U-Boat Nereide Tungsteno

The U-Boat Classico Tungsteno continues to grab attention through a bold statement of luxury. The polished tungsten case – mind you, at 50mm – is hard to miss, as its personality is typically an extension of its environment.
There’s a confidence that comes with strapping an oversized Italian beast, that isn’t your typical glitz. The Classico shines in its own light with illuminated numerals cast over an Arabic numeral dial and vintage leather strap.
There are moments to “suit up” with your Sky Dweller, but not tonight. Tonight we’re in Montreal, The Hub, Ocean Drive or wherever your passions drive you.
U-Boat Classico Tungsteno watches are known for their outlandish style and large sizes, but made in Italy, the timepieces are also crafted with some of the finest materials used in watch manufacturing.

U-Boat watches are bold, aggressive and oversized but they embody a force and style that reveals the unique personality of the man behind the revival, Italo Fontana. The U-Boat Classico Tungsteno is one of the most popular U-Boat designs to date, with the crown situated on the left and a stainless inlay on the strap for a unique finish.