Nomos Glashütte Orion

These are watches for a special time. The famous Glashütte classic, Orion, is now available with dials in silver and gold. Nomos Glashütte Orion 33 gold and Nomos Glashütte Orion 38 silver, to give their full names, make the perfect watches for gifting – beautiful, valuable, but not exorbitant. Subtle, with a hint of glamour.

Just when it’s needed? Who knows, we may revive the Golden Twenties after all. A hundred years ago, people celebrated life and an economic boom. Then, just like now, people were looking forward to diving headlong back into life.
Orion harks back to the original Glashütte master design. Not the minimalist design of recent years, but rather a watch made the way aspiring master watchmakers did at the Glashütte School of Watchmaking – with a silver case, hand-polished dial, and indexes applied by hand.
Orion harks back to the original Glashütte master design. Not the minimalist design of recent years, but rather a watch made the way aspiring master watchmakers did at the Glashütte School of Watchmaking.
Available in two sizes, these glamorous yet restrained watches can be worn by everyone. The smaller version flaunts a feminine gold, while its larger silver cousin, bearing golden indexes, can be worn by men and women alike.

Their dials are polished and galvanized (gold- and white silver-plated, respectively), with the faceted applied indexes gold-plated. Perfect to gift together, but naturally each is also available individually. What is more: both versions offer the option of custom engravings.

Nomos Glashütte Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition

With the soft curve of the rehaut, Aisslinger lends spatial depth to the Autobahn models, opening up the first level of the dial. In a second, elegantly curved arc, the designer leads to the small second dial, creating a separate, concave recess for that important hand that makes the precise timing of the NOMOS Swing System visible on the scale.
“We associate the Autobahn from NOMOS with travel, with looking at the speedometer and with a love for mechanical watches. So the Autobahn on our wrist is always going to be more than just a timepiece…” (Werner Aisslinger and Tina Bunyaparat)
The NOMOS Glashütte Autobahn is and always has been an unconventional take on the Bauhaus-themed no-frills watch; its full-coloured provoking silhouette is sitting the other end of the spectrum containing all things Nomos, where the recipe is mixing minimalism with thoroughly-thought colour palettes and curves, like with a Metro, a Tangente, or an Ahoi. Please prove me wrong, but the Club and its limited editions are perhaps the funkiest, and unique experiments, so far. Autobahn came as a “collab watch” between the brand and the designer Werner Aisslinger, thus squeezing Werner’s petrolhead DNA out of a sleek and clean template as standard.
The new Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition keeps celebrating Glashütte’s 175 years as a watch town, an event we expected to attend last year. Yet, unlike with a Lambda or a Ludwig, whose common trait is an enamelled dial, old-school watchmaking leaves here room for new colour combos that pay homage to Germany’s three freeways and, first and foremost, welcome an unexpected new hybrid bracelet. It reaffirms the Autobahn as avant-garde as it gets across the product’s offering, other than exploring new design directions at Nomos, in my opinion.
The Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition comes in three variants identified by A7, A3, and A9. The single-tone variant pictured here is the A9 model and pays homage to the fastest route between East and West Germany, as Aisslinger underlined. These colour combinations are exclusive to this capsule collection and won’t appear as standard in the future.
Let’s set the colour combos apart for a while, despite adding freshness and enhancing the tapered dial’s design. The talking point is the new hybrid bracelet in steel, whose layout looks kind of like firing up a custom-designed motorcycle out of a skunkworks. It is a mixture of a seamless, no-gap-between-the-links slightly flexible bracelet and a solid polished end, undoubtedly taking inspiration from those trendy across the seventies.
The first half is solid and mirror-polished; it slightly tapers towards the middle and successfully complements the case’s overall style and lines. It comes attached to a brushed Sport end that you can hardly see from atop. Such hybrid design also keeps technical aspects and costs into account: you won’t develop an entirely new bracelet for such limited volumes rolling out the production line.
Among the pros, I’ll pick “comfort”; it outperforms the Sport bracelet since it is pinching-free, especially in the most challenging area to engineer. Instead, it is so polished that you might hardly avoid cuffs and scratches, something to consider when buying any watch this refined and mirror-polished.
I appreciate the new bracelet’s design as it visually complements the Autobahn well, but I’m aware it’ll not be everyone’s cup of tea. It blows you away, at first glance, since you won’t (and I didn’t) expect such a bracelet from Nomos, but, in the flesh, it is less controversial than you might judge by the photos. The A9 version is the subtle one and the only sample we got our hands on; I’d take my hands on the other two, too, for a comparison.
Setting the A9 apart for a while, the A3 and A7 look funky, with the Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition A7 being my fav, on paper, and the most attractive. I’ll not discuss the spec sheet here; let me remind the main ones regarding the case. It measures 41mm across, is 10.5mm thick, and it’s water-resistant to up to 100 meters.
If you’re looking for understatement, the A9 is your choice; else, you can opt for the new Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition with the A3 or the A7 livery. The truth is that the A9 model is the only single-tone Autobahn in a generation. The other two explore the Autobahn’s potential and take it to new heights along with the hybrid bracelet.

Nomos Glashütte Club 36 Ace Jewelers Blue

A family-owned watch retailer with a prominent online presence, Ace Jewelers has made its an annual affair to work with Nomos on a limited edition. Past editions include last year’s #NomiesforLife and the Zurich world time from the preceding year.

The latest is the Ace x Nomos Glashütte Club 36 Ace Jewelers Blue Limited Edition, conceived to mark the five-year relationship between the German brand and Amsterdam-based retailer.
The appeal of Nomos; watches lie in their cheerfully simple aesthetics and affordability. Even though the Club 36 Blue is a limited edition for a retailer, it is quintessentially Nomos in style with its blue and orange dial.

Being the entry-level Nomos watch, the standard Club 36 is offered in a narrow number of dial colours, which is one of the main attractions of the new edition. And because it is based on the brand’s entry-level model, the Club 36 Blue is unusually affordable. The version with a solid back costs just US$1,000 or so.
According to Ace, its latest limited edition is only the third limited edition based on the Club 36 over the past decade. The upside of using this specific model as the base is affordability, since the Club 36 is the entry-level Nomos.

The tweaks that set the Ace edition apart lie in the dial, which has a blue and orange livery that’s based on Ace Jeweler’s corporate colours.

Dial aside, the watch is identical to the standard model. The case is polished steel, 36 mm in diameter, and offered with either a solid or open back.
Despite being the most affordable model Nomos makes, the Nomos Glashütte Club 36 Ace Jewelers Blue is still powered by a proprietary movement, as all Nomos watches are.

Both versions of the Nomos Glashütte Club 36 Ace Jewelers Blue are equipped with the Alpha, a calibre made in house but based on the architecture of the Peseux 7001. It’s finished in typical Nomos style, which is surprisingly attractive despite the affordable price.

Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport

The new Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik 42 date marine black marks a new chapter in the German brand’s history. This sports watch features an impressive water resistance of 300m, robust characteristics and a new ergonomic bracelet. However, Nomos’s loyal fans should not despair as the brand’s legendary styling expertise remains undiminished.
My wife and I have a good friend called Liz who always exhibits a notable degree of style. However, she does not spend colossal sums of money on designer clothes to achieve her elegant look. Her eye for aesthetics is coupled with a capacity to shrewdly procure garments that accentuate her natural beauty.

Liz’s capacity for skilfully pairing items in order to achieve a chic appearance also extends to the interior design of her home. Muted hues sit in concert with rich textures. Liz cleverly selects stylish items which won’t lose their appeal with the passage of time. Quite simply, our friend Liz has an innate talent for design.

This prowess for design is something you either have or you don’t. Nomos Glashütte has an extraordinary prowess for design. It freely embraces the timeless charms of Bauhaus and distills this into horological forms.

Every year, the German brand unveils new models, each one delivering originality. Some of its watches come from nowhere, such as the company’s eye-popping Autobahn model. However, irrespective of the style, every Nomos watch is imbued with a timeless minimalism. It is this approach to watch design which ensures each reference, even those dating back several years, retains relevance and is not rendered obsolete with the release of new models.

At Baselworld 2019, the Saxony-based Manufacture unveiled three new sports watches. The Club Sport and two versions of the Tangente Sport one with a white silver-plated dial and another with an incredibly deep black dial.

The Club Sport is also endowed with a deep black dial and incorporates a gorgeous rounded bezel and plump indexes. At some future point, I will return to this model and review it in detail, however, for now, my eyes are solely fixated on the Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik 42 date marine black.
Considering its 42mm case diameter, the dial of the Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik 42 date marine black seems exceptionally large. This characteristic can be attributed to the supremely slender bezel which grants greater space for the dial canvas.
The hue of the dial is incredibly black, causing the hands and indexes to seemingly step forward. The hour and minute hands are lined with sand coloured SuperLuminova, augmenting legibility in restricted light.

Nomos has chosen to depict the indexes in a delicious shade of mint green. Stylised Arabic numerals are employed for the even-numbered hours, while matching slender batons indicate the odd-numbered values. Adjacent each index is a cambered, luminescent square, aiding legibility. Succinct, narrow lines sit between each index, again, expediting read-off. The indexes are treated with SuperLuminova which emits a light blue hue in dim conditions.
A snailed small seconds display is positioned in the lower portion of the dial and sits slightly below the main dial epidermis. The small seconds hand is presented in a cheerful shade of red. This latter ebullient touch does not detract from the overall cohesion of the dial, quite the contrary, it adds a delightful soupçon of colour which enriches the aesthetic.
Last year, Nomos showcased the Caliber DUW 6101 in the aforementioned Autobahn model as well as other 2018 novelties. One of the attributes of this movement is that it allows the positioning of the date disc to hug the periphery of the dial, facilitating a large-format indication. The Tangente Sport neomatik 42 is fitted with the Caliber DUW 6101 and, therefore, fanfares the prevailing date at 3 o’clock, in highly-lucid widescreen form.
The first thing NOMOS disciples will notice about the Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik 42 date marine black is the stainless steel bracelet. In itself, this may not sound remarkable but it is the first model to leave the brand’s Glashütte atelier equipped with a bracelet.
Typical of Nomos, it is engineered to an unerring standard. While there is a palpable robustness to the bracelet, it is also very slender. The hand-assembled bracelet, comprised of 145 parts, is notably flexible and comfortably articulates around the wrist. Links can be added or removed easily and the deployant clasp is beautifully engineered, contributing to the ergonomic excellence of the watch.

Measuring 42mm in diameter, the Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik 42 date marine black could not be described as a leviathan, albeit it is larger than many of the German brand’s other models. Personally, I found the scale of the watch very much to my liking. The height of this timepiece is 10.9mm, which may sound surprising when contrasted with other models equipped with the svelte Caliber DUW 6101 (3.6mm height). However, Nomos has capitalised on the slender profile of the movement, imbuing the watch with an ‘extra-robust case, reinforced seals, and sapphire crystal glass’, protecting the watch from ‘knocks, blows and leaks’. The impressive water resistance of 30 atm (300m) stands testament to the toughness of this watch.
It’s interesting to look at the design of the case and bracelet closely. Some elements evince a sturdy character such as the crown protection device on the right hand flank of the case. In contrast, the lugs are slender and angular, conferring a visual lightness typical of a dress watch. The watch head features highly polished stainless steel, while the bracelet is satin-brushed. Despite these seemingly disparate elements, everything comes together in harmonious union.
Up to this point, I have repeatedly talked about design, however, beyond the outer beauty of a Nomos watch, there is an inner virtue which cannot be ignored.
The German brand makes its own movements. Moreover, it makes its own ‘swing system’, something the Swiss refer to as the ‘assortiment’. This in-house ‘escapement’ includes the balance staff, balance wheel, balance spring, pallet lever, escape wheel and a number of other tiny parts.

Nomos has used a tempered blue balance spring and paired this with its own balance wheel. Often horophiles fixate on the composition of the balance spring, but it is also critical that the hairspring and balance wheel are optimally matched. To produce a complete and reliable escapement necessitates huge investment. However, by creating its own ‘swing system’, the German brand is able to enjoy independence from the big players in the Swiss watch industry.

The bi-directional oscillating weight is openworked, affording views of the decorated Glashütte three-quarter plate below. Both the rotor and the three-quarter plate are embellished with Glashütte ribbing. The mainplate is adorned with perlage, a detail which is visible beneath the balance wheel. An abundance of thermally-blued screws populate the movement, upholding best watchmaking practise. The rotor and bridges feature golden engravings and the balance bridge is affixed at two points, providing superior stability when contrasted with a balance cock.

The Caliber DUW 6101 features 27 jewels. The barrel is capable of harnessing sufficient energy for 42 hours of autonomous operation.
The typeface of the numerals denoting the hours is unique to Nomos. It is a small detail which the German marque will have obsessed over for many hours. It may not sound of huge significance, however, it does demonstrate the brand’s exactitude. By synergistically fusing lots of small details each Nomos watch is imbued with an exquisite appearance.

By equipping the Nomos Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik 42 date marine black with a slender bezel, the dial is unusually large for a 42mm watch. This provides an expansive canvas, ideally suited for displaying indications. Indeed, every element of the dial has sufficient space to breathe, conferring an extraordinary degree of lucidity.

There is a welcome air of conservatism that pervades the corridors of Nomos’s HQ. Quite simply, the brand does not embrace the radical, preferring a strategy of considered evolution. This has led to its former watches retaining eye-appeal despite the brand subsequently releasing new models. While the introduction of a new steel bracelet may not seem unusual for some watch companies, it does represent a bold step for Nomos.

The styling of the stainless steel bracelet subscribes to the Bauhaus doctrine and provides a cosseting embrace with the wearer’s wrist. There is a palpable sense of quality which pervades the hand-assembled bracelet.

Occasionally, I am asked to proffer a selection of watches imbued with notable merit. Clearly, my suggestions are based on the available budget. Nomos is one of the first names to roll off my tongue. Not only does the brand make gorgeous-looking watches, it also has an impressive technical competence which differentiates it from most of its rivals. Few brands, in this price segment, make their own movements. Moreover, even fewer brands make movements equipped with an in-house escapement. Nomos stands out in this regard.

Examine a Nomos movement with a loupe and you will discover a high-level of finishing, often lacking in watches costing twice as much. In addition, there is a refreshing integrity to the movement’s composition. For example, the blued screws are not subject to a galvanic treatment but assume their rich colour through superior thermal treatment. Considering the modest asking price of £3980, the execution of each element is superb.

Which brings me to my final point. Spending vast sums of money on a watch will usually, but not always, provide greatness. However, Nomos, and my friend Liz, have also shown that price does not have to preclude quality and style, it’s merely a matter of knowing where to look. In this instance, I would suggest looking to the German watchmaking enclave of Glashütte. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Nomos Glashütte Club Campus 38

Any conversation about watches that offer good value for money is bound to include Nomos Glashütte Club Campus 38. It’s been a core tenet of the brand since the very beginning and every year we get some new release that shocks us with its price tag to gears-and-hands ratio. With the new Club Campus though, NOMOS is trying to push it even further, offering a fun watch specifically targeted at first-time watch owners receiving their timepieces for special occasions. Oh, and they’re awesome.
Earlier this week we showed you the new Club Neomatik, which can be considered the sort of “premium” Club model with intricate dials, open casebacks, and NOMOS’s latest slim automatic movements inside. The Club Campus offers a lot of the same details and look, only at half the price.
There three Club Campus models, in two sizes. The first watch is a 36mm Club, with the familiar long-lugged case, and the other two are 38mm Clubs, all in stainless steel. This means you can now get the Club in 36mm, 37mm, 38mm, 40mm, and 41.5mm, so there’s really a size for everyone. The Club Campus are all three-handers, luminous hour and minute hands and a sub-seconds register down at six o’clock. The dials are California dials, meaning there are Arabic numerals up top and Roman numerals down below. This is something we’ve never seen from NOMOS before and I really dig it.
One of the ways Nomos Glashütte Club Campus 38 has kept the price down on these watches is that inside is the Alpha caliber. This is still an in-house NOMOS movement, but it’s the oldest movement in the collection and doesn’t feature the Swing System escapement or the Neomatik winding system. It’s a manually-wound movement with 17 jewels and a 43-hour power reserve. Don’t misunderstand me here – this is a great movement. It might not be the fanciest, but that’s not what this watch is about.
Smartly, NOMOS has opted for a closed caseback here. It’s another cost-savings method, but more importantly it takes the focus away from the movement and places it on the experience of wearing the watch (not to mention making it slimmer too). For this watch though there’s another benefit: the expanse of steel offers a space for custom engravings, whether it be for a gift or a self-purchase. NOMOS is offering complementary engraving on all Club Campus watches and turn-around time is just a week or two.
The three models offer different colors, but all in the same general family. The 36mm has slightly more emphasis on the red and pink tones, while the similar 38mm model more prominently displays the bright blue SuperLuminova. The Nacht model, with the dark dial, is the most distinctive, and offers something for those who don’t want a light silvered dial. Personally, I like all three models pretty equally and think it really comes down to personal style here. Nomos Glashütte Club Campus 38

Nomos Ludwig 38 enamel white

Following the launch of the three Ludwig limited editions launched in July to celebrate 175 years of watchmaking art practiced in the small Saxon town of Glashütte, Nomos Glashütte has also released two new Ludwig models that will not be limited and will be added to the collection of the brand: the Nomos Ludwig 38 enamel white and the Nomos Ludwig duo 33 enamel white.The two models differ for the diameter of the case – 38 mm or 33 mm – as well as for the dial, with or without the small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock (the “duo” in the name of the smaller model refers to the fact that it only features two hands).The first watch, whose exact measures are 37.5 mm in diameter and 6.7 mm in thickness, can really fit wrists of any size while the second (32.8 mm x 6.5 mm) is particularly suited to more slender wrists.Crafted from stainless steel, the cases have a tripartire construction with polished surfaces that highlight the classic design. They are water resistant to a pressure of up to 3 ATM (approximately 30 metres / 100 feet) which makes the watch splashproof.
The slim bezels leave space to the beautiful dials whose light surface transparency resembles enamel (hence the name of these models). To achieve this refined look, Nomos uses a high-gloss lacquer to coat the dials in several layers. After the application of each layer, the dial is polished before the next layer is applied.

Although this is is not vitreous enamel (which it would not be possible to offer at this price level), the aesthetic result makes these watches very attractive. The combination with Roman numerals, railroad minute markers and tempered blue needle-thin hands creates an ensemble of great elegance.These new models are available with two caseback options that you can choose at order time: a solid steel caseback that can be optionally engraved, ideal in case of a gift that celebrates a special occasion, or a transparent sapphire crystal that reveals the movement.
The 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour) Alpha is the most widely used in-house manufactured calibre of the brand. Offering an autonomy of 43 hours, this hand-wound movement with the typical three-quarter plate is meticulously refined with Glashütte ribbing, tempered blue screws, and perlage. Features include a stop-seconds mechanism.The two watches are completed by a smooth yet robust remborde strap crafted from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan and secured to the wrist by a polished steel pin buckle with the engraved logo of the brand. With their classic lines, the refined dials of great elegance and the accurate and reliable in-house produced mechanical movement, these timepieces will never go out of style. The accessible pricing makes them even more appealing. Replica Nomos Ludwig 38 enamel white

Nomos Glashütte Orion 38 Silvercut for L’Oro

Today I get to introduce you to Nomos’ ultimate dress watch, the Nomos Glashütte Orion 38. It takes Nomos’ already ultra-clean dial and takes it up a notch while, like any proper dress watch, it loses the date (although a date complication is available).For the few who haven’t heard yet, Nomos is rapidly becoming a legendary German watchmaker based out of the famous town of Glashutte, which houses other amazing German companies like A. Lange & Sohne as well as Glashutte Original.Nomos made a name for itself with its ultra-modern bauhaus design and its amazingly rapid progression into making its own movements. For years now 100% of Nomos movements are made in house and their decoration at this price point is second to none. Nomos watches are ideal for someone who appreciates quality and great design but doesn’t feel the need to shout about it–their watches are, without exception, very subtle by contemporary standards. I love them.The dial, as with all Nomos watches, is gloriously uncluttered–but unlike its predecessors, it’s made even cleaner by removing any trace of numerals.In the place of numerals are gorgeous gold applied markers. Thin sticks cohere perfectly with the stick hands and the gold contrast against the blue of the hands is bold without being over the top. This is Nomos’ best looking watch, period.Like all Nomos watches, a seconds subdial is placed in the 6:00 position. Its very subtle (basically viewable only under magnification) guilloche texture helps subtly, nearly subconsciously, separate it from the rest of the dial without requiring a frame or different color.Black hash marks are used on the subdial, which look great–but I’m curious (and it might be a disaster, but I’m still interested), what would the subdial look like with gold printed marks instead?Also of note is Nomos’ characteristic decision not to use a marker at 6:00 whether or not you get the date. To me, the dial is better balanced with a date there, but for a pure dress watch like this, dates should be avoided. So I would like to see what the dial would look like with an abbreviated applied marker there in the sans-date versions like this one.Those heat blued stick hands are one of the best things about most Nomos watches. They’re extremely minimalist, yet highly visible against the silver plated dial. The contrast of blue on white always looks good in watches, but even better with the gold accents.At this price point, there is no better looking dress watch out there–maybe at any. Stylistic competitors might include the Vacheron Patrimony or Nomos’ neighbor, the A. Lange Saxonia, but short of those very expensive options, it’s hard to do a better dress watch and still not be boring.As the name would suggest, the defining characteristic of the Orion 38 is its 38mm size. Nomos watches tend to run small, which is perhaps an homage to traditional watch sizing, but also consider that their all-dial layout makes them wear large. I’d say the Orion 38 wears like a 39 or even a 40mm watch, which is just right by me. The smaller size is a bit small for my tastes, so the Orion 38 is right at that sweet spot between tradition and modernity.The Orion’s case in either size is one of the most dynamic of Nomos’ lineup. Gone are the straight lines and hard angles–this cases flows in a more conventional, and in my opinion, more attractive way.Nomos loses the wire lugs of the famous Tangente in favor of these more conventionally curvy ones. I prefer how these look and as an added bonus, they look like they’ll be tougher than the Tangente’s.Naturally, as a hand wound dress watch, the crown does not screw down. It’s quite small and subtle, as coheres with the rest of the watch’s design, but I didn’t find it difficult to wind at all. In fact, it was easier to wind than another large crown I happened to be testing the other day. So arthritis sufferers needn’t worry about this one despite the tiny crown.Another change for the Orion’s case is the curvy sides and back. The smoothed, rounded out case compares favorably, in my opinion, to the hard-edged and flat Tangente/Tangomat case. I never found either uncomfortable to wear, but I think the Orion is the more attractive option.The Nomos Glashütte Orion 38 is powered by the venerable in house Alpha movement, its simplest, and arguably most beautiful, calibre.You simply won’t find a movement with better finishing anywhere near this price point. It’s truly astonishing and puts watches several times its price to shame. This is a watch you will find yourself looking at the movement of often.Here’s the balance wheel with Nomos’ unique balance cock. It’s bent at an almost 90 degree angle, quite unusual, but it looks great. Also worth mentioning is the lack of an obvious fine adjustment system. Normally you’d see an index on the balance cock to regulate the watch, but the Triovis fine adjustment mechanism on a Nomos leaves the movement gloriously uncluttered.Take a look at two distinctive Germanic design elements on the movement. First, notice the Glashutte sunburst on the barrel, which looks amazing. Second, check out the German click (at 6:00 in this photo) which is one of the most attractive ways to design this part.The 3/4ths plate is another traditional German touch and the angular cotes de Geneve really set it off. The blued screws add great visual contrast with the gold Nomos writing and rubies.As with most Nomos watches, a Shell Cordovan strap is used. Shell Cordovan straps are tough horse hide and Nomos’ clean and shiny black is deadly serious, a perfect compliment to a dedicated dress watch.Despite the durability of the Shell Cordovan straps, the inside is very soft. The straps are a little firm for my taste, but that’s just because they’re new–after a few days of wearing them they should break in great.Nomos only makes watches with old-school buckles. I’m a fan of deployants personally, but that’s just preference.Really, what more can be said about the Nomos Orion 38 except that it’s easily the ultimate under-$5000 dress watch and perhaps even a substantially greater sum. It is traditional German watchmaking done right. The utterly clean dial, sans numerals, would have been easy to make boring–but the Orion keeps things interesting with blued hands and gold indices. The Orion’s case loses the Tangente’s quirks while staying super thin, making it surprisingly versatile.The fact that it has a gorgeous in house movement is icing on the cake–this is the rare watch where the back deserves just as much attention as the front. But regardless of which side you’re appreciating, the Nomos Glashütte Orion 38 will stand the test of time, with its versatile size, thin case and timeless beauty.

Nomos Glashütte Club Automatic

I’ve often said that the real skill in watch design is creating something that is new that initially looks familiar. True art can and perhaps should be challenging, but challenging does not mean ugly. It does not mean unpalatable. Objects should encourage you to ask questions of them. The best provide you with satisfying answers over time. The latest wave of NOMOS Glashütte limited editions sees the oft-overlooked Club Automatic line get three new entrants. We have one in onyx, one in navy, and one in a very fetching olive. Nomos Glashütte Club Automatic

All three of these new models are presented on different bands. The onyx dial is presented on the popular NOMOS Sport Bracelet. Both the navy and the olive dials are suggested to pair with fabric straps. Sensibly, the navy dial is paired with the blue/black strap NOMOS first debuted on its Aqua collection of 2017. Strutting its stuff on the cool gray fabric strap that doesn’t get rolled out on men’s watches as often as I’d like to see, is the sharp olive dial. However, it is important to note that all three can be delivered on any strap/bracelet you desire so don’t let that put you off.
This shade of olive is becoming a bit of a NOMOS calling card. I first remember seeing it in a modern model when the Orion Neomatik Date 41 was given an update. That was actually way back in 2018. Back then, I thought it was a pretty ripe color to go with and showed that brand otherwise known for its fanciful experimentation with color was edging towards a new, more mature identity. It would seem, two and a half years later, that identity is rounding into shape…
The Club range wasn’t around in those early days. In fact, it didn’t debut until 2007. At that time, it was the perfect addition to a catalog that needed some core youthfulness to continue riding the wave of good-feeling aimed at the brand since the explosion of color that was the Super 30 collection of 2004. Since then, the Club has been joined by the Club Campus sub-collection (the brand’s take on a California dial) and been the recipient of some interesting special editions.
The success of the Campus collection and the rock-solid identity of the Club as the brand’s entry point left its more expensive models on a bit of an island. The bigger and more complicated Club models never stacked up as favorably against their own, in-house price point competitors as perhaps they deserved to. In my opinion, that had something to do with an identity crisis for the Club. Thankfully, this latest release has solved that once and for all.
Watches and watch families should never try to be all things to all people. The Club, especially the original 701 reference, was a perfect model released at the perfect time. It was a surprisingly wearable 36mm (thanks to an unusually long lug-to-lug), an injection of vitality the core collection sorely needed, and a preposterously good value mechanical watch.
That was the identity of the Club. Simply enlarging it didn’t so much widen its appeal. Yes, it made some people very happy because they liked the style of the 701 but perhaps wanted a bigger or automatic watch. But, crucially, those models always felt like bigger versions of something else rather than something distinct.
We took a while to get there, but this trio of Club automatics, which all use the DUW 5001 (which is NOMOS’s older automatic movement, not the new, slimmer DUW 3001), keep the price point very approachable for a NOMOS automatic (which has, on average, increased because of the investment made in bringing both the DUW 3001 and DUW 6001 movements to life), while the dial colors ooze a maturity that makes this capsule collection feel entirely separate from its origins.
This is what I like to see. This is truly brand (and, on a micro-level, model) maturation. While the Campus collection will remain an exciting entry point for German watchmaking fans, these three models offer something hitherto unavailable. They make the NOMOS catalog make more sense, not less.
That is always a struggle for a brand that is constantly reaching for something new. This time, however, NOMOS has got it very right indeed. The only downside, perhaps, is that these models are not joining the core collection themselves.
Instead, each piece is limited to 175 pieces. This release acts as a continuation of last year’s 175th anniversary of Glashütte watchmaking. These 40mm pieces are water-resistant to 200 meters. That is another benefit of the larger Club case. To achieve this depth rating, the Club family uses a double gasket crown rather than a screw-down alternative. The version you see in the photographs here (with the navy dial) is available for $220
The new Nomos Glashütte Club editions come in three colourways, each limited to 175 pieces: onyx black (ref. 753.S1), navy blue (ref. 753.S2) and olive green (ref. 753.S3).
Protected by domed sapphire crystals, the refined galvanized dials are enhanced by yellow five-minute markers and white Super-Luminova coating used for the hour indexes and numerals as well as for the hour and minute hands. The snailed sub-dial at 6 o’clock displays the running seconds.
The 40 mm x 9.7. mm case is crafted from stainless steel with polished surfaces. It guarantees water resistance to 200 metres / 660 feet, making the watch highly versatile in all situations and suitable for diving.
The edition with black dial is proposed with a stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp while the blue and green models are matched to blue-black and light grey textile straps, respectively. Of course, at order time, you can choose a different bracelet/strap option for each of these models.

Just like for the dial, a sapphire crystal is used on the caseback to provide a view of the beautifully refined DUW 5001 self-winding calibre. Introduced in 2018, it was the first automatic movement developed by the Saxon brand.Beating at the frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz) with a power reserve of 43 hours, it features a stop-seconds mechanism and the proprietary NOMOS swing system adjusted according to chronometer standards.

nomos orion watch for sale

NOMOS Glashütte can do what almost no other company worldwide can—produce a proprietary escapement. Known as the NOMOS swing system, it’s a declaration of independence in the world of fine watchmaking. Orion is the favorite among NOMOS’ designers (they almost all wear one). But it has also won over a journalist or two in its time.

Orion is the personal favorite of many of the designers at NOMOS—minimalistic and neat, reduced to the essentials: a model exemplifying the best of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus traditions. This version, self-winding, with golden indexes and tempered blue hands on a white silver-plated dial, will serve as a timeless companion for life.

With its curved and domed design, the NOMOS Orion watch for sale almost resembles a UFO. This watch is simpler and tidier than any other timepiece from this Glashütte-based manufacturer. The top model features a Neomatik caliber with a date display.

Beautifully reduced to the essentials: Orion. The secret favorite among the designers at Replica NOMOS Glashütte. The hands shine cornflower blue—entirely without lacquer or coloring. According to old watchmaking traditions, they receive their color by being heated to 290°C.

The Replica Nomos Orion has won many awards and brings the best of its skilled craftsmen along with demanding clients. It was presented with the Austrian Chrono-Award under the category “Trendsetter”. Moreover, the Nomos Orion 38, presented in grey, won the Golden Balance award which is regarded as the most respected prize for Germany watches.

Orion is the real favorite of lots of the team at NOMOS, simple and beautiful, brought down to the basics: a model showing the cream of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus styles. This style, self-winding, with golden indexes and tempered blue hands on a white silver-plated dial,

nomos ludwig watches

Smart and subtle: Ludwig is the secret Wunderkind of the NOMOS collection. But despite its obvious academic credentials and command of Latin, this watch remains appealing and understated—as well as so slender that it will steal the heart of those with even the finest aesthetic sensibilities. Visible within though the sapphire crystal glass back: the hand-wound Alpha caliber, crafted in Glashütte.

Ludwig is a mature watch for serious wrists: smart, traditional, and sleek—thanks to its stainless steel case. Connoisseurs appreciate the ritual of manual winding this timepiece every morning. The dial is classic, featuring railroad minute markers and Roman numerals. The tempered blue hands bring a touch of modernity—but the revolution isn’t here yet.

Ludwig is a watch that could not be more classic. With this timepiece on the wrist, the wearer’s proficiency in Latin becomes self-evident. Not because of the Roman numerals on the face, which is a unique feature among NOMOS Glashütte watches. But because the Ludwig makes a super smart impression at first sight.

The Replica NOMOS Ludwig is sophisticated and classic, yet still casual. Its Roman numerals, delicate indices, and railroad minute scale make the Ludwig the Glashütte-based manufacturer’s most traditional watch. This timepiece is available in six sizes, each of which features a thin bezel, narrow lugs, and flat case.

The Nomos Ludwig collection is regarded as one of the most classical watches. Although it looks a bit similar to its Tangente model, but what differentiates this timepiece is its stylish Roman numerals which actually makes it a bit softer and rounder as compared to the Tangente.

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Nomos Glashütte is the world-famous watchmaking company that has been the home of German horology for 170 years and counting. Let’s take a closer look at the history of Nomos Glashütte watches. Tradition, technology and innovation have combined to design award winning timepieces, making it one of today’s finest watch brands.

The Replica NOMOS Ludwig watch is sophisticated and classic, yet still casual. Its Roman numerals, delicate indices, and railroad minute scale make the Ludwig the Glashütte-based manufacturer’s most traditional watch. This timepiece is available in six sizes, each of which features a thin bezel, narrow lugs, and flat case.