Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton

The Hamilton Ventura is one of those watches that pretty much every watch enthusiast knows. The Ventura takes all the classic conventions of what a watch should look like and throws them straight out of the window. The most famous wearer of the Ventura was without a doubt, Elvis Presley. Back in 2015, Hamilton launched the Ventura Elvis80 collection on what was to be Elvis’s 80th birth year. Almost six years after that, the latest additions to the collection are the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton watches. Are these two watches still the classic that Elvis wore? Let’s find out!It’s remarkable how I managed not to review or even wear a Hamilton Ventura before. As someone that is predominantly drawn to the design of watches first, the Ventura is one of those iconic watches that stands out because of its design. But I somehow managed to never experience one from up close. But I’m getting my fair share now with two new skeletonized versions of the Ventura.The Hamilton Ventura history
The statement the Ventura makes has always been a staple of 1950s American design. The Ventura was introduced in 1957 and perfectly represents American design from that era. In an era where the Swiss watch brands introduced some of the most iconic watches ever released, Hamilton took a different route. Designer Richard Arbib created a statement that was all about being different. The designer made a name for himself at General Motors and the work he did for GM is reflected in the Ventura.

On top of that the Ventura was the first mechanical watch to be fueled by a battery. Hamilton invested ten years of research into the development of the H500 movement that would take away the ‘nuisance’ of having to wind your mechanical watch. Hamilton developed a battery specifically for the Ventura with the help of the National Carbon Company. It was the final missing piece of the puzzle and on 3 January 1957, the Hamilton Ventura was presented in the Savoy Plaza hotel in New York. A total of 120 journalists from all over the world witnessed the presentation of the next step in watchmaking.Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 collection
In the first years after the Ventura was introduced, it turned out to be a commercial success for Hamilton. But the watch really hit the spotlights when Elvis Presley wore his white gold Ventura in 1961 in the hit movie Blue Hawaii. The King really loved the Ventura. Not only did he own several Venturas, but he also gifted them to friends. Six decades later the legacy of the Ventura and Elvis is still one of the industry’s most famous stories. It made the Ventura into a cult classic that found renewed popularity multiple times over the decades. One of these moments is that the Ventura is the watch worn in the Men In Black movies.But Hamilton decided to honor the Ventura’s most famous wearer with the introduction of the Ventura Elvis80 collection in 2015. The collection was introduced in the year The King would have turned 80 years old. Hamilton completely redesigned the case of the Ventura for this new collection. The goal was to make sure its dimensions combined with its ergonomic case shape guarantee great comfort on the wrist. These latest additions to the collection are a pair of skeletonized Ventura models. They take the Ventura into the future rather than making it a staple of the past.Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton
The new Skeleton models come in two variations. The first is a stainless steel version with a black PVD coating. The watch has a black open-worked dial that is lit up by a red electric pulse and comes on a black rubber strap. The second version features a stainless steel case with a rose gold PVD coating. This piece also has a black open-worked dial and comes with a rose gold electric pulse. And just like the black version, it also comes on a black rubber strap. The pulse is a nice hint to the origins of the Ventura that perfectly fits the modern aesthetics.Both watches feature a 42,5mm x 44,6mm case that is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The dimensions might sound quite large at first. But due to the Ventura’s different shape, it cannot be compared to a conventional watch case with those dimensions. If anything, I feel the Ventura needs this size to be able to pull in a crowd that is looking for a modern and different looking watch. Especially considering its technical looks.The open-worked dial
As you can see in the pictures there is quite a difference in presence when you see the watches together. What they definitely have in common though is their futuristic presence. The watches look more at home in a sci-fi movie than in Blue Hawaii. It is proof that the Ventura is definitely not a one-trick pony when it comes to its design. And I definitely feel that this could be a direction for the Ventura that will attract a new and younger crowd.

If we zoom in a little more, you will see there are more differences between the two models than just their black vs. rose gold PVD coating. Both models feature the same open-worked dial construction with four black lightning bolt-like shapes that connect the upper hour markers and the lower hour markers. The mentioned electric pulse shape connects the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock markers horizontally. It’s a clever construction that also places the Hamilton logo and the Ventura logo strategically on the construction of the dial.The rose gold model features rose gold colored hour and minute hands that are filled with Super-LumiNova and rose gold colored seconds hand. On top of that, the hour markers also have a hint of rose gold color and Super-LumiNova filled endings. The black model will feature black hour and minute hands, and a red seconds hand. As you can see the black version we received for this review had steel markers. But that will change to black for the regular production model, creating a really stealthy appearance.The H-10-S movement
Through the open-worked dial, you can see the automatic Hamilton caliber H-10-S in action. Hamilton made sure that the movement has a nice Côtes de Genève decoration finish for the necessary visual impact. The movement is also used for a string of other Hamilton watches including other Ventura models. The movement is based on the ETA C07.111. It has 25 jewels, operates at 21,600vph, and features an impressive 80-hour power reserve.Both watches feature a display case back, making sure you can check out the movement in action. It’s fun to see the contrast of the triangular case and the round movement. It creates a fun view and makes you realize once more this is not your ordinary shaped watch. The backside of the H-10-s movement is decorated with perlage and has a customized, open-worked rotor. Wearing the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton
So with the facts and figures out of the way, it’s time to experience the skeletonized Ventura models on the wrist. The first thing that stands out is how comfortably the Ventura sits on your wrist. The case has a curved silhouette that truly hugs the wrist. And once you have it on your wrist, there is no denying the remarkable shape. A Ventura wears completely different than your normal shaped watch. I was impressed by how easy it is to wear despite its possibly daunting size dimensions.The triangular shape is definitely something to get used to though. Obviously because it’s a different basic shape for a watch. But because that shape is different, reading the time is also different. As fellow Fratello team member Andreas explained, it does take a short time of habituation to get comfortable with the deformed dial. But once you have worn the watch for some time, you won’t even notice the difference when simply reading the time.

Wearing the watch also gives you a better idea of all the different details that make this a special watch. For instance, the curved sapphire spectacularly because follows the shape of the case. And the shape of the crown perfectly fits the design of the case. It’s both perfect in its dimensions as in its design. Or the really comfortable rubber straps that come with a pin buckle and balance the watch perfectly on your wrist.Rose gold of full black?
After wearing both Skeleton models, I do have a preference for the rose gold model. And the reason is simple. Both of the watches do justice to what the Ventura is and what it can be. The stealthy black model is the more futuristic of the two and a great possible step into the future of the Hamilton Ventura. But as someone who has been to Graceland and visited Elvis Presley’s last resting place, I simply like the rose gold version a bit better.

It’s simply a better reminder of Elvis Presley and the time the Hamilton Ventura was conceived in. And the rose gold and black colors look great. And with both watches priced at €1,695, it is a simple pick of your favorite aesthetics.
Having said that, both watches are an acquired taste. Would I like to own one as a design enthusiast? I have to say that I am a bit more conservative when it comes to watches. There is no denying the Ventura Elvis80 collection is one for fans that like something different. And as it turns out, I like different, but not something completely different.

But as said before, both of the Skeleton models show that there is a futuristic potential for this icon of the 1950s. And they can potentially draw in a younger crowd that loves a bold design statement. And we have to give Hamilton credit for exploring new territory with the Ventura Elvis80 collection. Because as an icon in the industry it should always be available, but it doesn’t mean you have to keep everything as is. And that’s what Hamilton has perfectly understood.

For more information about the history of the Ventura, visit the official Hamilton Ventura page. If you would like an overview of all the currently available Ventura models, check the current Hamilton Ventura collection. And if you would like to find out more about these two specific models, visit the product page for the gold Hamilton Ventura Skeleton or the black Hamilton Ventura Skeleton.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

This new line of Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watches come with green, black and white dials and a dark greenish-brown PVD case that pushes them further into the “tacticool” category. To be clear, this isn’t an issued watch, so Hamilton can take some liberties with the colors they use.
The Khaki Mechanical is Hamilton’s way of paying the highest form of respect to original military field watches that left a mark on purposeful watchmaking indefinitely. It tastefully allows more modern wrists to appreciate the origins of many popular designs in a reliable, obtainable way.
Any new iteration of the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical has big shoes – or rather, big combat boots – to fill. What you’re looking at is the progeny of a bona fide piece of American history.

This update to the classic Khaki feels like it’s hit the target. At 38mm it’s modern and wearable, while still maintaining that sort of old-school cool that’s been in American military watch DNA since the ’40s, and it comes with new green and white dials, along with a new case finish called Earth PVD.

When it comes to American military watches, all roads lead to an old set of government specifications put out by the Army Ordnance Department to major watchmakers in the 1940s: a robust hackable movement, tough crystal, center sweeping seconds, and a one-piece strap. In short, it was the perfect recipe for a watch that could take a bit of roughing up; it left out anything it didn’t need in order to do one thing well, and that one thing was simply telling the time.
Hamilton answered the government’s call and produced watches for Allied forces during WW2. It can be argued that this is when the “modern” field watch came to be, setting the tone for this 2019 iteration of the Khaki Field. In the ’60s the government updated to “GG-W-113” and “MIL-W-3818B” specifications, and all that means is that the watches got a little larger and a little more legible with a few tweaks. The Khaki Field Mechanical shares the largest swath of design language with this ’60s-era design. Plenty of airmen and soldiers of the time carried out their duties with these purely functional timepieces on the wrist. Many examples saw duty during the Vietnam Conflict.

This new line of Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical replica watches come with green, black and white dials and a dark greenish-brown PVD case that pushes them further into the “tacticool” category. To be clear, this isn’t an issued watch, so Hamilton can take some liberties with the colors they use. Being free from the government-mandated design regulations has allowed Hamilton to have some fun with the aesthetic; the white dialed version is unequivocally handsome. They’ve kept the philosophy of the original watch but since cost-saving measures and stringent regulations aren’t part of the equation, it’s perhaps a much better watch than its recent ancestors.
The new dial and case colors are the most striking element of this iteration of the Khaki Field watch, but let’s put the new colors aside for a moment and focus on the technical updates. The major change is the inclusion of the H-50 movement, a movement we saw last year in the Khaki 50mm special edition (an upsized Khaki with a red-tipped second hand). There couldn’t be a better movement to put in a watch like this. It’s a proprietary Hamilton caliber, it’s hand-wound, and it features an 80-hour power reserve. That’s double the power reserve of the prior models, which inversely means you’ll have the opportunity to wind it only half as much. Advancement requires a bit of sacrifice, sadly.

At 38mm, it’s just about the perfect size for a field watch too, and naturally it comes on a green or brown NATO. The crystal is a reliable sapphire just in case anyone plans to actually use it in the field, and it’s rated to 50 meters of water resistance. Those are some solid specs, but not surprising given this is a piece of kit whose ancestors have actually seen the sort of action that could mutilate a watch. It’s one of those designs that changes so infrequently because it’s simply so good at what it does that it doesn’t need to.
A larger trend has been happening over the last few years where military looks are creeping into the streetwear and trendy aesthetic; the MA-1 flight jacket has become a mainstay, along with rugged outerwear and combat boots. It’s easy to lump the release of this Hamilton into that world, but for the true milwatch nerds there’s a little treat with the new line of dial colors. In addition to green and black we are getting a crispy white dial. Remember those early government specifications for the American field watch? They mostly called for black dials because it’s much easier to conceal.

Here’s what’s interesting: Before those initial specifications were issued there were plenty of soldiering watches featuring white dials. In fact, many early Hamilton Army Ord. Dept. watches had white dials, so this new Khaki Field Mechanical does in fact draw on some legitimate history. It’s a charming anachronistic mashup of military watches from the distant past wrapped up in a package fit for the present.
The Super-Luminova is what Hamilton calls “sand colored,” but it’s probably best described as faux patina. It fits in with the anachronistic mashup appeal of the watch, and it’s seldom seen on white dials. The contrast the indices present on the white-dialed variant is particularly interesting, as the last time we saw this sort of contrasting look was during the FDR administration. On the black and green dials it works even better, as Hamilton hasn’t been too heavy-handed with the faux vintage look. The numbers printed on the dial(both black and white) have a bit of a glossy finish, which is very much something that wasn’t present on issued watches. The gleaming effect actually helps legibility.

New for this iteration of the Khaki is an Earth PVD coating with a slight textural graininess. The new look is a sensible design break from the norm that’s easy to imagine as a finish a soldier might consider. The Khaki is a watch that’s ripe for frequent strap changes, and it will be interesting to see what makes this new case finish pop. For the purists, however, there’s still a trusty old stainless steel option with a black dial. Technical updates are always a good thing for any piece of military-grade equipment, it’s an essential part of maintaining wrist superiority.
So we already have our everyday watch in the collection, so now its time for something a little different. Field watches. Now, as a concept, they somewhat live in the shadows of divers when it comes to tool watches. However, field watches steam from the same desires a diver has. The necessity for something tough, durable, easy to read and reliable.

The main difference seems to be the field watches disregard for bulk. Diver watches historically benefit from being larger in size. Whether that be favouring a 36mm case size rather than 32 – 34mm back in the 50s, or 44mm over 40mm in 2010. Field watches, on the other hand, suit being more slim, subtle and under the radar. They may not have received the limelight as divers have, but they certainly still have a place in your collection.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronometer Watch Face 2 Face II Silver Dial Replica Watch Review H32866781

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono Ref. H32866781 sets forth where it designed to be the perfect combination of particular savoir-faire pieces with modern, sassy twists. It allows one t have essentially two watches in one with its distinct rotating case.

Product Details For those always on the quest for “unique”, Hamilton watches presents to you, Hamilton Jazzmaster face to face. With a limited, 1,999 pieces, this Hamilton H32866781 watch is a true show stopper. It comes in a stainless steel case featuring sapphire crystal, and has …

Model H32866781 Face-2-Face Chronograph h32866781 – Hamilton Jazzmaster wrist watch Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is out of stock. Please take a look at our current collection of Hamilton Watches.

Jazzmaster Face 2 Face II Auto Chrono Automatic | 14,5mm x 28,4mmlll451 | H32866781 Sometimes a watch comes along that seems to rewrite the rules. Limited to 1,999 pieces, the Face 2 Face II is just such a timepiece. The exclusive H-41 caliber powers both sides of this stand out model. With time and chronograph displays on one side, and a pulsometer, tachymeter and telemeter on the reverse of the rotating dial, the Face 2 Face II is a balance of tradition and innovation that is redefining what’s possible.

hamilton jazzmaster viewmatic hamilton jazzmaster gmt worldhamilton jazzmaster chronograph hamilton jazzmaster seaview


Case size14,5mm x 28,4mmlll451
Dial colorSilver
Case materialStainless steel
Lug width24mm lug width
Lining TanningMineral
Power reserve60-hour power reserve
Water ResistanceWater Resistance 5 bar (50 m) / 73 psi (164 ft)


Strap referenceH6003281041
Strap typeCow leather
Strap colorBlack
Buckle typeFolding clasp
Buckle width20mm buckle width
Top DenotationLeather
Top SpeciesCow
Top TanningMineral
Top ImitationGrained imitation alligator
Lining SpeciesCow

Hamilton Jazzmaster Replica watch

Drawing on Hamilton’s long history and tradition of producing quality women’s and men’s watches the Jazzmaster offers a refined look for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Quality craftsmanship is a mark of the Jazzmaster collection, where you’ll find the Hamilton Jazzmaster review

The design of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart turns timekeeping into something of a tease. A glance at the face of the watch reveals part of the Swiss automatic movement in action – but not all of it. Some things can be left to the imagination – especially when they are clothed in sumptuous quality materials and fine design detail.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Replica collection is a combination of balanced tradition and innovation, with eye-catching designs to sporty and/or sophisticated feels. This collection features three different movements ranging from Open Heart Auto, Auto Chrono, and Chrono Quartz.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton simplifies the name and is the brand’s latest with a multi-level dial forming the iconic “spiky H” logo over a decorated Swiss automatic. Although there are many standouts in its portfolio, this one seems to be the most purpose-built and well-thought skeletonized design yet. Hamilton Jazzmaster Replica watch

With a proven reputation around the world, Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Seaview Black Chronograph Dial Watch ensures the provision of reliable yet elegant watches for all consumers around the world. The Jazzmaster dial watch has established itself as one of their best, with its screw-in case back and polished casing made from stainless steel.

hamilton an american musical

2015 Editors’ Notes Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway show celebrating the life of Founding Father and American icon Alexander Hamilton winds its tale ingeniously around a series of sinuous hip-hop and R&B grooves. AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson [+] Inspired by the Ron Chernow biography, Hamilton: An American Musical is an innovative, hip-hop-charged stage musical about U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton. That’s right, hip-hop (and ethnically diverse casting) meet the 18th century. hamilton an american musical

Hamilton the hit musical. Book, Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler. Directed by Thomas Kail. hamilton american classic replica watch

HAMILTON runs 2 hours 45 minutes including one 15-minute interval. Which cast members perform at which performances? Like most West End musicals, the cast of HAMILTON is an ensemble company. The producers cannot guarantee the appearance of a particular artist at any performance.

‘Hamilton’ Characters in Act I Alexander Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda) Hamilton’s Squad Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom Jr.) George Washington (Christopher Jackson) The Schuyler Sisters King George III (Jonathan Groff)

Lin-Manuel Miranda (; born January 16, 1980) is a Puerto Rican composer, lyricist, playwright, rapper, and actor best known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton. He co-wrote the songs for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Moana soundtrack (2016) and co-starred in the film Mary Poppins Returns. hamilton watch american classic

Hamilton American Classic Spirit of Liberty Automatic Watch

The Spirit of Liberty is alive and well in these inspiring automatic models that draw on the classic American style Hamilton originally established in Pennsylvania in 1892. With an injection of 21st century watchmaking technology in the shape of the awesome H-10 automatic movement with up to 80 hours power reserve, you’ll have the freedom to experience a timeless weekend without missing a beat come best replica watch.

Hamilton watches are innovative, iconic and known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. We are known for the highest performance standards and Swiss made movements. We create automatic, mechanical and quartz watches, men’s and women’s watches.

When discussing dress timepieces, the idea of timelessness comes up frequently. The ideal dress watch should feel rooted in tradition, elegant without feeling either antiquated or overly modern, and above all balanced. One of the prime examples of this in the current watch market is Hamilton. For the latest addition to the American Classic line, the American Classic Spirit of Liberty collection, Hamilton has blended together classical design elements, a thoroughly modern automatic movement and an inspiration that dates back to before the American Revolution. hamilton watch american classic

The Hamilton brand was originally founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and quickly became one of the cornerstones of the once-powerful American watch industry. The company took its name from Andrew Hamilton (not to be confused with Constitutional framer and Broadway sensation Alexander Hamilton), one of the founders of the city of Lancaster during its colonial beginnings, the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1729 to 1732 and again from 1734 to 1738, an influential lawyer, an impassioned voice on the importance of liberty and freedom of speech, and the original owner of the land used for the Hamilton factory. The American Classic Spirit of Liberty collection sets out to celebrate this man and the timeless American values he helped to establish by creating a suitably classical American inspired timepiece.

The stainless steel case of the American Classic Spirit of Liberty series is clean and elemental, but with a number of unique touches for a distinctive personality. Sized at a modern 42 millimeters in diameter, the overall shape of the Spirit of Liberty is clean and classical, with a mix of brushed and polished surfaces. On closer inspection, however, the details of the case become a visual treat. Attached lugs subtly add an old-school feel to the overall shape while drawing visual attention to the razor-sharp transitions between finishes. The broad bevel along the top of the case sides and lugs makes the Spirit of Liberty appear slimmer on the wrist in addition to providing dynamic and stunning play in changing light. On top of this finely crafted case sits a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, giving this classic style a modern visual clarity and scratch resistance.

The American Classic Spirit of Liberty is available in three unique dial variants, all featuring bold and distinctive sunburst dials. These include a rich sepia brown, a light and reserved champagne gold, and a deep oyster gray. Each of these handsome color options shares the same classically inspired layout, with the proud Hamilton ancestral family crest above the emblem at 12 o’clock. The light and elegant leaf hands taper toward finely faceted applied tapered baton indices, offering a hint of glimmering flash from almost any angle. These are finished in brilliant polished nickel for the sepia and oyster gray dials, while the champagne gold dial receives a complementary treatment in warm rose gold. The date window of the American Classic Spirit of Liberty is placed at 6 o’clock to preserve the dial’s harmonious visual symmetry without sacrificing the usefulness of the complication. hamilton american classic replica watch

Inside this classically styled timepiece beats a thoroughly cutting-edge mechanical heart. The Hamilton H-10 automatic movement features some of Hamilton’s finest technical features, including a massive 80-hour power reserve. This level of reserve is nearly unheard of in a watch of this price and sets the American Classic Spirit of Liberty further above the pack.

In recognition of the legacy of Andrew Hamilton, each watch in the American Classic Spirit of Liberty collection features a custom leather strap with intricate laser engraving. These straps are meticulously designed to pair handsomely with a corresponding dial model, including a warm tobacco brown for the sepia dial, a verdant bottle green to contrast the champagne gold dial, and a deep ultramarine blue to create a truly classic pairing with the oyster gray dial. Each Spirit of Liberty strap is hand-patinated for a vintage appearance right out of the box that is truly one of a kind. The straps are laser-engraved with a poignant quote from Andrew Hamilton, “Without liberty life is a misery.” These stunning leather straps are finished off with a folding deployant clasp. For those who prefer bracelets, the American Classic Spirit of Liberty collection is also available on an elegant multi-link brushed stainless steel bracelet.

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Automatic Watch

As alluded to in the series’ name, each Intra-Matic watch gets its power from an automatic caliber. Hamilton sources these movements from the seasoned Swiss movement manufacturer ETA . Two-hand watches use the classic ETA 2892-2, while the caliber H-31 ticks away inside the chronographs. Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Automatic Replica Watch

The warm accents and smoked elements of the new Hamilton Intra-Matic make for a masculine, vintage-look American Classic. The Intra-Matic draws on Hamilton’s rich history for this timepiece, which mixes modern touches with genuine vintage detailing from Hamilton’s American Classic collection.

Hamilton and pilots watches. A Hamilton aeronautical watch was on the wrist of the pilots who flew the first U.S. Airmail service between Washington D.C. and New York City in 1918. Hamilton was in the pocket of Admiral Richard E. Byrd when he became the first pilot to reach the North Pole in 1926.

Paying a proud tribute to a Hamilton best seller from days gone by, the new timepiece makes an elegant statement through the purity of its design. The black dial is domed and plays host to two lightly curved hands, an expression of the quintessential character of Hamilton watchmaking.

Hamilton Intra-Matic H38416541 is a great watch from American Classic collection. Case material is Stainless Steel. This model has 100 metres water resistancy – it is suitable for swimming, but not high impact. The watch is shipped with an original box and a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Hamilton Replica Watch is a brand that needs little introduction. Once one of the great American watch brands, Hamilton is now owned and operated by the Swiss Swatch group. Being a brand with such a distinct and rich history, Swatch has preserved the underlying aesthetic spirit and heritage of the brand by continually drawing upon their own archives for new products. hamilton american classic replica watch

hamilton american classic railroad skeleton auto

This hamilton american classic railroad skeleton auto is the perfect design tribute to the proud Hamilton history of being “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy” in the nineteenth century. Stunning looks with an industrial vibe house an H-10-S movement with 80 hours of power reserve. The open dial offers a great view of the “engine room” to show this intricate movement in action, with its beautiful skeletonization and luxury decoration. american classic railroad auto chrono

This is the perfect design tribute to the proud Hamilton history of being ‘The Watch of Railroad Accuracy’ in the nineteenth century. The H-10-S movement has an astonishing 80 hours of power reserve, making this classic watch an understated powerhouse in terms of both form and function. hamilton american classic railroad skeleton

Fixed silver-tone stainless steel bezel. Black skeleton dial with grey alpha-style shape hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Dial Type: Analog. Hamilton Calibre H-10-S Automatic movement, based upon ETA C07.111, containing 25 Jewels, bitting at 21600 vph, and has a power reserve of approximately 80 hours. american classic railroad skeleton auto

Hamilton Watches. hamilton american classic railroad auto Brand story. Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892, Hamilton watches are an American classic. From its Broadway Limited series of pocket watches that became known as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy,” to the world’s first battery-powered and digital timepieces, Hamilton has made several of the most dramatic changes to the horological landscape. hamilton american classic spirit of liberty

Transporting the imagination back to the era of pocket watches is the rounded case of the RailRoad Auto, with its vertical brushing and tapered pusher protectors. The latest addition to the family contains anexclusive three-hand H-10 movement with 80 hours of power reserve. Against a black background, contrasting tachymeters create circular tracks to underline the railroad theme. hamilton american classic railroad auto chrono

Hamilton American Classic Watches

American Classic watches including chronographs and automatic watches. This collection of Hamilton watches is versatile, represents our American heritage and is guaranteed to offer a model that suits your signature style. Vintage . Hamilton watches are innovative, iconic and known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. We are known for the highest performance standards and Swiss made movements. We create automatic, mechanical and quartz watches, men’s and women’s watches. With a reputation for craftsmanship and strong movie, military and aviation heritage, our watches include the Khaki Field, Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy, Ventura and Jazzmaster .

The Replica Hamilton American Classic collection offers versatile chronographs and automatic watches which suits your style and makes you different from the crowd. The Hamilton American Classic collection has been designed to suit every style in an unconventional manner and reflect luxury with tradition. Hamilton American Classic Replica Watches The American Classic range shows off Hamilton’s knowhow to create day to day watches. Uniquely designed to look cool at any time, these watches are a stunning timekeeper for every occasion.

Art Deco meets American Classic style in the new Hamilton Boulton. With its distinctive case shape, the Boulton has been a mainstay of the Hamilton collection since it first appeared in 1940. Reimagined for the twenty-first century, the Boulton offers the Hamilton American Classic

Hamilton is the leading brand for automatic watches in the price segment 200 – 300 USD. The Hamilton watches combine the American Spirit with the Swiss precision and latest technologies. Sign up to our newsletter Stay up to date with the latest news and highluxurystore.com

We offer a wide range of chronograph, automatic, classic, men’s sports and dress watches. Our watchesare characterized by American Spirit and Swiss Precision. If you’re looking for a Swiss made watch that offers quality as well as standout style, look no further than Hamilton.

vintage hamilton ventura watch copy

Daring, pioneering and unconventional in design, the Ventura is one of the most iconic Hamilton watches. The world’s first electric watch looks just as good today as it did in 1957. Triangular watches are unusual: the Ventura made them famous watches.

The Ventura was the world’s first electric watch, powered by a battery, which was the product of over ten years’ worth of research and development by Hamilton.

Only one brand was able to create a design icon out of it; Hamilton with its Ventura. The reasons for this are multiple. When the watch was introduced in January 1957 it was the very first battery powered watch ever available for the public. The Hamilton caliber 500 was the result of more than a decade of research.

Hamilton was still an American watchmaker in 1957, again producing consumer timepieces after focusing solely on military watches during World War II. The Ventura was a radical development both aesthetically and mechanically, being the first electric “hybrid” in the industry.

Powering the Hamilton Ventura is the quartz movement from ETA, the F05.111 caliber. Nothing much can be said about the quartz movement except that it keeps perfect time and can last for 2 to 3 years before needing a battery change. For automatic movement lovers, all hope is not lost as Hamilton do produce the Ventura with it.

The Replica watch Ventura was the world’s first electric watch, powered by a battery, which was the product of over ten years’ worth of research and development by Hamilton. The movement wasn’t totally ready for the amount of units produced and the watch had replica watch

The start of the Replica Watches Hamilton Ventura story was in 1950s America. This was an era of rebellion, evolution and chance. The globe came out of many years of conflict and harsh financial times, there was then room for growth, wealth and the start of a youthful new culture that teens jumped upon. Part of this thing was a new type of music, referred to …

In 1963 Hamilton stopped the production of the original Ventura. The electric movement had already been labeled obsolete, mainly during the introduction in 1960 of the, technically superior, Bulova Accutron. However, the attraction of the design stayed and in 1988 a re-issue of the Ventura once again graced the catalogues of Hamilton.

Hamilton supplied timepieces to servicemen and pioneering aviators throughout the 20th Century, developing the Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy, and Khaki Field lines to meet their needs. Hamilton’s Ventura line became a favorite in Hollywood, gracing the silver screen in over 450 films. Now part of Swatch, Hamilton’s watches are a blend of American …

Limited to 500 pieces, the new Ventura POGGYTHEMAN is a truly unique take on a 20th century icon. Talking about his collaboration with Hamilton, Poggy said “When I started devoting myself to fashion, the first watch I bought was a Hamilton Khaki Field. In my 20s I longed for a Ventura. Hamilton has been and will always be very special to me.

Hamilton did not stop with the Ventura. Designer Richard Arbib continued to create more watches and Hamilton produced other electrical watches, each with an asymmetric design. Among these watches was the Altair, which was perceivably the most dramatically asymmetric and was produced in a limited …

Ventura The Hamilton Ventura has played a starring role in every Men In Black movie. The watch is a key part of the characters’ look of a black suit, wrap around shades and the top secret device called the neuralyzer. The Ventura is one of our most popular watches and has replica watch.