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Daring, pioneering and unconventional in design, the Ventura is one of the most iconic Hamilton watches. The world’s first electric watch looks just as good today as it did in 1957. Triangular watches are unusual: the Ventura made them famous watches.

The Ventura was the world’s first electric watch, powered by a battery, which was the product of over ten years’ worth of research and development by Hamilton.

Only one brand was able to create a design icon out of it; Hamilton with its Ventura. The reasons for this are multiple. When the watch was introduced in January 1957 it was the very first battery powered watch ever available for the public. The Hamilton caliber 500 was the result of more than a decade of research.

Hamilton was still an American watchmaker in 1957, again producing consumer timepieces after focusing solely on military watches during World War II. The Ventura was a radical development both aesthetically and mechanically, being the first electric “hybrid” in the industry.

Powering the Hamilton Ventura is the quartz movement from ETA, the F05.111 caliber. Nothing much can be said about the quartz movement except that it keeps perfect time and can last for 2 to 3 years before needing a battery change. For automatic movement lovers, all hope is not lost as Hamilton do produce the Ventura with it.

The Replica watch Ventura was the world’s first electric watch, powered by a battery, which was the product of over ten years’ worth of research and development by Hamilton. The movement wasn’t totally ready for the amount of units produced and the watch had replica watch

The start of the Replica Watches Hamilton Ventura story was in 1950s America. This was an era of rebellion, evolution and chance. The globe came out of many years of conflict and harsh financial times, there was then room for growth, wealth and the start of a youthful new culture that teens jumped upon. Part of this thing was a new type of music, referred to …

In 1963 Hamilton stopped the production of the original Ventura. The electric movement had already been labeled obsolete, mainly during the introduction in 1960 of the, technically superior, Bulova Accutron. However, the attraction of the design stayed and in 1988 a re-issue of the Ventura once again graced the catalogues of Hamilton.

Hamilton supplied timepieces to servicemen and pioneering aviators throughout the 20th Century, developing the Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy, and Khaki Field lines to meet their needs. Hamilton’s Ventura line became a favorite in Hollywood, gracing the silver screen in over 450 films. Now part of Swatch, Hamilton’s watches are a blend of American …

Limited to 500 pieces, the new Ventura POGGYTHEMAN is a truly unique take on a 20th century icon. Talking about his collaboration with Hamilton, Poggy said “When I started devoting myself to fashion, the first watch I bought was a Hamilton Khaki Field. In my 20s I longed for a Ventura. Hamilton has been and will always be very special to me.

Hamilton did not stop with the Ventura. Designer Richard Arbib continued to create more watches and Hamilton produced other electrical watches, each with an asymmetric design. Among these watches was the Altair, which was perceivably the most dramatically asymmetric and was produced in a limited …

Ventura The Hamilton Ventura has played a starring role in every Men In Black movie. The watch is a key part of the characters’ look of a black suit, wrap around shades and the top secret device called the neuralyzer. The Ventura is one of our most popular watches and has replica watch.