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Seiko Astron GPS Solar adds an executive sports series.
Active wear for off-duty professionals.

Released in 2017, the Astron executive series was the first Astron designed specifically for those who want a versatile watch suitable for any occasion or activity. It was a global success. Today, the executive series is expanded with the creation of a new sports design, made for people who want a watch that works equally well in the office and the great outdoors. To be launched in June 2018, the executive sports series offers all the functions of Seiko’s unique GPS Solar technology but with a new level of durability, legibility and water resistance.

Executive style but ready for anything.

The executive sports series brings more to Astron than a dynamic new look; this GPS Solar watch is for active people who would like durability and precision with a dash of style. Like all Astron watches, it connects automatically to the GPS network and, at the touch of a button, adjusts to the local time* anywhere on earth with a precision of 1/100,000th second, using just the power of light. The executive sports series features the 8X53 caliber which also offers a dual time sub-dial with an AM/PM indicator.

The executive sports series will be launched with three versions, all of which have the same sapphire crystal bezel as the 2017 executive series and they all share an expanded range of functions in four key areas:

・Water Resistance: A first for the Astron collection, the executive sports series watches have 20 bar water resistance, allowing them to go where no Astron has gone before.

・Legibility: With wider hands and indexes clad in LumiBrite, the executive sports series delivers increased legibility. The UTC codes on the sapphire crystal bezel also carry LumiBrite. The watch remains legible for hours after the lights go off – perfect for a night yacht adventure or an early-morning trek.

・Wearability: An extra-strength strap allows the watch to sit easily on any wrist, large or small, and a new style of buckle offers enhanced comfort and a more streamlined look.

・Durability: To ensure that the executive sports series can withstand any weekend adventure, all three models have a titanium case and a new crown guard. The crown guard’s specially designed case protects the watch against shock and impact.

Additionally, a super hard, scratch-resistant coating ensures that the watch’s luxurious style can handle a weekend of adventure and still look sharp when the work week begins. The case and bracelet, meanwhile, feature dynamically sharp surfaces brought to a mirror finish by Zaratsu polishing.

The Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition

The Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition. SSE174 Completing the executive sports series is the Novak Djokovic Limited Edition, a strong design that is perfect for adventurous world travelers. The Novak Djokovic Limited Edition ingeniously captures the essence of Novak’s approach to tennis – power, precision, passion and grace – through the addition of design features unique to this GPS Solar watch.

The tennis points system – Love, 15, 30, and 40 – is used for four of the minute markers as a subtle nod to the sport played by the great sportsman who inspires this creation. A star at the eight o’clock marker honors Novak for being one of only eight players in history to achieve a career Grand Slam. The UTC codes for the four cities that host the Grand Slam tournaments, Paris, London, New York, and Melbourne, are highlighted on the bezel. To ensure its durability, the watch has been coated with Seiko’s unique super-hard black coating, giving it scratch resistance and a uniform jet-black color that will not fade. Seiko Watch Seiko Astron SSE169 Titanium – Silicone Strap

It is offered as a limited edition of just 1,500 and will be available from September 2018 in selected Seiko outlets all over the world.

Seiko Watch Seiko Astron SSE169 Titanium - Silicone Strap