Breitling Adds A Trio Of Aviation-Inspired Chronographs To Its Avenger Collection

Last year, Breitling introduced its updated Avenger collection, a slightly scaled-down, sleeker take on the original Avenger. That collection included a ceramic “Night Mission” chronograph. Now, Breitling Night Mission Avenger has added a trio of chronographs that pay homage to the U.S. Navy.
Like last year’s Breitling Night Mission Avenger, this trio uses a 44mm (15.2mm thick, 53mm lug-to-lug) black ceramic case and is powered by Breitling’s manufacturer caliber B01 chronograph. It’s a COSC-certified, column-wheel, vertical-clutch movement with a 70-hour power reserve. The manufacture movement represents a technical leap forward for the Avenger chronograph. It’s still a big watch that won’t be for everyone, but that’s what we expect – even ask – of Breitling. And with downsized offerings in other corners of the catalog, this keeps the Avenger true to its original purpose.
This new trio is differentiated, I suppose, by a military tie-in with the U.S. Naval Academy and two of its elite flying squadrons, the Dust Devils and the Bloodhounds. Their respective logos sit on the nine o’clock subdial, and there are also some engravings around around the sapphire caseback.

Of course, special edition also means special price, and these have an MSRP of $10,200, a $500 premium over the standard Night Missions. When I wrote about a collection of 17 vintage Breitlings a few weeks ago, I mentioned that a little 34mm gold Premier chrono was my favorite of the bunch. So a 44mm ceramic chronograph that leans into military and aviation is decidedly not for me, which is fine. But a $10,000 chronograph that leans into Breitling’s history of aviation and military in a pretty specific way also feels like it might have a niche appeal. I don’t mind the Navy tie-in, but the logos at nine o’clock just seem a bit random and loud. At their best – and back in the day – these military watches have subtle nods to their purpose as a tool for service men and women. Perhaps even just a caseback engraving. But beyond the logos, the combination of colors, straps, and ceramic on these new Avengers do look cool and covert.

Besides that, I actually like the updated Avenger and the ceramic “Night Mission” might be the best executed – it manages to sit somewhere between the Breitling Night Mission Avenger of 20 years ago and the Breitling of today in a way that feels true to the brand.