Star Trek and Hamilton

From “memory fragment” to “Dark Knight” series films to “Inception space” in 2010, Christopher Nolan has become a “dream maker” in the eyes of many movie fans with his unique imagination and intricate narrative techniques. Therefore, when Star Trek just revealed its shooting news in 2013, many people paid great attention to it. Because the so-called “brain burning” masterpieces like “Inception” really bothered me as an art student of Liberal Arts in my science class. In addition, the theme of “interstellar” was not attractive to me, so I didn’t pay much attention to the film at first, let alone look forward to it.

Last weekend, at the invitation of my friends, I went to see this “science fiction film of the year that I can’t miss the most”. To be honest, I was very surprised by this film. First of all, as a space science fiction film, “Star Trek” has a large structure and uses a lot of obscure physical concepts, but it is not a boring scientific report. The film takes the family relationship between father and daughter as the main narrative line, which not only makes the audience tears, but also makes the overall plot surprisingly easy to understand.

Compared with sci-fi films, the beginning of the film is more like an old era film. In the image, several old people narrate their living environment when they were young: under the wind and sand, plants began to disappear, and people struggled to survive in the harsh environment, while Cooper (Matthew mcconagall) was just a farmer.

As the plot unfolds, it really seems to surface that Cooper is a former NASA astronaut and an engineer. However, human civilization was in danger at that time. Taxpayers did not want to invest money in “meaningless” but costly aerospace projects. Even textbooks described human landing on the moon as a fraud. People no longer need astronauts. They just spend their days growing food, eating and drinking water. NASA was forced to disband. Cooper, in order to survive, became a farmer living with his daughter, son and father-in-law.

Under the influence of his father Cooper, his daughter Murphy has a strong interest in aviation science. However, what makes Cooper puzzled is that Murphy always feels that there is a “ghost” in her room, because the books in her room always fall down for no reason. As a highly educated engineer, Cooper thought it was just her daughter’s fantasy, but told Murphy to explore these phenomena with scientific methods.

In a serious sandstorm, Murphy forgot to close the window of his room. However, he accidentally found that the sand blown in fell on the ground under the action of unknown gravity, forming regular stripes. Cooper found that these stripes were actually binary code, and cracked out that the code was intended to convey a geographical coordinate. Cooper was going to drive alone, but Murphy sneaked up under a blanket on the co driver. They have just arrived at the destination, but unfortunately they are caught. Cooper wakes up and is interrogated by a square robot (“Tetris” Meng Meng Meng Da, I really want to raise a Muyou!! A sense of humor must be 65%). Then he met the mysterious female scientist Brandt (Anne Hathaway).

After a series of misunderstandings, arguments, submission and coordination (a common part of normal film team building), Cooper met Amelia’s father and his former mentor Professor brand (Michael Kane), and learned that this was the last secret base of NASA. Professor brand explained that the plants on the earth have gradually become extinct. If people stay on the earth, they will eventually suffocate due to lack of oxygen.

But more than a decade ago, NASA discovered that there was a wormhole in the solar system. This wormhole connected to another galaxy. Near the other end of the wormhole, there were 12 planets that might be suitable for human habitation. Previously, 12 pioneers led by Professor Mann (Matt Damon) set out to explore which planet is more comfortable to live on. They made a preliminary survey on it, one by one, and then sent the information back. Now professor brand has put forward two plans. Plan a is for Cooper and his party to go back to earth after confirming the livable planet screened by 12 pioneers, and then take the rest of mankind to a new planet. If there is not enough fuel for the return journey, plan B will be implemented, which is to abandon the human beings of the old earth, and incubate the human embryos carried by the spacecraft in a new livable planet, so as to avoid the extinction of human beings. What NASA lacks at this time is a trained pilot like Cooper.

In order to save mankind and create a better living environment for his children, Cooper decided to leave his family and join the plan. At this time, his daughter also solved the secret of the book falling from the bookshelf, which conveyed the Morse code “stay” and asked his father to stay. However, Cooper was determined to leave his daughter with a watch and told her that if he was going through or through the bookshelf, he would leave his daughter with a watch When sleeping, the watch will slow down, and comfort her daughter that she may be as big as her daughter when she comes back (now I will stare at the watch in the movie, for fear of missing the lens that can see the brand. My friend said, “this is a disease, it needs to be treated…”. However, the daughter obviously couldn’t forgive her father’s decision to leave despite her own dissuasion. She didn’t run out of the house until Cooper started the engine before he left. At this time, Cooper’s car was far away. On the way, Cooper opened his co driver’s blanket again, only to see a cold box this time.

At this point, the film spent one-third of its time on the relationship between Cooper and his daughter Murphy. Although the rhythm is slow, it doesn’t feel sluggish. Even the feelings accumulated in each shot are just right for the side display of world outlook. Finally, under the watch of Murphy and Cooper’s father-in-law, Donald, Cooper and Brandt, two other scientists and two robots (TASS and case, as I remember, respectively. Although they seem to be cold “Tetris”, but with an untimely sense of humor, almost all the jokes in this film are carried, and their absolute obedience and willingness to human beings are carried The spirit of dedication is also very moving.

Then there was a space trip with gorgeous special effects and fascinating background music. The party successfully passed through the wormhole. According to the information sent back by the pioneers sent earlier, three members sent back the message. In order to save dye, they decided to explore a planet very close to the black hole first. However, because it was too close to the black hole, an hour’s time on the planet would come Seven years in the outside world. The last group decided to explore the planet in a relatively fuel-efficient and time-saving way. A group of people landed in a piece of water. They thought it was a livable planet, but they didn’t find any pioneers. They only found the wreckage of the spaceship. At this time, a huge wave came, and a scientist from the same team didn’t come and boarded the ship. Unfortunately, the ship also got into the water, which delayed time. As soon as the ship recovered, another huge wave came. Cooper and brand escaped smoothly Back to the main spaceship waiting in space, it has been more than 20 years since the outside world, and another scientist waiting on the spaceship is gray.

In the main spacecraft can still receive information from the earth, but the spacecraft can not send messages to the earth, Cooper and brand browse the messages from their families. More than 20 years later, Cooper’s son had married and had children and became a farmer. However, with years of waiting, he gradually gave up hope that his father was still alive. However, her daughter did not forgive him for leaving home and refused to contact him until the last video. It turned out that this day was the day when Murphy and Cooper were the same age when they left home. She remembered that her father had said that she might be as old as her daughter when she came back, but when her daughter grew up to his age, she could not see him back. At this time, Murphy had become an excellent scientist, He is a proud disciple of Professor brand.

Because the accident took too much time, the remaining energy of the spacecraft was only enough to explore a nearby planet, and then the remaining fuel could still be enough to return. The three discussed how to make a choice between Professor Mann’s planet and the planet of another pioneer member. Among them, Professor Mann’s planet has been receiving continuous signals, while the planet of another pioneer member’s is on I lost touch after sending back a nice looking data. Brandt strongly suggested that they go to the planet of another pioneer with good data, and after learning that the pioneer was brand’s lover, they finally decided to go to Professor Mann’s planet, which might be more reliable.

When they arrived at Professor Mann’s planet, where there was an ice sheet, they awakened Professor Mann who was dormant. Later, the earth uploaded a video from Murphy to brand. Professor brand died. Before he died, he finally told Murphy that the original plan was He has already solved the necessary theoretical support equation of a, but he lacks the data about the singularity, otherwise there will be no solution. To obtain the data about the singularity, we must enter the black hole, but nothing can escape after entering the black hole. Therefore, we can not obtain this data by any method known to mankind. So plan a was a hoax in the beginning. Only plan B was feasible. People left on earth had to wait to die. Cooper decided to help Professor Mann cultivate the next generation of humans at the livable sites found on the planet before returning.

However, after they left the base for a long time, Cooper was schemed by man. It turned out that there was no livable place on the planet. Falsifying the habitability of the planet was the only way for someone to save him. Cooper called Brandt to rescue him with a strong will and survived. However, another scientist in the same team triggered a trap set by man at the base and was killed. Professor Mann preempted a spaceship and tried to forcibly control the main spacecraft parked in outer space. However, he finally got a bad result. Because he was unable to dock with the main spacecraft, he forced the door to open, causing the spacecraft to be smashed At that time, the main spacecraft also spun out of the orbit due to impact. Then Cooper relied on the powerful driving technology to complete the docking with the main spacecraft in an impossible situation.

Generally speaking, compared with Christopher Nolan’s previous works, Star Trek is not a “brain burning” movie, but it is still wonderful, with nearly three hours of film time and almost no urine. As a science fiction film with Star Trek as its selling point, it takes the traditional love between father and daughter as the focus and foothold throughout the film. It even takes nearly an hour to pave the relationship between the two. This is not only a safe narrative means, but also a bold approach. Behind the film, the script is advised by American theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. All the scientific details have a serious theoretical basis. The characters in the film use a large number of scientific terms to tell the real audience that everything we have done is possible, but it has not been realized.Hamilton Khaki Aviation Replica Watches

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In the end, I’d like to send you Dylan Thomas’s “don’t walk into that good night meekly”, which is often read by Dr. brand in the film. This poem expresses the poet’s anger at the God of death’s taking lovely people out of the world. It is full of binary oppositions between night and day, darkness and light, moderation and violence, and death and life The tension is very full. At the same time, it is also in line with the plot of the film, reflecting the courage and fearless spirit of space explorers.