versace watch new review

Most hard-core collectors of luxury watches probably frown at models offered by fashion houses, and that’s understandable. When your primary business is fashion, you generally concern yourself more with clothing than you do with fine watchmaking. It’s true that most fashion houses that offer watches tend to have flashy, but inexpensive offerings. Versace watches are different, and strikingly so. While the company is primarily known for their clothing and accessories, the do take their timepieces seriously.

The timepieces are Swiss made and have the sorts of features and build quality that one usually finds only with well known companies that manufacture watches exclusively, such as Audemars Piguet or Rolex.

While few people who collect timepieces from those companies are likely to start buying this particular brand, their timepieces do compare favorably with other mid to high end Swiss models and we think you’ll like what you see.
Most fashion houses give little thought to their timepieces, aside from making sure that they’re colorful and stand out as bling. That being the case, almost all of them feature Chinese-made quartz movements, simply because they’re cheap.

That’s not the case here, as Versace watches are all Swiss made. While many models do feature quartz electronic movements, others have automatic movements and none of the are sourced from Asia.

Models use stainless steel or gold in their cases, gold, stainless steel or leather for their bands, and sapphire crystal to protect their watch faces. Water resistance for most models is relatively modest, at 30 to 50 meters, but these are not sports watches (though a few look like them.) These are elegant timepieces to be worn as fashion items that just happen to be attractive and well built. You’re not going to find much innovation in the way of function here, though they do offer some truly eye-catching timepieces, including a couple that have truly nonstandard faces. The Dylos automatic, for instance, does not have traditional hands but instead displays the time using several rotating dials. As you might expect from a fashion-oriented company, these watches are more about styling than cutting edge mechanical innovation. More than anything else, Versace watches are made to look good, as the founder was interested in style, and they do, indeed, make an attractive timepiece. Many of their models feature generous amounts of gold and a few even include diamonds. There’s lots of color in the product line, too, and not just in the women’s models. Orange, bright blue, and yellow are among the colors you’ll see in the product line. A few models for both sexes include chronograph features, and most models look good enough to wear in either the boardroom or out on a night on the town.

Models are available for both men and women and there’s actually a nice selection of watches for each. This is unusual; most fashion companies tend to favor women’s models and sometimes offer theme exclusively. That’s not the case here, and men will find a number of models from which to choose. The care and maintenance will vary by model. Models with quartz movements will require little care aside from having the battery replaced every two years or so. More elaborate automatic models will likely need to be serviced from time to time; please observe the company’s recommendation for servicing. As with all timepieces, you should store your watch in a cool, dry place and keep them away from both extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields, as either could damage them. While the build quality is exceptional, the warranty is average, at two years. That’s not to say that the warranty isn’t a good one, but two years seems to be the length of the warranty for the vast majority of watchmaking companies worldwide.

These watches are high quality timepieces and are thoroughly tested at the factory prior to shipping, so defects are likely quite rare. As with much of the rest of their overall product line, you’ll find that Versace watches are intended for the higher end of the market. As such, you’re likely to pay something north of $1300 at a minimum for any of the company’s models and a few reach into the five figure range. Most of them, however, are priced in the $2000-$5000 range, which qualifies them as expensive, but not inordinately so. Watches from this brand are comparably priced to other Swiss brands of similar quality. As with the company’s other products, you can find Versace watches for sale either at the company’s boutiques, which are located in major cities around the globe, or you can purchase them through the company’s Website. You can also find them at a few high end department stores. Those, at least, are the official places where you can buy them.

Unofficially, you can also buy from a number of online retailers. These online retailers will usually offer a warranty of their own, and often represent the best way to buy at a discount, as the official Website and the boutiques are going to be charging the recommended retail price. Keep in mind that the company’s product line is quite diverse and includes a number of models, with new ones coming out all the time and others going out of production. This means that no single retailer is likely to have everything that the company offers in stock at any given time, though most will likely have a good representative sample. There is a lot to like about Versace watches, and not just because they’re pretty. Lots of fashion companies don’t give much thought to their timepieces, aside from making sure they have a few for sale on their site and in their stores. These timepieces represent the work of a company that takes their watch line seriously, and they offer attractive, innovative timepieces that look good and should last for many years with proper care.