Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Limited Edition

There are seven new Seiko 5 Sports creations inspired by two leading Japanese animations, NARUTO and BORUTO.
Each of the seven creations capture both animation’s central characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Lee, Gaara from NARUTO,
and Boruto and Sarada from BORUTO.
NARUTO was first broadcasted in Japan in 2002 and then introduced abroad,
and has since fascinated fans throughout the world.
BORUTO is the sequel to the series and centers on Naruto’s son,
Boruto Uzumaki, whose adventure continues today.

Seiko 5 Sports meets NARUTO & BORUTO. Introduced in 1968 and re-born in 2019, Seiko 5 Sports has offered a wide variety of durable and reliable mechanical watches for watch lovers of every age for over half a century. Today, there are seven new Seiko 5 Sports creations inspired by two leading Japanese animations, NARUTO and BORUTO.
All Seiko 5 Sports Naruto & Boruto Limited Edition watches are water resistant to 10 bar and have see-through case backs. Each watch will come with a box inspired by the Earth and Heaven Scrolls from the Chunin Exams, a widescale examination used to test the skill of junior Ninja.
Ada tujuh kreasi Seiko 5 Sports baru yang terinspirasi oleh dua animasi Jepang yang top, NARUTO dan BORUTO. Masing-masing dari tujuh kreasi menangkap karakter utama kedua animasi: Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Lee, Gaara dari NARUTO, dan Boruto dan Sarada dari BORUTO.

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch SHIKAMARU NARA Model SRPF75K1

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch ROCK LEE Model SRPF73K1

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch GAARA Model SRPF71K1

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch NARUTO UZUMAKI Model SRPF70K1

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch SASUKE UCHIHA Model SRPF69K1

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch SARADA UCHIHA Model SRPF67K1

Seiko 5 Sports NARUTO & BORUTO Replica Watch BORUTO UZUMAKI Model SRPF65K1

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary Limited Edition

“One step ahead of the rest.” The 160th anniversary of Kintaro Hattori’ s birth is marked with a special Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch.

Today, Seiko proudly celebrates the life, career and achievements of its founder with a limited edition Astron GPS Solar watch that exemplifies to perfection Kintaro’s vision that Seiko should always be “One step ahead of the rest”.
Kintaro Hattori 1860 – 1934

  • Businessman, visionary and philanthropist –
    When Seiko’s founder Kintaro Hattori was born in 1860 in central Tokyo, Japan was undergoing massive social and industrial changes as it took its place on the world stage after more than two centuries of self-imposed isolation. It was a time of opportunity and no-one grasped its significance more than Kintaro. At the age of just 17, he set up his own timepiece repair business at his home and, just four years later, he founded his own company, repairing, importing and selling clocks and watches. Under his leadership, his fledgling “start-up” grew to be Japan’s pre-eminent timepiece manufacturer. It was with good reason that he soon became known in Japan as the “King of watches in the East”.
    Seiko Astron. The world leader in GPS Solar technology.
    In 2012 , Seiko demonstrated its leadership in high technology watchmaking with the world’s first GPS Solar watch. By connecting to the GPS network, Astron adjusts at the touch of a button to every time zone on earth and, by taking all the energy it needs from light alone, never needs a battery change. It offers local time with atomic clock precision on your wrist, wherever you are on earth. Today, eight years on , the latest generation of Astron GPS Solar technology powers the new Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary watch and joins the long list of horological innovations, including the world’s first quartz watch in 1969, that exemplify Kintaro’s philosophy and have kept Seiko at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

NOTE: If there are changes in the region / time zone / DST, manual selection may be required.
A design that speaks of Seiko’s heritage
With its deep black tones, gold tone accents and high gloss bezel, the watch has a commanding presence on the wrist that befits its heritage.
The watch case and bracelet are in titanium with a scratch-resistant hard-coating.
Zirconia ceramic bezel
The bezel is made from Zirconia ceramic and has sixteen facets, one for each decade since Kintaro’s birth.
A case back that tells the Kintaro story
The case back carries Kintaro’s name and three reminders of his legacy. The trademark “S” that he registered in 1900 occupies the center of the case back. His motto “One step ahead of the rest” appears above it and the name Seiko which was first used in 1924 takes pride of place on the rim.
The words “Limited Edition” and the individual watch’s serial number (0001/2500-2500/2500) are inscribed on the case back.

Note: The case back direction might be different from the photograph.
A supplementary crocodile strap
The watch is accompanied in its presentation case by a supplementary crocodile strap which is easy to affix and perfect for those special, more formal, occasions.
The ‘S’ mark; Kintaro’s first trademark.
From 1900, Kintaro used this ‘S’ mark with both square and round rims on his products. It was registered as the trademark of his company, K. Hattori & Co. A commemorative lapel badge featuring this landmark design is offered with the watch.
A special presentation box
The watch is offered in a special presentation box with a commemorative “S” mark badge and includes a card carrying a message from Kintaro’s great-grandson and the company’s current Chairman & CEO, Shinji Hattori.
Technology of Astron
The GPS Solar Caliber 5X53 Dual-Time connects up to twice a day to the GPS network to maintain its precision* anywhere in the world. It adjusts automatically to Daylight Saving Time** and, when the wearer changes time zone, he or she simply pushes a button and the hands move rapidly to the correct local time, thanks to the system that moves the hour, minute, and seconds hands independently. In addition, the wearer is able to change the main time display instantly from home to local time and vice versa. It is a perfect watch for Novak and all international travelers. Travelling can be stressful; Astron makes it just a little less so.

  • When the dial detects sunlight, the watch connects to the GPS satellite network and adjusts automatically to the correct time. If the watch is hidden from light, it remembers the time of its last successful manual connection and attempts to receive the GPS signal again at that same time.
    ** If the time zone adjustment is successful, the watch will display local Daylight Saving Time wherever this is in operation. (This does not apply when a time zone is selected manually)
    Seiko Astron GPS Solar SSH073 Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary Limited Edition

Seiko Prospex Alpinist

The Seiko Alpinist is a watch that checks all the right boxes for a large swath of the watch-wearing (and collecting) public. It’s readily available, reliable, robust, attractive, and affordable. It’s the perfect fit for so many people. It does everything just slightly better Seiko Prospex Alpinist
The Seiko Prospex collection is most often associated with its diver’s watches, but there’s more to be found if you scrape beneath the surface. Hiding in plain sight is the oft-lauded successor to the Seiko Alpinist models of old. They may be masquerading under a different name but the new Seiko Prospex SPB155J1, SPB157J1, and SPB159J1 references display a lot of the old Alpinist DNA. And you know what? They do their ancestors proud…

Blue. Green. Gray. Take your pick. You can’t really go wrong. All three novelties feature the Alpinist cathedral hands and a dial decorated with Arabic numerals. Although Seiko doesn’t openly communicate these models under the “Alpinist” moniker, they are clearly a modern, slightly pared-back version of the style we’ve come to associate with the Alpinist line (especially since ’95).
The marmite cathedral hands weren’t always a calling card of the Alpinist series, but they have, especially in recent times, become more and more integral to the family’s ID. And it must be said that setting them against a sand-textured degradé dial is a bold look. The clean and straightforward case and bracelet do, however, afford the brand a bit of freedom to get creative with the display.
I described these models as “pared-back”, but really that’s only partly true. The internal compass ring is gone. So too, of course, is the four o’clock crown used to adjust it. The date window’s prominence recedes because there is no magnifier on the glass. A white-on-black date wheel also keeps things subtle in that regard. But beyond that, these new models are perhaps a bit more experimental in terms of dial decoration than we might have expected.
The black to green/blue/gray fade is an ambitiously artistic choice. It hints at things to come from this family. If Seiko is open to experimenting with this kind of color-play on the dial, what might we see next? It adds an interesting dimension to the collection, which I’m all for.

Basically, this new trio of releases is simultaneously safe and adventurous. That’s pretty much exactly the kind of tone I expect all brands in 2020 to be trying to set. Give the fans of the brand something old and something new at the same time. Here, with a simple time-and-date display, Seiko succeeds to that end rather well.
These new Alpinist references fit into the Seiko Prospex “Land” sub-collection. They slot in nicely as slightly more affordable alternatives to references SPB121J1 and SPB119J1 (the green and white compass-toting Alpinists with Arabic numerals. The black-dialed reference SPB117J1 (with compass scale) remains a bit of an anomaly with its blockish hour markers, but it offers something a little different. It’s nice to see the scope of this sub-series expanding with this wave.
References SPB121J1 and SPB119J1 (and SPB117J1) feature applied hour markers. With references SPB155J1, SPB157J1, and SPB159J1 we have printed numerals in a yellowy/vintage white. This color is also used to frame the 3 o’clock date window, which is a nice touch. Resultingly, the dial doesn’t lose too much in the way of balance despite the fact the 3 o’clock marker has made way for the date function.
What I like most about this current release is how slim and sleek the case looks in comparison to the other modern Alpinists. Dropping the 4 o’clock crown and the flared 3 o’clock crown guards really cleans up the silhouette and, to my mind, makes this a far more versatile watch. The relatively diminutive 38mm diameter, 12.9mm thickness, and 46mm lug-to-lug promise comfort on the wrist.
I’d personally take the gray dial on the leather strap, as it strikes me as more “mountain-ready”. I rarely choose the weight of a bracelet unless I am actually planning on being underwater. The ruggedness of a nicely worn-in leather strap on these airy watch-heads seems like a perfect match.
The exterior is more than capable of withstanding anything you throw at it, and the movement is no different. These three Seiko Alpinist references are powered by the self-winding caliber 6R35, which has an expected accuracy rating of +25 to -15 seconds per day. The green model on the bracelet retails for €710. Meanwhile, the blue and the gray on leather straps come in at €690. Learn more about Seiko and the Alpinist model

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Green SPB155J1 Replica Watch for Men

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Blue SPB157J1 Replica Watch for Men

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Gray SPB159J1 Replica Watch for Men

Seiko Prospex Diver Watch

Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky or on land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards. Seiko Prospex Diver Watch
Seiko Prospex remains a standard for high-intensity timekeeping excellence. From the introduction of its first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko has been a leader in undersea precision and durability, spearheading innovations in both technology and design.
55 years ago, Seiko introduced its, and Japan’s, first ever diver’s watch. With an automatic movement and water resistance to 150m, it proved its reliability when it was used by members of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969.Seiko Prospex Divers Watches
From the first diver’s watch released in 1965, Seiko has been exceeding expectations for divers with its innovative technology. A timepiece that guides you through the challenges in the deep blue.
Nicknamed “Sumo“, the Seiko Prospex diver watch is a mechanical, self-winding timepiece stainless steel bracelet that’s waterproof up to 200m (suitable for diving). It’s 44.5mm, has a date display at 3 o’clock, has a 50-hour power reserve, and has luminous hands and markers.
Introduced in 1965, Seiko’s innovative diver’s watch has been chosen by divers and adventurers globally. Seiko’s diving watch has become a global standard as a result 50 years of innovation.
Seiko Prospex challenges every limit, with a collection of timepieces for sports lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, in the sky or on land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards. We are constantly striving to bring ever greater reliability and safety to both professional and recreational divers.
However, I feel that the three logos (Seiko, Prospex, PADI), as well as the extra text (Automatic, Diver’s 200m) and the large hands, clutter the watch face a bit. As the Seiko Prospex PADI Monster SRPE27K1 is meant to be a tool watch I don’t mind the outsized indexes. I also don’t have a problem with wide hands.

Seiko Prospex LX line

The Seiko LX line was introduced from the Prospex collection as the pinnacle of Seiko sports watches. The name “LX”, hints at the Latin word for light and is a subtle nod to the way that light is reflected in the broad, flat surfaces of each case. It is a premium sports watch collection that strikes the perfect balance of modern aesthetic sense with high practicality.

The new seiko prospex LX line is equipped with Seiko’s unique “Spring Drive” movement, which demonstrated its durability, strength, and capabilities through its use in outer space in 2008.
The limited edition expresses the beauty of the earth’s atmosphere seen from outer space.

This is a special model in which the mystical scenery of earth, as seen from space, is brought to life by a graded dial and two-tone colored sapphire glass bezel.

The stratosphere’s change in color from black to blue is expressed in the graded dial and the two-tone color bezel.
The beautiful finish of the watch shows various expressions that differ depending on the angle of light and is reminiscent of the beauty of the earth illuminated by the sun.

The watch’s design is based on the historic 1968 Diver’s, Seiko’s first diver’s watch that had 300m water resistance and a high-beat movement.
A Prospex re-creation of the 1968 Diver’s was honored the Sports Watch Prize in 2018 at the world’s most prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. The LX line inherits the original case design of the 1968 Hi-beat Diver’s.
The Zaratsu-polished distortion-free mirror surface of the case exterior and lowered center of gravity creates a modern look and greater comfort on the wrist.

It is equipped with Caliber 5R66, a Spring Drive movement with a GMT function that proved its performance in space.
Spring Drive’s natural glide motion of the seconds hand around the watch dial evokes the scene of a spaceship navigating in the silence of outer space.
The case back is marked with the letters “LIMITED EDITION” and a serial number between 001/400 and 400/400 as a certificate of limited quantity.

*In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

Seiko Prospex LX line Replica Watch for Men SNR045J1

Seiko Prospex LX line Replica Watch for Men SNR049J1

Best Seiko Presage SPB171J1

vol.3 Enamel Dial – Ultimate white rendered by the world of craftsmanship
“As a member of the world of traditional culture, I feel really encouraged,” says kabuki actor Matsumoto Koshiro as he looks at a Seiko Presage watch on his wrist. He is referring to the connection he senses between his endeavors to convey to the world the appeal of the traditional Japanese theatrical art of kabuki and Seiko’s history of showcasing the finest Japanese aesthetics through its watchmaking craftsmanship.
This is the third in a series of four interviews Koshiro has had with master Japanese artisans who are preserving traditional craftsmanship. The first and second articles covered the Arita porcelain dial model and the shippo enamel dial model, respectively. This article features the horo (porcelain enamel) dial model whose color does not fade over time.
Porcelain enamel is called “horo” in Japanese* and is created through the process of fusing vitreous glaze to a metal surface under high-temperature firing. As an enamel coating is resistant to chemical damage, enameled materials are used for daily necessities, such as kitchen utensils and bathtubs, housing equipment as well as whiteboards. In recent years, consumers, especially young ones, have appreciated enameled kitchen utensils anew because of a sense of warmth they give. Koshiro appears to be thrilled by the glossy-white enameled dial of the watch.
(*) The meaning of the kanji characters of “horo” (琺瑯): “ho” (琺) means “glaze” while “ro” (瑯) means a pebble with a perfectly clear color.
Realizing the accuracy of 0.01 mm to bring new life to enamel
Matsumoto Koshiro: The elegant white color of this dial is quite impressive. It doesn’t give a feeling of coldness — rather, it gives a sense of warmth. When we think of horo (porcelain enamel), we readily link it to daily necessities. So, it is amazing to learn that you have applied horo to such a precision machinery component as a dial. Best Seiko Presage SPB171J1

Mitsuru Yokosawa: When I began working on this project, Seiko told me that the company manufactured Japan’s first wristwatch, the Laurel, in 1913. To my surprise, horo was used for its dial at the time. As a craftsman, I felt convinced that it would be worthwhile giving new life to the century-old technology. The dial of the Laurel watch hasn’t faded at all despite more than 100 years elapsing. I was enthralled anew by the charm of horo.

Matsumoto: It’s natural for you to get fired up because your mission was to create a new watch face. What part of the manufacturing process was the most difficult?

Yokosawa: The dial is just about 30 mm in diameter. What’s more, it has [two] sub-dials. Therefore, I concentrated on continuing to always apply an even thickness of glaze to the metal surfaces with the utmost care and attention. When producing enamel tableware, different thicknesses of glaze may be passable to a certain extent. In the art of watch manufacturing, uneven thicknesses of glaze can never be acceptable because hand movements may consequently be hindered. As such, I needed to follow a set of strict requirements that specified the exact thickness of the glaze layer to be fused throughout the manufacturing process. On the other hand, to get a distinct white color, I had to melt and fuse the glaze securely with the metal surface each time. To that end, when I sprayed the glaze, I had to keep adjusting the thickness with the accuracy of 0.01 mm. In the finishing stage of glaze treatment, I usually found myself immersed in a world of senses.

In the project, I strained every nerve to deliver what I had been asked to achieve while unfailingly doing high-quality work. Such craftsmanship, I think, is akin to what you, as a kabuki actor, do in every monthlong run — you need to play the same role in the same way basically true to what has been set in advance.
Improving craftsmanship religiously to deliver changeless accuracy
Matsumoto: Your craftsmanship requires constant accuracy. In that process, like kabuki performances, experience matters. When I play the same role in a monthlong run, how I feel physically and how audiences react to my performances vary every day. I know that it’s very demanding to keep playing the same role in exactly the same way over a monthlong period.

Yokosawa: I know what you mean. I, too, make every effort day in, day out — through trial and error — to deliver identical products. The finish of a product is prone to be affected by weather. Even within a factory equipped with a state-of-art air conditioning system, the humidity goes down on a sunny summer day, a situation that causes the state of dryness of the glaze to change. Although we have scientific data to deal with such a situation, we still have to fine-tune adjustments during the final part of the glazing process by gauging subtle changes in moisture levels, especially when it suddenly begins raining. Furthermore, I think that the finishes inevitably change, depending on how I feel on a given day. Anyway, nothing can be perfectly accomplished according to a manual. The sure solution is to keep gaining experience.

Matsumoto: The outbreak of COVID-19 has made it difficult to offer usual performances in theaters. We alternatively provided the first-ever online kabuki program named “Zoom Kabuki ‘CHUSHINGURA,’” which was streamed this summer. We utilized the Zoom video communications app to enable both performers and audiences to avoid the so-called 3Cs — closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings. Indeed, it was an unprecedented challenge for us to apply the video communications technology to the kabuki world. At the end of the day, I think, it turned out to be a good opportunity for us to explore the potential of kabuki to change with the times. As you show how wholeheartedly you have devoted yourself to the application of the tradition-rich horo enameling technology on the “Presage” stage, I’d also like to keep carving out the future of the kabuki world.

The worlds of kabuki and horo at first glance appear to be different from each other. But this dialogue has led me to realize that they have much in common in terms of “preserving traditions.” At the same time, this dialogue has also enabled me to conceive anew that it is not enough for us to preserve them and that what we really need to do is to pass them down to future generations by always giving new life to them.
Seiko Presage Enamel Dial model
Seiko brings a new vigor to century-old watchmaking technologies. This Seiko Presage watch with an enamel dial is reminiscent of Seiko’s landmark creations. They include Seiko’s and Japan’s first wristwatch, the Laurel, which debuted in 1913 with a porcelain enamel dial, and the Roman numeral hour markers used in Seiko’s 1895 pocket watch, the Time Keeper. In tandem with the nostalgic dial appearance, the model features the pinnacle of more than 100 years of watchmaking craftsmanship of Seiko as in the case of its high-accuracy caliber 6R27 movement. The Seiko Presage with a horo dial is a perfect fit for those who are particular about a watch that is good for practical use on the one hand and narrative-rich on the other hand.

Seiko Presage Basic Line Star Bar Limited Edition

Two watches join the STAR BAR limited edition collection from Seiko Presage. Seiko Presage Basic Line Star Bar Limited Edition
These limited edition watches are inspired by one of the world’s leading bartenders, Mr. Hisashi Kishi, and his special cocktails that capture the “scenes from Kyoto.”
The first bartender to be awarded the “Contemporary Master Craftsman” award, STAR BAR owner Hisashi Kishi created this original cocktail, which has the flavors of Kyoto’s famous green tea and hojicha.
This special cocktail expresses the lush nature of Kyoto and the historical atmosphere of the city by using ingredients associated with Kyoto.
Hisashi Kishi,
the head bartender of STAR BAR
in Tokyo’s Ginza district and a past winner of
the International Bar Association World Championships.
The dial of this watch has a pattern that is reminiscent of Kyoto’s famous tea leaves. This is a special edition that allows you to feel the deep flavors and tastes drawn from the rich ingredients of Kyoto.
As a proof of the limited edition, not only is it enclosed in a special box, but the thick calf strap has a vintage style finish.
The see-through case back of the watch is not only marked with the words “Limited Edition” and the serial number, but also allows the wearer to enjoy the automatic mechanical movement work.

Fake Seiko Presage Basic Line Star Bar Limited Edition for Men SRPF43J1

Fake Seiko Presage Basic Line Star Bar Limited Edition for Men SRPF41J1

New Grand Seiko watches for sale

Grand Seiko offers timepieces of distinction for all. Whether classic, traditional or for sport, every Grand Seiko offers the same high standards of precision, durability and legibility that are its hallmarks.
Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Diver’s 600M; Spring Drive 8 Days Jewelry Watch ; Elegance Collection Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions; Re-creations of the first Grand Seiko ; Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Special Site; Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Editions; Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Japan
Grand Seiko’s are different in one of two ways. First, they can be made of a higher quality stainless steel, which will last longer and extend the lifespan of the watch. Second, they might be a different material entirely, like platinum or titanium.
One thing that confuses many watch buyers is the difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko. They think that if the brand name and aesthetics are almost the same, that there can’t be much difference between their timepieces. This idea, though fairly logical, is ultimately false.
The Grand Seiko Automatic refers to the self-winding movements that led to the critical success of Grand Seiko watches. Movements were powerful and could hold 82-hour power reserves. Still, the highly accurate Hi-beat movement (9S85) is the clear winner when it comes mechanical timepieces made by Grand Seiko.
Best Grand Seiko is majorly known for 3 types of movements: automatic, quartz and spring drive calibers. The Grand Seiko Automatic refers to the self-winding movements that led to the critical success of Grand Seiko watches.
Grand Seiko Watches Grand Seiko Spring Drive Powered Watch Available for Same Day Shipping. Exquisite Timepieces offers Grand Seiko Watches including SBGR305, Snowflake and Many Other Popular Limited Edition Automatic Men’s Watches. Grand Seiko Luxury Watches offer both Men’s watches and Ladies Watches.
Grand Seiko Watches In 1881, the origins of Seiko was founded by Kintaro Hattori when he started a watch and jewelry shop. But in 1892, he opened Seikosha to produce clocks. It was not until 1924 that the company offered the first Grand Seiko watches for sale.
The very first Grand Seiko model was produced in Suwa Seikosha (current Seiko Epson) in central Japan. Since the release of this watch in 1960, the Grand Seiko has continued to evolve and include additional complications including calendar functions.
Grand Seiko’s are different in one of two ways. First, they can be made of a higher quality stainless steel, which will last longer and extend the lifespan of the watch. Second, they might be a different material entirely, like platinum or titanium. One thing that many of us can do intuitively is sense whether a metal is high or low quality.

Best Grand Seiko Heritage Replica

UK Grand Seiko Heritage “Sekki” Replica Watches Are Worthy Of Collecting. Grand Seiko shows the deep and profound feeling of Japanese to seasons. Today’s four perfect fake watches are exactly inspired by the four seasons, reinterpreting the design of the classic 62GS. These new Grand Seiko timepieces are created to salute the changing seasons of Japan.
The replica SBGJ019 features one of Grand Seiko’s highest end movements, the relatively new 9S86. You’ll remember the 9S86 as the first Hi-Beat GMT movement that Grand Seiko has ever made and one of only a handful in the world. Here we see the balance wheel,
This limited edition timepiece is a faithful representation of the Cheap Grand Seiko 44GS replica watch launched in the year of my birth, 1967. Close examination reveals much merit, justifying my fervent editorial efforts. Occasionally, I meet fellow journalists who share my passion, writing about the finest expressions of timekeeping.
Swiss Made Replica Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36,000 GMT Limited Edition. Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the new fake Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36,000 GMT Limited Edition, a watch replica presented with a gorgeous green dial and featuring, for the first time, Seiko’s hi-beat GMT.Indeed, Japan is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Japan Seasons Special Edition; Grand Seiko Sport Collection Spring Drive 20th & NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Limited Edition; Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive SBGA407; Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive thin dress series; Grand Seiko Elegance Collection A new manual-winding caliber.
Grand Seiko is a really underrated brand but that’s also what I like about them. Only watch nerds will truly appreciate the fine craftsmanship that the Japanese put into their work. Here’s my list of what I think are some of the best Grand Seiko watches out there that I personally would like to own and maybe even be one of my grail watches.
About a month ago I took a stroll with the missus and ended up at the Seiko boutique in London. Being a fan of the spring drive technology I went in to see the Snowflake in the flesh. The sales guy was super clever, as he didn’t give me any sales pitch or anything, just took it off the shelf and handed it to me..
The first of these, the SBGH281 Heritage Collection Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition, takes the most traditional approach. The 40mm stainless steel case takes the broad, sharply faceted planes of the classic 1967 44GS “Grammar of Design” case and slightly upsizes them, adding the brilliant sheen of modern Grand Seiko Zaratsu polishing.
This best replica Seiko PROSPEX Diver watch is amazing! Featuring design cues similar to other “aviators” released by the Japanese brand during the last five or six years (those including not only relatively expensive members of their higher-range Prospex family like this ref. SSC279 wristwatch, but also a lot more affordable
In the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve replica, there is a brand new, in-house caliber featuring with an astonishing 198-hour power reserve, equal to eight days of power consisting of 307 components, and is regulated to an accuracy of +.5 seconds per day. It perform this process via three separate barrels that wind and expire linearly.

Best Grand Seiko Sport Replica

Grand Seiko Sport Collection Spring Drive 20th & NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Limited Edition; Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive SBGA407; Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Spring Drive thin dress series; Grand Seiko Elegance Collection A new manual-winding caliber. A new slim profile.
Grand Seiko’s darling amongst watch collectors the world over. The Snowflake gets its name from its delicately decorated dial. Resembling freshly fallen snow, each dial is stamped with a textured pattern before being coated with multiple layers of lacquer. The result is as magical as it is artisanal.
A reissue of the very first Grand Seiko ever released, the SBGW253 is the stainless-steel option amongst a quattro of celebratory models. And while its case has been ever so slightly upsized to 38mm (from 36mm), its aesthetic remains remarkably faithful to the original.
Grand Seiko shows the deep and profound feeling of Japanese to seasons. Today’s four perfect fake watches are exactly inspired by the four seasons, reinterpreting the design of the classic 62GS. These new Grand Seiko timepieces are created to salute the changing seasons of Japan.
Grand Seiko make some of the finest dials in existence. Regrettably, no image can ever truly convey their profuse charm. It is only with close examination that the palpable quality can be truly appreciated. The surface of the dial has a series of lines subtly emanating from centre. Consequently, the dial interacts charmingly with light, creating sophisticated shades which intrigue and delight in equal measure.
The case measures 40mm in diameter and is based on the 44 GS design. The reverse of each bracelet link is scalloped, with each concaved surface cosseting the arm. Indeed, it grants a wrist-feel akin to a second dermis, such is the profound comfort it confers. Trying the watch replica upon my wrist at Baselworld, I was amazed at the feel of the polished steel case which feels almost like glass, such is its incrediblly smooth finish.
Grand Seiko launched its hi-beat calibre 9S85 back in 2009. This particular self-winding movement has an usually high frequency of 36,000 vph (5Hz) and the Japanese watch replica company has used it as the basis for its new calibre, the 9S86, the first ever high-beat GMT from Grand Seiko. Accuracy is a key attribute of all Grand Seiko movements and the 9S86 maintains this enviable reputation with a daily variation specified as -3 to +5 seconds per day.
There are many worthy aspects to the specification of the Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36,000 GMT Limited Edition SBGJ005, including its impressive magnetic resistance of 4,800 A/m and the excellent accuracy of the calibre 9S86. Firstly, there is the excellent craftsmanship employed in the creation of this watch, demonstrated with the movement, the perfectly polished case and the sumptuous dial construction. Finally, there is the touch of the case and how the watch replica nestles on the arm,
Why it matters: Grand Seiko are perhaps best known for their movements. And the Calibre 9R8 chronograph shows you exactly why. And the Calibre 9R8 chronograph shows you exactly why. A fully integrated in-house chronograph, with a vertical clutch, column wheel, GMT, and all the accuracy of the ethereal Spring Drive movement