Our Tudor Predictions For Watches & Wonders 2024

We do it every year not because it’s obligatory. We predict because we love the game, we’re addicted to the game, and – to be honest – the game is pretty damn fun. And so each show season (be it the former Baselworld, SIHH, and no Watches & Wonders) we try to guess (or wish) what Tudor and Rolex – the two brands who stay as secret as an Oscar ballot until day one of W&W – will release. Today we start with Tudor as we look inside our crystal ball, analyze the current catalogue, and make very personal choices about what we think we’ll see and what we’d individually like to see.

As Managing Editor, this is one of my favorite exercises of the year because our whole editorial team comes together with ideas that come from each of their own sensibilities as watch writers. Some of those ideas stretch my own capacity as a user of Adobe Photoshop, but I digress. This is all about having a bit of fun before we take off for Geneva and enter the wild world of W&W. Will we be right? Probably not, but that’s hardly the point. We are mere days away from seeing what both of these brands have in store for us and we can’t wait. Let us know in the comments what you think about our choices, and if you’ve got predictions of your own, let’s hear em! www.highluxurystore.ru
Tudor Ranger II: James Stacey
Black Bay 54 Yellow Gold: Malaika Crawford
Black Bay Pro ‘Polar’: Tony Traina
Tudor Big Block Chrono In Steel: Mark Kauzlarich
North Flag Refresh… In Titanium: Danny Milton
31mm ‘Mini’ Black Bay 58 Pink Dial: Erin Wilborn
However, given the already storied downsizing in the watchmaking world, and Tudor’s recent release of the pink dial Tudor Black Bay Chrono, maybe my prediction isn’t all that far fetched after all. If micro miniskirts are having a resurgence in the fashion world, Tudor could consider adding a micro mini BB58 to its repertoire. I find there to be something really exciting from a design standpoint in the contrast created by executing something so sporty and traditionally masculine in bite-sized form. The 31mm Black Bay already exists, so is this idea really so unattainable? I think not. Tudor’s design and manufacturing team may staunchly disagree, however.