The VINTAGE collection, inspired by the 1940s 

Replica Bell & Ross created its VINTAGE watches to pay homage to the military, in particular the pilots of the 1940s who were the first professionals to use the wristwatch as a tool to assist them in carrying out their missions. In keeping with this spirit, the new VINTAGE watches are simple, functional and timeless. 

The VINTAGE HERITAGE, inspired by the cockpit 

Copy Bell & Ross has combined the authenticity of vintage watches with the legibility of cockpit instrument panels, all in a single watch. Each aspect of the watch is a testament to these design principles : 

A vintage casing for a modern watch 
• The round casing, traditional in form, evokes memories of the wristwatch of a bygone era, ergonomically adapted for the comfort required by today’s men. 
• The anti-glare matte black carbon finish is inspired by the color of an airplane’s instrument panel, which uses contrast to facilitate the reading of the dials, eliminating any glare. 
• The vintage curved glass is produced from sapphire crystals using techniques perfected over the years. The choice of this highly scratch resistant material is reminiscent of materials used in on- board instrumentation. 
• The natural leather strap, like the watches of old, develops a rich patina over time. 

A vintage dial with perfect legibility 
• The dial, with its classic design, optimizes legibility, taking its inspiration from an airplane’s dashboard clocks. 
• The finish of the hands, index and the numerals is sand-colored, evoking the color of the dials in older watches. 

Two complementary movements 
The VINTAGE HERITAGE collection includes two quality movments : An hours, minutes and seconds version (BR 123) and a chronograph  (BR 126). 

The rebirth of a classic 

A magnificent example of Bell & Ross’ know-how, this new VINTAGE collection shows the coherence and cohesiveness of all of Bell & Ross’ watch collections. It perfectly illustrates the Bell & Ross philosophy of creating watches for professionals for whom legibility, functionality, accuracy and reliability are the priority. A new Bell & Ross grand classic, the VINTAGE HERITAGE announces a complete collection in the spirit of the VINTAGE models.

Bell & Ross VINTAGE Watch Replica BR 126 Heritage BRV126-HERITAGE Black Microblasted Steel

Bell & Ross VINTAGE Watch Replica BR 123 Heritage BRV123-HERITAGE Black Microblasted Steel