Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

Who Doesn’t Love an Open Heart Button?
Three unique Open Heart Jazzmasters are designed to allow speaking open movements. Without any complexities, including the open heart-shaped dial, Open Heart is an elegant and understated watch. It is well made and uses the H-10 mechanical movement. Recommended.

About Hamilton
Hamilton was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892. Now headquartered in Switzerland, Hamilton is highly respected in the watchmaking industry for making reliable and stylish watches. Hamilton watches tend to be priced in the $750- $2,000 range.
I own several Hamiltons and have generally had good experience with their watches. Hamilton watches impress with the finest materials, combined with the latest in watchmaking expertise. Design and technology are at the core of the spirit of the times. A true statement under trending accessories, such as musical harmony, the Hamilton Jazzmaster series contains excellent variations on a theme that combines innovation and modernity. Its classic elegance makes it very attractive to watch connoisseurs.
The Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic H32565735 Men’s Watch is a tribute to the brand, this automatic watch from Hamilton invites you to dive into the heart of its mechanism thanks to its harmoniously cut dials and skillfully decorated movement. Love from the watch enthusiasts who created it. The Jazzmaster Open Heart design turns timekeeping into something that is tempting for those interested in knowing how a watch works. A glance at the watch face reveals parts of the Swiss automatic in action – but not all of them. Some things can be left unchecked, especially if wrapped in luxurious quality materials and fine design details.

This men’s Hamilton Automatic watch features a Stainless Steel Case and a Black Open Heart Dial with a partially open mechanism, mounted behind a Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal. The watch was tied with a black leather strap. As the name implies by offering Open Heart, the See through Case Back feature. It works on Automatic Movement with Caliber 2824-2. It also carries Luminous Hands and Markers with a Pull / Push Crown. The water resistance of the watch is 50MM. It is well secured to the wrist with a Buckle Clasp.

A luxury watch is not only useful for telling the time, it is also a great piece of jewelry. This stylish timepiece is a great way to commemorate any occasion. This beautiful timepiece is designed to last and will be loved for many years to come.
Managing Time
Since Jazzmaster Open Heart has no complications, it is very easy to manipulate. Time is set by using the crown.

How to Set Time:
Pull crown out to the furthest position (position 2). Turn the knob clockwise to set the time.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Aesthetics & Design
At 40mm, the Open Heart looks small on my wrist. The Open Heart is also very thin, aside from the small case size. It tucks easily under the cuff and looks great in a casual company environment.

This Jazzmaster looks far from being exaggerated, considering the open-hearted look. At 12 and 7 o’clock, an open heart features two vividly colored diamonds, providing the only splash of color to the other monochromatic dial. The entire ensemble is low key.

I appreciate that Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart has chosen to keep the style sensible. Many open-hearted watches are over-styled, resulting in designs that are hard to really tell the time of. Nonetheless, I wish Hamilton gave some kind of texture to the dial – I find it interesting for my taste.
Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart To Build Quality
Fine watches are made by Hamilton, and another example is Open Heart. All of the Hamilton’s I’ve reviewed so far have had consistently good workmanship inside and out.

Crystals, Case And Calls
The case is made of stainless steel and feels comfortable. The weight is most likely ideal for most people, and gives the Jazzmaster a feeling of good quality. It doesn’t feel brittle. In that feeling, too, Sapphire crystals have a big role to play. It looks good and has an anti-reflective coating (despite what my photo shows).
Strap And Clasp
Fastened to the case is a flexible leather strap. The tan has alligator prints, but is a nice color. The right texture and shine is there, and the strap is incredibly soft and fluffy. Sometimes fake alligator straps are just printed with texture – and look terrible. This is not the case here. The straps are slightly tapered to enhance the appearance of the case.

Overall, it’s a pretty satisfying watch if its looks appeal to you. It has great quality to it and feels affordable considering the level of workmanship.

The black crocodile acorn skin strap is Hamilton’s standard unit. It sits snugly on the lugs. It feels good to wear when kept – even for long durations. I can comfortably wear it for hours.

Stainless steel buckles are also of good quality. Typical wear after several weeks of wear is seen.
More About Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart
The swiss-made H-10 mechanical movement features the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart. These movements were extremely popular, powering millions of watches, and their durability and accuracy were highly regarded in the industry.

An automatic watch movement with 25 gems and a maximum daily variance of about 15 seconds is the H-10. (meaning the watch can increase or decrease in time by up to 15 seconds per day).

H-10 can safely be considered reliable.
Open Heart tends to average around $945 on Gnomon Shop – depending on the version you choose – which is a pretty good price. The manufacturing quality and materials often reflect that price range. This Hamilton, with proper treatment, will look fantastic for a long time.

I’m going to place the Jazzmaster’s quality above any other open heart / frame watch you’ll find in the under $1,000 price range.

With respect to its counterparts, it is well priced and well made. I tend to recommend Hamilton watches to people for that very reason. Get one now in our store!

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue
Just like beautiful bags and earrings, a watch is a valuable investment that will enhance a woman’s charming outfit. On the surface, a watch also has a deeper meaning than simply telling the time. Whether as a gift to commemorate unforgettable memories, a fashion statement, or even a sentimental heirloom to pass on to the next generation, every woman deserves a fine timepiece that expresses themselves well. Thus, Hamilton launched their latest Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue Ref. The H32215840 combines contemporary sophistication with exceptional Swiss watchmaking, perfect for the modern woman which I recommend for casual and semi-formal occasions.
Since 1982, Hamilton has developed itself as a brand synonymous with solid performance, outstanding build quality and exceptional value, delivering accurate and reliable watches. Even though the Hamilton are now based in Bienne, Switzerland, their American heritage still lives on in modern Hamilton timepieces, embracing the spirit of American pride with a rich heritage of horology. The Jazzmaster collection is a range of women’s designer watches that draws on Hamilton’s watchmaking experience to create pieces characterized by refined and modern designs. Are you into classical touch? I’d very much recommend you combine this watch with a leather strap.
Encased in a 316L stainless steel case, Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue Ref. The H32215840 features a unique case design with a mixture of subtle finishes that accentuates the sleek design. A satin brush finish is visible at the top of the curved lug while the bezel around the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, as well as the sides of the case, is polished to a high shine, gracefully capturing light at various angles. The 36mm smooth diameter is the right size for urban women, with a size that fits a woman’s wrist while showing the presence of a protruding wrist.

Paired with a gorgeous case, this gorgeous 18mm sandy beige ostrich leather strap completes the overall look of this piece with light and soft tones. A neat row of stitches is seen running down the rope on each side. The main attraction of this watch speaks a thousand words with its fantastic semi-frame ice blue dial. The dial exhibits an impressive pattern that radiates outward from the center, along with a sunburst effect that glitters with light; is definitely a dial that will not fail to impress. The various cuts on the dial reveal a glimpse of the intricate, meticulously finished mechanical parts that power the watch, enabling a delightful experience of seeing the time as balance, escape and barrel interact with each other. Above all, this design forms a sophisticated style that is simply phenomenal.

At the heart of the Jazzmaster is the Hamilton caliber H-10 mechanical movement, which is a modified gem 25 day / date movement. The main highlights of the movement include an improved 80-hour power reserve achieved by lowering the pulse rate of 4 Hz from 28,800 beats per hour to 3 Hz (21,600 beats per hour). A lowered pulse rate also means stronger movement due to the lower friction generated between sections over time. On the back of the watch, the movement can be seen through the see-through back case, which features a specially decorated rotor with an engraving of the Hamilton logo. The back of the case is screwed down to achieve 5 bar (50 meter) water resistance

As expected from Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue Ref. The H32215840 is a well executed Swiss-made timepiece that offers a lot like a gorgeous semi-frame dial and contemporary movement with an impressive 80 hour power reserve. Nowadays, watches for women no longer have to sit in the back seat due to the majority of men’s watches on the market. This new release will be one for the smartest woman, looking stunning on the wrist with timeless elegance. Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue is available on Gnomon Store.