Best Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter V Limited Edition

Best Seiko 5 Sports proudly announces a collection designed in collaboration with Street Fighter V, a world-famous Player VS Player fighting game. The collection features six models inspired by the game’s central characters well-liked throughout the series. Rise to the top of the world by wearing this collaboration timepiece, radiating the spirit of fighters fighting an intense, bruising battle!

* In an actual product, the specification might be different from the photograph.  Best Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter V Limited Edition

RYU model  SRPF19K1

This model represents the philosophy of Ryu, who dedicates himself to relentless training, aiming to become a “true fighter.”
The entire timepiece depicts the fighter’s belief of continuously pushing forward with an uncompromising, humble attitude.

Chun-Li Model  SRPF17K1

Chun-Li is an Interpol officer who overwhelms other fighters with exquisite kicking moves, wearing a signature uniform designed based on China dress.
This collaboration model features the different charms of Chun-Li, a female fighter with a powerful inner strength.

KEN Model  SRPF20K1

This timepiece expresses the audacious fighting style of Ken, who is the son of the Masters Family that runs one of America’s leading companies called the Masters Foundation.
This collaboration model portrays the passion and commitment of Ken, who aims to reach a new height while training together with his fellow disciple and best friend Ryu.

Guile Model  SRPF21K1

The collaboration model with Guile, a cool and collected but hot-blooded fighter, is characterized by its military design.
The entire timepiece represents the atmosphere of the hard-boiled fighter who fights for the peace of his country as a major in the United States Air Force.

Blanka Model  SRPF23K1

Blanka, a feral man who grew up in a harsh jungle, attacks his opponent fiercely using his one-of-a-kind moves. His distinctive style is depicted using a rugged design and a consistently green hue.

Zangief Model  SRPF24K1

This model is designed based on the image of Zangief, a professional wrestler who weaponizes his well-trained body as strong as steel and his vaunted muscles.
The “massive” design highlights the strength and heaviness exuded from his sturdy body figure.