Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon

The way our eyes make sense of the world can sometimes throw us off. In fact, wasn’t it Aristotle who said that “our senses can be trusted, but they can easily be fooled”? When we look at a large object, particularly one that is powerful and sporty like the Graham Chronofighter, our minds subconsciously predict that it will feel substantial on the wrist – all that heft must be made of something, right? In most cases, we wouldn’t be wrong, unless we’re looking at the Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton.

Its colossal frame measures a whopping 47mm across, and that does not include the added measurements brought on by the Graham signature fast-action start-stop trigger and reset pusher, which is unique to the Chronofighter collection. Taken altogether, it would dwarf a good majority of today’s sports watches, but aficionados need not feel parried by its menacing presence, because the Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton is oversized, not overweight.

Made of superlight black carbon composite, the watch only looks big; it actually weighs less than 100g all in. The trigger had been fashioned out of 3K carbon, as was the bezel, but also crucial in keeping this timepiece within the featherweight class is the black skeletonised dial, which trims the nett weight down even further. Exposing the chronograph gear wheels and part of the going train, including the balance, this openworked construct melds perfectly with the technical appeal of the watch, and continues on the back where a smoked sapphire crystal exposes the movement completely.

Predominantly black, this timepiece, however, isn’t one to blend into the shadows. The trigger and bezel interact with light to showcase the textured nuances of 3K carbon while the reset pusher and strap feature a clous de Paris pattern that, while invigorating to behold, is not purely aesthetic, as it offers better traction when handling the watch. Its dial is a cornucopia of layers and apertures, wheels and hands, all combined in one smexy package.