Perrelet Turbine Diamond

Flower Petals and Diamonds and Rubies… What else would you want your watch to be made up of?

Perrelet Turbine Diamond set upon the unique double rotor?
Powered by the motions of your wrist?Perrelet, a seemingly quiet brand with TONS of potential, is going beyond print ads and marketing materials with this elegant video of the Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch. Which is a brilliant idea, especially for this model.

How else would a woman, or a man, be able to truly understand the beauty at play here?

Set with diamonds and rubies, the Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch defines its aesthetic both inside and out. While it’s lovely to think of the weight of a mechanic watch being cast in gold or platinum, and often with guilloche patterns mimicking the face of the dial, this Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch goes one step further with the double rotor rotating both inside and out.Designing this watch with a double rotor is unique, difficult to construct, and mesmerizing to witness. And is the perfect opportunity for more women to learn about mechanical watches and what makes them so desirable.

Featuring Perrelet’s own Automatic Caliber P-181 Double Rotor, this complication is exclusive to Perrelet. Employing two oscillating weights, to power the translation of time, Perrelet tweaked the visible rotor so that it would work in harmony with the wearer and be visible upon the dial. Looks so delicate – and cast with diamonds – to keep this watch in time. Further crafting the rotor to reflect the petals of a Lotus Flower is, to me, pure genius.

Out of all the flowers out there – and believe, there are many – Perrelet went with the Lotus Flower. I believe, given their history of manufacturing watches for women, that this was the perfect selection. As the Lotus Flower traditionally represents sexual purity – virtue – divine beauty – and most importantly – the expansion of the soul.

And as you watch this video, the Lotus Flower comes to represent so much more. This is the power of the Perrelet double rotor unfolding. Your knowledge of mechanical watches growing. The abundance of time spread out before you.

I’m always looking at watches and brands to see if they are actually identifying with their target audience. And I can say, with great certainty, that Perrelet did their research with this model. The flower petals stir something within most – whether it be the nature aspect or the harmonic balance – this elicits such an emotional response. Which, when you’re purchasing such a refined timepiece, it helps to represent more than just time.

Perrelet, with their LONG history, has always featured automatic movements in their entire ladies’ line, which is interesting and inspiring to note. Motivated by the desire to create distinct mechanical timepieces that can easily fit into every woman’s daily life, Perrelet seems to understand women inherently.The Perrelet Diamond Flower watch featured above is breathtaking, and is versatile not only in its manufacturing but its options. Solid stainless steel – solid rose gold – or two-tone (steel and gold). Whether it be the cream dial with diamonds, red indices, and rubies – or blue with diamonds and sapphires – or rose gold with a chocolate dial and diamonds – there is a model to fit your own color palette.

For such a classy watch, though, I would have expected greater options for the bracelet for the 2009 release. While I understand that a rubber strap can be deemed the most versatile, it is definitely not always the most appropriate. A watch like this, I would want to wear day and night. And for serious events, a rubber strap does not fit. I trust that it is top-notch, high-quality rubber – so good thing that a leather strap is available as an option.

There is already a lot of buzz going for this watch – so I am eager to see how else they expand upon this complication. And with a retail price starting approximately at $6,000 is truly a steal. For such a Joillerie Horlogerie piece to be priced so modestly is alluring, to say the least.