super watches fashion is Global watch e-commerce enterprise brand, global watch ecological open platform operator.

Founded in 2012, it is the exclusive general agent of China with more than 20 European watch brands, and the mall sells more than 100 global famous watch brands. The business of store technology includes online and offline sales of middle and high-end watches, online and offline clock maintenance covering the whole country, credit transaction of idle second-hand watches, clock culture communication, watch brand operation, etc.Based on the clock and watch industry, combined with the innovation and technological advantages of the Internet, integrates and empowers the global watch industry partners with the concept of openness and sharing to build a global watch ecosystem. As the “router” of global watch industry, AA reduces the operation cost of industrial partners and improves the operation quality and efficiency of partners through the integration of industrial chain resources and optimization of value chain. In the global watch industry, is the only enterprise that has three kinds of genes, namely, watch industry + Internet plus finance. The global watch ecosystem will build a new industrial ecosystem and create new value for partners.