high luxury store review

Hello everyone, I am highluxurystore, a fan who focuses on watch knowledge. I update the real and fake comparison of watches from time to time, disassemble evaluation and video explanations, learn to use professional knowledge to understand the good and bad of watches, and let you Don’t fall into the pit on the road of playing watches.

Today, highluxurystore will tell you about replica watches—what movements are generally used.

First of all, I have to explain why many replica watches are not original movements. Many brands, such as Audemars Piguet 3120, Rolex 3135, etc., all produce their own movements for their own use. This kind of movement is usually only available in genuine products. If you think about it, you will understand that if you are a watch brand that independently produces movements, it is impossible for you to take out your exclusive movements for others to use.

In other words, if someone can get the above-mentioned movement, then the original watch case is not a problem. In addition to the watch that comes out in this case without a number, who can say it is a “fake watch”? But Having said that, the price of this kind of movement is really high. For example, the 3135 movement, second-hand ones cost about 1,000 yuan. . . .