Nomos Glashütte Club Campus Neomatik 39 Greece

From the time it was announced two years ago, the Nomos Club Campus line from NOMOS has been about finding younger mechanical watch buyers, and in particular, recent graduates. Today we have three new references in the line to introduce. All of these new releases come with the self-winding NOMOS Caliber DUW 3001, a first for the Club Campus line. The DUW 3001 is a sturdy yet thin caliber that has already proven itself in several of the brand’s lines. With prices roughly twice that of the first Club Campuses, which still feature NOMOS’s hand-wound Alpha caliber, these new automatics are a higher-end offering with the same familiar case shape and California-style dial. Two of the new additions to Nomos Club Campus also have NOMOS’s first ever stainless steel bracelets. And as with the first Club Campus watches from two years ago, these new models have closed stainless steel backs rather than open views of the movements inside. The idea here was to leave room for engraving and personalization.
Bringing its higher-end automatic movement, which also come with an proprietary escapement called the Swing System, feels like a logical progression for NOMOS’s Club Campus. Nomos has been rolling its in house automatic movements into more and more of its collections in recent years. The simple hand-wound versions of the Club are still there to provide a value-oriented way to get into to the company’s catalog. But what really caught my eye is that two of these new watches are the first models from NOMOS to feature bracelets. I’m looking at press photos as I write this post and, I haven’t had the opportunity yet to see these watches in the metal, but these bracelets definitely look the part of a NOMOS bracelet, which is to say they are thin, appear to be well made, and have a “designy” look to them. They also come with a tool-free removal system, which should make transitioning from the bracelet to your favorite strap a simple enough undertaking. I’m interested to see how they look in person and whether other collections might soon have a bracelet as an option.
This limited-edition version of Club Campus neomatik 39 has been made to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Greece Watch Club. Its stainless steel case and deep blue dial with golden accents radiate robust elegance, while an extra-special engraving on the back pays tribute to the milestone occasion behind this watch. In the five years since its founding, GWC has grown to become Greece’s largest watch collectors’ community.