WW1 Argentium

  • WW1 ARGENTIUM      Replica Bell & Ross has always been fascinated with aeronautical instrumentation and the plane as an object. This inspiration has nurtured the development of collections based on two ideas: the first, aeronautical instrumentation, specifically that of the instrument panel, in its AVIATION Collection; the second, the evocation of key eras in the history of aviation through the development of pilot watches in the VINTAGE Collection. 

    As part of the latter, the Vintage WW1 ARGENTIUM® (Wrist Watch 1) illustrates an evolutionary point midway between the pocket watch and the wristwatches of the 1940s.    RENAISSANCE OF A BYGONE MATERIAL 

    With the WW1 ARGENTIUM®, Bell & Ross preserves the magic of vintage timepieces and sublimates them with the most innovative watch-making techniques: by using a new oxidation-resistant alloy, Argentium®, the pioneering watchmaker is reviving a forgotten metal. Inimitable color, magnificent luster and unique depth: the WW1 ARGENTIUM® is suffused with all the nobility of silver.    VINTAGE WW1 ARGENTIUM®: FROM POCKET WATCH TO WRISTWATCH 

    Created from a unique silver alloy, the WW1 ARGENTIUM® models perfectly reflect the high-quality allure of the early wristwatches. An exercise in style mastered by Bell & Ross, these two models demonstrate the perfect refinement of its art. 

    These two versions continue the characteristics specific to the WW1 collection:   • the finish of the hands and index markers in appliqué metal give the model a timeless refinement.   • the domed glass gives the watch a vintage look. Unlike the original, it is made from sapphire, a hard-wearing material, using perfected techniques.   • designed in the finest watch-making tradition, the manual winding movement offers a journey back to the very roots of watchmaking. The polished case and barleycorn guilloché caseback also enhance its allure.   • the horns are produced like wire handles and soldered to the case. The elegance of the straps harks back to the first wristwatches while being ergonomically perfect.    The WW1 ARGENTIUM® stand out from the other models in the WW1 45mm collection due to their smaller diameter (41mm) and the unique luster of their silver case and finish. 

    In 2013, a new version with an opaline dial joins the two existing versions, Ruthenium and Silver. The sunburst dial of this new version shimmers with opalescent reflections, blending subtly with the silver  of the case to create a marvelous harmony. The hands, numerals and index markers present a tone-on-tone display of elegant sobriety. With their blue, orange red or white alligator leather straps, these masculine classics can be transformed into feminine icons. 

    Attractive and refined down to their last details, marked by their elegance and optimum comfort, these WW1 ARGENTIUM® models will appeal to men and women looking for authenticity. The WW1 ARGENTIUM® models are the perfect embodiment of Bell & Ross’s mission: to turn back time to add new treasures from the past to its collection.