Franck Muller Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady

Swiss independent watch brand FRANCK MULLER is world-renowned for its exquisite fine watchmaking technology. Its iconic Crazy Hours watch series subverts traditional time with bold and innovative designs. Display method. Since its launch in 2003, it has continued to introduce new features. In 2019, FRANCK MULLER is proud to present the new Vanguard Crazy Hours Asia Special Edition series.
To celebrate the launch of the new series, the brand held a ‘Crazy Hours 24/7’ party on March 29, 2019 at Kingston International Center. FRANCK MULLER’s Asia-Pacific brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin and his wife Yuan Yongyi, as well as celebrities Red Star, including Ren Dahua Qi Qi, Wang Minde, Ma Shihui and daughter Wang Manxi and son Wang Yueying, Cai Yizhi and Zhou Xuefang, Lu Liangwei and Yang Xiaojuan, Zhang Yushan, Sheng Pinru and Cai Yifeng, Zhu Kaiting and her husband Lin Deqin, Huang Kaijie, Cai Xinzhang, Ma Tianyou, Deng Juming, Zhuang Shanna, Xu Zhaoping and others Together with watch enthusiasts, fashion VIPs and media friends, we are the first to admire the new Vanguard Crazy Hours watch series and experience the ‘Crazy Hours’ time country, which belongs only to Franck Muller, and spend the day and night in ‘crazy’ parties.

FRANCK MULLER Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin wore a FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Crazy Hours watch to attend the ‘Crazy Hours 24/7’ party, valued at HKD 145,000.

Yuen Wing Yi wears FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady watch to attend ‘Crazy Hours 24/7’ party, valued at HKD 222,000.

Qiqi and Ren Dahua wore FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting Chronograph and Vanguard Crazy Hours watches to attend the Crazy Hours 24/7 party, valued at HKD 661,000 and HKD 119,000.

Lu Liangwei and his wife Yang Xiaojuan wore FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Crazy Hours and Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady watches to attend the ‘Crazy Hours 24/7’ party, valued at HKD 197,000 and HKD 222,000.

Cai Yizhi and his wife Zhou Xuefang wore FRANCK MULLER Crazy Hours 15th Anniversary Asian Special Edition watch and Cintrée Curvex Lady at the ‘Crazy Hours 24/7’ party, valued at HKD 222,000 and HKD 240,000.

The theme of the night party was ‘Crazy Hours 24/7’. The thoughtful design allows guests to enjoy day and night, forget the time, and enjoy the most joyful moment. Gorgeous Crazy Hours digital neon lights illuminate the corridor leading to the venue, and the dazzling visual effects seem to lead guests to explore the mysterious world of ‘time’. The new Vanguard Crazy Hours watch, for the first time equipped with a Vanguard case, shows the masculine atmosphere and magnificent elegance. The watch has a delicate curved back that is firmly on the wrist, making the case lines more perfect and smooth.

Guests are free to walk through the various areas carefully designed with the party theme. The first to catch the eye is Cuba’s Little Havana, with its nostalgic arched porch and architectural background, towering palm trees and iconic Panama hats, adding a strong South American flavor to the party. Guests can taste whiskey while admiring the brand’s elegant and fashionable high-end watch series.

Kaiting Zhu and Deqin Lin
The cheerful and welcoming atmosphere extends to the sunny Beach Club. Various colorful donuts, cactus and Rosé champagne-shaped inflatable blisters and parasols make the guests feel as if they are in a sunny ‘day’ party, and they will experience the endless stream of design like Crazy Hours. Vitality. In addition, the connected Brunch Club is based on the theme of breakfast, with a wide variety of foods and shapes, so that guests are not regulated by time, and enjoy a variety of crisp waffles, special Cereal cocktails and craft beer.

Cai Yizhi and Zhou Xuefang

While enjoying the endless vitality of the ‘Day’ party, Mr. Zhu Junhao, executive director of FRANCK MULLER Asia-Pacific, and Mr. Nicholas Rudaz, operating director of FRANCK MULLER Group, gave a welcome speech at 9:30 pm, thank you for attending the party and celebrating the new Vanguard Crazy Hours series debut. DJ Olivia Dawn then brought a brand new audiovisual performance that combines beautiful singing and electronic violin, just like the brand is committed to breaking the traditional norms and being creative, and it also kicked off the ‘evening’ party in another area of ​​the venue.

FRANCK MULLER Executive Director, Asia Pacific Zhu Junhao

DJ Olivia Dawn brings a new audiovisual performance combining beautiful singing and electronic violin

The mysterious flashing tunnel immediately brought the guests to ‘evening’, and a huge teddy bear wall was located at the other corner of the venue to welcome everyone. The venue also provides a variety of delicacies such as mini burgers and special ‘bubble’ cocktails. Guests can enjoy various types of cuisines while participating in different interactive games on the venue that use Crazy Hours as design elements such as rainbow and dart Wait for classic games. Adhering to the extraordinary creativity of FRANCK MULLER, this party perfectly interpreted the brand’s breakthrough of traditional conventions and bold design concepts, bringing endless surprises and unforgettable memories day and night to all guests.

Franck Muller Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin and Mrs. Yuan Yongyi