Maurice Lacroix Aikon

Maurice Lacroix Aikon has its roots in a Zürich based company named Desco von Schulthess, which started producing watches and movements for other brands in 1961. As they were quite successful, in 1975 they decided to brand some of their watches and sell them under the name Maurice Lacroix. Just five years later, they were no longer producing watches for third parties.

The Aikon is a rebirth of the Calypso line of watches from the 1990s, following the same design language. The stand-out features on these timepieces are the six polished “arms”, as Maurice Lacroix Aikon calls them, placed around the bezel, as well as the bracelets, usually consisting of five links, with a design similar to that of an integrated bracelet. The first line of Aikon watches that came out in 2016 had quartz movements, and in 2018 the company released new, much more refined versions, powered by automatic movements this time.

The watch comes in either 42mm or 39mm, with dial colors ranging from blue to white and black. In this review, we will take a look at the 42mm blue dial version.
For this review, I was provided the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Vikings Edition by my partner The Uhrenlounge of the Aika jewelers from Dresden is not only an authorized dealer of Maurice Lacroix watches, but also of many other well-known manufacturers like Oris, Tissot, Seiko or TAG Heuer. Thereby, Uhrenlounge is considered to be a true pioneer when it comes to ordering watches online safely and quickly. If you have further questions about watches, the competent customer service of the Uhrenlounge is at your disposal. As always, you can find links to the watch in the store at the end of this review. Have fun with your new dream watch!
If you are always interested in the latest watch models, there is hardly a more reliable site than the ‘news’ of Uhrenlounge. This spring, the Maurice Lacroix AIKON Quartz Chronograph made an appearance here, which immediately caught the eye with its unusual color garb and has enjoyed great popularity ever since.
For the new special edition model, Maurice Lacroix Aikon worked closely with top Norwegian athletes Anders Mol and Christian Sørum. Mol and Sørum are part of the Beach Volley Vikings and have already won several gold medals in their careers. Two years ago, Maurice Lacroix signed the exceptional athletes. Since then, Mol and Sørum have been part of the so-called Maurice Lacroix Crew. The ML Crew brings together the best talents in their field – top athletes, entrepreneurs and artists come together here and release special models for which they have collaborated with the Swiss watchmaker.

The Maurice Lacroix AIKON Vikings Edition is also the product of such a collaboration. According to Maurice Lacroix, the two beach volleyball players played a crucial role in the design process. So it’s no surprise that the special edition AIKON Quartz Chronograph wears the red, white and blue jersey of the Vikings.

Typical for all AIKON models are the differently designed surfaces and the resulting exciting overall look. I wonder how my red chronograph with reference number AI1018-SS001-530-6 implements this. And anyway, I can’t remember ever testing a quartz watch that costs a hefty 1290 euros. What makes the Maurice Lacroix AIKON Vikings Edition so special?
Soberly considered, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Vikings Edition is a good chronograph, which despite its quartz movement does not have to hide behind the competition with automatic calibers, but can confidently show its strengths. And those definitely lie in the good workmanship, the choice of materials and the interesting story about the beach volleyball players Anders Mol and Christian Sørum. This Maurice Lacroix AIKON is fun to wear on the wrist, making it a perfect watch for the summer!