grand seiko spring drive

Spring Drive Spring Drive is a unique watch technology. It generates energy like every other luxury mechanical watch but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match. grand seiko spring drive

In 2007, and in the spirit of Akahane’s relentless pursuit of perfection, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive chronograph was born. MORE. 9R SPRING DRIVE MOVEMENT. MANUAL 3.5-DAY SPRING DRIVE. Calibre 9R02. MANUAL 8-DAY SPRING DRIVE. Calibre 9R01. AUTOMATIC SPRING DRIVE 3-DAY CHRONOGRAPH GMT. Calibre 9R86. grand seiko spring drive divers

Grand Seiko’s SBGA229 divers’ watch combines traditional mechanical watchmaking and the precision of electronic timekeeping. This is made possible by Spring Drive technology, developed by Seiko, and the result is an authentic divers’ watch with a unique inner life.

The 9r65 Spring Drive caliber found in the SBGA229 is Grand Seiko’s workhorse. It includes an instant change date wheel. Grand Seiko claims the watch’s accuracy is better than 0.5 seconds per day; most lab tests have revealed even better real world performance.grand seiko spring drive chronograph

A new Spring Drive movement marks a new beginning for Grand Seiko. Mar 5, 2020 INFORMATION “Sport Collection Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Diver’s 600M” special page is now available.