Seiko Watch Replica Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36 000 Edition Spéciale SBGH022 Pink Gold – Crocodile Strap

Grand Seiko reaches new heights with a Special Edition Hi-Beat 36,000 creation.

Re-defining the ‘ideal’ watch

Seiko Watch Replica Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36 000 Edition Spéciale Grand Seiko SBGH022 Pink Gold – Crocodile Strap.Half a century ago, the legend of Grand Seiko was born with the simple idea of creating the ideal watch.  Each Grand Seiko watch should be as accurate, as legible, as durable and as easy to wear as humanly possible.  Nothing more and nothing less.  For more than 50 years, the Grand Seiko’s watchmakers have selected the very finest materials, designed and manufactured cutting edge movements and used traditional craftsmanship to create by hand, watches that are, in their simple sophistication, perfect expressions of all that is essential in a wrist watch.  Today, the performance of Grand Seiko reaches a new height of perfection in a new Special Edition Hi-beat 36,000 timepiece.  This masterpiece is the ultimate expression of the Grand Seiko ideal.

A new standard in mechanical watchmaking

The first Grand Seiko standard was set in 1966, since which time it has been raised as new materials, technologies and mainstream techniques have made possible new advances. Today, the Special Edition Hi-beat 36,000 goes beyond the standard with levels of accuracy that are among the highest in the world.

In recognition of its importance in the pantheon of Grand Seiko creations, this specially adjusted caliber is offered exclusively in 18k gold, with the lion emblem, also in gold, on the oscillating weight. Seiko’s latest hi-beat movement was introduced in 2009 and was made possible by advances in every aspect of the caliber. A new Spron material is used for the mainspring to deliver more torque and a new pallet and wheel increase the efficiency of the escapement. Together, these advances deliver more stable accuracy and a remarkable, industry-leading 55 hour power reserve. The new Special Edition builds on these advances to deliver enhanced precision as well as outstanding power reserve. On all the precision criteria, this specially tuned new piece exceeds the Grand Seiko standard. The enhanced performance of the new Special Edition is entirely the result of the skills of the Master Watchmakers at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio where the watch is created. The adjustment is entrusted to only the very best of the Studio’s most experienced watchmakers who test and select the balance springs individually.

Model  :Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36 000 Edition Spéciale
Reference  :SBGH022
Complement :Pink Gold – Crocodile Strap
On sale :2012
List Price :$150
Diameter :38 mm
Styles :Classical
Types :Self-winding
Calibre :9S85
Calibre distinction :Côtes de Genève
Case material :Pink gold
Case peculiarity :Sapphire caseback
Screwed-down crown
Shape :Round
Water-resistance :100 meters
Dial color :White
Display :Dauphine-shaped hands
Indexes :Baton-type
Glass :Sapphire
Antireflective coating
Strap material :Crocodile leather
Strap color :Dark Brown
Seiko Watch Replica Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36 000 Edition Spéciale SBGH022 Pink Gold - Crocodile Strap

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Ananta – The craftsmanship of Katana – The perfection of celestial beauty – The cutting edge of SEIKO Watch

In 2009, Replica SEIKO watch SRQ009 unveiled at Baselworld the Ananta collection, an exclusive range of luxury timepieces with Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements. Ananta has been remarkably well received by watch collectors, aficionados and journalists alike, and its global distribution has exceeded expectations. For 2010, three new models are created, bringing to 13 the total number of watches in the Ananta collection.

The artistry of Katana

Katana is the centuries-old art of sword-making, which combines great handcraft skills with the highest technology. Today, Katana swords are still made and prized for their beauty and precision. Precision, artistry, parabolic curves and sharpness of Katana all find expression in the new Ananta collection. The side of the case has the distinctive Katana curve and a three-stage ‘blade’ polishing process gives the case its remarkable mirror finish, as smooth and flat as a Katana sword. The sharpness of the hands and dial markers reflects the razor edge of the blade and the precision of the steel work in the Katana sword is mirrored in the high accuracy of the mechanical and Spring Drive movements.

The Spring Drive Moon Phase. The beauty of the moon’s orbit is captured in glide motion Chronographe Automatique

To represent the beauty of the orbit of planets has always been a cherished goal of watchmaking. Today, this aim is realized more perfectly and precisely than ever before as the glide motion of Spring Drive is allied to a moon phase. The natural flow of time is measured to an accuracy of onesecond- a-day by SEIKO’s unique Spring Drive technology, while the glide motion of the hands perfectly represents the continuous, silent and graceful orbit of the planets.

Two new chronographs join the Ananta collection

The success of the previous generation of Ananta chronographs is powerful testament to the watch lover’s fascination with chronograph watches. Ananta collection for 2010 offers two new chronographs. Both models are in high-intensity titanium, a metal that is as strong as steel, but has only 60% of its weight.

Thanks to its glide motion hands, the Spring Drive Chronograph captures the exact elapsed time, not just to the nearest fraction of a second, with accuracy five times greater than any mechanical chronometer. It is offered as a Limited Edition of just 150.

The Automatic Chronograph houses the celebrated 8R caliber that incorporates a column wheel and a vertical clutch for precise operation. It delivers 12 hour elapsed time measurement and a 45 hour power reserve.The sports appeal of this new creation is enhanced by the addition of a carbon fiber dial.

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The Seiko Prospex LX line. The true spirit of Seiko

Ever since it released its first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko has created many watches that have found favor among sportsmen including professional divers to explorers. Among these many creations, the 1968 Seiko Professional Diver’s watch struck a special chord with successive generations of sports watch enthusiasts, thanks to its robust design and high functionality. Today, the spirit of this classic sports watch is expressed anew in a line of watches for sport on land, in the sea and in the sky. The line’s name, LX, hints at the Latin word for light and is a subtle nod to the way that light is reflected in the broad, flat surfaces of each case.

When, at the 2018 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, a Prospex re-creation of the 1968 Professional diver’s was honored with the Sports Watch award, the Prospex design team allowed themselves a moment of profound satisfaction. Not only had their creation won the highest possible award for a sports watch but the world’s respect for the design on which the LX line  is based was, once again, amply demonstrated.  

Evolution in design and function. Continuity in character.

The design of the Prospex LX line strikes an unusual balance. On the one hand, it is true to its heritage and its overall appearance reveals its strong link with the 1968 professional Diver’s. On the other, it is thoroughly modern in its execution. The center of gravity of the case is lower so that the watch sits comfortably on any wrist. The upper side of the case is set at a more pronounced angle to allow the Zaratsu-polished surfaces to shine more brightly.

Most of all, the contemporary feel of the LX line is revealed in the use of Seiko’s advanced 5R Spring Drive caliber, which offers one-second a day precision alongside high levels of shock and temperature resistance. With these attributes, 5R is the perfect caliber for use in all types of sporting and adventure environment; it has been worn successfully both in space, when it travelled to the International Space Station and was worn on a space walk and at the top of the world, when Yuichiro Miura wore a Spring Drive watch on his third successful ascent of Mount Everest.

Collaboration with Ken Okuyama Design

The LX line was developed in collaboration with Ken Okuyama Design. With his international experience in the design of automobiles and other high-profile products, Ken Okuyama brings his own special creativity to Prospex LX. At the Baselworld launch, he said ‘’My aim was to take the unique inheritance and integrity that Seiko has built in sports watches over the decades and to bring them alive in a design that has simplicity, harmony, power and presence. The Prospex LX is a true Seiko with a thoroughly contemporary feel.’’

A line designed for sport on land, in the sea and in the sky

All watches in this first collection have the robustness, legibility and reliability that every sport or adventure demands but different functions have been incorporated for three specific activities. The land version has a GMT hand and a compass bezel for direction finding. The sky version also has a GMT hand and a bi-directional bezel for showing time in a third time zone and the sea version has a uni-directional bezel to indicate the length of diving.

The LX Black Edition
In addition to three versions in a light color titanium, the LX line offers a special series of three all-black interpretations. Stripped of all color and reduced to its essentials, the simplicity and strength of the LX design asserts itself in this quietly dramatic design. The case is treated with a black super-hard coating and the flat surfaces are Zaratsu polished. The sky and land versions are presented on leather straps while the sea version is offered with a silicone strap. All six watches will be available at selected Seiko Boutiques and outlets around the world in July 2019.

Seiko Watch Prospex LX Spring Drive GMT Seiko SNR025 Titanium – Bracelet Titanium

Seiko Watch Prospex LX Spring Drive GMT Seiko SNR025 Titanium - Bracelet Titanium

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SEIKO history


Seiko’s history is 127 years old. It is the history of a company that followed the path of its dreams remaining faithful to them. A method that has allowed it to go beyond its limits innovating and shining behind great world premiers. SEIKO is the saga of one of the uncontested mentors of watchmaking technologies who managed to make us time-travel, passing from the traditional mechanical movement to the prestigious Spring Drive. The company elaborates all its products and pieces within its own ateliers being one of the world’s rare manufactures to do so. SEIKO will soon surprise and seduce us, as this brand, fixed on innovation and future, aims to push time limits away. 

1881 :
 Establishment of K.HATTORI & Co., Ltd.

1892 : Foundation of SEIKOSHA clock supply factory.

1895 : Production of fob watches begins.

1913 : Production of the first SEIKO wristwatch made in Japan: the SEIKO LAUREL.

1964 : Seiko serves as Official Timer of Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, thanks to its Portable Quartz Clock.

1969 : Production of the world’s first automatic chronograph provided with a column wheel system and a vertical clutch (caliber 6139).
Introduction of SEIKO ASTRON, world’s first quartz watch (caliber 3500).

1973 : Introduction of world’s first LCD quartz watch with six-digit digital display.

1975 : Introduction of world’s first professional titanium diving watch (DIVER’S 600 m).

1988 : Introduction of world’s first automatic power generating quartz watch “AGS” (caliber 7M42).

1990 : Introduction of the Seiko Scubamaster, world’s first computerized diver’s watch to incorporate a dive table (DIVER’S SCUBMASTER).

1998 : Introduction of world’s first watch provided with a PERPETUAL CALENDAR driven by world’s smallest ultrasonic motor (0,4 mm thick).

1999 : Introduction of the SEIKO KINETIC AUTO RELAY chronograph (caliber 9T82). 

2005 : Introduction of SPRING DRIVE (caliber 5R). 
Introduction of KINETI PERPETUAL CALENDAR (caliber 7D48).

2006 : Introduction of world’s first electronic INK time displaying (caliber G520). Grand prix de Genève in 2006.
Introduction of Credor SPRING DRIVE Sonnerie (caliber 7R06).

2007: Introduction of Spring Drive Chronograph with a column wheel system and a vertical clutch (caliber 5R86).
Introduction of the KINETIC DIRECT DRIVE (5D44) caliber. store have fake replica seiko watch,used copy movment China factory..