Seiko Presage × Matsumoto Koshiro Exclusive Interview Beauty and artistry in step with Japanese tradition

Kabuki and Arita porcelain meet: The Best Seiko Presage watch collection brings a tradition-respecting actor and a seasoned craftsman together. The actor is Matsumoto Koshiro, who is amazed and thrilled by the aesthetic beauty of those watches in which various forms of master craftsmanship are condensed. As a kabuki actor, Matsumoto earnestly endeavors to let as many people as possible at home and abroad feel the charm of the traditional Japanese theatrical performance. As such, he has no doubt found that kabuki and the watch manufacturing process, also aimed to deliver the Japanese sense of beauty to the world, have a shared goal. This is the first in a series of interviews Matsumoto has had with Japanese master artisans who are upholding traditional craftsmanship expertise. The first article covers the Arita porcelain dial model, which features a gentle curve unique to porcelain. SPB171J1

New Best Seiko Presage Line Arita Porcelain Dial Replica Watch SPB171J1 Presage captures the beauty of the moon reflected in water with an Arita porcelain dial

Arita porcelain, a specialty of Arita, a town in Saga Prefecture, western Japan, and its vicinities, was launched by Kanagae Sanbee (also known as Yi Sam-pyeong) in the early 17th century — the early part of the Edo period. Arita porcelain began to be exported to Europe in the middle of the 17th century as “Imari porcelain” because Imari in the area was used as the port of origin. In Europe, the imported porcelain works were highly prized as “Imari” especially by royal families and nobilities. At around the same time, kabuki became extremely popular in the imperial capital of Kyoto. This means that both kabuki and Arita porcelain have a 400-plus-year history. Matsumoto appears to have been impressed by the coincidence of history when having the watch dial made of Arita porcelain in his hand.

“Suigetsu” (“water” and “moon”) is a traditional Japanese term that describes the moon reflected on the surface of the water. With the esthetic brilliance of the moon used as the motif, the Arita porcelain dial of the Seiko Presage watch collection gives a glossy three-dimensional appearance unique to earthenware. The model also has two three-dimensional subdials visible through dual-curved sapphire crystal glass. The complex mechanical system of the watch is visible thanks to the see-through case back. The light blue crocodile leather band, evocative of the water surface tenderly illuminated by moonlight, makes the wrist look dignified. This limited-edition model is one that combines the cream of traditional craftsmanship and more than 100 years of watch manufacturing experience to the extent that watch collectors are likely to yearn for it.