Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch

I have been waiting for many months to get my hands on a bottle of this new Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch release, Eros Flame. I heard about it, saw that it was released in Europe, and couldn’t find any info as to when it was coming to the US. It was a few months in between its European release and when I could actually purchase a bottle for myself, but finally the day came and I ordered it immediately. I am a fan of the original, so, I was pretty excited to try out the new Eros in the sharp looking red bottle. Does it meet expectations? What does Flame actually smell like? Can it match the performance of the original? Is it even worth a purchase?
Eros Flame opens in a similar manner to the original Versace Eros, but has enough differences to be a distinct fragrance. You can definitely tell that the two share a common DNA. The main overlap that I noticed immediately, was in the use of citrus in the top notes.

The lemon note is prominent in both, at the start, and is exactly the same. However, in Eros Flame it is joined by a tangerine note, that will eventually take over the composition from its citrus compatriot.

The Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch tangerine/lemon combo is very bright and juicy at the top. It brings to mind not only the original Eros, but also, Ultra Zest by Thierry Mugler in its orange citrus use. This is especially the case, when the emergent vanilla and tonka bean bring about that smooth creamy aroma.

Versace says that the citrus pairing is a part of a chinotto accord, which is a carbonated soft drink in Italy. I’m not familiar with this at all, so I can’t really speak on what that supposed to smell like.
Now, there are of course, differences at the beginning even with all of the shared commonalities. The green apple from the original is gone and replaced by that tangerine. Also, the cool refreshing mint, has been replaced by a warm black pepper note instead.

The pepper here isn’t crazy spicy and probably not as strong as the mint is in the original. It does add a different element to the composition of Flame and really is the signal that this cologne is changing into something quite different from its predecessor.

As it dries down, Flame takes on a lot of outdoorsy/woodsy elements, and even during this stage it share some with the original. Cedar, vetiver, oak moss and geranium are all here from the original.

The strength of each Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch has changed particularly the cedar note but the geranium feels a tad more prevalent in Flame. One thing that is different is the rosemary, which I pick up a lot on, maybe an hour or so into the wear.
Flame has a woody and dry earthy base, like Eros, but it is much stronger in the newer version. Rosemary, cedar, some sandalwood, and a very slight hint of rose at times. All of this sits underneath a top of tangerine, vanilla, tonka bean, and some light black pepper. It is noticeably different from Eros and especially the complete lack of mint and amber here.

The dry down, isn’t my favorite part of Flame. Since wearing this, I really love the opening act, but seem to have to be in the right mood to truly enjoy the latter stages of it.
Projection wise, Eros Flame is really strong on my skin. I definitely get that famous Eros sillage out of this flanker, and two sprays is fairly bold, I can pick it up when sprayed on an old t-shirt across the room. It does calm down, as it dries down, because that lemon top note fades.

However, Versace Hellenyium Chrono Watch provides a solidly strong projection for the entire wear. This isn’t one that I need to spray, very much at all. It gets noticed by others, even with a lighter application, in my experience.

Longevity is also very good, I hit double digit hours with it each time, that I put it on. Versace didn’t screw this one up, in terms of performance.
Seasonally, it doesn’t differ in my opinion, from the original. It is best in the colder months of autumn and winter, but can extend its wear into the spring. I think that the absence of amber, could let it perform a little better in the heat, but it’s not a summertime fragrance for me.

Eros Flame has good versatility. If you go super light, it can be an office scent…though, I wouldn’t use it for that purpose. But, it’s best as a casual wear, and especially as a nightlife one. It still has that Eros vigorous youthfulness, but never feels like something only a teenager can wear. It is attractive and has a level of sexiness about it.
Overall, do I like Versace Eros Flame? I do. I bought a full bottle of this stuff as a complete blind buy and still plan on wearing it, after testing it out. That’s a good sign, I at least didn’t throw away money. Update: The more that I wore it, the less I enjoyed Flame. I like the opening citrus, but the later dry down, gets on my nerves.

If you enjoyed the original Eros, you’ll more than likely be into Flame. If you didn’t like Eros, it probably won’t change your mind.

I don’t think that Flame surpasses the original, it has a lot of similarities, but offers more woodiness and enough differences to keep it interesting for me. Flame is a great balance of sweetness with dry woods and a peppery spice.

The citrus is similar at the beginning to Eros, but changes, and is a consistent aspect of the cologne. It is worth a try and should enjoy plenty of popularity in the near future.

Versace V-Palazzo Watch

This Versace watch is manufactured in Switzerland and has a quartz movement with an analog display. Perhaps there is no other Versace watch on the market that radiates elegance quite like this Palazzo Empire timepiece does. This is precisely the kind of timepiece that belongs on the wrist of royalty.
Before we get started, it’s important to note that Versace watches aren’t cheap. The most affordable watches start at $500, with some more sophisticated versions going for as much as $2,000. As a result, it’s a brand with a mid-to-high price range.
Before we get started, it’s important to note that Versace watches aren’t cheap. The most affordable watches start at $500, with some more sophisticated versions going for as much as $2,000. As a result, it’s a brand with a mid-to-high price range.
Unfortunately, quartz calibers are used in the overwhelming majority of Versace watches, which can be found in much less costly brands. The Swiss-made Ronda 732 caliber, for example, is a popular option among watches priced around $300.
Even if you’re not a fashion connoisseur, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Versace. Particularly as it’s among the most well-known fashion houses in the world. The Italian company has been a go-to place for luxury clothes and jewelry since its inception in 1978. There isn’t a big fashion show that doesn’t include the latest Versace designs. It is also one of the most famous brands with celebrities and athletes.
Because Versace watch is best known for high-end clothing, few know the company also offers a range of timepieces. In this Versace watches review, we’ll take a look at what contributes to the collection’s overall quality. Plus, we’ll and determine if Versace timepieces are worth the hefty price tag. BTW, you can view and shop the Versace watch collection on their website.
The Medusa emblem is one of the most distinctive characteristics of these timepieces, and it is one of the most sought-after. As long as you are willing to spend a thousand dollars on a piece of clothing, Versace will provide you with many choices to select from. They are not suitable for use as daily wear timepieces or outdoor activities, for example. These characteristics make them an excellent choice as a present for friends and family on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

However, we always advise our readers to examine elements including budget, type, features, and usability before deciding. Don’t base your choice on spending a large amount of money on a single criterion since many cheap luxury timepieces are available for much the same price as a Versace that may provide additional advantages.

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Perrelet Turbine Rainbow Carbon

Perrelet is an interesting manufacturer known for the use of the automatic winding rotor on the dial side often to showcase animated dials. For summer 2022, they are releasing a new wristwatch in their iconic Turbile line with a multi-colour peek-a-boo dial and a case in carbon fibre. The Perrelet Turbine Rainbow retails for EUR 4,950 and is a limited edition of 50 pieces on pre-order from 15 August 2022.
Perrelet is a historical name, but one which is perhaps at the periphery of many collector’s vision. They trace their roots to Abraham Louis Perrelet who founded the firm in 1777, and is credited for being the inventor of the self winding watch. Perrelet even sold some of the watches to his contemporary A.L. Breguet in 1780, who improved upon the mechanism in his own version of the design, calling his watches “perpetuelles”, the French word for perpetual. The house claims to have been active throughout, but largely unknown until it returned to visibility in 1990 with a concept known as the dial side rotor. Perrelet produced the first double rotor model in 1995 in collaboration with Master Watchmaker Paul Gerber. The firm holds a patent for it. This watch featured a single rotor visible on the dial side, and a second one below. In 2004, the maison was acquired by the Festina Group, and with it the technical access to movement manufacture from sister company Soprod. The movement from one of the early Perrelet automatic winding movements, showing the full sized semi-circular rotor.
In 2009, Perrelet presented the Perrelet Turbine Rainbow . This was a commercial success, taking inspiration from aviation and basing the design of the dial side rotor on the jet engine turbine. The movement is still a double rotor, but the dial side is designed to look like a propeller of the jet engine’s turbine. Today’s novelty is an extension to the Turbine line. Now with the blades of the front rotor revealing and hiding the multi-coloured sub-dial below. This sub-dial is made up of many dots making patches of colour in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. An effect which is vaguely similar to the works of American painter Jackson Pollock. The rainbow theme is carried on with the muti-colour indices – Arabic for even and bar for odd going from red to violet in a progression like they appear in a rainbow. The indices have SuperLumiNova applied in a matching colour. The hour and minute hands are white and the central seconds hand red. But also of interest is the case, which is in carbon fibre with a stainless steel bezel and case back in black PVD to match the dark tones of the carbon. The case is an updated design of the regular steel Turbine cases, and has a higher water resistance rating of 100m instead of 50m in the steel variants. And the movement is the new P-331-MH caliber, which is an in-house manufacture automatic movement. Perrelet embarked on this self sufficient model and manufactures the entire movement themselves, including the regulating organ. The movement not only has COSC certification, but have also passed the more stringent Chronofiable certification issued by Laboratory Dubois of La Chaux-de-Fonds. In terms of pricing, Perrelet has set the Turbine Rainbow to retail at EUR 4,950 which is a small premium over the black PVD steel version in the Turbine Regular which goes for EUR 4,580. Keeping in mind that the Turbine Rainbow has a carbon fibre case and is a limited edition of 50 pieces. Perrelet, the Swiss watchmaking manufacture renowned for its original creations with animated dials, is introducing a new wristwatch in the Turbine line for summer 2022. The iconic Turbine model has been renewed and adopts an innovative carbon fibre case with improved water-resistance to 10 atm / 100m instead of the traditional 5 atm.

Perrelet Turbine Rainbow Carbon fibre, a material never used before by Perrelet – except for the unique piece “Turbine Hope” conceived for the 9th edition of the Only Watch charity auction in 2021 – is now deployed on a series of new timepieces in the Turbine sporty line. The first model of these creations, with more to follow later this year, is named “Turbine Rainbow” and is a limited edition of 50 pieces. “Turbine Rainbow” features a high-tech case with a stainless steel bezel and case back with matte black PVD coating and a central body made of polycarbonate and carbon fibre. The properties of carbon fibre include its thermal insulation capacity, its resistance to chemical agents and temperature changes, and its extreme lightness; qualities that make it an ideal material for watchmaking.

The case, measuring 44 mm in diameter and 13.82 in thickness, has a sporty-chic look with its flat, smooth bezel and fluted case band – a signature feature of the brand. The sub-dial, a key component in the Turbine collection, is decorated with a new and exclusive motif. As the 12-blade black anodised aluminium propeller rotates, the beauty of the sub-dial is revealed.

With each movement of the wrist, the Turbine unveils details of the sub-dial, illustrating a different leitmotif every time. A wide range of motifs has appeared over the years, from animalier artwork and symbols of Japanese culture to camouflage patterns. The hallmark double rotor of the Turbine was patented in 2009, converting it into the iconic Perrelet model. For the new “Turbine Rainbow”, the brand’s creative team chose the colourful ‘rainbow’ theme. Countless small dots, like patches of colour in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet are spread out against a ‘black canvas’ creating an engaging, abstract, multi-coloured pattern. The result is reminiscent of the “drip painting” technique used by the famous early 20th-century American painter, Paul Jackson Pollock.

The shadows of the rainbow, the fascinating optical phenomenon that occurs when sunlight passes through suspended drops of water after a thunderstorm, are reproduced in a precise sequence on the Arabic numerals and indices. The colours start with red at 12 o’clock, followed by orange at 2 o’clock and progress to yellow, green, blue, and finally violet. All of them glow in the dark with matching-coloured Super-LumiNova – a sophisticated touch that underlines Perrelet’s extreme attention to detail in the manufacture of its watches. The hour and minute hands are filled with white Super-LumiNova, while the central seconds hand is shiny red. “Turbine Rainbow” is powered by calibre P-331-MH, an in-house automatic movement, beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour and supplying 42 hours of power reserve. Having successfully undergone Chronofiable and COSC certification tests, the calibre guarantees high precision and reliability. The stainless steel case back, with black PDV coating, features a sapphire crystal porthole that allows a view of the circular graining on the main plate and the open-worked oscillating weight embellished with the Maison’s logo. The watch comes with a water-resistant black calfskin strap with a rubber lining and is delivered in a special “tactical box” accompanied by an additional rubber strap and a fastening tool.

Perrelet Turbine Rainbow ” will be available at prestigious authorised retailers worldwide from mid-August 2022. Those who do not have a shop close to home and live in EU countries or in the United States, can take advantage of the E-Commerce platform by logging onto Perrelet’s website. This is a recent service offered by the Maison, which always strives to do its best to meet the wishes of the brand’s many enthusiasts around the world.

Versace Greca Dome Watch

When it comes to name recognition, few brands evoke a sense of luxury quite like Versace. Its bold and confident design aesthetic and uncompromising approach to material and craft means that watches are a natural fit for the brand — and the Versace name has become as synonymous with timepieces as it is with other luxury goods. Its newest release, the Versace Greca Logo Chrono, is a bold new take on the chronograph, with a typically opulent aesthetic.
In the Versace Greca Logo Chrono, a repeating geometric tile pattern rings the bezel, interrupted only by six hex screws that add visual interest and a strong design element. At 43mm and with a broad bezel, the Greca Logo Chrono is certainly not lacking in wrist presence. Each colorway was chosen to be visually striking — whether you choose the gold-tone IP-coated “champagne” case and bracelet model, the natural stainless-steel with green dial model, or any of the other variations, each is made in Versace’s evocative style.
The Versace Greca Logo Chrono is powered by a RONDA S60 Swiss-made quartz movement, and the dial is based on a classic three-register design, with wide surrounds on each register that mirror the applied indices. Along with a date window at 4 o’clock, the 9 o’clock register displays the day of the week while the other two registers act as seconds and minute counters. Sitting at 12 o’clock is the Versace Medusa. The Medusa motif was chosen because those who looked at her instantly fell in love — exactly the feeling Versace hoped to evoke in those who looked at his creations.
Versace certainly doesn’t stop at the case and dial when creating a striking design — both the bracelet and strap options are also standouts. The integrated bracelet utilizes a mix of brushed and polished elements in the links, but the eye is immediately drawn to the Versace name proudly emblazoned on alternating links. The bracelet secures to the wrist by way of a comfortable butterfly clasp. Versace also offers the option of an integrated strap with broad geometric elements in colors that complement the tones of the dial and case.
Most hard-core collectors of luxury watches probably frown at models offered by fashion houses, and that’s understandable. When your primary business is fashion, you generally concern yourself more with clothing than you do with fine watchmaking. It’s true that most fashion houses that offer watches tend to have flashy, but inexpensive offerings. Versace watches are different, and strikingly so. While the company is primarily known for their clothing and accessories, the do take their timepieces seriously.

The timepieces are Swiss made and have the sorts of features and build quality that one usually finds only with well known companies that manufacture watches exclusively, such as Audemars Piguet or Rolex.

While few people who collect timepieces from those companies are likely to start buying this particular brand, their timepieces do compare favorably with other mid to high end Swiss models and we think you’ll like what you see.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary

Since Cortina Watch’s founding in 1972, it has represented one of the most respected brands in Swiss watchmaking – Patek Philippe. What began as a professional encounter between the founder of Cortina Watch, Mr. Anthony Lim, and the late Mr. Henri Stern over 66 years ago developed into a longstanding retail partnership that has helped to establish both brands across the Southeast and East Asia region. Today, Cortina Watch exclusively manages six Patek Philippe Calatrava Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary specialist boutiques across Asia.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cortina Watch’s founding as well as five decades of partnership with Patek Philippe in the region, a special limited-edition watch has been created for the occasion. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5057G-010 is a new edition of the Ref. 5057R-001 created for Cortina Watch in 1997 to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Limited to 100 pieces, it will be available this year.
The new white gold Ref. 5057G-010 produced specially for the 50th anniversary features the same triple row guilloched “Clous de Paris” hobnail bezel as the first model created for Cortina Watch in 1997 to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with a charcoal grey sunburst dial with a black-gradient rim, white transfer-printed Roman numerals and white gold, pear-shaped hands.
Powered by the Caliber 240 PS IRM C LU, the display indicates the date, moon phases and power reserve on two subdials, with a small seconds indication between the four and five o’clock hour markers. The ultra-thin, self-winding movement has a 48-hour power reserve and can be viewed through the transparent sapphire caseback, which bears a commemorative inscription “Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary Since 1972” in white.
Patek Philippe has also created a unique dome clock in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel for the 50th anniversary celebration of Cortina Watch. The Ref. 20145M-001 “Singapore Skyline” celebrates Singapore’s beautiful urban landscape, from the Merlion mascot to the Central Business District, Gardens by the Bay, the Esplanade, and Marina Bay Sands, where the second Patek Philippe boutique was opened in Singapore by Cortina Watch.
To create the contours of the city skyline and its most emblematic monuments, the enameller used 9.2 m of 24K gold wire (18.45 g) measuring 0.2 x 0.6 mm in cross-section, cut into tiny segments, and shaped by hand.

For the scene’s magical tints, with their subtle gradations and layered effects, a palette of 50 enamel colors was used: 47 transparent, 1 opaque and 2 opalescent. Each enameled plate required from 10 to 14 firings at temperatures between 890º and 910º C. A shower of 50 gold stars and fireworks, made using gold and silver dust, cascade the sky to celebrate the jubilee. A guilloched hour circle with dentate edges echoing the flowers in the garden city, set with 12 baguette markers made of lapis lazuli (2.27ct), frames a dial center in cloisonné enamel. An engraved inscription “Cortina Watch – 50th Anniversary – Since 1972” is discreetly indicated on the clock. The dome table clock is powered by the Caliber 17’’’ PEND mechanical movement rewound by an electric motor.

versace watches men

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Not quite as popular as their clothes, Versace watches are still made with individual style as you would expect. Much like the rest of the brand, Versace watches are instantly recognizable due to their design and iconic use of Greek motifs alongside the Medusa head.

Versace watches are good quality and made to a reasonably high standard. As mentioned later, they are not the best value for money, but are unique and well put together.
Versace is an Italian fashion brand that was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Since the inception of the brand, the popularity of Versace clothes and accessories has skyrocketed. In 2018, Versace was acquired by Michael Kors holding company for the value of $2.1 billion.

The company is best known for its Medusa head logo, which is internationally recognized. Versace created this logo because he wanted people to fall in love with his clothes and designs in the same way that men would be drawn into the gaze of medusa. During his prolific career, Gianni Versace worked with and designed outfits for Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Princess Diana.

However, although the brand is both truly iconic and hugely successful. There is a very sad story behind the name Versace. In 1997 Gianni Versace was only 50 years old when he was shot in the head by a crazed gunman. After Gianni’s death, the company was run by his family, specifically his sister Donatella Versace who is still the head of creative design to this day
Most fashion houses give little thought to their timepieces, aside from making sure that they’re colorful and stand out as bling. That being the case, almost all of them feature Chinese-made quartz movements, simply because they’re cheap.

That’s not the case here, as Versace watches are all Swiss made. While many models do feature quartz electronic movements, others have automatic movements and none of the are sourced from Asia.

Models use stainless steel or gold in their cases, gold, stainless steel or leather for their bands, and sapphire crystal to protect their watch faces. Water resistance for most models is relatively modest, at 30 to 50 meters, but these are not sports watches (though a few look like them.) These are elegant timepieces to be worn as fashion items that just happen to be attractive and well built.
There isn’t a big fashion show that doesn’t include the latest Versace designs. It is also one of the most famous brands with celebrities and athletes.

Because Versace watch is best known for high-end clothing, few know the company also offers a range of timepieces. In this Versace watches review, we’ll take a look at what contributes to the collection’s overall quality. Plus, we’ll and determine if Versace timepieces are worth the hefty price tag. BTW, you can view and shop the Versace watch collection on their website.

Versace Icon Active watch

Versace arrives with new iterations of the Icon Active series, an assortment of timepieces inspired by the Spring/Summer 2022 runway held during Milan Fashion Week, two of which introduce a graphic camouflage screen print.

Now Replica Versace Watch introduced the Icon Active series alongside its Fall/Winter collection in 2021. The luxury brand returns with a newly designed chronograph that adopts seasonal motifs and color stories — like the iconic silk foulard that dominated the S/S 2022 runway. Defined by an industrial design language, the black, lilac and orange silhouettes incorporate polycarbonate throughout the strap, bezel and case, followed by the brand’s signature Greca motif embedded into the band. A 3D, gold-toned Medusa motif is centered near the 12 o’clock position, including a matching crown and metallic pushers. The Replica Versace Watch black colorway distinctly features a blue-toned bezel with tonal hour markers and hands, finished with black hardware and a semi-transparent band. Similarly, the lilac and orange silhouettes display neon green hour markers and hands that pop against the gold-plated hardware.
The Replica Versace Watch logo is embossed at the top and bottom of the bezel, with psychedelic lettering that melts just above the calendar window. The Swiss-made timepieces feature RONDA 5021.D movement, are water-resistant and come equipped with a Chrono quartz case. Versace’s latest lineup draws inspiration from street style through sporty, psychedelic accents, boasting premium functionality through a unique, urban flair.

Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 41

Coming on the heels of the success of Singapore Airlines (SIA)-themed lifestyle products such as The Upcycling Project‘s fashion and homeware items made from retired parts of SIA aircraft, as well as the Batik Flora reed diffuser and eau de toilette spray perfume, SIA introduces something new that is sure to excite aviation enthusiasts: three limited edition pilot’s watches made in collaboration with esteemed Swiss watch brand Breitling as it marks the 70th anniversary of its iconic Navitimer timepiece.
The final product design of the limited-edition watches was a collaborative effort by Breitling together with valuable input from SIA pilots alongside the KrisShop team.

Both the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 41 Singapore Airlines Limited Edition and the Navitimer Automatic 38 Singapore Airlines Limited Edition feature Breitling’s legendary pilot’s watch in SIA’s distinct shade of blue, but where the former has an open-caseback view, the latter has an eye-catching batik print caseback design that pays homage to the airline’s rich heritage.

The Navitimer – short for navigation and timer – is beloved by pilots who use it to plan their flights using the circular slide rule located on the watch’s rotating bezel, and by collectors who like its sophisticated mechanism. Here’s what you need to know about the exciting collaboration between Breitling and SIA – two icons in the aviation industry.
While all Navitimer watches have a circular slide rule, baton indexes, a trio of chronograph counters and a notched bezel for easy grip, the three limited-edition SIA watches feature a flattened side rule and a domed sapphire crystal that creates the illusion of a more compact profile.

What distinguishes the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 41 from the Navitimer Automatic 38, apart from its 41mm diameter, is a slimmer silhouette on the oscillating weight that enhances the open-caseback view of the watch’s mechanism – the Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01, which is certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This movement is backed by a five-year warranty, provides approximately 70 hours of power reserve and allows the wearer to change the date – now visible through a discreet window in the subdial at 6 o’clock – at any time.

The Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 41 comes in a distinctive shade of blue that is representative of both Breitling and SIA. It is further enhanced with rose gold indexes and hands that add a touch of elegance and luxury. The quintessential mark of aviation distinction, the Singapore Airlines logo is etched on the crown and on the caseback with “One of 100″.
The Navitimer Automatic 38 Singapore Airlines Limited Edition has many of the same features as the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 41, but unique to this timepiece is its eye-catching batik print caseback that pays homage to the Singapore Airline’s rich heritage. While the Navitimer Automatic 38 omits the subdials, it retains a date window at the six o’clock position for a cleaner look. The watch’s Breitling 17 movement offers a 38-hour power reserve, with a two-year warranty. Like the B01 Chronograph, it comes in a distinctive shade of blue representative of both brands, and is further enhanced by rose gold indices and hands for a touch of elegance.
Breitling’s final offering in the collection is the Breitling x SIA Pilot’s Edition Navitimer that will be available exclusively to pilots of the Singapore Airlines Group. It features the same movement, colour scheme and etched crown logo as the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 41, as well as a flattened side rule and a domed sapphire crystal that creates the illusion of a more compact profile. It distinguishes itself with a larger 43mm case, which lends the watch an impressive wrist presence, and also increases the legibility of the dial, making it indispensable to professional pilots. The watch’s open-caseback is also engraved with its unique number and attitude indicator – an instrument all professional pilots will be familiar with.
The Navitimer Singapore Airlines Limited Edition will retail exclusively on KrisShop, under the Batik Label concept store, which spotlights one-of-a-kind collaborations featuring Singapore Airlines’ Batik Motif.

Versace Geo Chrono Watch

To answer the question if Versace watches are worth it, we must first identify what exactly Versace watches are. Versace is a well-known fashion company that produces Italian ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. They are not as well known when it comes to their watches but they are trying to get a boost in that aspect.

Their watch collection features bold and strong colors with a versatile appearance. These are the type of watches that you could wear to any occasion whether it be in a formal event or going to the gym. They promise to use the finest materials possible with many pieces offering water-resistance as well.
Versace watches do use real gold but it differs from watch to watch. Some watches have a higher number of gold karats which leads to a higher price. There are Versace watches that can be bought from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars and one factor attributing to the price difference is the number of gold karats.

Versace watches use good material in general for their watches, using only the finest materials from Switzerland so it’s all up to the buyer.
Holding the value of a watch means a watch’s price being sold the same or for a higher price in the foreseeable future. This is a big deal especially for watch collectors who may get into the business of selling their luxurious watches. However, The biggest factor is still obviously the condition of the watch and if it does not have any scratches or damages.

The short answer to this question is no. The value of Versace watches is not at a premium primarily because they are more of a fashion company as opposed to a company that is strictly on watches. It is the luxurious watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. that hold value for a significant amount of time.
In terms of how Versace watches are made and who makes them, proper craftsmanship is a big deal. This is why they make sure to manufacture all Versace watches in Switzerland done only by the master watchmakers. There are pretty big standards to meet the requirements of Swiss watches so the process takes a long period.

They will also have to make sure that the quality is strictly controlled and maintained because they worry about quality control. They worry that if they do not take the necessary precautions, watches will be released in which some have better or weaker craftsmanship as compared to others.
In summary, to answer the question if Versace watches are worth it: it all depends on you. If you have the budget and if you are fashionably inclined, then this is a no brainer. However, there are still possible risks as I’ve mentioned above. The watches of Versaces don’t necessarily hold their value as compared to luxurious watch brands but one of the reasons is because their price is way cheaper.

You will not be able to see a typical watch brand sell for anything less than a thousand dollars but Versace has a collection in the hundreds range. If you collect watches primarily for investment, then Versace may not be a good idea. Another risk is the materials used, Versace uses real gold but is limited to a certain number of karats.

Their most expensive watches contain gold but watch collectors say it is not worth it as it is almost the same price as watch brands. They say this because the famous Swiss watch brands use stainless steel with the finest leather along with the gold. Versace’s watches are not up to par in terms of quality because they lack the resources due to solely being a clothing company.

Versace watches are worth it if you are not a full-on watch collector and if you don’t plan on selling them. They use materials from the best watchmakers in Switzerland and their prices are reasonably cheaper than other watch brands. It is stylish and diverse but you shouldn’t expect the same quality you’d get from an upscale watch brand which costs a lot more dollars.

MB&F Horological Machine N°10 HM10 Dark Bulldog

The first MB&F Horological Machine from MB&F was HM1, which was launched in 2007. Since then, we have seen eight more, along of course with the release of a myriad of other timepieces – clocks and watches both – from MB&F, which were not Horological Machines per se. The basic idea behind the Horological Machines was to create watches which break the idea of a watch down into fragments and build those fragments back up again into something – well, hopefully, something rich and strange, to paraphrase Shakespeare. Today, MB&F introduces the tenth Horological Machine, which combines the signature playful design and very serious watchmaking so characteristic of the HM series in a new way. The new Machine, HM10, is called the Bulldog.
The Bulldog combines several elements found in other watches from MB&F Horological Machine . The most immediately apparent are the timekeeping displays. Convex surfaces printed with numbers and which rotate on their axes to show the hours and minutes first appeared in the form of cones in HM3, and they were given a hemispherical shape in the HM3 “Frog,” which is maybe my favorite Horological Machine of them all. They make a return in the Bulldog and are accompanied by a design element which, prior to HM10, had been found only in the more traditionally designed Legacy Machines. This element is the balance wheel, which is suspended under a high-arched bridge and which appears to float above the plane of the dial.
The “Bull” in Bulldog comes partly from the configuration of the two crowns, which sit above the dial and which project outward like the horns of a bull. Usually, when it occurs in chronographs, this is referred to as a bullhead configuration. Here, the two crowns aren’t there to operate a chronograph. Instead, one crown, the left, is used to wind power into the mainspring (power reserve is 45 hours) and the other, on the right, to set the two domes to the correct time. The domes are made of extremely thin aluminum, so as to reduce as much as possible to a minimum the energy costs of driving them. And the watch has a unique power reserve display.
If the crowns are the dog’s ears and the domes its eyes, the power reserve is its jaw. Winding the mainspring causes the jaw to gradually open and as the mainspring winds down, the jaws close. The power reserve is located on the underside of the case, but thanks to the arrangement of the lugs and strap as well as its three-dimensionality, it can easily be seen when the watch is being worn – a private pleasure for the owner, as it’s not visible topside.

As is generally the case with the Horological Machines, the Bulldog is a fairly large watch, at 54mm x 45mm x 24mm. MB&F Horological Machine , however, does intend for its watches to be worn (indeed I have always felt that to own one and leave it in a safe or on a winder most of the time would be to miss a lot of the fun of owning one) and the Bulldog is equipped with articulated lugs that let the watch sit comfortably on wrists over a range of sizes.
The “engine” for HM10 (as MB&F likes to call its movements) is in-house, which is not terribly surprising when you consider the odds of finding a bulldog-jaw-power-reserve, elevated balance, time-dome-equipped off-the-shelf movement. A number of individuals worked on the various aspects of the movement; Simon Brette at MB&F led the movement development team. The overall concept for the watch is of course from Max Büsser, MB&F’s founder, with design by renowned watch designer Eric Giroud.

The HM10 Bulldog will be available in two versions. One has a grade 5 titanium body and blue “eyes” while the other will be in red gold, with black “eyes.”
The “engine” for HM10 (as MB&F likes to call its movements) is in-house, which is not terribly surprising when you consider the odds of finding a bulldog-jaw-power-reserve, elevated balance, time-dome-equipped off-the-shelf movement. A number of individuals worked on the various aspects of the movement; Simon Brette at MB&F led the movement development team. The overall concept for the watch is of course from Max Büsser, MB&F’s founder, with design by renowned watch designer Eric Giroud.

The HM10 Bulldog will be available in two versions. One has a grade 5 titanium body and blue “eyes” while the other will be in red gold, with black “eyes.”
The Bulldog is a watch I’m very grateful for as a watch writer – it is so far removed from the ordinary run of modern watchmaking, so far divorced from the risk-averse pseudo-innovation and lack of imagination common to much modern watchmaking. At the same time, it’s a very dangerous kind of watchmaking to do, and it requires constantly winning over the hearts and minds of a relatively small and very fickle group of collectors globally. The number of possible clients for any MB&F watch is small not only in terms of the cost of the watches but also in terms of tastes. It takes a lot of conviction for someone to spend six figures on the sort of mechanical flights of fancy that are MB&F’s stock in trade – and a tremendous amount of conviction for MB&F to continue producing them.
The Bulldog is an extremely interesting watch on a number of levels: It’s fascinating just taken as a very wild riff on what a watch can be, it’s mechanically and functionally interesting, and it also represents a combination of elements from MB&F’s watchmaking history which have never before been put together in a single watch. In some respects, the titanium version might be the more wearable on a semi-daily basis, but I have always enjoyed MB&F’s horological machines in red gold – somehow it seems to really bring out the case geometry. The Bulldog also does something which, in addition to being enjoyable in its own right, is a symptom of how good MB&F is at storytelling. It makes me wonder what happens next.