BR 03-92 Radio Compass

Bell & Ross is well known for making watches that draw inspiration from aeronautical history, instruments and design. That’s apparent throughout their entire collection and more specifically with the BR 03-92. Its distinct 42 mm circle-square case bears resemblance to the clocks used inside of an airplane cockpit and for the past decade, Bell & Ross has continued to incorporate more design cues from other indicators on the cockpit instrument panel into the BR 03-92. A few examples include the Red Radar, HUD and the Bi-Compass. Today, Bell & Ross adds to the ongoing Flight Instruments collection with the BR 03-92 Radiocompass, staying true to their foundational design principles of Legibility, Functionality, Reliability and Precision.
Not that we do not appreciate those. We do but it is nice to know that Bell & Ross sometime does revisit the root of square-cased BR and revisit it did with the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Radiocompass Watch.

The BR 03-92 Radiocompass, which takes its name from a radio navigation tool, the Radio Compass, reproduces the display of the eponymous tool featuring the original colored hands. Obviously, it is not an exact replica of the Radio Compass.
This matt black dial contrasts with the striking coloured hands and white graduations arranged in three circles. This is to make it as easy as possible for the wearer to tell the time.

Fusing modern pop trends with Bell & Ross’s traditional aeronautical heritage, the new BR 03-92 Radiocompass is hoping to satisfy Bell & Ross’ traditional audience as well as attracting new customers.
Bell & Ross has unveiled the new BR 03-92 Radiocompass, the latest watch in the brand’s Flight Instruments collection.

The dial of the watch reproduces the display of the radionavigation tool, the Radio Compass, which it’s named after.
Now we have that sorted, let’s unpack the BR 03-92 Radiocompass starting with the B&R’s first design principle, Legibility. The hour and minute hands are distinguishable and sure to grab your attention. Designating the hour is a broad orange skeletonized hand that extends past the center of the dial and tipped with a broad arrow. The minute hand uses a narrower stem and is identified by its neon yellow color. Further making sure the hands are identifiable, B&R adds an “H” in the arrow of the hour hand and an encircled “M” in the middle of the minute hand. The numeral hour makers also use the Radio Compass for inspiration. Notice how the numbers angle towards the center of the dial, just as it does on the navigation instrument. The numerals also use a distinct font known as Isonorm. This font design was created directly by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and uses a clean and geometric design, with rounded ends, making the markers more legible to the human eye.