Perrelet Turbine

TURBINE The “Turbine” quickly became Perrelet’s most emblematic model, offering a visual effect unique in the world of fine watch-making. Over time this iconic timepiece has undergone a considerable evolution in terms of design and technical features.
Perrelet Swiss Luxury Since 1777 From the 1770s, Perrelet has concentrated on devising a system, which after an initial impulse, would continue to function indefinitely. In 1777, Swiss inventor Abraham-Louis Perrelet completed his revolutionary invention: the automatic self-winding movement.
The Perrelet Turbine Replica watch dial was inspired by jet engines, and the turbine actually spins around as it is basically a second rotor on the dial – mechanically similar to the rotor in the automatic movement. The notion for this concept actually came from the fact the for a while, Perrelet’s trademark design was to have a rotor on both
Perrelet Turbine XL Roulette model from Perrelet Turbine XL Vegas Collection. This special limited edition features the “wheel of fortune” dial. Rotating 12 bladed turbine reveals a winning numbers when it spins at full speed. The white hour and minute hands bring to mind the pristine white of the ball thrown by the croupier,
In case you were unaware, the dial on a Perrelet Turbine watch is animated. Underneath the turbine blades which make up the dial is another set of turbine blades which are mounted so they can spin freely. This means when you move the watch the blades create an unusual visual effect. This is amplified by the colour choices available.
the Perrelet Turbine Replica GMT is the latest entry to the Swiss brand’s ongoing series of sport watches bearing Perrelet’s distinctive spinning “turbine” in the dial. There have been many versions of the Perrelet Turbine watch, ranging from the Perrelet Turbine Skeleton Watch to something a bit more risqué like the Perrelet Turbine Hentai Erotic Watch.
First launched in 2014, the “Turbine Pilot” line was the result of combining cutting-edge technology with artisanal know-how. By combining high-performance mechanics with features taken from the world of aviation, Perrelet’s qualified watchmakers have created a collection of aviator watches that exude a bold, unmistakable style.
Perrelet, the prestigious Swiss watchmaking house whose roots date back to 1777, is renowned for its unique representation of the automatic movement thanks to its patented Double Rotor and Turbine technology. Once again, Perrelet surprises watch enthusiasts with new interpretations of its “Turbine Pilot”, a collection inspired by the world
In 2009 Perrelet introduced the Turbine, where the upper rotor is replaced by a large 12-blade wheel freely rotating around the entire dial in time with wrist movements and offering fascinating optical effects. The latest addition to Perrelet’s Turbine collection is a chronograph version – the Turbine Chrono – which adds the new function while respecting the aesthetic codes of the collection.
The Perrelet Turbine Chrono watches will be 47mm wide, putting them between the original Turbine and the Turbine XL in terms of size. At launch there will be five versions of the Turbine Chrono, including three models in steel with various amounts of DLC black coating (even an all-black phantom model), a two DLC black steel and rose gold models.
The Turbine, which met with immediate success, is a variant of the Double Rotor, an iconic Perrelet feature that stands out thanks to its moving dials I denying. The dial of the new Turbine Sung Kang is made up of three distinct parts: the under-dial, the Turbine and the flange, to which the Arabic numerals and hour-markers are attached.
“Turbine Rat” is the result of this process and is characterised by Perrelet’s iconic Turbine Technology, which was introduced to the market just ten years ago. Since then, it has become one of the undisputed symbols of the brand along with the Double Rotor.
When the Perrelet Turbine watch collection first came out more than 6 years ago, it was a hit. While there have been new models out each year, one of the most interesting new ones is this Perrelet Turbine Skeleton (originally debuted on aBlogotWatch here).The novel spinning dial themed on jet engine turbines and Perrelet’s own “double automatic rotor” movements hit a sweet spot with