Versace Medusa Lock Icon Watch

Versace, through long-standing design and manufacturing partner Timex Group, has been producing wristwatches for some time. In the pantheon of “fashion watches,” where does Versace exist in comparison to its many fashion house competitors who also have their own versace watches? The famed Italian fashion maker run by the sister (Donatella) of the founder who was murdered years back in Miami, Florida has been humming along with its distinctive aesthetic, which often revolves around the motif of the Medusa from ancient mythology. Today, I look at a women’s Versace wristwatch, the reference VERF000818 Versace Medusa Stud Icon.

What I think a lot of people don’t quite understand about a lot of fashion watches is exactly who designs them. There might be this perception that the fashion house itself designs and produces the watches, or that they design and then have an external supplier produce the watches. Neither of that is true in this instance. What groups such as Timex and Fossil (as well as Movado) have historically done, to great success, is contract with fashion brands to handle the entirety of wristwatch design and production. All fashion houses need to do, in most instances, is receive, market, and sell the products. This particular model worked extremely well for Timex Group competitor Fossil Group, in the example of Michael Kors watches.
My belief, however, is that Timex has been designing and producing Versace watches for Versace for years longer than Fossil’s relationship with Michael Kors. versace watches and Salvatore Ferragamo probably represent the current highest-end names that Timex produces fashion-focused products for, but their relationship with fashion labels across the globe goes deep. But also local. I think, perhaps, the most telling part of the Versace watches story is that Timex’s design headquarters isn’t located in Connecticut, the United States where the Timex main headquarters is, but rather across the pond in Milan, Italy.

Being in Milan offers Timex a few benefits when it comes to relationships with the fashion labels it does business with. First, it is able to work very closely with their teams when it comes to product design and concepts, and second, it allows Timex to benefit from the design and marketing talent that exists in the city. If Timex, or any other group for that matter, wants to design marketable fashion watches, does it not need to at least make sure the products it makes fits logically within the brand whose stories and websites will carry it? That challenge — and to come in at desired price points — is incredibly difficult to succeed at. This is because clients look at a product like this Versace Medusa Stud Icon women’s watch and must feel that it is both a good watch and a logically compelling Versace product. The important takeaway message here is that Versace watches are designed to, first and foremost, be timepieces, which is why a third-party partner makes the most sense to help the fashion label get the best product possible.
The name of this Versace women’s watch is a bit amusing to me because of how literal it is. Taken any other way, the “Stud Icon” watch sounds like something a man, not a woman, might wear. The term is really a comment on how the watch prominently features Versace’s Medusa iconic Medusa motif, in the form of the image on studs that are used across the fashion label. You’ really need to know that, and you’d also need to know that lots of other Versace watches that also prominently feature the Medusa stud icon don’t actually have any of those terms in the name. If it were up to me, I would have focus group-tested these names a bit more. At least when it comes to matching the design of the watches with the fashion brand, all the hard work was done correctly.
Visually, the concept works in this timepiece, and I like this women’s watch because it is just as much decorative bracelet as it is wristwatch. The round dial, along with the round “stud” links, makes up the majority of the composition, with a more traditional watch bracelet underneath and mostly there for both wearing comfort and to make sure the bracelet can be sized to someone’s wrist. What I like about the design overall is that by using relatively few shapes and themes, the repetition of those shapes makes for an interesting wearable that is both utilitarian and fashionable.
versace watches currently produces (through the Timex Group) four versions of the Medusa Stud Icon. This reference VERF00818 is two-toned with polished steel and steel IP-coated with yellow gold tone (actually, Versace refers to the color as “champagne”). This is the only two-toned version of the watch, as the others are either all yellow gold tones with a matching yellow gold tone or black dial, and an all rose gold toned model. The case is 28mm-wide (water resistant to 50 meters) with an attractive but simple dial powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement (a Ronda caliber 751). Over the dial is a sapphire crystal.

The hands and four hour markers have a neat texture (small repeating letter Vs) to them, which actually adds to the contrast value, making them more legible. I would actually like to see more men’s watches use techniques like this to enhance the visual effect, as well as the legibility of timepiece. The female wearer modeling the watch really liked the overall comfort and style of the watch. The personality and its visual distinctiveness (along with comfort) were all plus factors. The only downside for her was the lack of additional hour markers that would make reading the time a bit more straight forward. I don’t disagree, and these are some of those “style over substance” considerations that happen all the time is wristwatch design.

One of the interesting things about what happens to these fashion house watches when they come to market, is that no matter how much time or detail is put into them, there is virtually storytelling by the brand itself when it comes to discussing the merits of these products. There are probably fewer than 100 total words on the Versace website that attempt to explain this watch, why Versace even has watches or any substance whatsoever to help convince customers. Granted, Versace and most Italian fashion labels dedicate equally little effort to explaining their other products. That said, time and time again in today’s world, we find that stories and substance sell watches, not mere looks or brand associations.

I like writing about women’s watches that I personally like to see on women. I don’t really care what brand they come from or the price point — though more accessible price points are more interesting to me because I like the idea that a lot of people can wear or enjoy the product. Women rarely purchase timepieces for similar reasons as men, so the storytelling and concepts around them need to be different. Unlike men, women tend to immediately respond well to watches that are as much jewelry as they are timepieces. In this case, you have a blend of three things. First is the fact that the Medusa Stud Icon is a reliable timepiece.

versace watch new review

Most hard-core collectors of luxury watches probably frown at models offered by fashion houses, and that’s understandable. When your primary business is fashion, you generally concern yourself more with clothing than you do with fine watchmaking. It’s true that most fashion houses that offer watches tend to have flashy, but inexpensive offerings. Versace watches are different, and strikingly so. While the company is primarily known for their clothing and accessories, the do take their timepieces seriously.

The timepieces are Swiss made and have the sorts of features and build quality that one usually finds only with well known companies that manufacture watches exclusively, such as Audemars Piguet or Rolex.

While few people who collect timepieces from those companies are likely to start buying this particular brand, their timepieces do compare favorably with other mid to high end Swiss models and we think you’ll like what you see.
Most fashion houses give little thought to their timepieces, aside from making sure that they’re colorful and stand out as bling. That being the case, almost all of them feature Chinese-made quartz movements, simply because they’re cheap.

That’s not the case here, as Versace watches are all Swiss made. While many models do feature quartz electronic movements, others have automatic movements and none of the are sourced from Asia.

Models use stainless steel or gold in their cases, gold, stainless steel or leather for their bands, and sapphire crystal to protect their watch faces. Water resistance for most models is relatively modest, at 30 to 50 meters, but these are not sports watches (though a few look like them.) These are elegant timepieces to be worn as fashion items that just happen to be attractive and well built. You’re not going to find much innovation in the way of function here, though they do offer some truly eye-catching timepieces, including a couple that have truly nonstandard faces. The Dylos automatic, for instance, does not have traditional hands but instead displays the time using several rotating dials. As you might expect from a fashion-oriented company, these watches are more about styling than cutting edge mechanical innovation. More than anything else, Versace watches are made to look good, as the founder was interested in style, and they do, indeed, make an attractive timepiece. Many of their models feature generous amounts of gold and a few even include diamonds. There’s lots of color in the product line, too, and not just in the women’s models. Orange, bright blue, and yellow are among the colors you’ll see in the product line. A few models for both sexes include chronograph features, and most models look good enough to wear in either the boardroom or out on a night on the town.

Models are available for both men and women and there’s actually a nice selection of watches for each. This is unusual; most fashion companies tend to favor women’s models and sometimes offer theme exclusively. That’s not the case here, and men will find a number of models from which to choose. The care and maintenance will vary by model. Models with quartz movements will require little care aside from having the battery replaced every two years or so. More elaborate automatic models will likely need to be serviced from time to time; please observe the company’s recommendation for servicing. As with all timepieces, you should store your watch in a cool, dry place and keep them away from both extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields, as either could damage them. While the build quality is exceptional, the warranty is average, at two years. That’s not to say that the warranty isn’t a good one, but two years seems to be the length of the warranty for the vast majority of watchmaking companies worldwide.

These watches are high quality timepieces and are thoroughly tested at the factory prior to shipping, so defects are likely quite rare. As with much of the rest of their overall product line, you’ll find that Versace watches are intended for the higher end of the market. As such, you’re likely to pay something north of $1300 at a minimum for any of the company’s models and a few reach into the five figure range. Most of them, however, are priced in the $2000-$5000 range, which qualifies them as expensive, but not inordinately so. Watches from this brand are comparably priced to other Swiss brands of similar quality. As with the company’s other products, you can find Versace watches for sale either at the company’s boutiques, which are located in major cities around the globe, or you can purchase them through the company’s Website. You can also find them at a few high end department stores. Those, at least, are the official places where you can buy them.

Unofficially, you can also buy from a number of online retailers. These online retailers will usually offer a warranty of their own, and often represent the best way to buy at a discount, as the official Website and the boutiques are going to be charging the recommended retail price. Keep in mind that the company’s product line is quite diverse and includes a number of models, with new ones coming out all the time and others going out of production. This means that no single retailer is likely to have everything that the company offers in stock at any given time, though most will likely have a good representative sample. There is a lot to like about Versace watches, and not just because they’re pretty. Lots of fashion companies don’t give much thought to their timepieces, aside from making sure they have a few for sale on their site and in their stores. These timepieces represent the work of a company that takes their watch line seriously, and they offer attractive, innovative timepieces that look good and should last for many years with proper care.

New Versace Watches Review

Let’s get something straight: the new Versace watches are tacky. Gloriously, unabashedly, unapologetically tacky. Not even the most ridiculous Jacob & Co. creation (think Opera Godfather Minute Repeater) can compete. And unlike the wretched excess of big name brands (think Rolex Leopard Daytona), Versace watches are affordable (relatively speaking). That means the people wearing them aren’t horologically pretentious, in a snobby watch enthusiast kinda way. They’re just . . .

Flamboyant! Which is more on-brand for Versaci than the 911 is for Porsche. Even a quick look at Versace’s two new watches confirms this. It’s all there: the branding, colors and spizzarkle that made their clothes famous.

So let’s take a closer look at Versace’s newest and best-ever timepieces. Which, again, means their tackiest ever.
All-gold (not “all gold”) watches are stunning. You might think a gold Rolex President Day-Date is a pretentious as F watch that betrays its owner’s megalomaniacal low self-esteem Donald Trump-wise. I wouldn’t disagree. But you gotta admit: the gold Rollie’s got its own thing. By the same token, gold pairs well with just about any case material or dial color (e.g., any gold OMEGA).

Versace watches’ new-for-2021 Icon Active “White” shows us that the only thing with which gold doesn’t pair harmoniously is . . . nothing. As in a translucent watch band.
Clearly, the designers behind this timepiece are capitalizing on the all-sapphire watch trend, as exemplified by the $5k Aventi A11 (above) and the $422k Hublot Big Band Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire. Clearly, they’ve kicked it up/down a notch.

For good reason: tasteful harmoniousness is for wimps and simps. True fashion is edgy. If there’s a fine line between edgy and tacky I’m not sure what it is. If there is, Versace watches Icon Active White hops over it.
It’s easy to overlook a handsome watch. In fact, wearing an elegant big name watch is a bit like driving an AMG Mercedes thinking chicks will dig it (to use the old, non-politically correct term). Truth be told, anyone other than a pistonhead won’t recognize the German whip as anything other than a nice car (if that). But this? This watch stands out!
Versace calls the Icon Active white’s dial color champagne. I don’t. I think it’s a lot closer to parrot sick green. But it’s a feature, not a bug! The dial makes the gold hands, indices, chapter ring, golder-than-gold Medusa head Versace logo, bezel, screws and pushers pop like, well, nitrite poppers. Especially when combined with the clear plastic case and band.

Time keeping-wise, who gives a sh*t? But in case you were wondering, the Versace watches’ chronograph’s powered by a RONDA 5021.D – the same Swiss movement that motivated a few TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 watches. That said, the TAGs were water resistant to 20 ATM. The ironically-named Icon Active is barely swimmable at 5 ATM.
Did I forget to mention Versace Watches’ “Greek key” or “meander” pattern (mimicking the ancient Maeander River of Asia Minor) just above the chapter ring? I did. If you missed it, the Icon Active’s plastic presentation box brings it on home.

Sure, $995 is a lot of money to bring home a plastic, not-real-gold quartz chrono. But as Marc Jacobs, former creative director for Louis Vuitton (currently huffing high horology) pronounced, “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting.” This is definitely that. But it’s not the main event . . .
That honor belongs to the blue, black and gold Icon Active Blue. Thanks to the blue chapter ring and band, EVERYTHING pops here.

I’ve always thought the fashion brand’s Medusa head was way too pretty to represent a Gorgon who’s visage was so ugly it could turn men to stone. Maybe founder Giovanni Maria Versace was commenting on the ugliness behind the fashion industry – fitting for a man murdered by a handsome spree killer. Anyway, the Medusa head hidden on the caseback (below) is more convincing.
The blue watch is the most fitting timepiece for Gianni’s revolutionary style; the Calabrian was famous for adding bold colors to the often austere and drab fashion world. The Icon Active Blue is bold, bodacious and bad-ass.

Imagine seeing the Versace watches’ Icon Active Blue adorning the wrist of a guy or gal wearing something other than dark blue clothing. A true fashionista pushing the boat out. If you think about it, what other watch could stand up to a Versace Renaissance Silk Sport Shirt? BA-BAM!
No matter how you pair it, there’s simply no ignoring this timepiece. Yeah, yeah, I know: most of you wish you could ignore it. But there are people in this world for whom being ignored is a fate worse than death. I’m not just talking about the Kardashians or other Instagram influencers. I’m talking about working class stiffs.

I come to celebrate Caesar fashion-forward folks, not bury them. I may have a ten-foot pole by my side, but I admire exuberance in all its forms, whether it’s a 1964 Chevy lowrider or a Versace Watches Icon Active. I mean, anyone can wear a Rolex Submariner. But these new Versace watches are for people who live life to the full – in their own special way. Mazel Tov bitches!

Versace Virtus watch

If you’re looking for a designer Versace watches , rather than a luxury model, you might be inclined to go with a fashion brand. There are lots of them out there, and some of them actually produce some quality timepieces. Others offer great styling at an affordable price, and that’s OK, too.

Versus by Versace watches falls into the latter camp, and despite the brand’s reputation for being fairly expensive, Versus by Versace watches are actually quite affordable and offer fun, colorful styling. No one is going to confuse them with a Rolex, but the brand fills a useful need in the marketplace. The build quality is more than adequate; the company uses stainless steel cases and mineral crystal, which, though not as scratch-resistant as sapphire crystal, can certainly do the job of protecting the watch face. Crowns are push-pull, rather than screw-down, and water resistance is modest, with most models rated at 30-50 meters. Since these are fashion watches, rather than diving timepieces, such water resistance is more than adequate to meet the needs of most buyers.
While Versace is an Italian brand, they have the watches for this particular sub-brand made elsewhere, and the movements used in their timepieces are all highly reliable quartz electronic movements, sourced either from Switzerland or Japan, depending on the model. While hardcore luxury watch fans prefer automatic movements, quartz offers the advantage of requiring less in the way of maintenance.
This is a fairly new brand and isn’t really concerned with watches as anything other than an attractive fashion accessory. That being the case, you’re not going to find anything in the way of technical innovation. You’ll see a few models with chronograph features, but you’re not going to find cutting edge mechanical innovation or bizarre complications here. They’re all about styling.
The styling can be described as colorful and fun. If you’re tired of brands that offer Versace watches in black, silver or gold, you’re going to love Versus by Versace watches. Their models include all of the colors of the rainbow, as well as zebra stripes, zippers on the strap and even some with safety pins.

It’s all part of the eye-catching, casual appeal of the brand, and while Versus by Versace watches do feature a few models that have traditional styling, most of the models for both men and women feature lots of color. All displays are analog, despite the electronic movements and bands are available in leather or stainless steel. You won’t find real gold or diamonds in this brand, however, but they do have a number of models with gold-toned steel.
Care and maintenance will be minimal, as these watches all feature quartz movements. You will need to have the batteries replaced every two years or so, but aside from that, you likely won’t need to do anything else in the way of care. You should be careful to store your watches in a cool, dry place and to keep them away from strong magnetic fields or extremes of temperature, as these can affect the movement and the ability to keep time. With proper care, your watch should run well for a number of years.
The warranty is the industry average. The company warrants their watches to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship for two years from the date of purchase. We have found that more than 90% of all watchmakers offer a two year warranty, so this one is pretty much the same as what everyone else offers.
You’re most likely to find the brand for sale at department stores if you’re the sort who likes shopping at brick and mortar locations. Many mid-to-high priced stores will carry them, as will any store that carries the main Versace brand. If you like shopping on the Internet, you’ll also find them for sale there, and that may be your best chance to buy at a discount. We have seen them offered for sale at online retailers at nearly 75% off, so it’s worth taking a look online if you’re looking for a genuine bargain.
This brand isn’t going to be for everyone. They make far more models for women than they do for men, and these are timepieces that are designed for looks, rather than performance. They’ll keep time, which is sort of the point, but they’re really going to look great as fashion accessories, as they’re available in styles and colors to suit any wardrobe. The brand offers decent build quality, and adequate warranty, fun, colorful styling and attractive pricing. If you need something to keep time and will help you accessorize, you’ll love Versus by Versace watches.

Versace Virtus Two-Tone

We all know that your choice of bag can instantly make or break your outfit, but with all the new offerings rolling out every season, how do you choose which works best for you and your wardrobe? Donatella Versace had this question in mind every single season for over two decades, and she’s decided that, much like her clothes, the perfect bag should work to represent and even bring out the best qualities in you.
If a suit is a modern-day man’s armour, then a bag should do the same for the women of today; and Versace’s fashion armoury has just debuted a brand-new handbag collection, Virtus, to get us ready as we set out to face our everyday battles. Feeling skeptical? Scroll down to see the four reasons we think Versace’s Virtus bag is the modern-day armour every woman needs.
The name of the collection, Virtus, was that of the deity of bravery and military strength in ancient Roman mythology. You’d find it proudly portrayed on armour, coins and mosaics, serving as a reminder that excellence is always within your grasp.

Today, Virtus means the same and so much more: It serves as a manifesto in a new age of femininity filled with dignity and awareness — a new world that’s been conquered from a hard-won battle, and one that Gianni Versace always believed in.

The reincarnated symbol now appears in the form of a metal V hardware (representing both Virtus and Versace), enriched with acanthus leaves and proudly placed front and centre on every bag.
To succeed in pursuing an ambition takes great patience and an unwavering determination; and though women today are more empowered than ever, it’s still a work in progress for gender equality in the occupational field.

“For a woman to have credibility, they have to work three times more than a man,” says Donatella Versace watch. However, much like a precious stone, we only get stronger and brighter against pressure. That is also why all Virtus bags come in a structured construction, standing strong and firm against the test of time.
“Fashion is not something that can change the world… it can change the woman,” Donatella once said. “It can empower the woman. It can make her strong, in herself, and to believe herself more.” The independent women of today reach high and aim for the sky. We need, especially in times of defeat, a reassurance and boost of confidence to help us get back up and take on new challenges ahead. Like the Roman deity, the Virtus bag, with its extended array of eye-popping colours, serves as a delightful reminder of our brave spirit and self-worth.
Betterment knows no boundaries. In ancient Rome, women were not only allowed, but encouraged to pursue education and fiercely participate in political and philosophical discussions with anyone around them, be it a man or a woman.

Deeply inspired by such openness, which saw intellect flowing through everyone in all shapes and sizes, Donatella made sure her new Virtus line reflected the same spirit. From tote bags to shoulder bags, box clutches, saddle bags and belt bags, the new collection features a wide range of designs, so there’s definitely something for you to gear up with for all occasions.

Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch

Thanks for dropping by to read this Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch review from Our objective for this review is to help you determine if Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch is the very best product in the Women’s Watches category that your money can buy. We’ll base this on a number of factors, from the price to the quality and durability of the product. Of course we’ll also delve into other customer reviews, as there’s no doubt that a customer that has tried and tested the product is the next best thing to being able to try it for yourself.

To start with let’s take a look at a few overview stats for Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch to see how it stacks up on a score out of 10. The first reaction for me, is that this has got some seriously impressive scores for all of the key measurements (price, quality, reviews and then an overall score). So take a look yourself and then when you’re ready we’ll get into the detail of the scores.
It’s pretty clear that Versace are one of the best and most recognised brands when it comes to buying products in the Women’s Watches category, but are they the best? Whether you choose to buy Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch or not will depend largely on how good the brand is, so it’s important to understand and be confident that you’re happy with a brand before you get into the detail of one of their products.

An important factor to consider here, is just how many options you have available, there are absolutely tons of suppliers and brands offering very similar products in the Women’s Watches category. All of these brands fighting to compete with each other is great news for you and us, because they’re always trying their very best to offer the best product on the market and at a competitive price…RESULT!

But to give you a bit of insight into Versace as a brand, we found a total of 69 products from brand name using our product and review scanning database. This searches for the best prices and best reviews from retailers like Watch Shop, so you can see that there is a great deal of choice from Versace. It’s also really useful to explore the average price of their products too. Our most recent price scan found that the average price of a product from Versace was £383.43 which is worth comparing to the price of Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch which is £910. But then it’s worth looking a bit more deeply into the average price of products from Versace and looking only at the average price of their products that fall into the Women’s Watches category. The average price of that is £906.28.

Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch Quality
Quality is obviously a subjective topic, but an important one. Whether you’re shopping to get the very best quality product available, or just get the best quality for a budget…you’re still going to care greatly about the quality of your product. Some of the key things to look out for to determine the quality of products in the Women’s Watches category include:

Comments from customers in their reviews
Specific comments about the durability
Look for top features in the description
Don’t forget to check out the quality score at the top of this review as a quick guide.
Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch Price – cheap or not?
Price, the most important decision maker for many people. Whether it’s buying Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch or an alternative product, price is going to be a critical factor. In order to determine how the price of Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch compares to other options, we’ve run some analysis to really help you get a detailed view of the price. Our price scanner looks at the price of products and then provides you with the average that you’d expect to pay for products in that category, or from the same brand for example.

The price that our scanner found Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch at most recently was £910. This price is actually above average for the price you can expect to pay for products in the same category of Women’s Watches. The average price of those are actually £194.64. When you take the quality of the product into consideration you can see that Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch is very good value. To give you a little more detail for products that feature in the Women’s Watches category, the cheapest we managed to find was £9.00 and the most expensive we could see was £3995.00.

The next area of interest was to look at the prices you’d expect to pay for products from the same brand, Versace. Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch comes in above average against the average price from this brand. The average is £383.43. The cheapest we found from Versace was £14.95 with the most expensive coming in at £1460.00.

Finally we went a step further and looked specifically at the products which are made by the brand Versace but also sit within the same category as Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch, Women’s Watches. The price of Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch is actually above average against the average, with the average price being £906.28. Again we checked out the lowest and highest prices which were £313.00 and £1460.00 respectively.

Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch reviews
It sounds really obvious, and let’s face it it’s the reason you’ve come across this review, but our top bit of advice for you to choose the best product is to read as many reviews as you possibly can. Getting an idea of the review score for Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch is really helpful, (it scored 9.6/10 FYI) but reading the actual customer comments can’t be replaced as the most valuable asset you have when buying online.

Look out for trends in the reviews for example mentions of certain features working well or the quality of the finish being really high (or indeed poor). Also have in mind, what you really want the product for and whether customers are using it in a similar way to you. Finding a customer that reviews your chosen product positively and uses it in the same way as you is perfect as it will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you’re buying a good product for your needs.

Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch review: Quality
Product quality is again a very important factor, whether you’re looking for something sturdy in the short-term or a product that is going to provide long-term durability, quality will be a consideration for you. Buying from a brand like Versace will of course help as they’re so well known for their quality.

The first step is for you to take a quick look at the quality score above, you’ll see that Ladies Versace V-Twist Watch scored 8.2 / 10 which is a remarkable score and not one to be ignored. If after narrowing down your search to find a product that fits your budget, has the right features and has lots of positive reviews, if it is still in the running, just take your time to read a few reviews to see what they’re saying specifically about the quality of the product.

Versace Sport Tech GMT Watch

Holding a Versace Sport Tech watch’s value implies that it will be sold for the same or a greater price in the near future. This is significant, particularly for collectors who may wish to sell their valuable timepieces. However, the condition of the piece and whether or not it has any scratches or defects remains the most important consideration.

This question has a simple answer: no. Versace watches do not have a high value since they are mainly a fashion business rather than a watch firm. Luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and others have a long history of holding value.
The watch’s display is secured to the thick and thin black leather strap by a tiny and beautiful clasp. Beautiful and intricate, the bezel has the Greek decorative pattern for which Versace Sport Tech is renowned. The dial itself is a stunning piece of industrial design. The hands, the Versace logo, and the Versace name are the only visible items on the dial. This is unquestionably the kind of timepiece that would represent the maximum amount of money you could invest in a timepiece. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and simply stunning in every way.
Here’s another watch that shows the uniqueness of Versace’s designs. Introducing Versace Sport Tech, the ideal urban athletic style for a guy who wants to seem contemporary while maintaining a refined demeanor. The leather inlay on the rubber band, as well as the chronograph mechanism, help to bring this ensemble together. A variety of color variations in the leather straps can be seen in their Autumn range. Designed for those who wish to display their Versace love proudly, the bracelet provides a manly modern appearance for them. Everything about this watch is classic. The two-tone chain link bracelet is beautifully traditional. The blue dial is a stunning deep color, and it has a gleam to it that’s just captivating. It’s also accentuated by the simplicity of the linear markers and the linear triple hands. This watch uses an automatic movement from Switzerland.
Versace is a high-quality fashion watch manufacturer. When it comes to tool watches or watches with a specific function, Versace might not be the best choice. According to watch lovers, Versace watches are ideal for people who like elegant, bold, and designer items. Only a few would be able to pull this wristwatch off, but with the correct clothing choices, you will sport this watch on your wrist adequately.
The Medusa emblem is one of the most distinctive characteristics of these timepieces, and it is one of the most sought-after. As long as you are willing to spend a thousand dollars on a piece of clothing, Versace will provide you with many choices to select from. They are not suitable for use as daily wear timepieces or outdoor activities, for example. These characteristics make them an excellent choice as a present for friends and family on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

However, we always advise our readers to examine elements including budget, type, features, and usability before deciding. Don’t base your choice on spending a large amount of money on a single criterion since many cheap luxury timepieces are available for much the same price as a Versace that may provide additional advantages.

Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch

I have been waiting for many months to get my hands on a bottle of this new Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch release, Eros Flame. I heard about it, saw that it was released in Europe, and couldn’t find any info as to when it was coming to the US. It was a few months in between its European release and when I could actually purchase a bottle for myself, but finally the day came and I ordered it immediately. I am a fan of the original, so, I was pretty excited to try out the new Eros in the sharp looking red bottle. Does it meet expectations? What does Flame actually smell like? Can it match the performance of the original? Is it even worth a purchase?
Eros Flame opens in a similar manner to the original Versace Eros, but has enough differences to be a distinct fragrance. You can definitely tell that the two share a common DNA. The main overlap that I noticed immediately, was in the use of citrus in the top notes.

The lemon note is prominent in both, at the start, and is exactly the same. However, in Eros Flame it is joined by a tangerine note, that will eventually take over the composition from its citrus compatriot.

The Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch tangerine/lemon combo is very bright and juicy at the top. It brings to mind not only the original Eros, but also, Ultra Zest by Thierry Mugler in its orange citrus use. This is especially the case, when the emergent vanilla and tonka bean bring about that smooth creamy aroma.

Versace says that the citrus pairing is a part of a chinotto accord, which is a carbonated soft drink in Italy. I’m not familiar with this at all, so I can’t really speak on what that supposed to smell like.
Now, there are of course, differences at the beginning even with all of the shared commonalities. The green apple from the original is gone and replaced by that tangerine. Also, the cool refreshing mint, has been replaced by a warm black pepper note instead.

The pepper here isn’t crazy spicy and probably not as strong as the mint is in the original. It does add a different element to the composition of Flame and really is the signal that this cologne is changing into something quite different from its predecessor.

As it dries down, Flame takes on a lot of outdoorsy/woodsy elements, and even during this stage it share some with the original. Cedar, vetiver, oak moss and geranium are all here from the original.

The strength of each Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch has changed particularly the cedar note but the geranium feels a tad more prevalent in Flame. One thing that is different is the rosemary, which I pick up a lot on, maybe an hour or so into the wear.
Flame has a woody and dry earthy base, like Eros, but it is much stronger in the newer version. Rosemary, cedar, some sandalwood, and a very slight hint of rose at times. All of this sits underneath a top of tangerine, vanilla, tonka bean, and some light black pepper. It is noticeably different from Eros and especially the complete lack of mint and amber here.

The dry down, isn’t my favorite part of Flame. Since wearing this, I really love the opening act, but seem to have to be in the right mood to truly enjoy the latter stages of it.
Projection wise, Eros Flame is really strong on my skin. I definitely get that famous Eros sillage out of this flanker, and two sprays is fairly bold, I can pick it up when sprayed on an old t-shirt across the room. It does calm down, as it dries down, because that lemon top note fades.

However, Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch provides a solidly strong projection for the entire wear. This isn’t one that I need to spray, very much at all. It gets noticed by others, even with a lighter application, in my experience.

Longevity is also very good, I hit double digit hours with it each time, that I put it on. Versace didn’t screw this one up, in terms of performance.
Seasonally, it doesn’t differ in my opinion, from the original. It is best in the colder months of autumn and winter, but can extend its wear into the spring. I think that the absence of amber, could let it perform a little better in the heat, but it’s not a summertime fragrance for me.

Eros Flame has good versatility. If you go super light, it can be an office scent…though, I wouldn’t use it for that purpose. But, it’s best as a casual wear, and especially as a nightlife one. It still has that Eros vigorous youthfulness, but never feels like something only a teenager can wear. It is attractive and has a level of sexiness about it.
Overall, do I like Versace Eros Flame? I do. I bought a full bottle of this stuff as a complete blind buy and still plan on wearing it, after testing it out. That’s a good sign, I at least didn’t throw away money. Update: The more that I wore it, the less I enjoyed Flame. I like the opening citrus, but the later dry down, gets on my nerves.

If you enjoyed the original Eros, you’ll more than likely be into Flame. If you didn’t like Eros, it probably won’t change your mind.

I don’t think that Flame surpasses the original, it has a lot of similarities, but offers more woodiness and enough differences to keep it interesting for me. Flame is a great balance of sweetness with dry woods and a peppery spice.

The citrus is similar at the beginning to Eros, but changes, and is a consistent aspect of the cologne. It is worth a try and should enjoy plenty of popularity in the near future.

Versace V-Palazzo Watch

This Versace watch is manufactured in Switzerland and has a quartz movement with an analog display. Perhaps there is no other Versace watch on the market that radiates elegance quite like this Palazzo Empire timepiece does. This is precisely the kind of timepiece that belongs on the wrist of royalty.
Before we get started, it’s important to note that Versace watches aren’t cheap. The most affordable watches start at $500, with some more sophisticated versions going for as much as $2,000. As a result, it’s a brand with a mid-to-high price range.
Before we get started, it’s important to note that Versace watches aren’t cheap. The most affordable watches start at $500, with some more sophisticated versions going for as much as $2,000. As a result, it’s a brand with a mid-to-high price range.
Unfortunately, quartz calibers are used in the overwhelming majority of Versace watches, which can be found in much less costly brands. The Swiss-made Ronda 732 caliber, for example, is a popular option among watches priced around $300.
Even if you’re not a fashion connoisseur, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Versace. Particularly as it’s among the most well-known fashion houses in the world. The Italian company has been a go-to place for luxury clothes and jewelry since its inception in 1978. There isn’t a big fashion show that doesn’t include the latest Versace designs. It is also one of the most famous brands with celebrities and athletes.
Because Versace watch is best known for high-end clothing, few know the company also offers a range of timepieces. In this Versace watches review, we’ll take a look at what contributes to the collection’s overall quality. Plus, we’ll and determine if Versace timepieces are worth the hefty price tag. BTW, you can view and shop the Versace watch collection on their website.
The Medusa emblem is one of the most distinctive characteristics of these timepieces, and it is one of the most sought-after. As long as you are willing to spend a thousand dollars on a piece of clothing, Versace will provide you with many choices to select from. They are not suitable for use as daily wear timepieces or outdoor activities, for example. These characteristics make them an excellent choice as a present for friends and family on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

However, we always advise our readers to examine elements including budget, type, features, and usability before deciding. Don’t base your choice on spending a large amount of money on a single criterion since many cheap luxury timepieces are available for much the same price as a Versace that may provide additional advantages.

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Versace Greca Dome Watch

When it comes to name recognition, few brands evoke a sense of luxury quite like Versace. Its bold and confident design aesthetic and uncompromising approach to material and craft means that watches are a natural fit for the brand — and the Versace name has become as synonymous with timepieces as it is with other luxury goods. Its newest release, the Versace Greca Logo Chrono, is a bold new take on the chronograph, with a typically opulent aesthetic.
In the Versace Greca Logo Chrono, a repeating geometric tile pattern rings the bezel, interrupted only by six hex screws that add visual interest and a strong design element. At 43mm and with a broad bezel, the Greca Logo Chrono is certainly not lacking in wrist presence. Each colorway was chosen to be visually striking — whether you choose the gold-tone IP-coated “champagne” case and bracelet model, the natural stainless-steel with green dial model, or any of the other variations, each is made in Versace’s evocative style.
The Versace Greca Logo Chrono is powered by a RONDA S60 Swiss-made quartz movement, and the dial is based on a classic three-register design, with wide surrounds on each register that mirror the applied indices. Along with a date window at 4 o’clock, the 9 o’clock register displays the day of the week while the other two registers act as seconds and minute counters. Sitting at 12 o’clock is the Versace Medusa. The Medusa motif was chosen because those who looked at her instantly fell in love — exactly the feeling Versace hoped to evoke in those who looked at his creations.
Versace certainly doesn’t stop at the case and dial when creating a striking design — both the bracelet and strap options are also standouts. The integrated bracelet utilizes a mix of brushed and polished elements in the links, but the eye is immediately drawn to the Versace name proudly emblazoned on alternating links. The bracelet secures to the wrist by way of a comfortable butterfly clasp. Versace also offers the option of an integrated strap with broad geometric elements in colors that complement the tones of the dial and case.
Most hard-core collectors of luxury watches probably frown at models offered by fashion houses, and that’s understandable. When your primary business is fashion, you generally concern yourself more with clothing than you do with fine watchmaking. It’s true that most fashion houses that offer watches tend to have flashy, but inexpensive offerings. Versace watches are different, and strikingly so. While the company is primarily known for their clothing and accessories, the do take their timepieces seriously.

The timepieces are Swiss made and have the sorts of features and build quality that one usually finds only with well known companies that manufacture watches exclusively, such as Audemars Piguet or Rolex.

While few people who collect timepieces from those companies are likely to start buying this particular brand, their timepieces do compare favorably with other mid to high end Swiss models and we think you’ll like what you see.