Perrelet Turbine First Class

Perrelet have added some new superb ladies and gents models to their First Class collection, each offering the added allure of a dial-side glimpse through to their mechanical inner workings.

Perrelet Turbine First Class Watchmaking history
Perrelet are the brand with the tagline “Inventors of the Automatic Watch”, included as a historical reference to Abraham-Louis Perrelet who is said to be the creator of the self-winding movement. In honour of his achievements Perrelet Turbine First Class also incorporate “1777”, the year he completed his revolutionary invention into their branding, yet despite having had two generations of widely acclaimed Master watchmakers at the helm – Abraham-Louis and his talented grandson, Louis-Frédéric, Perrelet eventually fell into an enforced slumber of more than 150 years, and even when new investors sought to resuscitate it, the reawakening was not without its difficulties.

In recent years the company has been successfully re-established and it is entirely appropriate that the brand who lay claim to the first watches “to wind themselves” has found that its regeneration has been thanks in part to their Turbine collection for which an innovative double rotor system provides a whirring spectacle. For those who enjoy the pleasure of a quieter dial, then the Perrelet First Class collection combines the signature styling and quality for which Perrelet are renowned, with the simplicity of a three-handed timekeeper.

Perrelet First Class Collection – Welcome to the first class
The new First Class Open Heart collection comprises of a selection of editions for both gents and lady clients, each of which displays evidence of its mechanical heartbeat through an opening on the dial which, due to the natural arrangement of the balance is off-set lending a slightly quirky feature to an otherwise flawless dial layout.The gents models are made from stainless steel and measure up at 42.5 mm across and are offered in three different dial shades – white, black and anthracite grey and with two versions – with Arabic numerals or with hour markers. The ladies models, which are also made from stainless steel, measure 35mm and are offered with a choice of black or white dial editions, each with Arabic numerals.

The pedigree of the calibre which can be glimpsed through the dial opening on these First Class Open Heart models cannot be disputed. Perrelet are known for their beautifully crafted movements and these pieces are powered by the automatic P-391 in-house calibre, which showcases the modern architecture of its openworked “Perrelet” rotor and its decorative finishing through a sapphire caseback. Understated styling is a feature of the First Class collection, and for these new pieces the uncluttered dial layout allows the splendid exposed balance to dominate.