Patek Philippe Nautilus 7014

The Patek Philippe nautilus 7014 replica watches come in an impressive instance of either stainless steel or precious metals, for example rose gold and yellow gold. The Nautilus showcases a strong design paired with a passion for quality.
First introduced in 1976, the Patek Philippe Nautilus set made a name for itself fast from the world of high-end watches. It features a strong, intimidating layout paired with flawless functionality.
My judgment is that the Patek Philippe Nautilus is an excellent example of a men’s bracelet jewelry which just so happens to have a watch attached to it. The steel construction of this bracelet and case prevents it from being overly pretentious as well.
Last Sunday was International Women’s Day. I celebrated it by wearing a Patek Philippe Ladies Nautilus. The watch is marketed and positioned in the brand’s extensive catalog as a woman’s model. Is it? . . .

The Patek Philippe nautilus 7014 replica watches traces its origin to the pen of famed watch designer Gerald Genta, hired to rescue Patek from the ravages of the quartz watch crisis. The watchmaker’s vision for the brand-saving Nautilus: an ocean-inspired luxury watch stylish and durable enough to take anywhere. Initially decried as too modern, the Nautilus was a huge hit.
And so it remains. For certain “grail” models, pre-owned prices far exceed retail values. More than forty years after its introduction the most coveted model is both the simplest and the largest expression of Genta’s genius: the “Jumbo.”

The Jumbo was too large for some. In 1980, Patek began making the Nautilus in various case sizes, including the “ladies’ Nautilus.” The variations increased the Nautilus’ popularity to the point where it became the default choice for the discerning luxury watch buyer.

Patek sells more midsize Nautilus models than Jumbo variants. Other than size, the smaller models differ from their Jumbo cousins in their reduced water resistance. Mostly everything else is exactly the same, give or take.
What makes the Nautilus 7118 a woman’s watch, a ladies model? Nothing. The size is not a problem. The watch actually appears broader than a 36mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and the dial of the Nautilus is certainly larger. The weight of the steel is substantial and the variable brushed and polished surface finish gives it real presence.

The bracelet is also broader than that of a 36 mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual, with the lugs being nearly as broad as a 39mm Rolex Explorer’s. None of this makes it a large watch, but it’s not demure in any way. The Nautilus 7118 is an excellent watch for man or woman, even if the perception of its sizing and market positioning leaves it less androgynous.

Whether you’re a woman celebrating success and appreciating high horology, or a man doing the same, the treats of a luxury sports watch are numerous. The attraction of the Patek Philippe nautilus 7014 replica watches is undeniable. Wearing this beautiful example of watchmaking’s best reminded me that reveling in luxury is infinite fun and if this how Women’s Day feels like, I’m celebrating it every day.