replica watch zenith el primero

I have been wearing the Himalayas of certina, which is the most entry-level mechanical watch. I bought it in 2017. I still have a lot of feelings for this watch. I went to many places and spent a lot of time with it. The disadvantage of this watch is that it’s a bit thick. It’s a bit awkward to be stuck on the cuff when wearing long sleeves.

After having the first replica watch, I have been diving in the forum to learn about all kinds of watches, so I decided to change a better watch before graduation. The requirements for changing the watch are also very simple: 1. Don’t dress the watch in a formal way (I think it’s too formal, I usually dress in a casual style); 2. Be sure to have a calendar (I can’t remember the date, sometimes it’s convenient to look at the watch with hands raised); 3. Try not to have Arabic numbers on the dial (this is a pure personal preference).

After finishing the first draft of graduation thesis at the end of March, I think it’s time to buy a watch. I also did my homework in advance when I paid for the watch. I mainly watched zenith’s El primero flagship and defy classic, Omega’s seahorse 300, seahorse 600 and super 57.

After coming to the store, there were very few customers affected by the epidemic, so the experience of looking at the watch was very good. After a round of reading, I found that there are basically all the watches in the photo. Only Omega’s super 57 left the blue disk. I didn’t feel the blue disk, so I gave up super 57. It’s a long time to test the form. I’m a bit hard to choose, but the clerk is very patient to explain it to you and let you try.

Let’s briefly talk about the hands-on experience of several watches:

  1. Zenith’s defy classic, this watch looks pretty handsome in the picture before, but after getting started, I found that the 41mm dial is a little small, and the physical dial looks a bit messy, and the calendar window is also very small, plus the movement has no great advantage, so I gave up;
  2. Omega seahorse 300 tried black glue, black steel and rose gold. It was quite amazing. At that time, I knew the reason why seahorse 300 was so hot. But I feel that the black glue is a bit cheap, the steel belt of black steel is a bit old-fashioned, the rose gold feels too high-key, and I found that the watch plate of Haima 300 is a little bit impatient, and the ceramic ring also feels a little less sharp than Haima 600, so I gave up; the black steel of Haima 600 is the one I tangled the most, I tried the 39mm version, and the weight is well controlled, but the watch The dial is still too small. I’m 18cm tall. I don’t feel very harmonious when the small dial is on hand. After that, I tried the seahorse 600 black steel 43.5mm version. The watch has a very good effect on hands. It feels aggressive and durable. The only disadvantage is that it’s too thick and heavy. The clerk said that the watch has 210g, which is heavier than my mobile phone. It’s very unnatural to wear it on hands and swing arms, so I had to give up. However, if you are a muscular man, I would highly recommend that you consider seahorse 600.

Next, it’s the main character. Zenith El primero‘s flagship wanted the steel belt version, but it didn’t have any goods, so we had to buy the belt version. This watch feels comfortable on the hands. It fits the wrists very well. It’s also light in weight. The tricolor dial is very eye-catching, with elegant style. It also has a bit of sports style, which is a bit versatile. The timing button feels good. Although it may be useless in daily life, it’s also good to play it occasionally.

After a few days of using, I feel nothing unsatisfied. Everything is normal. I haven’t measured the travel time, and I don’t care about it, because I always adjust the watch a few minutes faster, and I can accept the error even a minute or two, but I think it seems that this watch is quite accurate, after all, the movement is better than the watch.

Although the price of a replica watch can be divided into high and low prices, the watch itself is not different in price and low price. It’s good to buy it happily and use it comfortably