The Swiss marque’s creative team has worked with three friends of the brand, namely Hannah, Marina, and Nadia, to conceive a trio of elegant watches. Offered in a choice of three vibrant dial shades and enriched with a circlet of 46 diamonds, the new model shines with a bold statement.
Maurice Lacroix has reimagined the brand’s Fiaba model, upholding its distinctive character while at the same time imbuing it with a sizeable dose of urban chic. Harnessing the talents of its creative team, Maurice Lacroix unveils the Fiaba Trio, a captivating story expressed in three different ways.

The Fiaba, meaning ‘fairy tale’ in Italian, has proved a popular choice for individuals seeking an unabashed feminine timepiece. Inspired by the smooth shape of a pebble that’s been refined over time by the gentle caress of sand and sea, the contours of the Fiaba prove smooth and sensual. Offered in different sizes, dial colours and, in some cases, equipped with a moon phase display, the Fiaba has always been a byword for ‘sophistication’. The Fiaba’s steel bracelet complements the model’s round case and neat crown.
Always keen to hear customer feedback, Maurice Lacroix commissioned various focus groups, asking ladies what they sought from a watch. This led to the creation of a smooth, ergonomic bracelet that cossets the wrist. The underside of each link is endowed with a small recess, augmenting wearer comfort. Beyond such practical considerations, the bracelet sits in concert with the rest of the watch while at the same time making the Fiaba stand out from the crowd. In designing the Fiaba Trio, the creative team at Maurice Lacroix have worked with three friends of the brand, members of the ML Crew: Hannah Lucy, Marina and Nadia.

Hannah Lucy Williams is an elite British athlete who regularly competes on the world stage, participating in 200m and 400m races. She came to prominence in 2020 when she won the 200-metre sprint at the British Championships. Continuously seeking to optimise her performance, Hannah always remains focussed in her pursuit of podium glory.

Marina Correira is known for her skills in longboard dancing and freestyle. Her prowess on the longboard can be attributed to her capacity to unite seemingly disparate traits, e.g. smooth and fast, elegant and wild. It is these characteristics that Marina has mastered and made her own; talents that led to her being crowned world champion.
Along with her partner Dakota, Nadia artfully expresses emotion by delivering thought-provoking performances through the medium of dance. No words are spoken, yet meaning is articulated with the precise movement of limbs, flowing in sequence with the rhythm of the moment. One half of the award-winning dance duo, Nadia has gained a reputation for saying much without uttering a word.

All three women have active lifestyles that inspired Maurice Lacroix to create three distinctive iterations of the Fiaba, each expressed in a cool, vibrant shade.
Leaf-shaped hour and minute hands, together with a lithe centre seconds hand, impart meaning. Each hour is denoted with either a tear-shaped index or an Arabic numeral, save for 12 o’clock where the brand’s M-logo indicates the midnight hour. The central area of the dial is framed with a gleaming circlet playing host to 46 SI diamonds (total 0.1242 carats), granting a tasteful quotient of glamour to this sumptuous ensemble.

Housed in a 32 mm stainless steel case, the new Fiaba Trio is available in a choice of three dial hues: Baby Blue, Blush Pink and Pistachio Green. Each colour is an expression of beauty and was inspired by said members of the ML Crew; all independent women who continuously explore the limits of human performance while still knowing when to have fun.