stop and reset, for safer and faster use.


In order to satisfy the requirements for legibility, Bell & Ross has modified the mechanical design by increasing the counters’ centre distance. Since these are perfectly aligned with the button, they provide an intuitive and immediate reading.
A mirror image of the single button chronograph of 1920s aviators, the Vintage WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir emphasises legibility and functionality.

The WW1 Chronographe Monoupoussoir is available in two typical versions combined with period functionality.


The Heritage version of the Chronographe Monopoussoir refers to the history of aviation while using the most modern techniques to recreate the effects of passing time.
Its refined aesthetics capture the eye. its dial, brown with a distressed look, its sand-coloured numerals, index and hands are reminiscent of the dials of old watches down to the last detail, giving an inimitable retro-chic appeal to the model as a whole.
The watch’s legibility lies in the contrast of the numerals and index against the brown dial.
With its military finishes inspired by history and its natural leather strap, the Chronographe Monopoussoir Heritage has the authentic appeal of a measuring instrument of the era.


With its more classical styling, the Chronographe Monopoussoir Ivory Dial is characterized by its traditional finish.
The eponymous ivory dial, the snailed counters and the pear-shaped blue-steel hands give this model a period feel. the generous polished case adds the finishing touch, resembling time pieces of the past.
The contrast of the black numerals and index lend optimal legibility to the information.
The WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir Ivory Dial features a blue
alligator strap which perfectly completes its timeless elegance.

These two versions, each with its own distinctive personality, share common characteristics specific to the WW1 collection:
•    The Swiss manufactured movement.
•    The large fob-watch type diameter, which is the inspiration for the collection.
•    The simplicity of the horns, produced like wire handles soldered to the case, and the elegance of the straps hark back to the first wrist
watches while being ergonomically perfect.
•    The easy-to-use large grooved crown, inspired by the ones handled by pilots while wearing gloves.
•    The domed glass gives the watch a vintage look. its use of sapphire crystal distinguishes it from the original. Sapphire crystal is extremely resistant, making the timepiece remarkably durable.
•    The dial, with its sober design, optimizes legibility, a particularity of all Bell & Ross watches.


The Replica Vintage WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir has been designed with the greatest respect for the original device: the first wristwatch. This is one of the most striking tributes paid by Bell & Ross to the history of military aviation. Without concession or compromise, the firm has produced a genuine classic, which is retro, modern as well as extremely functional.



BR Watch manufacturer Bell & Ross has designed collections of timepiece instruments that pay tribute to five key periods in aviation history and the technological breakthroughs that occurred from the 1900s to the present day.

Consistently upholding respect for: primarily, the military specifications from which Bell & Ross watches borrow their strict guidelines and high readability, functionality, precision and waterproof standards. Secondly, for the codes passed down from each period that are conscientiously updated to create modern timepieces that are modern, yet faithful to those that inspired them.

The VINTAGE collection’s new SPORT HERITAGE line of watches pays special homage to the 1960s, a period of intense creativity and numerous innovations. This period also saw the creation of Dassault’s famous Mystère-Falcon 20, the best business jet of its time.

Two outstanding manufacturers join forces

Dassault Aviation is another story about heritage. The excellence of the Falcon business jets is the result of the company’s groundbreaking technology in designing and manufacturing fighter jets. In the early 1960s, Dassault worked on the development of a small, twin-engine, 10-seat business jet, the Mystère 20. The jet made its maiden flight on the 4th of May 1963 and immediately became the commercial success known as the Falcon. This was the first chapter in an amazing saga that continues to this day, with the Falcon 7X generation business jets and the delivery of Dassault’s 2,250th Falcon.

Bell & Ross, the benchmark in aeronautical watches, shares Dassault’s values of innovation, quality and reliability. It became only natural for both great companies to team up to celebrate the Falcon’s 50th anniversary and launch the Bell & Ross VINTAGE SPORT HERITAGE. To mark the celebrated jet’s 50th anniversary, Bell & Ross has created two limited edition timepieces: the VINTAGE FALCONS.

The Vintage Sport Heritage line

The VINTAGE line’s spirit recalls the 1960s era of civil aviation and the decade’s sports watches. Its HERITAGE style embodies the period in its details:
• Sand-colored hands and numerals reproduce the aged look of period watches
• The round, classically shaped, polished steel case features a bulging, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, adding modern technology to the crystal’s authentic shape
• A bezel marked with 60-minute graduations, and the contrast of time information on the dial, enhance readability.

Bell & Ross has created two complementary models: an automatic BR 123 version, with hours, minutes, seconds and date; and a BR 126 chronograph version.


The FALCON watch pays homage to its namesake’s 50th anniversary, featuring all the hallmarks of the VINTAGE SPORT HERITAGE line and stands out due to:
• The brown dial and brown leather wristband, which enhance its authentic vintage spirit
• The Falcon’s outline, silk-screened on the dial at 6 o’clock
• The elegant «50 ans du Falcon» logo on the back, which appears in its metallic form on a sapphire glass background.

Both VINTAGE FALCON models (BR 123 and BR 126) come in Limited Editions of 500 each. They will be available only in exclusive Bell & Ross boutiques and e-shops.

With the launch of the VINTAGE SPORT HERITAGE line, Bell & Ross pays tribute to a period and to a legendary airplane, by designing watches with simple and pure lines, faithful to the codes of the VINTAGE collection.

Functional and timeless, these new models illustrate with elegance two of Bell & Ross’ favorite worlds: aeronautics and precision.

Marcel Dassault liked to say that ‘a beautiful plane is a plane that flies well’. Likewise, Bell & Ross embraces the philosophy that the beauty of an object, no matter how sophisticated it is, can never match the logical culmination of its primary function.

Brand  :Replica Watch Bell & Ross
Collection  :VINTAGE Watch
Model  :BR 123 FALCON
Reference  :BRV123-FALCON/SCA
Nber of pieces :500
Complement :Steel – Calfskin Strap
On sale :2013
List Price :$150
Diameter :41 mm
Styles :Vintage
Types :Self-winding
Calibre :ETA 2892
Complication :Small Seconds
Case material :Polished steel
Case peculiarity :Screwed-down caseback
Sapphire caseback
Engraved caseback 
Immovable black bezel with 60 minutes graduation
Shape :Round
Water-resistance :100 meters
Dial color :Brown
Display :Luminescent hands
Indexes :Baton-type
Arabic numerals
Glass :Ultra-domed
Antireflective coating 
Strap material :Calfskin
Strap color :Dark brown
Strap clasp :Pin buckle
Bell & Ross VINTAGE Replica Watch BR 123 FALCON BRV123-FALCON/SCA Steel - Calfskin Strap

WW1 Régulateur Pink Gold BRWW1-REG-PG/SCR

Used Bell & Ross creates watches that are as precious as they are functional, reflecting its constant quest for excellence and
the exceptional. Continuing from the Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante model introduced in 2012, replica Bell & Ross presents
the WW1 Régulateur, a watch of extreme refinement that will delight connoisseurs of singular, neo-classical pieces.
Featuring an original display with a sober and ultra-legible design, this model epitomizes the brand’s visual identity
with high-quality watchmaking.


For this new model, Bell & Ross has chosen a display favoring precise and immediate reading of the minutes via the Swiss-made “regulator” movement.

This movement, which separates the indexes by ordering them into a hierarchy, has long been the most precise instrument in the history of watchmaking. It creates an original display in which each of the indexes – hours, minutes and seconds – have their independent display.

The Vintage WW1 Régulateur has a dominant central hand for the minutes, an hour counter at 12 o’clock and a small independent seconds hand at 6 o’clock, allowing rapid and precise reading of short time periods.


The Vintage WW1 Régulateur reflects a classical aesthetic. The combination of pure lines, high quality materials and slender strap make this watch the height of elegance.

• Its generous diameter (42mm), domed sapphire crystal, fasteners resembling wire handles soldered to the case, and its narrow alligator strap, are all reminiscent of the first wrist watches.

• The opaline silvered dial, the snailed counter and the extreme slenderness of the blue hands and indexes offer a unique refinement, the very embodiment of elegance.

• As a final touch, the pink gold brings nobility and sobriety to this timepiece. The «barleycorn» guilloched caseback, worked in the style of period watches, is decorated in precious metal, reflecting the watchmakers’ exquisite craftsmanship.


The Vintage WW1 Régulateur embodies Bell & Ross’s expertise in watchmaking.
It brilliantly combines the complexity of the mechanical movement with the simplicity of the principle of separated indexes. The refined design of its high-quality polished pink gold case gives it a timeless elegance.

Offered in a limited edition of 99 pieces, it will appeal to collectors and connoisseurs of traditional watchmaking with modern tastes.
Bell & Ross succeeds in its original mission of harnessing technology to promote legibility.

Brand  :Bell & Ross watches for sale
Collection  :VINTAGE
Model  :WW1 Régulateur Pink Gold
Reference  :BRWW1-REG-PG/SCR
Nber of pieces :99
Complement :Pink Gold – Alligator Bracelet
On sale :2013
List Price :$160
Diameter :42 mm
Styles :Vintage
Types :Self-winding
Calibre :Dubois Depraz
Complication :Regulator
Case material :Pink gold
Case peculiarity :“Barleycorn” guilloche caseback
Shape :Round
Water-resistance :30 meters
Dial :Azure
Dial color :Opalescent
Display :Blued hands
Indexes :Baton-type
Arabic numerals
Glass :Antireflective coating
Strap material :Alligator leather
Strap color :Brown
Strap clasp :Pin buckle
Replica Watch Bell and Ross VINTAGE WW1 Régulateur BRWW1-REG-PG/SCR Pink Gold Pink Gold - Alligator Bracelet

WW1 Argentium

  • WW1 ARGENTIUM      Replica Bell & Ross has always been fascinated with aeronautical instrumentation and the plane as an object. This inspiration has nurtured the development of collections based on two ideas: the first, aeronautical instrumentation, specifically that of the instrument panel, in its AVIATION Collection; the second, the evocation of key eras in the history of aviation through the development of pilot watches in the VINTAGE Collection. 

    As part of the latter, the Vintage WW1 ARGENTIUM® (Wrist Watch 1) illustrates an evolutionary point midway between the pocket watch and the wristwatches of the 1940s.    RENAISSANCE OF A BYGONE MATERIAL 

    With the WW1 ARGENTIUM®, Bell & Ross preserves the magic of vintage timepieces and sublimates them with the most innovative watch-making techniques: by using a new oxidation-resistant alloy, Argentium®, the pioneering watchmaker is reviving a forgotten metal. Inimitable color, magnificent luster and unique depth: the WW1 ARGENTIUM® is suffused with all the nobility of silver.    VINTAGE WW1 ARGENTIUM®: FROM POCKET WATCH TO WRISTWATCH 

    Created from a unique silver alloy, the WW1 ARGENTIUM® models perfectly reflect the high-quality allure of the early wristwatches. An exercise in style mastered by Bell & Ross, these two models demonstrate the perfect refinement of its art. 

    These two versions continue the characteristics specific to the WW1 collection:   • the finish of the hands and index markers in appliqué metal give the model a timeless refinement.   • the domed glass gives the watch a vintage look. Unlike the original, it is made from sapphire, a hard-wearing material, using perfected techniques.   • designed in the finest watch-making tradition, the manual winding movement offers a journey back to the very roots of watchmaking. The polished case and barleycorn guilloché caseback also enhance its allure.   • the horns are produced like wire handles and soldered to the case. The elegance of the straps harks back to the first wristwatches while being ergonomically perfect.    The WW1 ARGENTIUM® stand out from the other models in the WW1 45mm collection due to their smaller diameter (41mm) and the unique luster of their silver case and finish. 

    In 2013, a new version with an opaline dial joins the two existing versions, Ruthenium and Silver. The sunburst dial of this new version shimmers with opalescent reflections, blending subtly with the silver  of the case to create a marvelous harmony. The hands, numerals and index markers present a tone-on-tone display of elegant sobriety. With their blue, orange red or white alligator leather straps, these masculine classics can be transformed into feminine icons. 

    Attractive and refined down to their last details, marked by their elegance and optimum comfort, these WW1 ARGENTIUM® models will appeal to men and women looking for authenticity. The WW1 ARGENTIUM® models are the perfect embodiment of Bell & Ross’s mission: to turn back time to add new treasures from the past to its collection.