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Ananta – The craftsmanship of Katana – The perfection of celestial beauty – The cutting edge of SEIKO Watch

In 2009, Replica SEIKO watch SRQ009 unveiled at Baselworld the Ananta collection, an exclusive range of luxury timepieces with Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements. Ananta has been remarkably well received by watch collectors, aficionados and journalists alike, and its global distribution has exceeded expectations. For 2010, three new models are created, bringing to 13 the total number of watches in the Ananta collection.

The artistry of Katana

Katana is the centuries-old art of sword-making, which combines great handcraft skills with the highest technology. Today, Katana swords are still made and prized for their beauty and precision. Precision, artistry, parabolic curves and sharpness of Katana all find expression in the new Ananta collection. The side of the case has the distinctive Katana curve and a three-stage ‘blade’ polishing process gives the case its remarkable mirror finish, as smooth and flat as a Katana sword. The sharpness of the hands and dial markers reflects the razor edge of the blade and the precision of the steel work in the Katana sword is mirrored in the high accuracy of the mechanical and Spring Drive movements.

The Spring Drive Moon Phase. The beauty of the moon’s orbit is captured in glide motion Chronographe Automatique

To represent the beauty of the orbit of planets has always been a cherished goal of watchmaking. Today, this aim is realized more perfectly and precisely than ever before as the glide motion of Spring Drive is allied to a moon phase. The natural flow of time is measured to an accuracy of onesecond- a-day by SEIKO’s unique Spring Drive technology, while the glide motion of the hands perfectly represents the continuous, silent and graceful orbit of the planets.

Two new chronographs join the Ananta collection

The success of the previous generation of Ananta chronographs is powerful testament to the watch lover’s fascination with chronograph watches. Ananta collection for 2010 offers two new chronographs. Both models are in high-intensity titanium, a metal that is as strong as steel, but has only 60% of its weight.

Thanks to its glide motion hands, the Spring Drive Chronograph captures the exact elapsed time, not just to the nearest fraction of a second, with accuracy five times greater than any mechanical chronometer. It is offered as a Limited Edition of just 150.

The Automatic Chronograph houses the celebrated 8R caliber that incorporates a column wheel and a vertical clutch for precise operation. It delivers 12 hour elapsed time measurement and a 45 hour power reserve.The sports appeal of this new creation is enhanced by the addition of a carbon fiber dial.