Seiko Presage Basic Line Review Replica Watch

The Presage line now reintroduces this classic watch in a global market. Thank you, Replica Seiko! No matter which version it is, one thing is for sure: the Cocktail Time is a very popular dress watch amongst watch enthusiasts.

In my opinion, the latest Presage Cocktail Time is a great watch line-up from Replica Seiko as it maintains the same gorgeous sunburst Cocktail Time dial with updated designs PLUS more color choices. However, Seiko did downgraded the movement to the 4R35 with lesser power reserve (41 hours) compared to te 6R15 in the original that boasts 50 hours power reserve.

Seiko Presage “A new series of watches for women inspired by the glamour of the cocktail bar.”special page is now available. 2017.3.23 Baselworld Press Release

The Japanese garden is a well-known and much admired aspect of Japanese culture and provides the inspiration for this new Presage collection. The dial has the depth and rich texture of a Karesansui or Zen garden in which gravel is raked into serene, following patterns like waves or rippling water. The deeply pressed pattern on the dial creates dramatic shadows as do the furrows of gravel in the Karesansui garden.

The Presage collection featuring an exquisite dial
inspired by Japanese gardens

Two models feature an open heart. A Zen garden is best admired from a fixed viewpoint outside the garden. The unique shape on the left side of the dial is inspired by the interaction of circles and straight lines that is characteristic of the circular window looking out onto a Japanese garden. You can feel the flow of time through the window on the dial.

This model is inspired by the beauty of the vibrant colors and textures unique to Japanese gardens, such as the green of trees and moss, the red of autumn leaves, and the blue of lakes.

The texture and shape of the garden stones of Japanese gardens are reflected in the hour markers.
Delicate shadows are casted on the beautifully textured hour markers.