Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint 03.2435.679/51.I012 Replica Watch

When the team at the Zenith Manufacture came across a blueprint of its historical building, it immediately reminded them of the blueprints they had seen of earliest Aeronefs, the earliest aircrafts conceived by the pioneers of flight, most notably Louis Blériot and his Type XI aircraft that he flew across the English Channel. As the preeminent watchmaker that accompanied the earliest aviators, Zenith sought to highlight their ingenuity in a surprising way with the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint replica.

There’s something about blueprints that sparks intrigue and curiosity. It’s what translates the wildest dreams into feasible, tangible objects. Typical of production and engineering plans in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, each element was carefully calculated and precisely drawn as the basis of a project. Now a relic from a bygone era, the blueprint continues to fascinate, and is synonymous with thorough planning and ingenious vision.

When looking at a watch’s dial, one tends to pay attention to the colors, the finish, the shape of the hands and markers, the typography of the numerals, without giving much thought the precise calculations and design considerations that go into making it. And yet, each Zenith dial is meticulously thought out and developed, where no detail is left to chance. The designers at the Manufacture sought to highlight this “unseen” aspect of the dial, by incorporating its production plans directly onto it. Unexpected and captivating, the dial is created in two parts: a matte blue base with all technical plans and notes used by the dial-maker, and above it a sapphire crystal and a sapphire crystal layer with the usual markers and logo. This creates a captivatingly deep visual effect, where the various markings cast a slight shadow on the blue base and give the impression that they’re hovering above the blueprint dial.

Limited to 250 pieces, the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint remains true to the legacy of Zenith’s ubiquitous Pilot watch. The oversized steel case, finished with a mix of polished and satin-brushed surfaces, features the signature oversized “onion” shaped crown that allows the time to be adjusted even while wearing flight gloves. The side of the case features a screwed plaque bearing the unique limited edition number of the watch. Powering this wearable flight instrument is the Elite manufacture automatic movement, providing a minimum autonomy of 50 hours. In a nod to the earliest years of aviation, the blue calfskin leather strap recalls the classic shearling leather flight jacket, with rivets and a titanium pin buckle as well as a distinctive tab one would find on a vintage pilot’s helmet.
Zenith reveals the unseen schematics of its dials in a special rendition of the Pilot Type 20, aptly named the “Blueprint”.

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When Zenith replica watch team saw a brand historical architectural blueprint in the watch factory by chance, they immediately remembered the design blueprint of the earliest aircraft they had ever seen. Among the first aircraft designed by aviation pioneers, the most well-known is Louis BL é riot’s type XI flying across the English Channel. As an outstanding watch making brand that has accompanied flying pioneers in the sky, zhenlishi is committed to highlighting its ingenuity in an innovative way, so as to launch the pilot series pilot series type 20 blueprint limited watches.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint Replica Watch 03.2435.679/51.I012

Blueprints always stimulate people’s curiosity and curiosity. They turn the ideas into concrete objects. In the manufacturing and engineering plans from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, each element was carefully calculated and accurately depicted as the basis of the project. Today, although the blueprint has become a relic of the past, it is still daydreaming and synonymous with careful planning and original ideas.

When appreciating the dial of a watch, people tend to pay attention to its color, technology, pointer and time scale modeling, digital time mark font, and do not take into account the precise calculation and design considerations required in the production process. However, each model of Zenith dial is ingeniously conceived and developed, and there is no detail that is optional. The designer of watch factory is committed to directly integrating the production design drawing into the dial design, emphasizing the “unknown” side of the dial. The dial is made up of two parts: all the technical solutions and notes used by the dial maker are shown on the bottom layer of matte blue, and the upper layer is sapphire crystal with common time mark and logo. The exquisite design is unique and attractive. The double-layer structure creates a charming and profound visual effect. Various marks cast light shadows on the blue bottom layer, giving people a sense of elegance suspended above the blueprint dial.

Zenith Pilot type 20 blueprint wristwatches are limited to 250, following the popular tradition of pilot series wristwatches in Zhenli. Oversized steel case with polished and satin finish and an iconic oversized “onion” crown for easy time adjustment even when wearing flying gloves. A threaded plate is attached to the side of the case, engraved with the limited edition number of this limited watch. This precision flight instrument, which can be worn between the wrists, is equipped with elite automatic chain up movement, which can provide at least 50 hours of power reserve. To pay tribute to the glory days of aviation technology, the wristwatch is equipped with a blue calf leather strap, reminiscent of the classic wool leather flight jacket, while rivets and titanium pin clasps evoke nostalgia for the old pilot helmet.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint 03.2435.679/51.I012 Replica Watch

Replica Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint 03.2435.679/51.I012

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint Replica Watch 03.2435.679/51.I012

A tribute to the aviation pioneers of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Pilot Type 20 Blueprint reimagines the iconic Type 20 Pilot with a two-part blueprint dial that shows the unseen production plans that go into making the most central element of a watch.
New 45-MM Brushed steel case
Case-back engraved with Zenith flying instruments logo
Inspired by the legendary Zenith aviation watches
A limited edition of 250 pieces, the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint shows the production plans that go into making the dial, something that is usually never shared. Housed in the historically-inspired steel case, the two-part blueprint dial highlights the precise calculations and design considerations in a captivating and visually impactful way.
The quintessential automatic movement, the Elite in-house manufactured and developed calibre has been a part of Zenith’s offerings for over 25 years. Ultra-thin in its proportions and irreproachable in its performance, the Elite provides a power reserve of 50 hours with its automatic winding mechanism, and can host a number of complications. Its architecture can be expressed in traditional watchmaking codes or a more futuristic execution.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint 03.2435.679/51.I012 Replica Watch