What are the recommended diving watches with high cost performance

Summer Come on ! Go to Beach swimming and Diving with watch.

www.super-watches-fashion.com In this colorful and personalized summer, the diving watch is also afraid of “bumping”. People all over the street wear Rolex water devil, Omega seahorse and Seiko can I really think: why don’t you start one, which is different, but you don’t lose the price performance and beauty to their boqilai?If you don’t know the brand, you can check my previous answers. But if you don’t know the Bozie lebravi deep dive watch, it’s too much to lose!

This series of men’s diving watches, waterproof depth of 500 meters. The automatic chain mechanism it carries is also certified by the Swiss Observatory and is very accurate. In addition, baoqilai just lowered the price of the diving watch a little this year. After the adjustment, the price of baoqilai all steel bailawi watch ranges from 38500 yuan to 51800 yuan. As far as I know, the official website price of Rolex diver 114060 is 58200 RMB, while the official website price of Omega seahorse 300 is 36500 RMB; in contrast, the price of boqilai is between the two, but the waterproof depth is: perfect. Boqilai not only developed the belavi deep diving wristwatch for exploring the deep sea world, but also supported the British charity devil fish foundation.