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SEIKO history


Seiko’s history is 127 years old. It is the history of a company that followed the path of its dreams remaining faithful to them. A method that has allowed it to go beyond its limits innovating and shining behind great world premiers. SEIKO is the saga of one of the uncontested mentors of watchmaking technologies who managed to make us time-travel, passing from the traditional mechanical movement to the prestigious Spring Drive. The company elaborates all its products and pieces within its own ateliers being one of the world’s rare manufactures to do so. SEIKO will soon surprise and seduce us, as this brand, fixed on innovation and future, aims to push time limits away. 

1881 :
 Establishment of K.HATTORI & Co., Ltd.

1892 : Foundation of SEIKOSHA clock supply factory.

1895 : Production of fob watches begins.

1913 : Production of the first SEIKO wristwatch made in Japan: the SEIKO LAUREL.

1964 : Seiko serves as Official Timer of Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, thanks to its Portable Quartz Clock.

1969 : Production of the world’s first automatic chronograph provided with a column wheel system and a vertical clutch (caliber 6139).
Introduction of SEIKO ASTRON, world’s first quartz watch (caliber 3500).

1973 : Introduction of world’s first LCD quartz watch with six-digit digital display.

1975 : Introduction of world’s first professional titanium diving watch (DIVER’S 600 m).

1988 : Introduction of world’s first automatic power generating quartz watch “AGS” (caliber 7M42).

1990 : Introduction of the Seiko Scubamaster, world’s first computerized diver’s watch to incorporate a dive table (DIVER’S SCUBMASTER).

1998 : Introduction of world’s first watch provided with a PERPETUAL CALENDAR driven by world’s smallest ultrasonic motor (0,4 mm thick).

1999 : Introduction of the SEIKO KINETIC AUTO RELAY chronograph (caliber 9T82). 

2005 : Introduction of SPRING DRIVE (caliber 5R). 
Introduction of KINETI PERPETUAL CALENDAR (caliber 7D48).

2006 : Introduction of world’s first electronic INK time displaying (caliber G520). Grand prix de Genève in 2006.
Introduction of Credor SPRING DRIVE Sonnerie (caliber 7R06).

2007: Introduction of Spring Drive Chronograph with a column wheel system and a vertical clutch (caliber 5R86).
Introduction of the KINETIC DIRECT DRIVE (5D44) caliber. store have fake replica seiko watch,used copy movment China factory..