UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket

URWERK presents the UR-100V, with an all-black titanium jacket — the most polished, striking version of the UR-100V to date.

The specially formulated timepiece’s bracelet consists of 32 black DLC-treated, sandblasted titanium links. Their brilliant, gleaming finish provides a classy aesthetic look while high-quality craftsmanship assures a lightweight feel on the wrist.

To complement the piece, URWERK incorporated its signature satellite configuration of the wandering hours and minutes, resting atop a brass-plated ruthenium carousel. Time and distance are on a par, with the hours and minutes displayed in blue and kilometers in vibrant white. This dynamic feature gives the wearer information that most timepieces would not offer.

Along with the new black jacket, the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket is elevated by a few other innovative features as well. The watch’s new selfwinding Calibre 12.02 powers the carousel that carries the wandering hours on three satellites. This redesign brings the hours closer to the minutes as they simultaneously travel around the 60-minute scale, resulting in a more natural, effortless reading experience. This is made possible by the calibre’s rotor which is controlled by a profiled airscrew — the Windfänger.

Although the UR-100V is inspired by past URWERK silhouettes, many features are reconstructed in a contemporary way, with new proportions or materials. The carousel is crafted from anodized aluminum, which is then sanded and shot-blasted. Past styles displayed a steel dome, which is now reworked in transparent sapphire crystal.

The lustrous UR-100V in all-black is part of a 25-piece limited edition release via URWERK retailers.
In the display on the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket , time and distance are on a par, the hours and minutes in blue, and the kilometres in bright white. Watchmaker and URWERK’s co-founder, Felix Baumgartner, reveals that he got the idea from a clock given to him by his father, Geri, a noted restorer of antique clocks. “It was made by Gustave Sandoz for the Universal Exhibition of 1893. Instead of showing the time, it showed the distance travelled by a point on the equator.”

URWERK’s new Calibre 12.02 drives the carousel carrying the wandering hours on three satellites. Felix Baumgartner says: “This movement enabled a redesign of the carousel, bringing the hours closer to the minutes as they travel in succession along the 60-minute scale. The result is an easier and more intuitive reading of the time.” This carousel, as well as the structure on top of the hours, are forged from anodised aluminium then sanded and shot-blasted, while the satellite screws are each circular sanded. The satellites rest on a sanded brass-plated ruthenium carousel . The structure on top of the hours display is in sanded and shot-blasted aluminium. The selfwinding rotor of the UR-100 is governed by a profiled airscrew known as the Windfänger.

There’s a nostalgic look about the case of the UR-100V Full Black Titanium Jacket. Many owners of URWERK watches will recall the independent brand’s first models. “We have adopted some of the stylistic features of our first constructions, and then deconstructed them”, explains Martin Frei. “For example, the steel dome of our early models is now in transparent sapphire crystal. The hard outlines of the titanium and steel case highlight its perfection. Because I’m always at odds with the dictates of symmetry, I have used different proportions to catch the eye”, he concludes.