Versace Virtus Two-Tone

We all know that your choice of bag can instantly make or break your outfit, but with all the new offerings rolling out every season, how do you choose which works best for you and your wardrobe? Donatella Versace had this question in mind every single season for over two decades, and she’s decided that, much like her clothes, the perfect bag should work to represent and even bring out the best qualities in you.
If a suit is a modern-day man’s armour, then a bag should do the same for the women of today; and Versace’s fashion armoury has just debuted a brand-new handbag collection, Virtus, to get us ready as we set out to face our everyday battles. Feeling skeptical? Scroll down to see the four reasons we think Versace’s Virtus bag is the modern-day armour every woman needs.
The name of the collection, Virtus, was that of the deity of bravery and military strength in ancient Roman mythology. You’d find it proudly portrayed on armour, coins and mosaics, serving as a reminder that excellence is always within your grasp.

Today, Virtus means the same and so much more: It serves as a manifesto in a new age of femininity filled with dignity and awareness — a new world that’s been conquered from a hard-won battle, and one that Gianni Versace always believed in.

The reincarnated symbol now appears in the form of a metal V hardware (representing both Virtus and Versace), enriched with acanthus leaves and proudly placed front and centre on every bag.
To succeed in pursuing an ambition takes great patience and an unwavering determination; and though women today are more empowered than ever, it’s still a work in progress for gender equality in the occupational field.

“For a woman to have credibility, they have to work three times more than a man,” says Donatella Versace watch. However, much like a precious stone, we only get stronger and brighter against pressure. That is also why all Virtus bags come in a structured construction, standing strong and firm against the test of time.
“Fashion is not something that can change the world… it can change the woman,” Donatella once said. “It can empower the woman. It can make her strong, in herself, and to believe herself more.” The independent women of today reach high and aim for the sky. We need, especially in times of defeat, a reassurance and boost of confidence to help us get back up and take on new challenges ahead. Like the Roman deity, the Virtus bag, with its extended array of eye-popping colours, serves as a delightful reminder of our brave spirit and self-worth.
Betterment knows no boundaries. In ancient Rome, women were not only allowed, but encouraged to pursue education and fiercely participate in political and philosophical discussions with anyone around them, be it a man or a woman.

Deeply inspired by such openness, which saw intellect flowing through everyone in all shapes and sizes, Donatella made sure her new Virtus line reflected the same spirit. From tote bags to shoulder bags, box clutches, saddle bags and belt bags, the new collection features a wide range of designs, so there’s definitely something for you to gear up with for all occasions.