Replica Watch OMEGA joins Victor Vescovo and Kathy Sullivan for a historic mission to the Challenger Deep

In 2019, the adventurer Victor Vescovo led The Five Deeps Expedition to the deepest place on Earth, setting an incredible world record of 10,925 m ± 4 m (35,843 ft. ± 13 ft). OMEGA was a part of that history-making journey to the Challenger Deep, and now we have returned as part of Victor’s next bold mission.

In 2020, the LIMITING FACTOR submersible has made history again. The mission will make up to eight scientific and survey dives to all three of the “pools” that constitute the Challenger Deep.

Along for the first voyage was Dr Kathryn D. Sullivan, a former NASA astronaut who became the first American woman to walk in space in 1984. On this year’s dive, she has now become the first woman to dive to the bottom of the ocean. Her choice of timepiece? As well as a Seamaster Planet Ocean, Sullivan wore her Speedmaster X-33 Skywalker, a timepiece designed especially for astronauts – and now, explorers of the deep.

OMEGA Watch congratulates Kathy on becoming the “most vertical girl in the world”. The only person to ever walk in space AND visit the bottom of the ocean. A remarkable achievement that shows there is no limit to the bounds of exploration.

OMEGA has produced countless professional dive watches, but to create a timepiece suitable for The Five Deeps Expedition required an entirely different level of ingenuity. Challenge accepted – mission accomplished. OMEGA’s timepiece performed perfectly at the deepest place on Earth.