Versace Geo Chrono Watch

To answer the question if Versace watches are worth it, we must first identify what exactly Versace watches are. Versace is a well-known fashion company that produces Italian ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. They are not as well known when it comes to their watches but they are trying to get a boost in that aspect.

Their watch collection features bold and strong colors with a versatile appearance. These are the type of watches that you could wear to any occasion whether it be in a formal event or going to the gym. They promise to use the finest materials possible with many pieces offering water-resistance as well.
Versace watches do use real gold but it differs from watch to watch. Some watches have a higher number of gold karats which leads to a higher price. There are Versace watches that can be bought from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars and one factor attributing to the price difference is the number of gold karats.

Versace watches use good material in general for their watches, using only the finest materials from Switzerland so it’s all up to the buyer.
Holding the value of a watch means a watch’s price being sold the same or for a higher price in the foreseeable future. This is a big deal especially for watch collectors who may get into the business of selling their luxurious watches. However, The biggest factor is still obviously the condition of the watch and if it does not have any scratches or damages.

The short answer to this question is no. The value of Versace watches is not at a premium primarily because they are more of a fashion company as opposed to a company that is strictly on watches. It is the luxurious watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. that hold value for a significant amount of time.
In terms of how Versace watches are made and who makes them, proper craftsmanship is a big deal. This is why they make sure to manufacture all Versace watches in Switzerland done only by the master watchmakers. There are pretty big standards to meet the requirements of Swiss watches so the process takes a long period.

They will also have to make sure that the quality is strictly controlled and maintained because they worry about quality control. They worry that if they do not take the necessary precautions, watches will be released in which some have better or weaker craftsmanship as compared to others.
In summary, to answer the question if Versace watches are worth it: it all depends on you. If you have the budget and if you are fashionably inclined, then this is a no brainer. However, there are still possible risks as I’ve mentioned above. The watches of Versaces don’t necessarily hold their value as compared to luxurious watch brands but one of the reasons is because their price is way cheaper.

You will not be able to see a typical watch brand sell for anything less than a thousand dollars but Versace has a collection in the hundreds range. If you collect watches primarily for investment, then Versace may not be a good idea. Another risk is the materials used, Versace uses real gold but is limited to a certain number of karats.

Their most expensive watches contain gold but watch collectors say it is not worth it as it is almost the same price as watch brands. They say this because the famous Swiss watch brands use stainless steel with the finest leather along with the gold. Versace’s watches are not up to par in terms of quality because they lack the resources due to solely being a clothing company.

Versace watches are worth it if you are not a full-on watch collector and if you don’t plan on selling them. They use materials from the best watchmakers in Switzerland and their prices are reasonably cheaper than other watch brands. It is stylish and diverse but you shouldn’t expect the same quality you’d get from an upscale watch brand which costs a lot more dollars.