Zenith Chronomaster Watch CHRONOMASTER EL PRIMERO RADAR 42MM 03.2082.400/02.R830

Zenith watch, a famous Swiss watchmaker, joined hands with Bamford watch department to perform brand-new classic watches with retro futurism, and jointly launched the chrommaster flagship series El primero radar wristwatches, with a global limited release of 50 wristwatches, which are only sold in replica zenith watch stores.

Zenith Chronomaster Watch CHRONOMASTER EL PRIMERO RADAR 42MM 03.2082.400/02.R830

George Bamford, founder of Bamford watch department, met a 1916 pocket watch during his first visit to zhenlishi watch factory. Its striking red tone on the dial is the main inspiration for the radar collection. Drawing inspiration from the old collection timepiece of zhenlishi, Mr. Bamford has made the classic timepiece rejuvenate with bold ideas, and created the flagship El primero radar limited wristwatch series with distinctive style in the future.

Rader redefines the real force flagship El primero wristwatch in a bold manner, but it also retains the basic elements of the series while introducing a new design. Its stainless steel case, crown and button are all carefully ground. The classic El primero tricolor dial with super large timing scale is also reinterpreted by special technology, and it is equipped with modern charcoal baking brown. Its edge is gradually darkened, which brings strong visual impact, just in sharp contrast to the landmark white speedometer and radial design on the outer edge of the dial.

Different tricolor timers further highlight the particularity of the cooperation table. The small second hand display disk on the left is composed of multiple concentric circles, inspired by George Bamford’s favorite authentic Antique wristwatches; the clock counter at 6 o’clock retains the more traditional chronomaster flagship series design; the minute counter at 3 o’clock position, just like the name of the watch radar, bold red tone in the dark and super luminova coating fluorescent material reflect each other, presenting the “night vision” effect. And the exquisite three child dial, and cleverly formed the true strength when the star logo. As Mr. George Bamford said: “the thin lines in the sub table represent the hollow shape of the stars, just like a star sitting in the middle. It just inspired me. “

The El primero radar limited edition wristwatch is equipped with black rubber strap with Cordura effect; Mr. George Bamford likes to have red double stitches on it, echoing the design of the dial, which is full of contemporary flavor and retro style.