Nomos zurich Watches

All Zürich watches Zürich brings prizewinning understatement to the wrist, combining elegant design with complex mechanics to make a striking impression. Automatic calibers, handcrafted by NOMOS in Glashütte, are at the heart of this watch model—which also comes in a world time version.

Description If the world is flat (as a dial), then Zürich is its center. This striking automatic watch was designed by the Swiss industrial designer Hannes Wettstein for NOMOS Glashütte and has received multiple awards. With a slender bezel, an excitingly complex case, and a white silver-plated dial, it has long been a classic.

Nomos Glashütte Zurich Watches. The Replica Nomos Glashütte Zürich takes prizewinning minimalism and puts in on to the wrist, blending sophisticated style with elegant mechanics to make a wonderful impression. Automatic calibers, handmade by NOMOS in Glashütte, are at the core of this timepiece, which is also available in a world time edition.

The watch manufacturer NOMOS is based in the small Saxon town of Glashütte. They’re famous for their simple and elegant designs inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, as demonstrated in their use of small, flat cases. Despite being more masculine and on the large side, the Zürich still feels restrained. Its complications make the Zürich World Time this German manufacturer’s most mechanically sophisticated watch.