Nomos Lambda Watches

Nomos Glashütte is the world-famous watchmaking company that has been the home of German horology for 170 years and counting. Let’s take a closer look at the history of replica Nomos Glashütte watches. Tradition, technology and innovation have combined to design award winning timepieces, making it one of today’s finest watch brands.

Lambda 39 from the NOMOS Atelier combines the finest quality and timeless elegance in a 39-millimeter diameter. The dial under the curved sapphire crystal glass is set in an 18 kt rose gold case, and features a generous 84-hour power reserve indicator. This hand-wound watch carries the exquisite NOMOS caliber DUW 1001 within.

by Ariel Adams Today, Glashutte-based Nomos is introducing two new higher-end watches; the “Lambda” and the “ Lux (discussed here) ” We chose to cover each of them in a separate article. This is the Lambda, and with it is the Lux we will cover in another post.

The quintessence of NOMOS Glashütte Lambda white gold. Seemingly drawn with a fine quill tip, full of Glashütte watchmaking heritage, and still more modern that anything else telling the time—a wonderful instrument of the highest precision. The generous power reserve indicator shows when it has to be rewound; only after three-and-a-half days.

The Lambda represents the very best that Nomos is capable of. It features an elegant tripartite gold case and a clean dial typical of the Nomos design language. The movement is the hand-wound caliber DUW 1001. Reference 930 has a 42mm rose gold case and a white silver-plated dial.

Each of these designs, among others, demonstrate that the Lambda is not merely an ordinary Nomos in a gold case, but rather, a watch designed, bottom to top, to compete at a higher level. The Timeless Lambda is a limited edition of just eight pieces total. The price is $17,000, exactly the same as the regular production version.

Lambda is generously proportioned and yet appealingly reserved. And long-lasting: Once wound, this watch has enough power to tick for half a week. Twin mainspring barrels transfer their stored energy to the NOMOS Atelier caliber DUW 1001—and let it work precisely for three-and-a replica watch