sevenfriday watch

A Zurich-based brand, Copy Sevenfriday watches is inspired to produce a mechanical watch with a contemporary design. What differentiates Sevenfriday watches from other luxury watch brands is their relative simplicity and elegance. Their design has a somewhat rustic tone.

SEVENFRIDAY Watches, eyewear and apparel for individuals who live every day like it’s Friday.

SEVENFRIDAY is a lifestyle brand that offers industrially inspired watches and luxury products. Our global community shares common values around making the best of every day. This free application allows you to authenticate and register your watch. You can authenticate NFC-chipped SEVENFRIDAY watche…copy watch for sale

Sevenfriday watches are designed to be difficult to read. The purpose is to cause the wearer to interact more with the watch, thus gaining a greater appreciation of it as a timepiece. Checking the time on one of these watches is an entirely new experience!

SEVENFRIDAY is about living life the best way we can – a mantra to strive toward. Collaborating with local street artists and genres for its design aesthetic and working with local musicians and DJs, as well as food and drink specialists. Spaces is where like-minded people could walk into that world and experience a vibrancy that is new.