Bell & Ross INSTRUMENTS BR05 Skeleton


Bell & Ross, leading brand in the aviation watch market with its iconic square BR 03 model designed for professionals in extreme environments, is now unveiling its Bell & Ross BR05 collection. Faithful to the brand’s watchwords of legibility, functionality, reliability and precision, this new model boasts a resolutely urban look and feel. The lines of its case combine round and square, the basic geometric shapes that form part of Bell & Ross’ identity. The construction of the BR 05 surpasses the rigor of the square and transcends the perfection of the circle to define its own individual character. Its confident style harnesses the energy of the city, its rhythm, its richness. BR05 is the time measuring instrument for the urban explorers.


The BR 05 belongs to the family of watches with an integrated case: the bracelet fuses with the case to create a unified piece. In the words of Bruno Belamich, Replica Bell & Ross’ co-founder and creative director: «This integration of case and bracelet is not only in line with the brand’s visual identity, it also brings another dimension to the watch: the first link forms part of the case. This type of design harks back to the Seventies, and when transposed to Bell & Ross, it creates a result with a graphic style which is both striking and modern.”


The rich finishes of the BR 05 draw the eye. Its 40 mm case is angular. The satin-finished surfaces are perfectly flat. The polished bevels emphasize and enhance the volumes they contain.

These alternating satin-finished and polished surfaces  are also found on the remarkably flexible steel bracelet.

Particular attention has been paid to the arc of the curve, allowing all the components to be perfectly aligned and ensuring the bracelet can adapt seamlessly to any wrist.

The new collection is also available with a ribbed rubber strap, a truly stylish alternative.  The dial of the BR 05, radiating with a subtle sunray finish, offers optimum legibility. It is available in silver grey, navy blue or deep black. These different colourways are complemented by another model, with a skeleton dial and mechanism.

Limited to 500 pieces, the BR 05 Skeleton effortlessly showcases the caliber BR-CAL.322 designed by Bell & Ross.

The BR 05 range is equipped with a BR-CAL.321 mechanism, wound by a 360° oscillating weight.

An 18 ct rose gold version of the case completes the first chapter of this new story.


Thanks to its integrated design, robust comfort and meticulous finishes, the BR05 Skeleton is a loyal ally for any active, urban lifestyle. Full of character, this instrument exudes strength and elegance. It is the latest jewel of masculinity from Bell & Ross: sculptural and captivating. It is ideal for the man about town, eager to face the challenges of modern life and in control of time and his own destiny.

WW1 Argentium

  • WW1 ARGENTIUM      Replica Bell & Ross has always been fascinated with aeronautical instrumentation and the plane as an object. This inspiration has nurtured the development of collections based on two ideas: the first, aeronautical instrumentation, specifically that of the instrument panel, in its AVIATION Collection; the second, the evocation of key eras in the history of aviation through the development of pilot watches in the VINTAGE Collection. 

    As part of the latter, the Vintage WW1 ARGENTIUM® (Wrist Watch 1) illustrates an evolutionary point midway between the pocket watch and the wristwatches of the 1940s.    RENAISSANCE OF A BYGONE MATERIAL 

    With the WW1 ARGENTIUM®, Bell & Ross preserves the magic of vintage timepieces and sublimates them with the most innovative watch-making techniques: by using a new oxidation-resistant alloy, Argentium®, the pioneering watchmaker is reviving a forgotten metal. Inimitable color, magnificent luster and unique depth: the WW1 ARGENTIUM® is suffused with all the nobility of silver.    VINTAGE WW1 ARGENTIUM®: FROM POCKET WATCH TO WRISTWATCH 

    Created from a unique silver alloy, the WW1 ARGENTIUM® models perfectly reflect the high-quality allure of the early wristwatches. An exercise in style mastered by Bell & Ross, these two models demonstrate the perfect refinement of its art. 

    These two versions continue the characteristics specific to the WW1 collection:   • the finish of the hands and index markers in appliqué metal give the model a timeless refinement.   • the domed glass gives the watch a vintage look. Unlike the original, it is made from sapphire, a hard-wearing material, using perfected techniques.   • designed in the finest watch-making tradition, the manual winding movement offers a journey back to the very roots of watchmaking. The polished case and barleycorn guilloché caseback also enhance its allure.   • the horns are produced like wire handles and soldered to the case. The elegance of the straps harks back to the first wristwatches while being ergonomically perfect.    The WW1 ARGENTIUM® stand out from the other models in the WW1 45mm collection due to their smaller diameter (41mm) and the unique luster of their silver case and finish. 

    In 2013, a new version with an opaline dial joins the two existing versions, Ruthenium and Silver. The sunburst dial of this new version shimmers with opalescent reflections, blending subtly with the silver  of the case to create a marvelous harmony. The hands, numerals and index markers present a tone-on-tone display of elegant sobriety. With their blue, orange red or white alligator leather straps, these masculine classics can be transformed into feminine icons. 

    Attractive and refined down to their last details, marked by their elegance and optimum comfort, these WW1 ARGENTIUM® models will appeal to men and women looking for authenticity. The WW1 ARGENTIUM® models are the perfect embodiment of Bell & Ross’s mission: to turn back time to add new treasures from the past to its collection. 

BR V2-94 Black Steel BRV294-BL-ST/SCA

  • BELL & ROSS VINTAGE: THE PAST AND PRESENT COMBINE Since it was founded, Used Bell & Ross watch has taken its inspiration from the history of aviation. It has developed Vintage collections that pay tribute to key eras of the great aeronautical adventure. Each series of watches marks a milestone in its chronology. Bring them together, and they summarize the history of aviation. Like the brand’s other collections, these professional instruments have military DNA. They meet a set of specifications and requirements established by the armed forces. Understandably, legibility, functionality and precision are priorities. These watches are also watertight, to ensure they are suitable for aquatic environments. THREE GENERATIONS OF THE VINTAGE COLLECTION The Vintage family made its début during Bell & Ross’ first years. The watches of this collection boast a round case, the most classical of shapes. They count with a range of complications, such as chronograph, Flyback function, dual time zone, date, and even small second hands. Vintage scrupulously respects the brand’s DNA and largely draws its inspiration from military codes. It is a sort of equivalent to the BR 01, Bell & Ross’ iconic watch, but with a round case. ORIGINAL COLLECTION The first generation is characterized by a classic dial, rounded lugs and the absence of a bezel. This ensures a generous and uncluttered dial that improves legibility. 2nd GENERATION The second generation was extensively revised in 2007. The case and dial were redesigned to bring coherence to the collection. The objective was to create a clear link with the new BR 01 line, which has been immensely successful since its release in 2005. This second generation features a case with a larger diameter and has a bezel.
    The shape of the lugs changed and they became more angular. The dial takes its aesthetic codes from the BR 01, including the distinctive sword-shaped hands. The affiliation became crystal clear. 3rd GENERATION The design of the third and latest generation has once again evolved with the times. The identity of the dial remains, and the case becomes more sophisticated. The diameter has decreased and the watches are flatter. Finally, the rounded lugs perfectly integrate the strap. AN ICONIC COLLECTION With this collection Bell & Ross has forged symbolic partnerships and paid tribute to several air force regiments. In 2014, Bell & Ross created a unique edition of the Vintage BR 126 Carbon model, exclusively for a troop of acrobatic skydivers from the Spanish air force (PAPEA), based in Alcantarilla (Murcia). That same year, three chronographs paying tribute to the air forces that fought in the Second World War were released. The dials of these pilots’ watches feature a colored insignia, like those painted on the wings of the French, British and American fighter planes of the era. The Vintage Sport Heritage, with its Sixties aesthetic, was inspired by the French Falcon Mystère 20 business jet built by Dassault Aviation. It was launched to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this successful twin-engine jet, which first took
    to the skies in 1963. VINTAGE: THE THIRD GENERATION This new Vintage generation has seen much innovation. A modern touch has been added to this firmly established collection by redesigning the diameter and thickness of the case. Many of its details have been reworked to combine sophistication with optimum functionality. The pushers are now screw-down and a crown protector has been added. The rounded design of the lugs blends more naturally with the new straps. BR V2: A NEW ALL-STEEL VERSION This duo features an imposing 41 mm case and it is flatter than the previous generation, just like the BR V1. This collection is available with a new polished and satin-finished steel bracelet, which gives it a contemporary and sporty look. The BR V2-92 features a mechanism with three hands that displays the hours, minutes and seconds. The bi-directional rotating bezel allows several short periods of time to be measured in a row. The BR V2-94 is driven by a chronograph caliber. Its gradated bezel is fixed and it has a tachymeter scale. The push buttons and screw-down crown guarantee optimal water-resistance. As an elegant touch of sophistication, this duo is decorated with polished and satin finishes. These two versions are made from resilient 316L steel, offering high resistance to oxidation. Like the BR V1 models, BR V2 are also covered with an ultracurved sapphire crystal, which allows the case thickness to be optimized. The dials : Pared down to the essential, the dials feature iconic white numerals on a black background, ensuring excellent legibility. One of the hands is the outline of a plane. This stylish touch is Bell & Ross’ new graphic signature of and a nod to its military and aeronautical DNA. The bracelets : The BR V2 is available in two versions. One has a leather strap, the other a steel bracelet. The latter has been reworked: it is now more finely wrought with a larger number of threads for more comfort. It is robust, adapts to any wrist and is equipped with a safety catch to prevent accidental release. The BR V2-92 has a raw leather strap that gives it a natural and authentic style. This material and style hark back to the first wristwatches.

Hydromax 11000M HYDROMAX-S-B

Replica Bell & Ross – Hydromax 11000M

World water-resistance record

Designed to meet the most extreme diving conditions, the Hydromax watch has undergone a series of tests in hyperbaric tanks, tests wich proved its resistance at a pressure of 1,110 bar, equivalent to a record depth of 11,100 meters. Its performance is due to a majhor technical innovation: a watchcase completely filled with a transparent fluoridated oil called Hydroil.

Brand  :Used Bell & Ross
Model  :Hydromax 11000M
Reference  :HYDROMAX-S-B
Complement :Steel – Black Dial
On sale :2003
List Price :$170
Diameter :39.50 mm
Styles :Diving
Types :Quartz
Case material :Stainless steel 
Case peculiarity :Screwed-down caseback
Unidirectional turning bezel
Screwed-down crown 
Crown at 4 o’clock
Case-back with rubber disc compensating for dilation phenomena
Case filled with Hydroil
Water-resistance :> 1000 meters
Dial color :Black
Display :Luminescent hands
Indexes :Arabic numerals
Glass :Sapphire 
Strap material :Stainless steel
Strap clasp :Folding buckle
Replica bell ross watches for sale Bell & Ross Hydromax 11000M PROFESSIONAL HYDROMAX-S-B Steel - Black Dial

BR Minuteur Tourbillon


Replica Bell&Ross haute horlogerie watches are coveted by men for whom time is a true passion, not just a tool. Bell&Ross’ objective when designing the BR Minuteur Tourbillon was to offer these aficionados an exceptional, ultra-sophisticated measuring instrument, a watch that in and of itself combines all the brand’s watchmaking know-how.

A watch with a grand complication

Like every Used Bell&Ross watch, the Replica BR Minuteur Tourbillon is first and foremost a measuring tool, focusing on readability, functionality, accuracy and reliability. Stemming from a desire to combine a timing function with independent reading into a high-precision mechanism, it incorporates four watchmaking complications around a main timepiece:

• Tourbillon
• Timer with Flyback
• Power Reserve Indicator
• Independent Small Second

Opting for performance

Clearly visible in the 6 o’clock position on it the carriage of the main time-piece, the tourbillon is the quintessence of precision. The role of this most august of watchmaking complications is to accurately compensate for measuring differences caused by gravity when the watch is in the vertical position.

The simplicity of the time display controlled by the tourbillon cannot over-shadow the sophistication of the mechanism that is only alluded to by the transparent display. The tourbillon of the BR Minuteur has utilized all the skills of both the brand’s in-house engineers and top Swiss master watchmakers to meet the challenge of these mechanical laws of physics.

Opting for functionality

The BR Minuteur Tourbillon provides various items of information with remarkable readability:

• The large Clock on the right of the dial, operated by the tourbillon, gives information about the time.
• The independent Timer, displayed by a second, dual graduation clock, is on the left of the dial. It measures all time intervals from a chosen moment. Its concentric double indices represent 60 minutes and tenths of hours markers. This segmentation is extremely advantageous for those professionals who calculate the length of their assignment in tenths of an hour mode.

The Timer is fitted with a Flyback function, a system for quickly resetting to zero with an instant relaunch, a very useful tool for measuring successive time intervals.
Two additional counters are located above and below the Timer:

• A power reserve indicator gives the remaining operating time on a three day scale. Independent small seconds.

Choosing materials

The Fake BR Minuteur Tourbillon owes its sophistication to the quality of its movement, its accuracy and its performance, but its unique design is an equally attractive feature. Technology is brilliantly illustrated in its case through the carbon fiber of the dial and the aluminium of the movement bridges which provide extra strength. Its angle rib structure also helps in maintaining its integrity.
The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) titanium version of the Instrument is ultra-lightweight and very strong. Trimmed in pink gold, the BR Minuteur Tourbillon is synonymous with high technology and elegance.
To the delight of enthusiasts of rare, high-performing time instruments, Bell & Ross has achieved a lofty goal by taking a calculated risk: to combine the precision of a major watchmaking complication with a professional instrument.

BR S Heritage

The Replica BR S HERITAGE draws its inspiration from history while using the most modern techniques to withstand the effects of time… Its hands, numerals and index, sand colored and with an antiquated look, and its natural leather strap, give it the character and appeal of period military watches.


    True to its aeronautical origins, Replica Bell & Ross is offering its iconic model, the BR 01, in a smaller, thinner and more elegant version – the BR S 39 mm. A size suitable for everyday use, an ergonomic case with a remarkably thin profile, all in line with the four fundamental Bell & Ross principles: readability, functionality, accuracy and water-resistance. 2011, THE BR S RANGE IS GROWING 
    Fueled by its success, the AVIATION BR S collection is adding two new models: the BR S Heritage and the BR S Steel.One in ceramic, the other in stainless steel, they are both ideal additions to this collection of elegantly-proportioned watches and their equally innovative component materials. 
    Refined, racy, luxurious, supremely comfortable to wear, both of these new BR S models will be part of everyday life for demanding men and women. BR S HERITAGE INSPIRED BY COCKPITS OF YESTERYEAR 
    The anti-reflective matte black ceramic case is inspired by the color of the instrument panel, which was designed to both remove reflections and contrast with the panel’s dials for easy reading. Its aged, sand-colored hands, numerals and indices and its natural leather strap give it the appeal and appearance of military watches of days gone by. Straddled between yesterday and today, the BR S HERITAGE draws its inspiration from the past yet uses the most modern techniques to restore the effects of passing time.
Model  :BR S Heritage
Complement :Matte Black Ceramic
On sale :2011
List Price :$150
Diameter :39 mm
Styles :Sporty
Types :Quartz
Calibre :ETA
Complication :Small Seconds
Case material :Black matt ceramic
Shape :Square
Water-resistance :50 meters
Dial color :Black
Display :Luminescent hands
Indexes :Baton-type
Arabic numerals
Glass :Sapphire
Antireflective coating 
Strap material :Leather
Strap color :Brown
Strap clasp :Pin buckle
Bell & Ross Replica Watch BR S Heritage AVIATION BRS-HERITAGE/SCA Matte Black Ceramic

Bell & Ross Favorite Watches Of Baselworld 2019

Baselworld 2019 arrived after a year of unparalleled drama in the watch industry. Watch brands have been pulling out of tradeshows, including SIHH and Baselworld, during a general atmosphere of uncertainty about the future of the watch industry, amidst a backdrop of general economic and geo-political turmoil. The big names in traditional watchmaking (typically owned by large luxury groups) have been stalwart in their reluctance to experiment with new marketing, product development, and distribution styles. The corporations are predictably taking slow, cautious routes forward while, once again, the smaller and more independent names in watchmaking are leading the way when it comes to what we would call “real innovation.” What does all that mean for the new watches we saw at Baselworld 2019?

That’s a very good question because, Bell & Ross Aviation Watches perhaps surprisingly, the Bell & Ross Aviation Watches team found more new timepieces to be excited about at Baselworld 2019 than in recent history. Each of our half-dozen team members who attended Baselworld 2019 walked away with more than a few timepieces on our minds that we would put down our own money for this year. A combination of market price-category holes left open by the big groups and sober pricing trends, in general, along with the availability of new materials and production technologies, have apparently come together to allow for a very impressive modern wrist watch product landscape.

Sometimes I feel as though we are living in a period that will last several more years, which is a sort of a “last hurrah” because smartwatches ultimately become the dominant timepiece product in the market. Available production capacity by traditional suppliers opened up by smaller orders from the traditional brands are giving new or boutique companies the ability to be creative, while having their items produced by the powerhouses of case, dial, hands, strap, bracelet and, of course, movement-making. It won’t last forever because the relatively boutique industry of “creative watches” can’t sustain the massive industrial machine necessary to make everything required to produce wrist watches. In a dozen or so years, some of these watch-part manufacturers and suppliers will remain; until then, all of them will be available for hire to creative brands who, in the past, would have never gotten their time or attention as the suppliers focused on major orders from group brands.

Instead of a Top 10 list to share the most important watches from Baselworld 2019, the Replica Bell & Ross Aviation Watches team decided to forgo a generalized list and discuss some of our favorite watches across a few categories. For instance, we feel that different attention should be given to products that are line extensions of existing products (such as new colors or materials for existing pieces), and other products which represent entirely new models. Let us also remind the community that we will only include watches officially debuted at Baselworld and not those debuted outside the show or intended by the brands to be released later in the year (as is the case with a good number of watches we saw). Finally, the Swatch Group (which includes brands such as Omega, Breguet, Blancpain, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot, Glashutte Original) and more chose not to participate at Baselworld 2019 and won’t be releasing information about new products until May 2019 and later. Let us now take a look at the Bell & Ross Aviation Watches Replica favorite watches of Baselworld 2019.

Only about two years old now, France-based Reservoir watches is the brainchild of a watch-loving entrepreneur who wanted to make something both affordable and different based on his love of gauges. The company developed a proprietary module that goes on a base Swiss automatic movement that offers a retrograde seconds hand, jumping-hour indicator, and power-reserve indicator. The newest Reservoir model is the Hydrosphere Diver, and it’s beyond cool, looking as it does like a real diving instrument. It comes in a few colors and is probably our favorite innovative dive watch of 2019. Price for the Reservoir Hydrosphere is around $4,300 for most models.

BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph BR X1-CE-TI-RED


Always ahead of its time, Bell & Ross continues to innovate with the launch of the BR-X1, a high-tech chronograph with a sporty design, which is as robust as it is sophisticated. Revolutionary in its design, the BR-X1 is the first watch of a new collection from Replica Bell & Ross Watch and the beginning of a whole new chapter in the saga of the brand. An extreme version of the BR-01, whose iconic square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the BR-X1 is much more than a top-of-the-range contemporary sports watch: it is the  “Ultimate Utility Watch”.


Nearly ten years ago, Bell & Ross launched the BR-01, a distinctive, high-performance watch directly inspired by on-board flight instruments. It has become an iconic watch thanks to its square shape, its round dial with perfect legibility, its broad dimensions and the efficiency of its functional design. Since then, the BR-01 has continued to evolve without losing its original identity. As a guiding principle, from vintage pocket watches to the grand complication watches, each Bell & Ross signed model pays homage to a great era in military history. A tribute to the Bell X-1, the first American experimental rocket plane to break the sound barrier (Mach 1, 1224 km/h) in 1947, Bell & Ross is pushing the boundaries of innovation even further in 2014 by launching its fifth-generation watch. Its name’ The BR-X1. Its special features’ A high-end chronograph with a resolutely sporty design and sophisticated haute horlogerie finishes. Inspired by 21st century fighter planes whose futuristic cockpits are made from fine, high-tech materials to optimise their structure, the BR- X1 is an inventive, high-tech watch, which is also masculine, strong and powerful. In one word: contemporary. The BR-X1 is to luxury watch-making what fifth-generation fighter planes are to aviation: a guarantee of ultimate performance.


As tough as a 4×4, but as light as a drone, the BR-X1 stands out because of the innovative design of its 45-mm case made from grade 5 titanium. The square case of the BR-X1 is covered with a high-tech band made from ceramic and rubber. It is designed as a cover around the edges, acting as a defensive shield that protects it from possible impacts. Its innovative rocker push-buttons are used to activate the chronograph functions; these push-buttons are also made from high-tech ceramic with ergonomically-designed rubber inserts. The objective: to make them as solid and easy to grip as possible. A rubber button grip insert is also built into the case at 9 o’clock, to make it easier to activate the  chronograph functions, even when wearing gloves. The BR-X1 features the perfect combination of materials and qualities – titanium, ceramic and rubber— which make it light, virtually scratch-proof and ergonomic. With its sporty appeal and complex design, its case features functional non-indexed screws. The sapphire glass has an anti-glare coating to ensure perfect legibility in all circumstances. Revolutionary and ultra-masculine, the design of this latest generation case, using a combination of materials makes the possibilities endless. It also opens up a vast potential for creativity, mostly in customisation.


The chronograph is the complication par excellence in aviation. It can measure short periods of time and has become an essential tool in navigation. It is mainly for these reasons that the chronograph has always enjoyed a special place among the Bell & Ross aviation watch experts. It is only natural that the latest creation from Bell & Ross – the BR-X1 – is not just any chronograph. Its rare skeleton chronograph movement is an exceptional motor combining haute horlogerie finishes and extreme lightness. Structured in the shape of an “X”, its upper bridge (treated with black DLC) reads like a mark of its identity. “X”, is the code name that refers to NASA’s experimental projects, and which gives the watch its name: the BR-X1. As is the tradition at Bell & Ross, the back of the BR-X1 – made from grade 5 titanium – features a small, round opening which reveals the beating heart of the balance. Made from grey-tinted mineral glass and featuring appliqué metal indices with photo-luminescent inserts, the dial forms a clear window through which the exceptional movement can be admired. The sophisticated, Superluminova®-filled hands offer perfect legibility. The central hour and minute hands are read traditionally, while the small seconds hand is positioned at 3 o’clock. The skeleton date dial is positioned at 6 o’clock. The minute timer on the chronograph function is positioned at 9 o’clock; instead of a hand, it features an ultra light aluminium disc resembling the blades of a turbine. Essential for calculating speeds, the tachometer scale appears on the ring; each chronograph function is marked with a subtle touch of red. Made from rubber, the black strap is decorated with a braid, which echoes the woven canvas straps used by astronauts, the modern adventurers in space. Made from steel and featuring a moulded black rubber insert, the buckle is both robust and refined. It is fixed to the strap using a pin and two hex-head screws.


The perfect synthesis of Bell & Ross’ expertise in creating professional greatly complex watches, the BR-X1 is an exceptional instrument with an innovative, modern design, which is available as a limited edition of 250 pieces. Set on revolutionising the watchmaking world, its distinctive design – combining a sporty look with high-tech features and haute horlogerie finishes – marks a new chapter in the rich history of Bell & Ross.

BR X1-CE-TI-RED Titanium and ceramic – Rubber bracelet

Also Known As Model # BRX1CETIRED / BRX1 CE TI RED Authenticity Guaranteed 100% Our primary goal at is to ensure that all of our clients have a pleasant shopping experience without having any doubt regarding the authenticity of our products.

The Instruments BRX1-CE-TI-RED movement is a powered by caliber BR-CAL.313 made by Bell & Ross. The 56-jewel automatic movement is 28mm in diameter. Its balance wheel oscillates at 28800 semi-oscillations per hour or 4 Hz. This movement offers a 42-hour power reserve.

BRX1-CE-TI-RED Bell & Ross BR-X1 Titanium watches can be found at We offer authentic Bell & Ross BR-X1 Titanium watches at discounted prices. We take in trades, sell new AND used, and are located in Beverly Hills .

Model  :BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph
Brand Replica Bell & Ross Watch
Collection Bell & Ross AVIATION
Reference  :BR X1-CE-TI-RED
Nber of pieces :250
Complement :Titanium and ceramic – Rubber bracelet
On sale :2014
List Price :$150
Diameter :45 mm
Styles :Sporty
Types :Self-winding
Complication :Date
30-Minute Counter
Tachymeter’s scale
Small Seconds
Case material :Ceramic
Case peculiarity :Sapphire caseback
Open caseback 
Toggle push-buttons
Rubber inserts
Shape :Square
Water-resistance :100 meters
Dial :Glace
Display :Superluminova luminescent hands 
Skeleton hands
Indexes :Baton-type
Glass :Sapphire
Antireflective coating 
Strap material :Rubber
Strap color :Black
Strap clasp :Pin buckle
Bell & Ross Replica Watch BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph AVIATION BR X1-CE-TI-RED Titanium and ceramic - Rubber bracelet