Code41 X41 Edition 5 Aerocarbon

CODE41 is back, offering up the fifth edition of its striking and modern X41timepiece. With each iteration of the X41, the brand retains the watch’s core aesthetic but continues to find new and interesting ways to refine and improve. This time around, the Code41 X41 Edition 5 Aerocarbon is offered in Grade 5 titanium and AeroCarbon case materials with new colorways and an improved water resistance rating of 10 ATM (100m).
For those unfamiliar with the brand, CODE41 was built from the ground up to democratize luxury watchmaking. The brand uses a community-driven approach, involving customers in each phase of the process when creating a new watch – from design and complications to manufacturing and logistics. CODE41 takes the idea of giving customers what they want to a level unheard of in the watch industry.
Along with directly involving members of the CODE41 community in the watchmaking process, CODE41 is also dedicated to full transparency with its TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin). While plenty of brands claim to offer excellent value for the money and use labels such as Swiss Made, CODE41 goes well beyond, reporting the country of origin, production costs, and markups on each watch component. To give you an example, the bespoke movement in the X41 was produced in Switzerland for $1,705, while the packaging was produced in China for $22. Best of luck trying to find that level of transparency anywhere else in the luxury watch world. Given that over 90% of the watch’s value comes from Switzerland, CODE41 far exceeds the 60% value requirement to attain the Swiss Made appellation. However, given the degree of obfuscation used by brands to define “value,” CODE41 opts instead for an approach of full transparency.
Like all CODE41 watches, the X41 is unapologetically modern in its design and execution. Offered in a choice of Grade 5 titanium or AeroCarbon, CODE41 has opted for materials that are utilized in the aerospace industry because of their incredible strength-to-weight ratio. By moving to Grade 5 titanium, the brand was able to increase durability and scratch resistance, while simultaneously increasing the fineness of the watch’s detailed finishing. If you opt for the Code41 X41 Edition 5 Aerocarbon case, you’re getting a material designed specifically for the aeronautics and aerospace industry that is only half the weight of titanium yet has 2.5x the resistance to bending than steel. Produced in France, AeroCarbon is comprised of 300 ultra-thin layers of composite compacted under intense pressure, resulting in an extremely strong, lightweight, and visually striking case. With a 42mm case, 48mm lug-to-lug distance, slim 11.7mm case height, and exceptional light weight (55g/85g on strap for titanium; 45g/75g on strap for AeroCarbon), the Code41 X41 Edition 5 Aerocarbon is certain to wear comfortably on almost any wrist.
Whichever case material you choose, the lines are strong and angular, with wide lugs and an oversized crown. Yet, CODE41 has ensured that the case design doesn’t distract from the dial, which remains the center of visual interest. The skeletonized dial allows the custom movement to be the star attraction, drawing your eye deep into the heart of the watch. Following the aggressive lines of the case, all visual elements on the dial are characterized by sharp lines and angles. CODE41 still ensures high legibility through the use of prominent hour markers and skeletonized hands with luminous materials at the tips and matching color accents. A grand date complication at 12 o’clock rounds out the dial, its two rotating discs subtly blending into the background while the current date pops.
CODE41 could have easily gone with an off-the-shelf movement; however, the brand decided instead to partner with Timeless, a Swiss movement manufacture that produces each and every component aside from the balance wheel in-house, in order to create a custom, bespoke movement. CODE41 and its loyal community opted to produce a movement that features a peripheral rotor — a rare complication that’s only found in a handful of brands, all costing significantly more than the X41. Along with the peripheral rotor that puts the movement on full display through a sapphire caseback, the grand complication adds plenty of visual interest to an otherwise overlooked complication. Rounding out the specs are a 28.8kbph beat rate, 33 jewels, Incabloc shock protection, and a 45-hour power reserve. In addition, each movement is regulated in five positions prior to delivery. Production and prototyping costs were certainly higher by taking this route, but the result is a movement custom-designed from the ground up for the CODE41 that’s unlike anything else available remotely near the price point of the X41.
The X41 is available in three colorways for each case material: blue, gray, or black. Each is available on either a perforated 24mm leather strap with deployant clasp in a complementary color, or on a bracelet. Straps are all interchangeable with a quick-release system for easy customization.
The X41 delivers an exceptional timepiece with modern design, materials, and execution, but allows you to discern the value for yourself through a commitment to complete transparency on pricing. Pre-orders for the X41 Edition 5 are open from June 23, 2021, until July 15, 2021, with prices starting at $5,443. CODE41 will produce three batches of 150 watches each, with deliveries beginning in March/April 2022. For more information on the X41 and the CODE41 community, be sure to visit the brand’s website.