Copy sevenfriday v series watch review

In the course of five short years, Copy SevenFriday watch has created a seemingly unique reputation in the world of wristwatches. The P- Series (reviewed here) and M-Series (reviewed here) were seminal lines that, for lack of a better phrase, disrupted conventional thinking about “haute horology” and its reputation for exclusivity. The new Copy SevenFriday V-Series clearly isn’t up there with the finest in watchmaking in terms of quality and execution, but the brand seems absolutely committed to taking the “funky mechanics” part of that and tuning it down to a more accessible price point. This could (and does) result in a form-following-function decision due to the inclusion of the new “Fast Strap Change” (FSC) system which brought on the addition of two protrusions on the left side of the case. While we’re on acronyms, it’s also got a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that can be used to check the authenticity of the watch.

And then there’s the question I asked myself when I first strapped this watch on: what exactly am I looking at here?

There’s a lot to talk about with the SevenFriday V-Series, and I’m going to focus on the experience of wearing it, as much of the on-paper aspects of this watch were covered by Rob Nudds in his SevenFriday V-Series release article here. So, first things first: what time is it? The first few moments I spent with the watch had me asking that question, followed by a dejected glance at my iPhone. You’ve got the standard minute hand, but SevenFriday has concocted a creative way of figuring out what hour it is. And it involves some basic math. Essentially, you’ve got a central dial marked +0, +4, and +8, and in place of the traditional 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock positions, there is a scale marked 0-4 with markers for 15-minute increments with a labeled 30-minute increment for each hour.

It’s a somewhat uncomfortable feeling at first, but it’s also not that often that I’m forced to be so engaged with a timepiece that I actually have to do some work to understand it. The SevenFriday V-Series doesn’t suffer passive wearers, and that’s a pretty risky move; It’s not for everyone, but that’s also part of the appeal. This thing is a serious conversation piece, and quizzical looks by friends and strangers alike are a common occurrence.

Getting back to the dial, there’s still more going on. Just above 9 o’clock, you’ve got a night/day indicator, and a seconds dial at 5 o’clock marked with 0, +20, and +40 culminating in the full minute rotation. You even get a look inside the engine at 7 o’clock with a tease of the Miyota movement (a bit more on that later), showing a little bit of the balance and escapement – a very cool touch.

There are 4 levels to the dial, with 12 applied galvanic elements. That’s all great, but it’s the level of the finishes and attention to detail that make the wearer know they’ve got more than just a watch that has a funny way of telling you the time on their wrist. Everything on this watch feels and looks refined. The crown is nice and solid, and pulls out without a lot of effort. Adjusting the time is a breeze, too. Just make sure you know how to read it first.

We tried out the V1/01 which has a sleek white and blue dial. The other option is the V2/01 which has a more industrial-era-themed black and gold color scheme. So, we’ve got one that looks contemporary and sleek while the other pays homage to an industrial past. Same watch, two distinct yet complimentary visions. Keep this dichotomy in mind.

It’s important to note that this watch is big, measuring in at a width of 49.7mm. Oddly enough, it doesn’t look or feel too big for its own good. I’d go so far to say that, having worn it for several days now, when the size is taken into account with the “personality” of the watch, you’ve got the Goldilocks effect of it feeling just right. (Don’t Google “Goldilocks Effect” because it turns out that it’s a real thing that’s slightly more complicated than my rudimentary application of the phrase to this review). Now, I’m over 6’1”, wear a size 12 shoe, and my wrist measures at just around 7.5 inches – to avoid confusion, you’re looking at Ariel’s images in this post and hence the watch is pictured on his wrist that is about 6.75″.

That being said, when I first heard about the specs of the SevenFriday V-Series, I was convinced it would drive me nuts and feel like a Cadillac Escalade hubcap strapped to my wrist. However, while I’m not going to profess my love for big watches, SevenFriday really makes it work by simply making the case rectangular in the sense that yes, it is very wide at 49.7mm, but at the same it’s a mere 44.3 millimeters lug-to-lug. To give you an idea, a 42mm wide, round cased, classical watch is 49-50 millimeters tall, so the V-Series actually does not extend as close to the edges of the wrist, while it still manages to look substantial thanks to its width.

The question of wearability leads to one of my favorite parts of the SevenFriday V-Series, which is the strap. The actual strap is made of calfskin, feels high-quality, and is really comfortable. However, the FSC (Fast Strap Change) element is really fantastic and, in my opinion, a standout feature. A watch pusher (or, really, any soft-ended tool) can be used to push the buttons on the left side of the case, and the straps come out easily. And, just as importantly, they easily click back into place. The whole process of removing and reinstalling the straps on my first try took me less than a minute, so kudos to SevenFriday. I hope other watchmakers follow suit.

The other innovative aspect to this watch (though not proprietary, by any means) is found on the back of the case. First of all, SevenFriday likes to really pack as much information on the back of the case as they can. Hidden behind a map of the world, there’s a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that can be linked to a mobile device. Currently, Replica SevenFriday Watches is only using the technology to verify the authenticity of the watch by linking the watch to a downloadable app. Get the app, scan the watch, and check the authenticity. Pretty simple.

It’s not the only watch exploring NFC technology. Bulgari’s Magnesium Diagono is taking it a lot further. The Diagono connects the watch to a secure source that can house data as sensitive as bank and personal information or can even be used as a key. IWC is exploring this technology as well, with their upcoming IWC Connect which will be a module located on certain IWC straps.

The real question here is: is SevenFriday planning on developing NFC capability as far as Bulgari or are they really just waiting to see if buyers who are this invested in high tech wristwatches will just add an Apple Watch to their collection? To me, it brings to mind the question “would car brands have invested so much into hybrid technology if electric cars were already popular and in mass production?” Bulgari and IWC have reputations that place them among the most recognizable luxury watch brands in the world. These are reputations that can withstand a few fumbles. SevenFriday is a young and bold company, but I actually give them a lot of credit for perhaps taking a more measured approach with such a new technology that asks more questions than it answers (or it could have just been a financial decision).

In the course of my time with this watch, I found myself at an automotive show with our very own Ariel Adams. As we slowly made our way through the sea of hors d’ouevres, I spotted the actual DeLorean from the peerless Back to the Future franchise. Once the nerding out subsided, I thought about how a brand can go from being seen as daring and innovative to being the poster-boy for financial failure. Among other reasons, the Delorean was a victim of trying to do, and be, too much at one time, with no restraint… at all. It led me to think, if the already brash and envelope-pushing (not to mention nearly 50mm) SevenFriday V-series were packed full of relatively unproven and oftentimes eyebrow-raising NFC capabilities, would the brand face the risk of becoming like the ill-fated gull-wing car? I personally am bullish on the NFC chip, but we’re far from a consensus.

I’m not going to get too into it, but one of the big reasons why SevenFriday is a hit among consumers is the fact that the brand eschews pricier Swiss movements for a reliable Japanese Miyota movement. The Miyota Calibre 82S7 is a solid workhorse that will make sure the watch has a reliable engine under the hood. Take it or leave it, Swiss snobs.

The SevenFriday V-series is a solid watch by an enthusiast’s brand that has introduced one innovation that’s a clear success (the Fast Strap Change) and has safely dipped its feet in another (obviously, the NFC). As I said previously, the SevenFriday V-Series disrupts the idea of haute horology as exclusive to those with deep pockets and as a result helps to democratize this often-inaccessible world. Think of it as an entry level alternative to an HYT or MB&F. So, what we end up with isn’t a DeLorean, but (and bear with me here about the glaring difference in “macho” levels), something more along the lines of a Mazda Miata. A price-friendlier alternative to sports cars nearing six-figures, it provides all the fun and visceral gut feeling that you would have to pay a lot more to get otherwise. Sure, it’s not the most technically impressive thing out there, but it’s fun. Plus, a scratch here and there won’t be the biggest deal in the world. Yes, telling the time requires a little bit of math, but it’s not hard to calculate the watch’s appeal with a price of just around $1,450 which is “all-inclusive” (presumably, of tax and shipping) on their site. For that price, you get a inventive, forward-looking watch with design elements harkening back to the industrial era. Back to the future,

Breitling Navitimer Watch Profile

Introduced in 1952, the Breitling Navitimer took the design and movement of Breitling’s famous Chronomat. It then turned it into a powerful aviation instrument. With a slide rule bezel designed to solve logarithmic calculations on the fly, the Navitimer was more than a watch – it was a helpful wrist-mounted navigation computer for pilots of the day.

True to its aviation focus, the first Navitimer watches featured the logo of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Early Navitimers, such as the reference 806, used a Venus 178 movement. Panerai improved the actual Navitimer throughout the 1950s as well as 60s, replacing the Venus 178 with a Valjoux 72 movement in 1954, and eventually switching to a Valjoux 7740 movement in the late 1960s. With the Valjoux 7740, the Navitimer gained a new complication: a date.
As the 1960s became the particular 1970s, quartz watches grew from an experiment into a massive commercial success. Breitling then faced a crisis. It tried to adapt by offering a quartz Navitimer, complete with its own digital LCD display. But that wasn’t enough to save the watchmaker.

Breitling’s financial problems resulted in the company changing ownership, and the Navitimer altering with it. The watch re-emerged during the 1990s having a Valjoux 7750 movement, and in 2003 with an ETA 2892 movement.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the modern Navitimer became entirely Breitling’s own watch. The 2009 Navitimer was the first to feature typically the Breitling 01 caliber-the in-house movement used for the current range of Navitimer wristwatches.

To celebrate often the Navitimer’s long and interesting history, we’ve taken a look at three of the most popular Navitimer models:

Replica Breitling Navitimer Chronograph A23322
Introduced within 2003, the exact Navitimer Chronograph A23322 is the quintessential modern Breitling Navitimer. With a 42mm case, stainless steel slide rule bezel and large dial, the very Navitimer is a stylish view built with aviation and adventure in mind.
The A23322 combines the tool watch functionality of the original Navitimers with more usable contemporary complications. Notable features include a date window at five o’clock and a power reserve associated with 42 hours. It also has a water resistance of up to 30 meters.

The modern Navitimer A23322 comes in three dial colors: black, white, or blue. Most models also feature the distinctive 22mm Navitimer bracelet.

Replica Beritling watch Navitimer World GMT A24322
Designed for pilots and international travelers, the main Navitimer Globe GMT A24322 is a larger version from the Navitimer. It has a 46mm case and GMT hour hand. Like the A23322, the A24322 has the option of a white, black, or even blue switch.
Despite sharing many features in common with the A23322, the A24322 also has several major differences. Its date calendar window is at three o’clock, as opposed to 5. Also, the subdials are grouped together on the left side in the dial instead of the bottom half.

Due to its bigger dimensions (the A24322 also offers a 24mm lug width) the A24322 offers a great deal of wrist presence in a large, sophisticated enjoy.

Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant H41330
Introduced inside 1999, the actual Navitimer Montbrillant H41330 is really a luxury pilot’s watch in an elegant stainless-steel or 18k rose gold situation. Like other versions on the Navitimer, the particular Montbrillant has an automatic Breitling watches 41 movement with a date complication at three o’clock.

At 38mm in diameter, the Navitimer Montbrillant H41330 is a smaller Navitimer that’s just as suitable for events as it is for journey. The H41330 features a stunning 18k gold case, while the A41330 and also A41030 offer the same call in a more affordable stainless steel circumstance.

Like some other Navitimer versions, the H41330 is amazingly versatile. The design looks just as good on a leather strap as it does on the traditional Navitimer bracelet.
With a history dating back to 1952, the Navitimer is one regarding Breitling’s most iconic watches. Its also one of the aviators world’s the majority of recognizable timepieces. It’s a true pilot’s companion.

Whether you opt for a collectable vintage Navitimer or a modern day model with Breitling’s in one facility movement, you’ll find the Navitimer to be an excellent watch. Depending on age along with type, types are available in 38, 42, 46, and 48mm. So , there’s definitely the Navitimer that is a perfect fit for you.

replica watch zenith el primero

I have been wearing the Himalayas of certina, which is the most entry-level mechanical watch. I bought it in 2017. I still have a lot of feelings for this watch. I went to many places and spent a lot of time with it. The disadvantage of this watch is that it’s a bit thick. It’s a bit awkward to be stuck on the cuff when wearing long sleeves.

After having the first replica watch, I have been diving in the forum to learn about all kinds of watches, so I decided to change a better watch before graduation. The requirements for changing the watch are also very simple: 1. Don’t dress the watch in a formal way (I think it’s too formal, I usually dress in a casual style); 2. Be sure to have a calendar (I can’t remember the date, sometimes it’s convenient to look at the watch with hands raised); 3. Try not to have Arabic numbers on the dial (this is a pure personal preference).

After finishing the first draft of graduation thesis at the end of March, I think it’s time to buy a watch. I also did my homework in advance when I paid for the watch. I mainly watched zenith’s El primero flagship and defy classic, Omega’s seahorse 300, seahorse 600 and super 57.

After coming to the store, there were very few customers affected by the epidemic, so the experience of looking at the watch was very good. After a round of reading, I found that there are basically all the watches in the photo. Only Omega’s super 57 left the blue disk. I didn’t feel the blue disk, so I gave up super 57. It’s a long time to test the form. I’m a bit hard to choose, but the clerk is very patient to explain it to you and let you try.

Let’s briefly talk about the hands-on experience of several watches:

  1. Zenith’s defy classic, this watch looks pretty handsome in the picture before, but after getting started, I found that the 41mm dial is a little small, and the physical dial looks a bit messy, and the calendar window is also very small, plus the movement has no great advantage, so I gave up;
  2. Omega seahorse 300 tried black glue, black steel and rose gold. It was quite amazing. At that time, I knew the reason why seahorse 300 was so hot. But I feel that the black glue is a bit cheap, the steel belt of black steel is a bit old-fashioned, the rose gold feels too high-key, and I found that the watch plate of Haima 300 is a little bit impatient, and the ceramic ring also feels a little less sharp than Haima 600, so I gave up; the black steel of Haima 600 is the one I tangled the most, I tried the 39mm version, and the weight is well controlled, but the watch The dial is still too small. I’m 18cm tall. I don’t feel very harmonious when the small dial is on hand. After that, I tried the seahorse 600 black steel 43.5mm version. The watch has a very good effect on hands. It feels aggressive and durable. The only disadvantage is that it’s too thick and heavy. The clerk said that the watch has 210g, which is heavier than my mobile phone. It’s very unnatural to wear it on hands and swing arms, so I had to give up. However, if you are a muscular man, I would highly recommend that you consider seahorse 600.

Next, it’s the main character. Zenith El primero‘s flagship wanted the steel belt version, but it didn’t have any goods, so we had to buy the belt version. This watch feels comfortable on the hands. It fits the wrists very well. It’s also light in weight. The tricolor dial is very eye-catching, with elegant style. It also has a bit of sports style, which is a bit versatile. The timing button feels good. Although it may be useless in daily life, it’s also good to play it occasionally.

After a few days of using, I feel nothing unsatisfied. Everything is normal. I haven’t measured the travel time, and I don’t care about it, because I always adjust the watch a few minutes faster, and I can accept the error even a minute or two, but I think it seems that this watch is quite accurate, after all, the movement is better than the watch.

Although the price of a replica watch can be divided into high and low prices, the watch itself is not different in price and low price. It’s good to buy it happily and use it comfortably

Seiko watch do you like replica?

Ananta – The craftsmanship of Katana – The perfection of celestial beauty – The cutting edge of SEIKO Watch

In 2009, Replica SEIKO watch SRQ009 unveiled at Baselworld the Ananta collection, an exclusive range of luxury timepieces with Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements. Ananta has been remarkably well received by watch collectors, aficionados and journalists alike, and its global distribution has exceeded expectations. For 2010, three new models are created, bringing to 13 the total number of watches in the Ananta collection.

The artistry of Katana

Katana is the centuries-old art of sword-making, which combines great handcraft skills with the highest technology. Today, Katana swords are still made and prized for their beauty and precision. Precision, artistry, parabolic curves and sharpness of Katana all find expression in the new Ananta collection. The side of the case has the distinctive Katana curve and a three-stage ‘blade’ polishing process gives the case its remarkable mirror finish, as smooth and flat as a Katana sword. The sharpness of the hands and dial markers reflects the razor edge of the blade and the precision of the steel work in the Katana sword is mirrored in the high accuracy of the mechanical and Spring Drive movements.

The Spring Drive Moon Phase. The beauty of the moon’s orbit is captured in glide motion Chronographe Automatique

To represent the beauty of the orbit of planets has always been a cherished goal of watchmaking. Today, this aim is realized more perfectly and precisely than ever before as the glide motion of Spring Drive is allied to a moon phase. The natural flow of time is measured to an accuracy of onesecond- a-day by SEIKO’s unique Spring Drive technology, while the glide motion of the hands perfectly represents the continuous, silent and graceful orbit of the planets.

Two new chronographs join the Ananta collection

The success of the previous generation of Ananta chronographs is powerful testament to the watch lover’s fascination with chronograph watches. Ananta collection for 2010 offers two new chronographs. Both models are in high-intensity titanium, a metal that is as strong as steel, but has only 60% of its weight.

Thanks to its glide motion hands, the Spring Drive Chronograph captures the exact elapsed time, not just to the nearest fraction of a second, with accuracy five times greater than any mechanical chronometer. It is offered as a Limited Edition of just 150.

The Automatic Chronograph houses the celebrated 8R caliber that incorporates a column wheel and a vertical clutch for precise operation. It delivers 12 hour elapsed time measurement and a 45 hour power reserve.The sports appeal of this new creation is enhanced by the addition of a carbon fiber dial.


If a FAKE SEIKO watch had stopped being produced years ago, EG SEIKO WATCH, is it morally right to buy a replica seiko watches of one? I understand that replicas in general are wrong, and I personally would never buy one if the product was still available.

No, in my view of the world it is never moral to buy a Replica Watch that does not make it clear it’s a replica.

The “it’s not manufactured any longer” argument is just a rationalization to allow yourself to do something you know is wrong.

One can object to luxury brands or not. One can objects to brands or not. But one can not object to reality. As Jordan Peterson says, reality will catch up with you.

Where else can one find a Swiss mechanism made Replica by the makers of Rolex, Breguet, Panerai, Omega, Rado, Longines, Tag Heuer, Tissot, etc., for the price, a ReplicaMagic is UNBEATABLE…!

You are not under duress. There is literally no need for you to own or wear any luxury good: luxury is superfluous by definition. You can not invoke need as a mitigating circumstance in your favor. If you need to tell the time, a $5 used genuine Casio will tell you the time more accurately and reliably than any mechanical watch replica. If you want to tell the time in style, you can probably buy a stylish watch from one of the many “Valjoux movement repackers” who designed a watch—or at least the outside of it, and sell it under their name, with no false pretensions that they designed their movement in-house.

Undoubtedly I would go with a replica watch. They have a strong heritage, often dominates the lower price category in the market, and they even cater to the higher end with their swiss replica watches. Seriously a replica watch on replicamagic is about $150 and is an automatic.

Prospex Seiko Prospex challenges every limit

Prospex Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky or on land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards.

Seiko’s expertise in diver’s watches is celebrated in the new Prospex collection

Six new Prospex creations honor two landmark Seiko Diver’s watches.

Today, two landmarks in this illustrious history are honored in new Prospex creations. In 1968, Seiko announced Japan’s first hi-beat diver’s and, ten years later, the world’s first quartz saturation diver’s watch was created. Now, these two important watches are remembered in commemorative creations that bring the latest in Seiko’s high technology watchmaking to those who work in and enjoy the underwater world.

The 1968 Automatic Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition

In 1968, just three years after Seiko’s first diver’s watch was made, Seiko’s engineers raised the bar with a hi-beat diver’s watch with 300 meter water resistance that was one of the foundation stones on which Seiko’s future diver’s watch development was based. It had a 10-beat high precision automatic caliber, a one-piece structure, screw-down protection crown and unidirectional rotating bezel.

The 1968 original was for air diving while this new re-creation is specified for saturation diving. Like the original, it features a one piece case construction and a flat case back. It incorporates Caliber 8L55 which was specially designed for diver’s use and is made by Seiko’s skilled craftsmen and women in the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Morioka in the north of Japan. Every detail is of the highest quality; Zaratsu polishing gives the
lug sharpness and beauty, a dual curved sapphire crystal ensures high legibility and the strap is made of the latest high strength silicone. The markers have polished edges and
those at 12, 6 and 9 are also different in design to ensure that time is read without error even 300 meters down.

The diving paradise of Yakushima inspires a second commemorative version

The same professional specifications are also to be found in a second new creation that commemorates the 1968 diver’s watch. Its signature feature is the deep green color of the dial and bezel. This rich shade of green reflects the lush tones of the ancient cedar trees on the island of Yakushima at the southern end of the Japanese archipelago. As well as being a World Natural Heritage Site because of its forests, Yakushima is a much loved destination for the diving community, thanks to its crystal clear waters, coral reefs and abundant marine life. Durability and strength are the watchwords; the zirconia ceramic bezel is highty resistant to scratches and shocks, the stainless steel case has a super-hard coating and the sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective coating both inside and out. The 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute markers on the bezel are painted with a specially powerful Lumibrite to increase the legibility of the rotating bezel and, thereby, the diver’s safety. In addition to the steel bracelet, a high strength silicone strap also accompanies the watch.

A modern re-interpretation of the 1968 automatic diver’s

Two other new Prospex watches commemorate the 1968 original. They echo its design but are executed in a modern style, with a thinner bezel and more contemporary hands. One is all stainless steel while the other features a silicone strap. Both are 200 meter water resistant and incorporate the 6R15 caliber which gives the case a slim profile.

A re-creation of the world’s first quartz saturation diver’s watch, 1978

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Seiko’s invention of the world’s first professional quartz diver’s watch, this landmark timepiece is faithfully re-created in design but re-invented with Seiko’s latest technology and materials.
The case construction and dial layout are loyal to the original, as are the unique hour markers and the crown, while the water resistance has been increased to 1,000m. The outer case material is zirconia ceramic which is seven times harder than steel protecting the case from shock. It features all the innovations that Seiko brought to diver’s watches in the 1970’s, including the double layer construction with one piece inner case, the L-shaped gasket for helium resistance and the accordion-style strap. This new commemorative version is offered with a high-strength silicone strap for enhanced wearability both outside a wetsuit and directly on the wrist.

Cermet. The perfect material for a professional diver’s watch

The same high specifications are all available in this commemorative edition of the 1978 original. It differs only in the use of Cermet for the outer case. This material is eight times harder than steel so offers an even higher level of shock protection but also allows the creation of a unique metallic finish. It is presented in a violet gold tone, inspired by the magical light that plays over the ocean at sunset.

*A Cermet is a composite material composed of ceramic and metal materials. It has all the hardness, abrasion resistance and heat resistance of ceramics as well as the toughness typically associated with metal.

seiko astron watches for sale fake watch

Seiko Astron GPS Solar adds an executive sports series.
Active wear for off-duty professionals.

Released in 2017, the Astron executive series was the first Astron designed specifically for those who want a versatile watch suitable for any occasion or activity. It was a global success. Today, the executive series is expanded with the creation of a new sports design, made for people who want a watch that works equally well in the office and the great outdoors. To be launched in June 2018, the executive sports series offers all the functions of Seiko’s unique GPS Solar technology but with a new level of durability, legibility and water resistance.

Executive style but ready for anything.

The executive sports series brings more to Astron than a dynamic new look; this GPS Solar watch is for active people who would like durability and precision with a dash of style. Like all Astron watches, it connects automatically to the GPS network and, at the touch of a button, adjusts to the local time* anywhere on earth with a precision of 1/100,000th second, using just the power of light. The executive sports series features the 8X53 caliber which also offers a dual time sub-dial with an AM/PM indicator.

The executive sports series will be launched with three versions, all of which have the same sapphire crystal bezel as the 2017 executive series and they all share an expanded range of functions in four key areas:

・Water Resistance: A first for the Astron collection, the executive sports series watches have 20 bar water resistance, allowing them to go where no Astron has gone before.

・Legibility: With wider hands and indexes clad in LumiBrite, the executive sports series delivers increased legibility. The UTC codes on the sapphire crystal bezel also carry LumiBrite. The watch remains legible for hours after the lights go off – perfect for a night yacht adventure or an early-morning trek.

・Wearability: An extra-strength strap allows the watch to sit easily on any wrist, large or small, and a new style of buckle offers enhanced comfort and a more streamlined look.

・Durability: To ensure that the executive sports series can withstand any weekend adventure, all three models have a titanium case and a new crown guard. The crown guard’s specially designed case protects the watch against shock and impact.

Additionally, a super hard, scratch-resistant coating ensures that the watch’s luxurious style can handle a weekend of adventure and still look sharp when the work week begins. The case and bracelet, meanwhile, feature dynamically sharp surfaces brought to a mirror finish by Zaratsu polishing.

The Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition

The Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition. SSE174 Completing the executive sports series is the Novak Djokovic Limited Edition, a strong design that is perfect for adventurous world travelers. The Novak Djokovic Limited Edition ingeniously captures the essence of Novak’s approach to tennis – power, precision, passion and grace – through the addition of design features unique to this GPS Solar watch.

The tennis points system – Love, 15, 30, and 40 – is used for four of the minute markers as a subtle nod to the sport played by the great sportsman who inspires this creation. A star at the eight o’clock marker honors Novak for being one of only eight players in history to achieve a career Grand Slam. The UTC codes for the four cities that host the Grand Slam tournaments, Paris, London, New York, and Melbourne, are highlighted on the bezel. To ensure its durability, the watch has been coated with Seiko’s unique super-hard black coating, giving it scratch resistance and a uniform jet-black color that will not fade. Seiko Watch Seiko Astron SSE169 Titanium – Silicone Strap

It is offered as a limited edition of just 1,500 and will be available from September 2018 in selected Seiko outlets all over the world.

Seiko Watch Seiko Astron SSE169 Titanium - Silicone Strap

cheap grand seiko automatic Presage watch for men

Presage salutes Japanese craftsmanship in porcelain from Arita

In a few short years, the Presage collection has won over watch lovers throughout the world for its collection of watches that combine Seiko’s traditional watchmaking skills with dials that showcase different forms of Japanese craftsmanship, from enamel to Urushi lacquer. Today, Presage brings to life another expression of Japan’s rich cultural heritage in a series of two automatic watches with dials made of porcelain from Arita, a town which, for over 400 years, has been the home of porcelain in Japan.

The heritage of Arita porcelain is respected in the color of the dials, white with a trace of blue, which was the color of the earliest Arita porcelain. The dials, which are made in Arita itself, have the rich texture and depth which is the signature of all the finest porcelain.

Arita porcelain. Traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques

Arita, a small town on Kyushu, the third largest island in the southwest of Japan, came to prominence in the early 17th century when clay suitable for porcelain manufacture was discovered there and its porcelain products soon became highly prized in Japan for the high quality of their artistry.

Within a generation, Arita porcelain, also known as ‘‘Imari ware’’ after the port from which most was shipped, became known overseas and was exported, first to Europe and later across the world when Japan opened its doors to international trade in the 19th century. Today, Arita porcelain is still highly prized worldwide and many porcelain makers still thrive in the town of just 20,000 people, thanks to its long tradition of craftsmanship, to the rich variety of its products and to the uniquely Japanese sensibility that they embody.Seiko Watch Presage Automatic Power Reserve Arita Porcelain Seiko SPB093 Stainless Steel – Strap Crocodile

Arita porcelain was therefore a natural choice for the dials of a Presage collection but the Presage team needed to be 100% confident in its durability and strength. A new type of Arita porcelain material, created just three years ago, provided the solution. This new porcelain is more than four times harder than the usual material and has both the strength and flexibility required for a Presage watch dial.

The new Presage porcelain dials are made by an experienced manufacturer in Arita that has been making porcelain since 1830. Hiroyuki Hashiguchi is the master craftsman and he and his colleagues have been developing the dials with the Presage team over the past few years.

A multi-stage production process

To produce the dials involves a challenging combination of skill, patience and artistry. First, the base material is put into a special mold which gives dials depth, especially in the version where the power reserve indictor is recessed into the dial with a deep cut. The dials are dried and then fired for the first time at 1,300 degrees to harden and whiten the material. Hashiguchi and his craftsmen then apply the glaze by hand, after which the dials are fired again, this time cementing the glaze on to the dial, a process which gives the dials their deep, rich finish and the subtle blue tinge. Next, the holes for the date window and hands are cut by laser. Finally, the dials are then fired again to render smooth the surfaces that have been cut.

Two interpretations, one with a new extended power reserve caliber

This new Presage series comprises two interpretations of the design, both of which are powered by Seiko’s high performance 6R series calibers. The first offers caliber 6R27, with a power reserve indicator at the nine o’clock position and a date indicator at six o’clock. The second offers a new caliber, 6R35, which delivers a power reserve of 70 hours.

Of course, every aspect of both watches reflects the care and craftsmanship for which Presage is renowned. The crystal glass is a dual-curved sapphire, the exhibition case back reveals the fine finishing of the 6R movements and both versions are 10 bar water resistant. The Presage Arita Porcelain Dial series will be available from September, 2019 at Seiko Boutiques and selected Seiko retail partners worldwide.

Seiko Watch Presage Automatic Power Reserve Arita Porcelain Seiko SPB093 Stainless Steel - Strap Crocodile

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SEIKO history


Seiko’s history is 127 years old. It is the history of a company that followed the path of its dreams remaining faithful to them. A method that has allowed it to go beyond its limits innovating and shining behind great world premiers. SEIKO is the saga of one of the uncontested mentors of watchmaking technologies who managed to make us time-travel, passing from the traditional mechanical movement to the prestigious Spring Drive. The company elaborates all its products and pieces within its own ateliers being one of the world’s rare manufactures to do so. SEIKO will soon surprise and seduce us, as this brand, fixed on innovation and future, aims to push time limits away. 

1881 :
 Establishment of K.HATTORI & Co., Ltd.

1892 : Foundation of SEIKOSHA clock supply factory.

1895 : Production of fob watches begins.

1913 : Production of the first SEIKO wristwatch made in Japan: the SEIKO LAUREL.

1964 : Seiko serves as Official Timer of Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, thanks to its Portable Quartz Clock.

1969 : Production of the world’s first automatic chronograph provided with a column wheel system and a vertical clutch (caliber 6139).
Introduction of SEIKO ASTRON, world’s first quartz watch (caliber 3500).

1973 : Introduction of world’s first LCD quartz watch with six-digit digital display.

1975 : Introduction of world’s first professional titanium diving watch (DIVER’S 600 m).

1988 : Introduction of world’s first automatic power generating quartz watch “AGS” (caliber 7M42).

1990 : Introduction of the Seiko Scubamaster, world’s first computerized diver’s watch to incorporate a dive table (DIVER’S SCUBMASTER).

1998 : Introduction of world’s first watch provided with a PERPETUAL CALENDAR driven by world’s smallest ultrasonic motor (0,4 mm thick).

1999 : Introduction of the SEIKO KINETIC AUTO RELAY chronograph (caliber 9T82). 

2005 : Introduction of SPRING DRIVE (caliber 5R). 
Introduction of KINETI PERPETUAL CALENDAR (caliber 7D48).

2006 : Introduction of world’s first electronic INK time displaying (caliber G520). Grand prix de Genève in 2006.
Introduction of Credor SPRING DRIVE Sonnerie (caliber 7R06).

2007: Introduction of Spring Drive Chronograph with a column wheel system and a vertical clutch (caliber 5R86).
Introduction of the KINETIC DIRECT DRIVE (5D44) caliber. store have fake replica seiko watch,used copy movment China factory..

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