Code41 DAY41 40mm

CODE41’s DAY41 concept started in June 2019 with an idea for a new women’s’ watch collection. CODE41 decided to let their community vote on each step of the project, starting with the choice of movement, and then moving on to the case size, type of dial, and strap material and color. Designing a timepiece that would be a true reflection of what women want, instead of what men think they want.
Surprisingly, 70% of the votes were for an automatic movement – when the vast majority of women’s watches on the market are quartz – proving that women are also sensitive to the beauty of mechanical movements. They also opted for a 37mm case size and five different dial and strap executions. But what was also interesting about the voting process was that numerous men were also voting and expressing interest in this particular design. Thanks to this interest, the brand decided to add a second, 40mm, size to offer a truly unisex collection so that everyone can enjoy the DAY41.
The first edition of the DAY41 ended up selling 1,941 pieces for a total of 2,185,345 CHF during the pre-order period (January 29 to February 28, 2020). The sales came from all around the world and were pretty evenly split between women, 42%, and men, 58%.
With over 9,000 people already on the waiting list, the race to own the CODE41 DAY41 Edition 2 will be even crazier than the first time around! The DAY41 is powered by the Swiss STP6-15 automatic movement that comes with a bi-directional rewinding rotor and a 44-hour power reserve when not in use. The movement is visible through the scratch-resistant sapphire glass on the case back.
There is a wide choice of straps including three eco-friendly straps made from recycled leather, flax, and even a paper one. The DAY41 is fitted with the brand’s easy-change system, which means you can change your strap at home, without the need for any tools. And last but not least, the straps are fitted with a three-blade deployment buckle with pushers to open it for simplicity and ultimate comfort.
Where CODE41 really shows us just how different they are from other watch brands is in their total transparency. The price of each watch is based on the production cost and not the highest price the brand thinks it can sell its watch for. The cost of each component, from the steel case to the movement to the assembly is detailed on the brand’s website along with its country of origin. The total cost of production including all taxes is freely communicated as well as the multiplier applied to reach the sales price.
As long as your order has not been shipped cancellation is free. Once you receive your CODE41 watch you have 30 days to think about if you want to return it or you just can’t live without it. There is even a 2-year guarantee so in the event of any issues CODE41 will collect your watch and repair any technical problems at their expense, committing to returning the watch to your wrist as fast as possible.